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February WotM & Publication date


The new Wizard of the Month for February 2007 has shown up on Jo’s official site.
Mnemone Radford
1562 – 1649
Developed Memory Modifying Charms.
First Ministry of Magic Obliviator.

News headline: Publication Date for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
21st July, 2007


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  • C.E.B

    How wonderful! i’ve always wondered who invented the Memory Charm. Wonder if she’s Gilderoy Lockhart’s mother?

  • Big_Kelpie

    Its impossible for her to lockhart’s mother she died in the 17th century and most clues in the books lead us to believe the the books are taking place in late 20 th century or begginings of the 21 fst century

  • Reader2

    Actually, the BFT gives a soldi proof that the events take place in 1990s, Mnemone can be, at most, Lockhart’s distant ancesstress.
    I find it more interesting that:
    1) “Mnemone” is obviously derived from “Mnemouzine”, the name of the goddess of memory.
    2) She is the first official oliviator, which means that she provides some material for the ministry page.

  • Cha Cha Cha

    I know I came here for something, but what was it…

    Dang misused memory charms.

  • Lisa

    I thought it was interesting to learn that the origin of her name (Mneme, the Greek Muse of Memory) was also the origin of the modern word ‘meme.’

  • Reader2

    Has anyone been wodering whether obliviators are a part of the law enforcement or muggle-relations branch?

  • Doctor Graff-Radford has make researches about Alzheimer… A possible origin?

  • wisteria53

    Check the DAILY NEWS! Publication date has been announced.

  • Ellha David

    Memory Modifying Charms… I’m asking myself which other memory charms could exist in addition to the Obliviate one. First of all, what’s memory? Just to simplify it (yes memory is a tremendously serious business) from Merriam-Webster Dictionary, memory is “1a : the power or process of reproducing or recalling what has been learned and retained especially through associative mechanisms 2b : the store of things learned and retained from an organism’s activity or experience as evidenced by modification of structure or behavior or by recall and recognition”. This definition is about living creatures. I always fight with my memory and so I dream about charms that help memory. I wonder about the use of a charm that helps memory. Considering that also in JKR’s world of magic only hard study can give real knowledge, what kind of use one could do of a knowledge that is fake in substantiality but accurate in its formal contents? Nothing good I suppose: it sounds exactly like gulping down a subject in three days just before examination. You pass the exam but in a short time your knowledge fade out throughtout. Also create false recalls in someboby head is something very dangerous and stinks of Dark Magic.

    Another two definitions of memory are “4 a : a device (as a chip) or a component of a device in which information especially for a computer can be inserted and stored and from which it may be extracted when wanted; especially : RAM b : capacity for storing information ”, but this is muggle technology, and “5 : a capacity for showing effects as the result of past treatment or for returning to a former condition — used especially of a material (as metal or plastic)”. Some things possess this sort of ‘physical’ memory (if you fold a sheet of paper, the fold is a permanent change in the sheet’s status, it’s the memory of the past occurrence/event). A magic creature could use a memory spell to improve the physical memory of an object to a memory of higher level, in short, to give a memory to objects? Could it be used as temporary store for big amounts of information? No need of computers then…in this instance it could be used to enchant objects, as for example spell-checking quills: to correct the spelling of a word it is necessary to compare the written word with the correct/standard one and because spelling is not a natural object but simply an human convention the quill need to “be taught” on the right spelling.

    Few lines about horcrux. Even is shows to possess a memory I think a memory charm is not involved because the purpose of the object is totally different. By definition, a Horcrux is ‘the receptacle in which a Dark wizard has hidden a fragment of his soul for the purposes of attaining immortality’. Tom Riddle’s diary is a horcrux and contains a piece of Voldemort soul and this is the reason why the diary has its own memory and identity. In fact we are our memory. Amnesiac people – beyond the cause of amnesia – suffer of lack of identity.

