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New artwork and movie actor quotage


Nearly Headless Nick, copyright 2007 Makaani.

We have some new images from Makani: Slughorn, Prof. Binns, Nick, and Ginny. Enjoy!

I also recently added some short quotations by movie cast members about the roles they play: Daniel Radcliffe, Jason Isaacs, and Emma Watson.

P.S. Makani just redesigned her personal website. Nice Job! I am really enjoying her “ProjectHBP” where she is illustrating book 6 chapter by chapter.


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  • journeymom

    Makani’s illustrations are wonderful. I especially like Ginny’s. Very mischievous.

  • The Ginny pic is awesome.
    And I highly reccomend going to Makani’s sight.
    It’s fantastic!!

  • Jeannie

    I absolutely LOVE Makani’s art. I’ve been visiting her site every day since I discovered it a few weeks ago. Rock on!

  • Natalia

    I love that the Lexicon uses so many different artist’s to portray characters and places. It helps me imagine them better. However, I am very partial to Makani and her style–especially her humor! Great job, as always!

  • pugmarks

    Hi, I was just thinking that in old Sluggy’s page, the number of deaths attributed to Voldemort is 4 (HBP). Shouldn’t it be 8? 2 potters, 3 Riddles, 1 Jorkins, 1 Bryce, 1 Diggory?

  • pugmarks

    Actually, on seconds thoughts, it ought to be probably 10. Add 1 Karkaroff and 1 Smith. Hmm…

  • Reader2


    First of all, Jorkins and Diggory were not killed by Voldemort, they were killed by Wormtail.
    Second, we simply don’t know who killed Karkaroff.
    And third, the statement on Slughorns page referes only to the murders that happened before Tom Riddle (not yet Voldemort) found out about hocruxes, those would be 3 Riddles and 1 Myrtle.

    In fact, I disagree even with this assamption.
    I happen to believe that Myrtle was killed after Riddle learned about hocruxes.

  • pugmarks

    Jorkins was tortured, used and then disposed off by Voldemort although Wormtail assisted him. Is that a ‘direct’ kill? Diggory was killed by Wormtail but the murder ought to be attributed to Voldemort. Non canonical question, whose wand was being used?
    Karkaroff’s death was predetermined at the graveyard and by extrapolation, once again it would have to be Voldemort. Although, that is not canon. Surely, he isn’t alive at the moment.
    The count was made wrt entire HBP and not just wrt Slughorn’s presence in history and his imparting the knowledge of horcruxes to Tom Riddle.
    In fact, if you add Myrtle, (and I also thought of 1 Vance per early pages of HBP), Voldemort would now stand implicated of 12 murders.

  • Graymayne

    Non function Alert – I have tried to see Slughorn 3 times, and each time I have received a blank page.

  • Reader2

    If you want to make a complete list of Voldemort’s vistims, you might want to add Dorkas Meadows (Moody said she was killed by Voldemort, personally) and Amelia Bones (Fudge belived she was killed by Voldemort).
    As for Cedric, JKR was asked whose wand was used on him, and she did say it was Voldemort’s, but what difference does it make?
    Wormtail was the one who pointed the wand and said the spell. So he was following orders, he still carries some tesponsibility for his own actions.
    The same goes for Betha, considering that Wormtail was the one who ran into her and decided to lure her into a trap as a surprise for his master.
    As for Karkaroff, Voldemort merely said that “the one too cowardly to return will pay”. That did not have to be a death sentence.
    Even if Voldemort did order Karkaroff killed, why would he waste his time doing it personally, when he already had plenty of minions at his command?

  • Jabbok

    I can’t get the Slughorn page to load properly.

  • del

    The Slughorn page is definately on the blink!


  • pugmarks

    Mine was not to question the whys for the motivation. Mine was just to tackle the count for academic purposes. It would be amazing if the number of murders would yield corresponding number of horcrux (horcruxes, plural?) – then Harry would have some job. But that wasn’t the point.

  • Reader2

    That wouldn’t work. Voldemort only needed to kill 6 people to make 6 hocruxes.
    Obviously, he killed a lot more than that.

  • pugmarks

    And touche! You got it – the whole thing was academic.

  • will orwont

    There is a lot of great art on the Lexicon, but I’d just like to say that Makani’s art is outstanding. It’s not just the superb drawing and shading skills; there is a very clever nudging of familiar portrayals (from the films and so on) back towards Canon.

    And yet, it’s great to have different artists, because people imagine characters from the books quite differently, and it’s nice to be reminded that reading exercises the imagination in a way that no other medium does.

  • Cricket

    I have enjoyed Makani’s site so much…she has a terrific sense of humor and I am looking forward to
    seeing more of her work. Thanks for
    the head’s up!

  • Lisa

    Hi, the Slughorn page glitch has been fixed. Our server decided that you didn’t need that page; 6 other pages were also zeroed out.

    If you find errors like that in the future it is better to write to [email protected]