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Book updates on Jo’s Official site


Jo has updated her website this morning, with a new Diary entry, a Rumour and two entries in FAQ About the Books.
I’ll update the Guide to Jo’s site as the day goes on.


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  • Lisa

    *tear rolls down* She put it so beautifully.

  • Well, yeah Lisa you’re right. But personally I AM NOT mourning. I mean, it’s been 10 years since the first book was published – I finally want to know how the book’s ending!!! But don’t we all?
    Of course I understand JK’s feelings, though. I mean if I were her I’d probably also be grieving deeply! Did you ever imagine her dying? – I mean right now! I don’t want to be selfish or anything, but that’d be very horrible – imagine, we’d never read what happens REALLY. The last chapter would maybe be published, since she’s finished it already. Perhaps that’s the reason why she’s already wrote it in the first place. Just kidding… (very macabre joke though, I admit – sorry)

  • John D.

    i think she is trying to make up for her unpersonal note when the release date was announced justyfing herself saying she was mourning and busy editing which we know is true.

  • Ok, this is to someone from the Lexicon (Steve, Belinda, Lisa, John?); I don’t know if this is new on JK’s website, but if you wait for about 5 minutes the watch illuminates and the jar where the pens are in is knocked over by a gust of wind. It’s very similar to what happened when the marble was illuminated. Though nothing happens whatsoever when you click at the illuminated watch – or I just didn’t work it out yet! Oh, and after that, a black (rather weird) butterfly or something flies over the screen.

  • Yes Lisa Marie, that’s Peeves!
    Check out the page Peeves’ Antics for all his mayhem and mischeif. Also, check out the page Dumbledore’s Watch for analysis of what happens to the watch. 🙂

  • Mikkel Larsen

    I’ve been afraid of Rowling (or me) dying so I would never get the ending.
    There could be some books written in the same universe, perhaps about the fight between Dumbledore and Grindelwald?

  • Pavel

    All I can say is just this: most of the people speculate how all the yet unexplained things will turn out to be, but has anybody realised at all, that it might happen that JK Rowling will leave the story fairly open, that we will only be able to speculate how is was and what happen then or then?
    I just hope that she will explain as many things as possible …..

  • Reader2

    Lisa Marie,

    I think that big black thing was a doxy.


    JKR did promise a complete wrap up in the end, but you might still be right. She seems to have made up more misteryes that even she can solve.

  • Pavel

    I suppose so, because in her diary she in the last note she says that there will still be so many thinks to have discussions about.

  • Reader2

    The Potter series is too lifelike to end in a “happily ever after”. Any heroes that servive will find another cause to fight for, any minor villans that survive will keep making trouble, and all those prejudice issues that exist in Pottervers will not go anywhere.
    This is, probably, what JKR meant when she said there will be plenty to speculate about. Hopefully, this will also point the fanficsters in a harmless direction. (yeah right)

  • Kristin

    I have two comments: the first is that for JKR while it must been a great sadness to finish the books just think of the accomplishment writing these books has been. These books have made such a difference in so many people’s lives that it is unbelievable! Harry Potter has encouraged kids to start reading again and has stirred us adults to use our imaginations again. While I know that I am so excited for the release I know that I too will be sad when I finally put it down and know that none will follow. Now on a lighter note, when you are on JKR’s website and there is the dog barking in the background, does any one else’s real life dog start barking and wondering where that noise is coming from? If I am on JKR’s site I have to lock my dog out of the computer room so that he doesn’t go crazy looking for the other dog!

  • severusisn’tevil

    All I”d like to say is this: Yes, the series will end, and yes it will be OVER, but come on. JKR has said she enjoys speculation, so take that a little further and imagine further story material for Harry, and all his friends (and enemies). Go ahead and add to your own Harry Potter Universe. It won’t hurt anyone as long as you’re not boring your friends to tears because you won’t shut up about your HPU variations. I know I’ve come awfully close to doing that to my best friend because I have a (probably alternate ending) worked out in which Harry destroys the Horcruxes and all three romances that begin in HBP play out PROPERLY without them dying (Harry-Ginny, Ron-Hermione, Remus-Tonks). Severus also turns out to be good, and reconciles with Remus. He is actually best man at Remus’s wedding with Tonks That’s definitely wishful thinking, I think. I don’t think JKR believes those two are able to reconcile. Remus and Tonks also have three children — Sirius James, Lily Andromeda and Severus Theodore— But I digress. The point is, write your own sequel, inside your own head if you’re not satisfied with what’s given in book 7. No one ever wrote a law saying you can’t do that, or even that you can’t modify the endings on occassion,, as long as you’re not breaking any copyright infringedment laws.