  • Lisa

    All I can think of is OMG, that is the last day of Summer Reading Club, the most stressful day of the year at work, and just 2 days before our branch’s week-long 30th anniversary party! This is going to be an interesting summer.

  • aillinne

    OMG! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on 21st July! I can’t wait! I need a Time Turner!

  • Big_Kelpie

    oes it say just english speaking countries? i’m from argentina and if i am not prepared to wait for the spanish release.. it will be the world release, right? if not i ll have to start saving money for shoippinf from the uk… no no shbe surely meant world release please tell me she meant world release!!

  • Rondee

    Save your pennies it cost at the suggested retail price of $34.99!

  • Michele

    It’s WAY TO EARLY!! And I would start wondering: WHY the 21st? If Jo chose so perfectly the date to announce the title (winter solstice), this has got to be something important!

  • recklesscatlover

    Hi, great news! $35 ? don’t worry, Amazon still sells it at 20 euro. Hope they do not get broke before july 21 …

  • Skittle

    Except she _didn’t_ choose the winter solstice to announce the date: the winter solstice in 2006 and 2007 is on the 22nd of December. Maybe she just likes 21?

  • John D.

    she chose this date because its the PS release tenth anyversary

  • Big_Welpie, Jo has done a mistake on that. The book will not be ONLY in English speaking countries. It will be in all the countries that have English bookstores. But the true is that with HP6 you could buy the book in english the day of the same release in lots and lots of bookstores. And in Argentina the same 😉 but in Scholastic edition. Good luck.

  • silos

    This is so unexpected!!!! I’m not sure how to respond!!! Wow!!

  • Lindsay

    I just preordered the book on Amazon for $18.89 (American). I’m so excited!!!

  • Big_Kelpie

    El Cronista de Salem actually with hbp i could buy it in the uk edition not in scholastic edition. but i was surprised with her chose of words so thats why i checked

  • Nathan Zimmermann

    I wonder if J.K. Rowling was under any pressure from Bloomsbury, Scholastic and Raincoast to close out the Harry Potter series and to move onto her next project.

  • Elizabeth

    July 21 is the summer solstice (or approximately!). So the prophecy in the Hall of Records came true: “At the solstice will come a new and none will come there after…”

    Some people wanted the book to come out on 7/7/07. But July 21 is really

  • supap

    I’m thinking along the lines of NZ above. Why such an abrupt announcement? Why didn’t she tell us using the “?” door? Why didn’t she include any comments? I think her publishers are demanding a rush job, and she’s not happy about it.

    Regardless, I’m pretty excited!

  • Derek James

    Um…June 21 is the summer solstice, not July 21. It’s six months apart…and the equinoxes are on March and September 21.

  • iszi

    Oh… it’s so final.

    Excited? Yeah. Happy? Dunno.

  • I’m so excited about the release date announcement. I was driving to work this morning when it was announced on the radio; I laughed maniacally for the next two miles!

  • FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now I can pre-order the 7th book from amazon.com

  • Pat Pat

    Very exciting news. I think we all have been waiting impatiently for this announcement. I also was able to order it at amazon.com for $18.89. A very good deal and it gets delivered on the 21st right to the door.

    I think this last book is going to bring us all excitement and a little bit of sadness as it is the end. But, as someone wiser than me once said, “All good things must come to an end.”

    I don’t think JKR would give in to Publisher pressure. For what reason? It’s not like she needs the money and she is too much of a perfectionist to release the book before it is ready. I have a feeling she will hit us with puzzles and information behind the closed door in the coming months.

  • I agree with Pat, And I hope to find book seven everywhere as I did with the last two, since I dont live in the U.S it would take about 10 days to get here (I live in Mexico City) I think I’ve waited LONG ENOUGH!!

  • Jenny

    If anything, I would think that the publishers would rather wait longer for the final book. Once it’s over, it’s over, so no more new revenue (or, at least, not as much new revenue). We fans have already proved we’ll wait 3 years (or more) for a new Harry Potter book and Bloomsbury could have used the time to increase the hype and sell more of the previous books. I thought we would get the release date when the door opened for the new WOMBAT, but maybe it will be something even more special, like a whole chapter instead of just the titles of chapters like for HBP.

