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Harry Potter and Me video now online


One of the Lexicon’s most often-cited Rowling interviews is the 2001 BBC Christmas Special “Harry Potter and Me.” Not only was it beautifully produced, it remains to this day an important source of Potter canon — especially the scene in Jo’s office where she shows her class lists of Harry’s year and flashes the envelope containing the last chapter. While the transcripts have been available for years over on our sister site Accio Quote, the video has been elusive. No more! You can now see it over at YouTube, and Mel promises that it will be added to the Leaky Video Gallery sometime soon.

Video: Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4 | Part5

Accio Quote!: List of all known Rowling interviews on the web

Happy Birthday, Bel~ 🙁


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  • Joan Harrison

    Have just watched the videos – WOW what a great insight into JKRs writing and the world of HP.
    Dispelling the myths that have sprung up about her when she first got the idea and started writing (I won’t spoil it by saying what), her notes, her drawings, her ‘filing system’ – (all Harrys world in those journals and boxes) it was great to see, and that all important yellow folder containing the final chapter.
    I was also interested to see the part where she re-visited Chepstow and the Severn Bridge – places I know well as they are just a few miles from where I live.Also liked the remarks about the Ford Anglia – that was my first car as well.
    Finally just got to say this – bet Puffin & Collins are kicking themselves now!

  • Madeleine

    Oh, great, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to watch this video. It is sort of like the first big interview she ever did, and she us lots of great information.

  • I can’t believe I’ll read just this final chapter in about 5 months’ time! It feels GREAT!!!
    Thx JK for creating these fantastic books!

  • daveindetroit

    That interview was done 6 years ago and we are still as enamored (if not More so) then when it was done. A rare and precious talent and a great gift for the fans.

  • Fred

    Parts 1 and 4 have the same link. Should one of them be different?

  • Haven’t watched videos yet, but they look awesome!!!

  • Lisa

    Fred, thanks for the note. It’s been fixed.

  • Sandra

    I was lucky enough to tape that interview when it was on the Dutch tv, so I’ve already seen this interview several times :). It’s great!

    Also something else: Harry Potter is going to be translated into yet another language!!! I read in some Dutch newspapers yesterday that either in June of July this year the Frisian translation of book 1 will be available. Ok, now you’re probably wondering what Frisian is. Frisian (Dutch: Fries, Frisian: Frysk) is the second official language of the Netherlands. It is spoken in the province Fryslan in the North of the country, see this link:


  • Cricket

    Finally got to see the interview in its entirety. We don’t have cable or satellite hookups to television (long story) so seeing this is great! Thanks for posting it.

  • Laurel

    I’ve had that interview on tape for years. If I’d known you needed it…

  • MaQiavelli

    It was very interesting to watch and gathering some new facts and information at whole. (It was my first interview that I’ve watched).