  • wisemar

    Funny people are talking about JK dying before she finished the series. I once read an interview with Stephen King after his near fatal car wreck. He said he started feeling a sense of mortality and a sense of obligation to his readers to finish the dark tower series since he had taken the time to build the world up in their imagination. It’s really a pretty unique situation JK is in. I think on one of her posts she mentions that anyone who hasn’t experienced a similar situation can’t understand what she’s feeling, and I would believe it.

  • Pat Pat

    I know EXACTLY what JKR is talking about. I know all of us, though excited for the last book, will be extremely sad when we finish it and realize that it is the end.

    Was anyone besides me disappointed by the FAQ’s? She gave us two and didn’t answer either of them!

    Hopefully, now that she is finished with the book, there will be more stuff added to her site in the coming months. I think we have a lot to look forward to.

  • Hedwig June

    Yeah, my dog does that, too! However, she’s usually too busy napping in the sun to pay much attention to the computer….

    And thank you, Jo! No matter what you write, or do to our beloved characters, we’ll still love you!

  • Deborah Hubbard

    Dare we hope she’ll write at least a heavily abridged version of Hogwarts: A History? That would keep the fanficsters busy and happy for decades … and I wouldn’t mind flipping through Percy’s favourite book – forget the exact title, but it’s success stories of Hogwarts prefects. It’d be good to see if the current staff feature at all …

  • Kaz

    Oooh, I’ve been wishing for years that she would write Hogwarts: A History. But, alas, I don’t think she will- publishing it for everyone else to read would take away so much credit from Hermione, I think she would rather leave it as just Hermione’s, if that makes sense. As for the end of the series…well, we survived the end of Narnia, and of The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and all the great sagas. I expect we’ll still find plenty of things to talk about. *sigh*…

  • karlii

    I’m with Kaz, life will go on. We’ll probably be able to find enough to talk about for more than a year. We’re still picking apart bk6, after all.

    (hmm.. I just accidentally typed bk8…. I hope that’s a prophecy!)

    Anyhow, just think, we will be able to go back and actually follow her thread from bk1 to the end! for each character! each sub-plot!! *rubs hands gleefully* I’m thinking this won’t be over for us on 7/22.

    Kristin, my dog looks around also. And my husband hollers.. ‘answer that phone!’ (he knows it’s online, he’s just silly)

  • BE Skrewt

    As to whether JKR will publish “Hogwarts: A History”, I thought I read somewhere that she said she might consider it as another charity book, like “Fantastic Beasts” and “Quidditch through the Ages”. I can’t be certain, but that’s what I recall.

    And as for Deathly Hallows, I’m both dying to read it and afraid to read it! I want to know what happens but I’m also afraid of what may happen to my favorite characters. Then once I’m done, I’ll also be wishing for more books about Harry.

    But this ride she has taken us through over 7 books in all these years has been a fantastical and imaginative trip which has changed my life and brought me much joy and fun. It’s opened my eyes to other history, literature, mythology, science, astronomy, & more… expanding my horizons far behind the bounds I would EVER expect from a mere “children’s book”.

    Harry Potter is a series for the ages!
    Thank you, JKR!

  • Ellha David

    …in a platonic way…I love you!

  • Wow, I found on a different website (HPANA) that JK has finished writing Book 7! Now she’s editing it – here’s a quote:

    ‘A spokeswoman for the author said:
    We can confirm JK Rowling did write some of the book at the Balmoral last month and did complete the book at that hotel.
    UPDATE III: An additional report now states that the marble bust is being kept under lock and key in a safe place. According to the article from CBBC Newsround, JK is currently in the process of editing the book with the help of “someone from her publishers to see if any small alterations are needed before it’s printed.”‘

    That’s awesome!