  • Bandersnatch

    Ah, Jenny, that would be incredible if the final WOMBAT unlocked an unpublished chapter of Book 7. But I very much doubt that such a thing would happen. No one is going to see more than a sentence or three of the new book until it is released on 21 July.

  • priya ashok

    Great! finally the 7th book is on its way. can’t wait to read it.

  • Char

    Thank you Jo…
    I can’t wait to read Deathly Hallows…

    *fingers crossed* Harry defeats Voldemort AND survives 🙂

  • Michiel P

    “WHY the 21st? […] this has got to be something important!”

    Well, d’oh! I’d hate to upset you, but of course you’ll agree that this date HAS to mean that HARRY WON’T MAKE IT TILL HIS NEXT BIRTHDAY!!

    I’m still trying to make sense of those anniversary dates on Jo’s site, though.

    [Tongue firmly in cheek.]

  • What exactly does she mean by saying “in other English speaking countries”? Does that include that I can buy it in Germany on 21 July in English???? I HOPE so!!!!!!! If not, then I’ll have to travel to the UK!
    Great news, though. Thx Jo, I CAN’T wait…

  • Mikkel Larsen

    I believe that the phrasing was the same last time and I had no trouble buying the book in Copenhagen on Potterday.

  • olivier

    Hello Lisa Marie,
    I don’t know about Germany, but I didn’t got HBP in Switzerland on Potter-day. But since I went home from Florida on the very day I got both a British and a U.S. version. So I will most certainly be in the U.K. on THE day…

  • John D.

    a while ago you said that you will have all reader’s guide complete by the time the seventh book came out… do you think you will make it?

  • will orwont

    I doubt JKR was under any pressure to finish up and move on. For many years it seems to be that what JKR wants is what JKR gets. If anything, the pressure would be on to extend the series, but JKR is sticking to her guns.

    There might have been some angst about the release date though: it had to come after the movie for obvious reasons, and ideally on or before JKR’s birthday. That leaves a pretty narrow window.

    And while this is supposedly the last of Harry, I hope the door is left open for JKR to pen more books in the Hogwarts universe. After all, she’s getting so good at it.

  • Rose Zeller

    About publisher pressure- it’s not like Jo wouldn’t be able to find a publisher that would allow her to write at her own pace. I agree that she wouldn’t give in.

  • Reader2

    It truly surprised to see it out so soon.
    It would be in the publisher’s best interest to hold it off all the way until next summer, so they could first milk the movie for all it’s worth, and then let us work the craving back up for the book.
    The only explanation I can think of is that JKR had refused to sit on a finished book just to make a few extra bucks.
    It is possible that the last book was the easyest for her to write because most of it was written in advance.
    After all, the last book is supposed to contain the aswers to all the riddles, and it is likely that JKR was writing down the answer every time she wrote a riddle, so now, all she had left was to put those answers together into a story.
    She did say the very last chapter was written in advance, remeber?

  • Marco


    Since DH is also announced to be published at 21.07. on the german Amazon-HP, you can most likely buy it in Germany in english language at that date. (Da für DH auch auf der deutschen Amazon-HP 21.07. als Erscheinungsdatum angegeben ist, kann dieses Buch höchstwahrscheinlich an diesem Tag auch in Deutschland in englischer Sprache gekauft werden.

  • vaudree

    The Alzheimer doctor is a good clue! Another link is that the river of remembrance and the river of forgetfulness both ran through Hades – so there is that forged link between remembering and forgetting.

