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Happy Birthday Ron! and WotM is our old friend Tilden


Happy Birthday greetings to Ron Weasley have appeared again this year for March 1st.

Also, the Text Only version of the site is listing the new Wizard of the Month for March as
Tilden Toots
1959 – present
‘The wizard with three green thumbs’ Celebrity herbologist and radio personality

whose name you may recognize from the programme that plays on the radio in the Extra Stuff section of the site 🙂 and on one of the advertisements in the Rumours tabloid, and his wife, Daisy Hookum was the WotM for June 2006.
I’m anxious to see his picture appear on March 2nd !

Edit: and now we know… he DOES have 3 green thumbs! 😀


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  • Big_Kelpie

    happy bday ron!

  • daveindetroit

    Hope those who get wished a happy b-day are those who survive. Always an adjustment when we get the info several hours early in the US.

  • Reader2


    I am less worried about Ron than I was in the earlier books. The plot makes him look more and more like a survivor.

    An interesting detail, it appears Tilden and Daisy belong to the same generation as Marauders.

  • Nannette

    Happy birthday Ron. I was waiting for this one as in New Zealand we are half a day ahead. I was hoping it would be there but I am more worried about Hermione. The DEs won’t like her around, as she is too smart. By the time she has a birthday the book will be out. We may be all wrong thinking that happy birthday means they will survive.

  • Maxim

    I think dear Tilden will have literally three green tumbs, as it has been mentioned in the description. But how to get an extra thumb? Is there a plant or something? Curious…

    And, oh yes, happy bday Ron!

  • Will be Toots important on the plot of HP7? It is the third time he appears in JKR’s website.

  • severusisn’tevil

    Happy Birthday, Ron. All things considered, I hope you survive because you’re important to a lot of people in the Order. I really don’t want to know what Harry would do if you get the axe. Inn my opinion, however, you could use a few lessons in tact and sensitivity.

    P.S. March First is also Aragorn’s birthday, from The Lord of the Rings, and his deathday too, oddly enough.

  • You were right Maxim! 😀

  • vaudree

    Why is it that in all the languages the WOTM is Tilden Toots but in German the WOTM is Krautwig Kross?

  • Hi vaudree!
    It looks like when the advertisement was added to the Rumours tabloid, the German version translated the name to emulate the rhyme in English. So the translated name now appears on the calendar too! It needed to match of course. (The other language versions kept the English name.)

  • Reader2

    He really does have three green thumbs.
    I guess magic plants can have strangest effects.

  • Deborah Hubbard

    Any other Douglas Adams people out there? (Please, tell me I’m not alone …)

    If Zaphod Beeblebrox could graft an extra arm on to the middle of his chest, to facilitate waving to the crowds while waterskiing, then surely good old Tilden could do the same … grafting should come naturally to gardeners! And an extra thumb for flattening down the potting soil would be most welcome.

  • Big_Kelpie

    Is the audio(radio show) in the other versions translated? The last time i checked it wasn’t translated into spanish

  • No, it is not translated into Spanish the radio show 🙁

  • Anon

    i found him having three thumbs disgusting in the picture

  • Ex_Pralite_Monk

    Deborah Hubbard, zaphod didn’t have the arm attached so he could wave; it just made it much easier. it was so he could play [something]ian Ultra-Cricket. which was impossible anyway. but such is zaphod.

    sorry to get so veeeerrrrryyyy off topic.

  • vaudree

    Thanks for the explanation Belinda – was wondering about that.

    I keep hoping that one of the WOTM will be Luna’s mother.

  • Big_Kelpie

    im almosr sure im missing the joke/pun if there is any. Is “having green thumbs” like an idiom or sth ?If it is , what does it mean?

  • Having “a green thumb” is a term used to describe someone who is good at (or lucky) with growing plants. It is an idiom, I guess deriving from healthy plants being green, and thus giving that physical attribute to the gardener in their thumb. The greener one’s thumb the better their gardening skills, two green thumbs, even more so… and three? Well, must be magic! haha

  • Big_Kelpie

    ooh ok thanks now i get it

  • Oh, Vaudree, I would love that yur idea comes true! Mrs. Lovegood in the WOTM :):):):) it would be really amazing.

  • Reader2

    Come to think of it, there is plenty of characters in the book who were merely mentioned, but picked our curiosity.
    Most of them are of no value for the plot, so they are not likely to be reintroduced in the book.
    Like, Damocles, the inventor of Wolfsbane potion, or Tofty from the OWL comeety, or Everard, the Headmaster.
    WOM would let us know their full name and age, enough to sooze our cravings.
    So far, the only minor characters I remember who were reintroduced as WOM were Gwenog Jones and Donaghan Tremlett.
    I sure hope there will be more.

  • HAPPY BIRHTDAY, RON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (and don’t drink any poison this year!!)

  • Reader2

    I feel sorry for the children of Tilden and Daisy.

    They will be stuck with the last name “Hookum-Toots”.

  • Dumbledore

    Happy Birthday Ron! Oh, and will you please tell your mom to send me one of those dress robes!!!!! They are nice!