  • christine

    Just this:Poor Jo! It must be harder for her than for us!

  • lasre

    It would be cool to see more stories in the same universe. Dumbledore vs Grindelwald or maybe some short stories about Mad Eye Moody as a young Auror (mysteries) and other less important characters (Mundungus, Sirius, Regulus, etc). I think that would be a good way to keep the series alive without focusing too much on Harry and the other main characters. You would have to get Ms. Rowlings blessing to make it canon.

  • karlii

    Which previous book was her favorite? Until this one came along? Or were they each her favorite when she was finished with them?

  • Kaz

    What about a spin-off series – Luna Lovegood and the Cranky Crumple Horned Snorkak, Luna Lovegood and the Hysterical Heliopath… A bit silly? Sorry, a wrackspurt must have got me.

  • Reader2

    I do hope JKR sets up some kind of fanfiction contest, a way harvest all this energy for peasful purposes.

  • Jordan W.

    I’ve been thinking this for a long time, the prophecy says that neither will live while the other survives, do you think that means that they both can’t die?

  • Mrs. prongs

    Hi, this might be the wrong place to ask this but why do you write hallowe’en??

  • Reader2

    “Neither can live while the other survives” sounds much like “the world isn’t big enough for two of us”.
    I’d say it means AT LEAST one of them has to die. It can very well be both.

  • Deborah Hubbard

    Hi, Mrs Prongs. (May I call you Lily?) New Year’s Eve is the day, and therefore the eve(ning) before New Year’s Day – OK? Same with Christmas Eve. And in some dialects especially, the -v- and the -ing could be dropped, giving e’en with the apostrophe showing where the -v- would be in careful speech. And it took over. So, 31 October is the eve of All Hallows’ Day, or (All) Hallow(‘s) eve(ning), or Hallowe’en. Which is presumably why ghosts etc love to cavort on that night – getting their fun before the Hallows (the blessed spirits) move in and stop them.

  • Mrs. prongs

    Haha yes you can call me lily thanks so much!! but why not just say halloween?

  • KatieBell

    I am in a quandry over the new book. I have just about got over the shock of being cursed what if I DIE!!
    I am hoping to get it together with George Weasley (Hint Hint Ms Rowling)
    ps my name is really Katie Bell.

  • To karlii:
    Until now, her favourite books were Book 2 and Book 4. But now sh’s obviously changed her mind. Oh, I just can’t wait til Book 7 is published!!!

  • lasre


    I thought see said she was the most pleased with Books 3 and 6. Where did you read that Book 2 and 4 were her favorite?

  • Peanut

    To be honest, at this stage I don’t really care what happens at the end, I just want to find out! I’ve been reading the books since I was 10 back in ’97 and I’m just so excited to have a conclusion that I can’t think of anything else! I’m sure I’ll feel the loss when I’m done but at the moment I don’t have room with all the anticipation! As Hermione once said of Ron “(you have) the emotional range of a teaspoon!” and I think that applies to me here. My teaspoon is full!

  • Jayni D.

    I’m with Lasre…Jo said after she finished Book 6 (HBP) that she hadn’t been as happy with a book since she finished Book 3 (PA).

    Oh, and Mrs. Prongs, sometimes it is written “Halloween” and sometimes “Hallowe’en”. I think either is correct.

  • Pat Pat

    Yes, I also recall JKR saying that book 3 was her favorite until she wrote book 6. Book 3 has always been my favorite as well, so I am very much looking forward to 7 since Jo says it is now her favorite.
    I don’t think the prophecy means that both CAN’T die. I’m with reader2 here. To me, the wording sounds like one of them HAS to die as long as the other is alive. There is, however, always the possibility that both could die in the end. I’m of the opinion Harry will survive will most likely suffer the loss of more of his friends.