    >>>Tom Riddle’s diary is a horcrux and contains a piece of Voldemort soul and this is the reason why the diary has its own memory and identity. In fact we are our memory. Amnesiac people – beyond the cause of amnesia – suffer of lack of identity. >>>

    Or a loss or erosion of a former identity. Sometimes it is replaced with a new more limited one – as one has to slowly give up activities that require memory. Sometimes people use every coping strategy in the book to hold onto their lives to compensate for the fact that they can’t remember.

    On the other hand, when no conscious memory exists, there is still trace, that even those who have no conscious memory of something, seem to have access to the information for tasks. Like the person who has no memory of being able to tie their shoe laces but can do it as long as they don’t try to remember how.

    Good analogy with Voldemort and the diary. Was the part of himself he put in the diary identical to the rest of him at that point in time, or did it represent aspects of himself that he was trying to shut away any way?

    For a clue on Mnemone, just look up mnemon .

    – / – mnemonic (from) mnemonikos (from) mnemon (from) mnasthai=remember;

    Wonder if Mnemone Radford is related to Grugwyn Rufford. Back in the days when most people were illiterate, the person recording the names went by how it sounded. Both Radford and Rufford are listed (for most devinitions) and variants of the same surname.

    Remember when I told you about the death of http://www.genealogymatch.com/surname-duft.html (location of defunct version)

    Well, I’ve found it’s reincarnation

  • Torill

    I haven’t been online for a few days, then what happens – I read the BIGGEST POTTERNEWS EVER in the NEWSPAPER – what a shame!! I always knew all Potternews long time before any Norwegian newspaper……

    I didn’t think the script was finshed already though, I kind of thought the last book wouldn’t be out till next year – what a surprise! Like so many, I am both happy and sad that the last one will be out soon… no more theorising with other fans, no more debates over Snape’s loyalty – the end of an era…

    I don’t think we who live in non-English speaking countries have to worry. At every other release, the book has been available in English here (Norway) at the same date as in the English-speaking countries. No reason why it should be any different now. It is just the translation we must wait for. But the Norwegian translation is really bad anyway, so… I have not even bought the last two books in Norwegian, and I doubt very much I will buy this one, unless for some sort of research reasons or something.

    As for pressure from the publishers to make Jo deliver before she wants to – I, too, very much doubt that. Why would they want to do that? There was no pressure when she had an agreement about a publishing date for the fifth book that she could not meet – all they told her then was take your time, we’ll wait for as long as it takes.

    I don’t think the publishers are too particular about dates. They want to get the book out as soon as Jo has delivered the script, and they have agreed on the final editing. What will decide the date after that will be the time it takes to get it into print. Then they want it to be a Saturday, and if possible, in a school holiday.

    As for the film – none of the publishers will get any profit from the films. That is all going to the film company. I doubt very much that the publishers consult the film company before they decide the publishing date!

  • will orwont

    Of course the publishers coordinate with the film production company — they’re products aimed at almost exactly the same market. And Bloomsbury definitely does profit from the films, namely from people who watch the films and then decide to read the books, and vice versa.

    JKR herself is obviously very particular about dates, that’s clear from any number of discussions here. The time taken to physically produce the book is only one factor in deciding the release date.

  • mrs Bill Weasley

    FINALLY!!!!!!!! I got tired of waiting. well it will be late birthday present for me. No reason to complain, got hbp on my birthday. I just hope that shr didn’t mean that you can get it just in USA and UK, I’m from Bosnia and I got last one on time. I really would like if she gave us the door, this message was so well unpersonal. like she didn’t wrote it or like it’s none ofher buisness. I hope it would be bigger than ootp, way bigger!!!!!

  • Torill

    will orwont: Of course the publishers profit from the interest in the books the films create – many fans come to the books from the films. That was not what I meant. I meant it literary, when I said the publishers get no profit from the films, and it was an answer to what Reader2 said above: It would be in the publisher’s best interest to hold it off all the way until next summer, so they could first milk the movie for all it’s worth, and then let us work the craving back up for the book. I don’t see how the publishers can milk the films in any way by holding back the book for a year. But maybe you did not mean it literary either, Reader2?

