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Happy Birthday Arthur Weasley!


The WotM calendar on Jo’s site is showing birthday wishes for Arthur Weasley on February 6th, again this year. 🙂

I have updated the Guide to JKR.com.


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  • Reader2

    And again, no year.

  • Char

    Happy Birthday Mr Weasley. I hope Harry, Ron and Hermione buy you plenty of perfectly ordinary Muggle items to fascinate you with!!!

  • karlii

    Wonder if Arthur will garner as many posts for his b-day as Severus?

    I also wonder what exactly Moody!Crouch was on about when he told Ron that his dad’d know all about the Imperius Curse.

    Now sure, Hagrid had already said that some wizards claimed to be ‘under a spell’ or something that made them follow Voldythingy. BUT… Crouch Jr was verrrrry crafty. He said a lot of things to a lot of people, that when you know what to look for, pointed directly to their dark liasons.

    I’m not saying Arthur was/is a Death Eater.. but wouldn’t HE make a good spy for Tom?

    And just exactly how DID Peter end up moving in with Percy????? If he was an associate, Arthur might have taken him in. Certainly, in HBP, Severus has Peter living with HIM… it is plausible.

    Not popular. Plausible.

    ALSO!!! Arthur had to leave, in GOF, due to the dustbins being weird..remember??? And then. During that invasion, Moody really WAS taken captive!! Perhaps Arthur helped capture him.

    Ok… ok!!… so it IS also possible that Crouch Jr put an Imperius on Arthur during the dustbin raid to capture Moody. And THAT is why he was taunting Ron during class. I’m sure he’d think it funny.

    Would Vol/Nagini have attacked Arthur if Tom hadn’t known Harry was ‘watching’? I could easily point it that way. Arthur helping, etc. Podmore had been made to help. So had Bode. Why not Arthur? Maybe he was Imperio’d at the DoM?(I know, jumped books, and it is OotP)

    I’m going to go do some blogging, I think. I am starting to see where there could be a huge whole conspiracy surrounding Arthur from day one.

    Good Luck, Art! 🙂 Don’t eat too much cake…..

  • Reader2

    I just discovered an Arthur-ism not mentioned on Arthur’s page:
    Fellytone – telephone
    At the very end of OoP.

    “Arthur as a spy” does not really work. Wouldn’t make much sence feeding him to a snake if that were the case, would it?
    “Arthur under Imperious” – that could happen.

  • jamie1putt

    Sometimes when I read the thoughts in the pensive I feel like I am in an alternate dimension… Maybe it is possible that Arthur Weasley is good and Severus Snape is bad. I for one, while I enjoy the Snape character, would be very disappointed if after six books of Harry and myself hating Snape he turns out to be good! That would be alot of wasted effort on my part! Arthur Weasley a Death Eater maybe if Vol…whatever transfigured himself into a plug! I think some people are reaching a bit too far. Just my opinion.

  • Rach

    Happy Birthday Mr. Weasley. I agree. People are reaching a bit too far. Whilst i’m sure there will be twists and turns in the final book i don’t think characters will undergo complete personality changes!

  • Nannette

    Happy birthday Arthur. This is good to see. If he has a birthday he will hopefully be still around. I think he is a good man and many people care about him. The Malfoy family hate him so he must be good!

  • karlii

    Nah… probably not personality changes. But I will never forget how many times JKR tricked us all into looking the other way.

    Snape in Book 1.
    Quirrell in Book 1.
    Ginny in Book 2.
    Sirius in Book 3.
    Moody in Book 4.

    I just don’t trust her that someone we think is good will turn out to be bad.

    Oh, I don’t REALLY think she’ll make it Arthur, but if you examine him under the same microscope of the other ones, I still say it is possible.

    Reader2, I thought about the snake. That is the one thing that started to throw me. I say it ~could~ have gone like this: Arthur guarding the room (much like Podmore had done). Now, I haven’t worked out the semantics, but in some way, the plan was Arthur/guard=Imperius. Just because Harry didn’t see anyone else around, doesn’t mean Rookwood or someone else wasn’t there. Then, Voldy became aware of Harry being in his mind. That would have startled the heck out of him! He may have bitten Arthur to get at Harry, or Voldy might have lost control of Nagini when he was startled, and the situation just went to heck.

    That last possibility is the way I could justify it, if Arthur WAS a Death Eater. Just another day at the office.
    *waves hand* “meh… this one gets ‘Crrrrucio!’… that one.. Nagini’s lunch. 😉

    I do think Arthur under Imperio is likely. Whether it was at the DoM, the Moody crime scene, or back in the day of the original war.

    As I have stated, no, I don’t suppose she will have Arthur be a bad guy, but it is her fault that I can look around and say hmmm… well, if Quirrell was guilty… and it was Ginny all along… and Sirius was innocent! …. and Crouch Jr. fooled Dumbledore for a year.. then yeah. Arthur (or Hagrid, or McGonagall)~could~ be a bad guy.

  • recklesscatlover

    Happy Birthday,
    and if you survive the Hallows (please do your best)
    I’ll send you my present: a large collection of Lego Technics..

  • Rondee

    What about Molly Weasley birthday? Was she born in the same year as Arthur?

  • Bethany

    Yay happy birthday!!!!

  • severusisn’tevil

    Happy birthday. Hopefully you’ll live out Book 7. Molly will lose it totally if she loses her husband, and if the Weasleys are poor now, how awful would it be if Arthur, their main source of income, died?

    Also, is itr possible he got a significant pay raise now that he is head of a prestigious office, instead of one with an office smaller than a broom cupboard.

    DOes his new office have a window?

  • Jayni D.

    Karlii, it was always very clear to me that Arthur, working for the ministry, would know about the Imperius curse–not from personal experience, but from all the people the ministry had to deal with after Voldemort’s downfall who claimed to have been imperius’d.

    It just seems to me that you are reading too much into Crouch Jr.’s statement to Ron. :^)

  • karlii

    Jayni D.
    No doubt, you are correct, in that I am reading too much into the statement. It’s merely a form of entertainment on a very cold snowy day, to sit around and try to uncover conspiracy theories in the books.

    It’s something to do while we wait for July. Trust me, if the thread was about Minerva or Hagrid.. LOL, everyone would be after my head. 😉 (not that I think you are after my head, on the contrary, you were very polite) 🙂

    Don’t get blown up by some random muggle object!!