  • karlii

    bk3 and bk6, huh? Well, they were the ‘warmest’ books, in my opinion. The friendliest feeling, I guess you’d say. (to me)

    Did anyone die in PoA? Lots of close calls, but I don’t know if anyone really did die. Obviously, in the other books, one or several died. Wonder if Aragog’s death is more significant than just filler space to get Sluggy to cough up the memory? I mean, why not Fang? Why not Fluffy? Or even Buckwings.. I mean Witherbeak.. I mean… …. well, you know what I mean. 🙂

    Aragog was the pet that Tom knew Rubeus was keeping.. *shrug* that would have been when Slughorn was there too.

    Not seeing conspiracies.. don’t worry, altough…. …… LOL.. no. But I do wonder if there is more to it than meets the eye.

    Was there even any creature death in PoA? *thinks*

    Oh well, it may not matter, as even though both books feel warm and fuzzy, they are quite different, when it comes to who dies, etc. I was hoping we could see similarities of her other faves, and try to guess what she likes about this one.

  • Roonil Woolzib

    Imagine a world without the Harry Potter books. Imagine someone never thought of spinning that kind of a web of words.

    Imagine not experiencing the pleasure and excitement of clearing the first hurdle in the Triwizard Tournament. Imagine people like Malfoy never getting slapped in the face.

    Imagine a world without JKR. You’ll understand what it means to me to be able to read her books and to wait for the last one.

  • Kristin

    It is interesting how books 3 and 6 are her favorites and those are the only two books where Harry doesn’t come into direct contact with some form of Voldemort. In 1,4&5 he battles him directly and in 2 he battles what we now know to be part of his soul in a horcrux. But in 3 the main battle is with Sirius and Wormtail and then in 6 with the inferi and Snape/Death Eaters. I wonder if that is just a coincidence or if JKR likes the books that give us more of a glimpse inside the greater wizarding world rather then confronting Voldemort himself?

  • beauxbatons

    In books 3 and 6, Harry doesn’t fight Voldemort, but he has to determine whether Sirius or Peter (in one case), Draco or Snape (in the other case) are friends or foes. Maybe what JKR likes to show that life is not black or white… It would be so easy if there was only one super-villain !…
    In the other books, we learned that Quirrell or fake Moody were in fact villains with complete surprise. The same goes with Ginny being controlled by Voldemort.
    Book five was about Fudge and Umbridge’s weakness and cowardice, which is another matter. But was there anything to hesitate about ?
    And, of course, in “HP and the Deathly Hallows”, we know that there are still so many question marks around a certain former potion master…

  • beauxbatons

    Please read “Maybe what JKR likes to show IS that life, etc.”… 🙂

  • Roonil Woolzib said it so well but i would like to add that without harry potter or for that matter J.K.Rowling this website would not even exist nor would we all be here typing these comments about her books. well said Roonil Woolzib.

  • Did everyone see in the Daniel Radcliffe interview today, what JKR said to him about DH? Interesting!

    Do you think she meant the portrait, his past history, or maybe a different Dumbledore such as Aberforth?

    Let the speculation begin!

  • All the people who say Book 3 and 6 are her favourites are mistaken! Go to Quotes (in the Lexicon) and type “JK’s favourite book”. It states: “Books 2 and 4 are her favorites overall, which is weird, because “they were the most difficult to write.” [Read the whole quote from the Houston Chronicle, 2001]
    I think I remember her saying that Book 3 was easiest to write. But that does not necessarily mean that it’s her favourite.

  • BE Skrewt: Which interview? And furthermore: what did she say? Tell us!

  • beauxbatons

    Thank you, Lisa Marie ! I shouldn’t trust you people about quotes !… 😉

  • Pat Pat

    Lisa Marie, from JKR’s site under FAQ’s:

    In response to the question :Do you like Half Blood Prince?
    “I like it better than I liked ‘Goblet’, ‘Phoenix’, or ‘Chamber’ when I finished with them. Book six does what I wanted it to do and even if nobody else likes it (and some won’t), I KNOW IT WILL REMAIN ONE OF MY FAVOURITES OF THE SERIES.”