    Anyway, from the dates we have now of both the fifth film and the seventh book, it does not really look as if they have co-ordinated things, does it? And as for all the speculation about Jo and dates in the fandom, here or elsewhere, I am not convinced this has to do with Jo being particular about dates. I think that is more the fandom sometimes reading too much into things…

    But never mind. Not that important is it – the important thing is that we have a date!! And I can start saving money – I want to be part of a midnight party either in London or perhaps in Edinburgh – it all depends on what is happening at those places – and I do want to be together with some of my friends in the fandom, and read it together!!! This is the last time!!! The last time I will ever open a new Potter book with my heart pounding!! I can’t believe it!!!!!!!

  • Steve Roberts

    It’s not worth pre-ordering in the UK. I’ve done this before, only to find that I can get the book before postal delivery and much cheaper from the local supermarket.

  • It was an all too familiar feeling of disappointment and disbelief when the offical web site of JKRowling (run by Lightmaker), announced the release of the Final HP book seven. The Ministry of Muggles find it oddly strange, and insulting that such an announcement would so be conveyed in such a “formal” format. “It’s impersonal, and quite frankly, not at all JKRowling-ish behaviour for her to not express such announcement in her very own words”. Furthermore, if Rowling legally could not have announced such news as THIS, then why allow the Publisher access to communicate through her website? Press releases can be done formally via other channles of communications. How weird it really is to see a foreign body publish on her website. Disappointment, indeed. Also noted is how the scrapbook and the many certificates collected inside it are now all gone! Roots & Toots is back again with the all too familiar jingle on how to revive your plant is back on again and am I to begin the process all over? Finally, last but not least, I find it disturbing that no one from this Lexicon site has written anything about JKRowling’s website being totally different and absolutely no discussion has been had on how the announcement was released!!??

  • Jayni D.

    Actually, Ministry of Muggles, a couple of people have commented on the way the announcement was made. I, too, find it strange…the terseness of the message and no update of her diary. But I’ve been thinking about it and have decided that perhaps Jo is in mourning. She said she had mixed feelings about finishing the last book; it’s been a part of her life for so long. It must be very difficult for her to have it over now. Whether or not Harry survives, the story’s done now, isn’t it? She won’t be writing about him anymore…therefore she is probably feeling somewhat as if she’s lost a very close friend.

    As far as the website, mine hasn’t changed at all; my scrapbook is still there with all the extras, and I’ve always been able to get Toots, Shoots, & Roots, I think…except maybe around Christmas time, but then I didn’t try.

  • karlii

    Hmm.. I have been thinking about how she made the announcement.

    To me, it seemed ‘hurried’. Here is my plausible explanation. OK.. somewhat plausible. …. ok.. maybe plausible.. but here it is! :

    What was the only ‘big’ news going on in a lot of HP fandom the day before or the day of the announcement?

    Dan Radcliffe’s pics or Equus. And there was starting to be some controversy from the parents who don’t explain to their children that Harry Potter isn’t real, and the nice young man who plays him on screen, is really just an ACTOR, who does a lot of different stuff.

    It is my theory, that this ‘hurried’ release, was to redirect attention BACK to the books, where attention belongs, rather than on the steamy pics of Equus.

    I further think that she will ‘open the door’ right about the same time Equus opens.

    Personally, it makes sense to me. Feel free to blow all the holes in it you want, I have already stated that it easily could not be the case.

    What does everyone think of the bust of Hermes she scribbled all over? Are these omens or foreshadowing?

    PRINCEs Street?
    messenger of the gods?
    god of literature?
    Balmoral? (??)

    I like the idea of Mnemone being something to do with the apparent memory block on Neville. OR Lockhart!

    There have been comments on her bust scribble as being quite ‘Lockhart-esque’. We can take this about four steps away, and come up with something viable! 😉

  • Reader2

    The publishers can not milk the movie directly, but I am so certain that the publishers and the movie-makers consider each other’s interests, that I viewed them as the same team, until recently.
    I think you’ve hit the bulls-eye. Your explanation makes perfect sence.

