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The Floo Network to raise money for Book Aid International with Deathly Hallows guide


The Floo Network (The Lexicon, The Leaky Cauldron and Accio Quote) has launched “HarryPotterSeven.com,” a collection of essays about Book 7 (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) that we hope will raise money for Book Aid International, an organization that works to set up libraries in developing countries.

If you read the “Scribbulus” essays on the Leaky Cauldron you will recognize many of the authors; Steve Vander Ark and I also contributed sections. Steve summarized “What we know so far” — as only he could — and I selected statements Jo has made in interviews (1997-2007) about Book 7, made my best guesses about what will be important, and then wrote some commentary that I hope will be helpful. Check it out: Book | Leaky News article

P.S. The delightful artwork is by Polly Beam


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  • Anon

    i think its wonderful this happening all countries need books

  • Big_Kelpie

    i know this is not the place to post this but i don’t know where to do it. I noticed that in yout guide to jo’s site, it says that scrapbook content “More idle jottings (Page 1)” is the confirmation of jo using the abbreviation DADA but HBP chapter twelve, page 224,third line from the bottom (Uk ediditon chidren cover) reads “(sth) Snape had been quick to comment in every DADA class.” SO actually HBP was the confirmation since it was published in 2005 and the abovementioned scrapbook content was released in 2006. I would also pay attention to the door in the last week of march since its the time when we will more probabably have to sit for wombat 3 because we had to wait six months for the second wombat and so being the anniversary of the first wombatand everything, i think it would fit if jo released it then.

  • TimS

    The “harrypotterseven.com” page does not work well at all. On the “Table of contents” page, every link is set to “www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/#” which gets you Leaky’s front page.

  • TimS

    OK, now it seems to be working. The links are still as I said above, so I don’t understand how they do it, but it works. I guess I hit a short-term glitch.

  • Lisa

    Melissa at Leaky tells me that it will be hooked up to the low-graphics version soon.