  • Mrs. prongs

    speaking of not having harry potter: hoe do you get someone to read them, i have this friend and i know she would really like them (and she would be really fun to talk about therioes but anyway) but she won’t read them! but i just can’t imagine life without harry potter

  • Reader2

    Ms. Prongs,
    When someone does not want to read Harry Potter, it’s usually beacuse they are too imabarrased to read the childrens book. Get your freind to read it outloud to a child, the plot will do the rest.

  • Lisa Marie – here is what Dan said in his latest interview about JKR & DH:

    “Jo came down to the set at one point and I said, ‘Oh hello, why are you here today?’

    And she said, ‘Oh I just needed a break from the book – Dumbledore’s giving me a lot of trouble.’

    And I said, ‘But isn’t he dead?’

    And she said, ‘Well, yeah, but it’s more complex…’

    I was like, [briskly] ‘OK, I’m not gonna ask anything else!'”

  • Reader2

    Well, JKR is obviously not done with the dead characters.
    She left plenty of questions about the past unanswered.
    We are bound to see some pensive-memories or hear a few storyes about the past.
    That means that we’ll get too see Dumbledore, Lilly, marauders and even Regulus, but that doesn’t mean that any of them are comeing back from the dead.

  • lasre

    Lisa Marie,

    Thanks for clearing that up. I just remember her saying (on here website) that she hasn’t “been as please with a book [book 6]” since book 3.

    We may be getting off topic…I apologize in advance.

  • karlii

    I wouldn’t dream to presume to put words in JK’s mouth, or even deign to try to interpret them…

    HOWEVER… disclaimer aside.. just because “~Dumbledore~” was giving her problems in bk7, doesn’t mean that Albus is alive.

    Perhaps she was having trouble wrapping up the plot line about the scar on his knee… (Or some other unresolved thread she was trying to wrap).

    Perhaps his portrait was being rambuncious (I hope that’s spelled right).

    PERHAPS…. ….. it was ~Aberforth~ who was giving her heck… him and those darned goats of his..

    In any case, it is fun as a conspiracy theorist to think that perhaps Albus would rise from the ashes. It makes soooooo much sense!


    She definitely has a ‘thing’ about dead being dead. And staying dead.

    In real life, these people don’t “rise from the ashes” or “come back through the veil”.

    ~I~ think she thinks that it is important to portray death as a final act, so that children (and even adults) can continue to understand that death is final.

    Children do not grasp death in an abstract way (as a rule). To portray it as a ‘maybe’ would not be her way.

    She discusses that after Sirius’ death.

    And again this past summer, when she said that Albus would not “pull a Gandolf”.

    So yeah… if Dumbledore was giving her a hard time, I imagine it was:
    * a plot thread
    * a portrait
    * Aberforth

    What else might it have been?:-)

  • Kaz

    “Do you think the dead we have loved ever truly leave us?” Didn’t Dumbledore say something like that to Harry in PoA? I am still very confused about Dumbledore’s death and whether he and Snape had made any prior agreements about it, but I definately believe that Dumbledore would have known he might die at some point, and would have left some form of knowledge/information for Harry in that case. My guess would be messages in the pensieve, or perhaphs Fawkes was charged with carrying a message to Harry if Dumbledore died?

    And as for Dumbledore causing problems…perhaps a pensieve Dumbledore having an argument with the portrait Dumbledore? Now I would love to see that!

  • Anon

    A Pensieve Dumbledore can not have arguments with a portrait dumbledore though because a pensieve is memories. so it would have to have been dumbledore arguing with his portrait which someone witnessed and put in the pensieve.

  • Kaz

    Ah, perhaps, but you’re spoiling all my fun!

  • karlii

    I can see possibilities for a conflict between a memory and a soul imprint…

    If that memory was oh… 17 years younger than the imprint… then I can see them arguing over semantics..

    Both would likely feel quite frustrated..

    boisterous fellows, aren’t they?

  • Kaz

    I wonder if Nearly Headless Nick has a portrait anywhere? That would be a confrontation worth witnessing – I would love to think what sort of insults Nick would come up with for himself…but that’s letting my imagination run waaay off track…

  • Reader2

    You know Kaz,
    It doesn’t say anywhere that one has to die for his portrait to start talking.
    How would you like to see Harry Potter arguing with a portrait of himself?