  • beauxbatons

    Well, I’m afraid my scrapbook has also gone empty, just like Ministry of Muggles’. On the other hand, I’m not at all convinced that anyone else than JKR controls her own site ! Bloomsbury and Scholastic certainly have theirs and they don’t need jkrowling.org to communicate with customers…
    What bust of Hermes, by the way ? I’m lost !

  • kamion

    karlii wrote:

    It is my theory, that this ‘hurried’ release, was to redirect attention BACK to the books, where attention belongs, rather than on the steamy pics of Equus.

    According to the bookshop I ordered the release and the announcement are on the same scedule as the were with HBP and OotP. Once the title was reveiled the release date followed with abouth a month.
    personally when there was no news in January I sort of feared the release of DH would not make it this year.

    oh, tagging a Hermes bust is quite funny, Hermes is the classic god that came closest to the older shamanic Trickster ( Raven in Indian and Inuit lore) quite appropriate for Rowling.

  • Isabel Nunes

    I can’t help the feeling that maybe the release date is in some way connected with Sectus. I don’t know how JKR feels towards the HP conferences, but this was quite a gift for them. I don’t mean it was arranged, more a kind of gift, exactly, to the conference and its organizers. After all, it is going to be held in London!But maybe this is just a wild thought.

  • Jayni D.

    Karlii – I’m as lost as Beauxbatons…WHAT BUST OF HERMES? I’ve been all over Jo’s site and can’t find it anywhere.

    Oh, and I agree with Beauxbatons that only Jo would have written the announcement for her own site.

  • The Bust that is being discussed has nothing to do with Jo’s site. It’s from a public “news” story, which you can find on Leaky, HPANA and other HP News sites, about a statue (bust of Hermes) at the Balmoral hotel that Jo apparently signed on the bottom, that she had finished writing the book there. It really is just gossipy type news, and means very little until we hear from her.

    As for those who say their Scrapbook has gone empty, this would be an issue with your computer, not Jo’s site. Your scrapbook pages are stored in a folder on your own computer. So either you have deleted this folder, or you have entered the site from another address, perhaps the Accessibility Enabled button?

  • Stephen

    I have two comments. On the subject of memory, Mnemosyne was not a muse herself but was the mother of the muses (their father being Zeus).

    My other comment is this: Has anyone read the London Times lately? In a recent edition (either Feb. 2 or Feb. 3, I don’t remember) an article mentioned that a helpline would be created for distressed Harry Potter readers, since two main protagonists would die in the seventh book. Anyone care to guess which two?

  • Pat Pat

    Well, Stephen, that depends on what we consider to be “main protagonists.” Jo has already informed us that two more characters die in DH. Now was the London Times quoting her or did they just take two characters to mean two MAIN characters? Are Harry, Ron, and Hermione the only ones that we consider to be main characters? Or do we widen the definition to include characters such as Neville, Hagrid, Lupin, and the rest of the Weasleys? My money is on at least one Weasley. I think we would be hopelessly optimistic to assume that all nine of them survive, given how many of them there are, and given the fact that Ron, at least will be accompanying Harry on his dangerous mission. My other guess is Hagrid. My evidence for this, I admit, is fairly flimsy and may be playing right into Jo’s hands, but, during An Evening with Harry, Carrie, and Garp, Jo was asked which of her characters she would take to dinner. She didn’t mention Hagrid until she was told she could take anyone whether they were alive or dead. SHe may have intended this to be a red herring, but, if so, she was remarkably quick on the uptake.

    Also, I don’t understand why everyone is so confused with how the announcement was made on her web site. She LOVES to give us readers a little bit of information and then leave us pining for more. I think this is JUST the sort of thing Jo would do.

