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Remembrall Search Engine Plug-in for Firefox


If you’re a Mozilla Firefox user (like me), you know how convenient it is to be able to search from the toolbar and select the site you’d like to search with a simple drop-down. Now, you can search the Lexicon the same way!

Our friend Kai has written a Remembrall plug-in for Firefox. Just click here and follow the prompts on the screen. Firefox may prompt you (just below the tool bar) to allow downloads from the site before it allows you to install the toolbar.

Thanks, Kai!

And if you’re an Internet Explorer 7 user (like Bel~) you can add the Remembrall to your search toolbar by choosing “Find More Providers…” from the drop down menu and following the simple instructions.

Edit: Accio Quote! has one now too!
Firefox: Go to Accio Quote! and the icon will appear in your drop down menu. You can move it up in the list by clicking on “Manage Search Engines.”
Internet Explorer: Go to Accio Quote! and choose “Add Search Providers…” from the drop down menu then select Accio Quote.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Great idea! Makes me think that the anti right-click script doesn’t work with Firefox…

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Finn

    What about us poor Safari users?? 🙁 Hehe, then again, we don’t have a search thing except for Google. Oh well, at least I can open up Firefox occasionally with something bright to look forward to.

  • Oh, that’s just very cool–I have IE 7. I actually always forget to even use that menu–but now that I have the Lexicon added, I might think of it more often.

    Of course, what did I do as my test to see how it worked? “Snape”, what else. *g*

  • Invaderbees

    I have the same question, about safari users: Is there any way to customize the search box there?

  • Finn

    Hmm, invaderbees, I suppose that’s more of a question for Apple than the Lex. I wish there were!

  • Michele

    Yeah, I’d love something like this for Safari, too.. Mac rules, you lexiconian should know that!! 😉

  • Oh, it’s not that we forgot you Mac folks! (As a matter of fact, I teach middle school in Maine, where every 7th & 8th grader is issued an iBook.) It’s just that we’d need someone to write a script. There is lots of open source downloads out there for Safari. I’ll see what I can do. 🙂 Keep watch here.

  • clem

    Today is the first time I visit your website, and I completely fell in love. Thanks to you all. I will definitely add HP Lexicon to my toolbar!!!

  • Yah! I’m so happy you added this feature. I use the search tool bar all the time and this will make it even more convenient for my HP obsession. Thankyou

  • hallow_angel

    I’m still confused as to how IE7 users add this to the toolbar.

  • Charming Marauders

    hallow_angel at the top right hand corner it will say google, yahoo, msn or what ever your default search engine is. to the right of the box is a magnifying glass and an arrow. click the arrow, go down to the third line, then enter the following address in the first box of the big yellow box :http://www.hp-lexicon.org/remembrall/search.php?query=TEST&tab=everything&search=1 then name it and click install. you then agree and it will be there. you can even default it.

    If anyone is clever enough I would love a button for my Google tool bar (version 4).

    This is a great thing though. Thanks guys. xxx

  • Rachel

    A completely and uterly unrelated question:

    How do you subscribe to the RSS feeds?


  • Whizbang121

    This is great! Thanks!

  • Lisa

    Rachel, you need an RSS reader first. There are lots of free ones out there. Some make the news look like a newspaper with columns (Bloglines, Newshutch), and some use tabbed boxes (GoogleReader, NetVibes and PageFlakes). Once you register for a reader you can start adding RSS “feeds.” Sometimes this is as easy as clicking a button, sometimes you need to copy the URL of the feed and manually add it to the reader. There are also different kinds of feeds. I have the best luck with “atom” feeds.

    Most of the people I know prefer Google Reader; I am still using Bloglines.

  • AMH

    Another unrelated question… I’m a recent convert to Firefox and I can’t get Jo’s page to load properly. Any suggestios?

  • sstabeler

    you might need to install flash/shockwave/java, they tend not to be included ( i don’t know which it is, that’s why I’m saying it like that). if you get the screen about pop-up blockers, just click re-enter site and it will come up.

  • Crookshanks Miau

    I love you hp-lexicon!!!!
    This Serch engine is a wonderfull idea!!! I firts sawit on Accio-quote and I came here, Simply Great.
    Best XD