    Pensive would be no fun for that sort of thing. Memoryes in it are just reruns.

  • karlii

    Maybe the Dumbledore brothers were arguing, via portrait and self….

    hmm.. I wonder if Aberforth is a goat animagus… ??

  • Michiel P

    “Wonder if Aragog’s death is more significant than just filler space to get Sluggy to cough up the memory?”

    The point of Aragog’s death is this: The Forest is becoming increasingly more dangerous, with those violent Centaurs (no Firenze to keep them in check) and murderous giant spiders (without Aragog’s loyalty to Hagrid). Add Hagrid’s halfwit brother and Arthur Weasley’s flying automobile. JKR told that Harry will have to visit places already known from previous books. Chances are that this will involve a pleasant stroll into the remote inner depths of the Forbidden Forest.

  • severusisn’tevil

    I’m flattered, Ellha David. To what, precisely are you referring? Have any of you never modified the ending of one of your favorite books or movies? So far, I have done Les Miserables, Richard III, V for Vendetta and a few others. Les Mis is a great book, by the way, if you can stand the ten-page harrangue about poop. But I am off-topic. Ellha David, please post again. You might visit Severus’s page, by the way.

  • Kaz

    Harry vs Harry? that would be FANTASTIC!! Something like that would be so much fun to write, to. Only snag is it’s hard to imagine Harry allowing a portrait of himself to exist, or tolerating sitting still for that long. Ah well.

  • karlii

    I thought of this when I was on the Severus thread..

    What if The Scar and The Dark Mark react to each other?

    Harry’s mind or soul is bonded or connected to Voldy.

    Sev is bonded to Voldy..

    Occlumency didn’t work too well, and Voldemort hasn’t had too much trouble (until the end of bk5) getting right into Harry’s head.

    So maybe that is why Severus couldn’t teach him very well.

    And while Voldemort could cast Crucio on Harry AFTER he was resurrected,….
    Moody!Crouch could not successfully cast Imperio on Harry before then.

    Now, yes, I think Harry might have been able to withstand it anyhow, but what if it is because those people with The Dark Mark bond, couldn’t really do certain kinds of mind magic ON him, due to the two bonds interaction….

    makes sense!

  • Lisa

    lasre, At one point or another Jo has said that each of the titles is a “favourite.” The most recent one I could find is from the Edinburgh Book Fair (2004) Out of all your books, which one is your favourite?

    JKR: It varies. I would have to say that it is probably Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, although at the moment—it is unfair of me to say it—Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is my favourite book. Sorry. I am the only one who has read it and I think it is rather good. I am normally like this when I write a book. Usually when I am just over halfway I normally love it, but by the time I finish it I completely despise it and think it is worthless rubbish. At the moment, I really like how the sixth book is going. A lot happens in the sixth book and a lot of questions are answered. I really have a sense that we are nearly there and it is time for answers, not more questions and clues, although obviously there are a few clues as I am not quite finished yet. I hope that that is sufficiently frustrating for you, knowing that you can’t read it yet!

    Mrs. prongs, I wrote Hallowe’en when I was in an archaic mood. I also liked it because it called attention to the “eve” of the Hallows.

  • MotherDemdike


    I’d just like to point out that the spelling “Hallowe’en” is not “archaic” – it is simply *the way the word is spelt* in UK English. (And, Mrs Prongs, before you also query “spelt” rather than the US “spelled”, I should point out that this, too, is an example of a UK/US difference!) 🙂

    Perhaps the person who originally wrote “Hallowe’en” (was it Lisa?) is not from the UK, in which case I can understand Mrs Prongs’ puzzlement as to why she was suddenly writing in a different dialect! But I don’t think so – the tone of Mrs Prongs’ query is that “Hallowe’en” is simply wrong or odd. Please, Mrs Prongs, don’t forget that UK usage, although different from your own, is perfectly valid, and it really should not be viewed as something that needs to be nitpicked, justified, or excused.

    This is, surely, especially true on a site dedicated to the work of a UK writer – after all, the distinctiveness of UK English is part of what makes our culture different from yours, and part of what makes JKR’s writing what it is, don’t you think?