  • John D.

    jk never said two main characters are going to fie. She said that two characters who werent going to die aroginally are going to now but it’s doubtful that they are key characters because with all of jk’s planning, it would be rather stipid to assume she just woke up one day and thought”mm it would be most ineteresting if i make hagrid and ron die”, its more likely she thought sth like this “i cant give bagman aor mclaggen a closure. maybe it’s better if they die”. It makes more sense that way.

  • Stephen

    I can’t really be sure if the article was quoting J.K. Rowling directly or not. The emphasis of the article was not on the deaths but instead on the creation of the helpline.

  • beauxbatons

    Thank you, Belinda, all this is quite clear now ! I’m afraid I must have deleted my folder…

  • Jayni D.

    Thanks, Belinda! I found a picture of the bust on The Leaky Cauldron site, as you said. :^)

    As for the two characters who die in DH, Jo said two she didn’t intend will die, then I think went on to say that it is the main characters who are targeted, but she didn’t actually say that it was two main characters who die. It was sort of inferred, from what I understand, but again, it depends on one’s definition of main characters. I would consider Neville, for instance, as a main character–a minor main character. There are the trio as the MAIN characters, then there are the peripheral main characters, like Neville, Ginny, the other Weasleys, Draco & company, etc.

    I’m assuming it will be two characters who have been active in all the previous books.

  • Jayni D.

    By the way, Kamion, you are incorrect about the release date for Half Blood Prince following a month after the title was released. The title of HBP was announced June 29/04, but the release date wasn’t announced until SIX months later, on Dec. 22/04.

    I don’t remember the dates for Order of the Phoenix, though, so you could be right about that one.

  • Rueters – The Ministry of Muggles has confirmed today with other internal depts, that a very large system crash did take place. Upon futher investigation with official Ministry staff spouse’s, an admission of massive computer failure finally surfaced. Nonetheless this explains what happened to all scrapbook collections etc.. A small thanks to Belinda, who felt complelled to re-educate the Ministry of Muggels how information is saved in one’s computer. As for the spouse who admitted the story, has been penalized to watching all 4 HP movies, back to back, while wearing the “Seeker’s” shirt she bought for him. The Ministry Of Muggles continue to work around the clock to solve the plot in the Final HP Book 7. Staff are extremely tight lipped on the subject and refuse to comment any further on the matter. Question to others out there… who do you think will perish in the final book? Please post your thoughts.

  • karlii

    ahh… well, as I have nothing better to do in HP fandom, except read fanfic, I am taking the ‘bust’ at face value. It looks like her signature and what would seem to be her writing, in the picture I saw of it online.

    As such, I think she very deliberately wrote a very specific message.

    Yes, I know she might have just had an epiphany and wrote that for posterity, but as it is rather boring just waiting for the book, I am chosing to look at that as a clue.

    I’m going for 652 pages in the book.

    Hermes the owl, or Hermione will die.

    And Severus YadaYada Prince Snape will die. (as a good guy).

    Haven’t figured out Balmoral…


  • Torill

    I don’t mind if the message containing the publishing date was short and business-like. What more do we need, really, right now? I for one, am more than capable of doing all the squeeing and ohmygoshing I need on my own, I don’t need anything more elaborate from Jo at the moment

    Soon I will crave for more, though. Now we can expect small tidbits from the book to emerge on the website – and probably a new FAQ! My guess is that a FAQ will come first, it is long since the last one, and now we will have a trillion questions… But who knows – and teasers, chapter titles, all of that, will be very welcome too! Can’t wait!!!

    (By the way, I don’t believe Jo is concerned at all about any pictures of Dan, or what he is doing or not doing outside the Potter franchise. She is not tailoring any of her messages about the book after that. The films have nothing to do with her work on the book, and how she announces it. That is my firm belief!

  • Karen L

    Regarding Book 7 – I think Grawp will have to play a large or important role somehow. Otherwise, why put so much about him in the last two books? Maybe he will die, saving Hagrid….

  • Lisa

    You were right, Torill, the FAQ came first =)