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Happy Birthday Remus Lupin


The WotM calendar on Jo’s official site is showing Happy Birthday wishes to Remus Lupin for March 10th, again this year.
So far, all birthdays have repeated since appearing for the first time, with no new ones nor any being skipped.


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  • Severus

    Happy Birthday to the Order’s Second most valuable spy!

  • del

    I’m getting pretty convinced that the birthdays we are getting on Jo’s site refer to those who make it through book 7.

  • karlii

    Happy Birthday, Remus!

  • A very happy birthday, Remus!!! (I hope you’re spending the day with Tonks…and not with Greyback!)
    Much love…

  • If Dumbledore, who was the only one who believed in Snape, is now dead, I don’t know how is going to be a spy now. He doesn’t have more contacts on the Order.

    Happy birthday, Remus!

  • Severus

    Sympathetic thoughts here as well, Lisa Marie

  • Mrs. prongs

    happy birthday Remus!!! we love you! lol

  • Mrs. prongs

    woah i just thoght of this! (sorry this may be the wrong place, but here me out) okay i want lupin to live thorugh DH (i’m sure many people agree :)) the marauders are: moony wormtail padfoot and prongs right? prongs died and then padfoot, so wormtail is going to die next, and then lupin’s either going to live through DH or die last! (someone may have come up with this before, i can’t remember so if you did i’m sorry)

  • Very happy birthday, Remus.
    Lisa Marie, I highly agree with you!

  • Big_Kelpie

    happ bday remus dear..

  • Mellilot

    regarding the lack of additions to the who gets a birthday mention since Jo first started doing this; could it just be automatic script? As in she gave the website designers a list of them when the website was first constructed and hasn’t added them since. It seems a bit far-fetched to try and suppose that these characters will all survive.

  • Evora

    I wish she’d post Lucius Malfoy’s birthday.

  • LBecker

    Remember Mellilot that Jo said she wrote the final chapter, a epilogue if you will, that was a promise that she would some day finish and was going to need it. If the list of birthdays is a clue to survivors, then she had that info to give the to the website crew when it was constructed.

  • Reader2


    That’s a good point. The list of survivors could ‘ve been predetermined when the site went up.
    The only problem is, that JKR changed her mind about a couple characters since then.
    So, alas, we can not be sure that all these characters will survive.

  • LBecker

    Thanks Reader2, I forgot about the changes. I found the JKR’s quote about 1 character getting a reprieve and 2 dying that she hadn’t planned using Accio Quote and “final chapter” http://www.accio-quote.org/articles/list2006.html

  • Naazju

    I hope that Lupin will be the one to get a reprieve. After all, she wasn’t truly planning on having him and Tonks get together, but got the idea after she saw that ship online. Perhaps, because he now has a significant other, he will now survive to have a happy ending. Either way, Happy Birthday, Professor Lupin!

  • will orwont

    JKR’s website is updated all the time, and I assume someone is contracted to (help) do this. Given that the site represents Jo’s ‘official’ communication, I doubt that outdated information would remain there for very long. Including the birthdays, which are I think pretty obviously a reference to characters who survive Deathly Hallows.

  • Torill

    My little theory on the birthdays is that the ones she says Happy birthday to, are the ones alive at the current point of time in the published series that she has either thought of a birthdate for (she may not have given all her characters a birhtdate when she created them, and may not always have bothered to do it afterwards…) or found worthy of a birthday wish.

    I can perfectly see how she does not think all the DEs are worthy of a birthday wish, or that she has never bothered to give all of them a birthdate. As for Dumbledore missing, she hadn’t made a full year cycle when HBP came out, had she, so never got round to Dumbledore before he was dead in the “now” of the published series…

    She is always so careful not to give out too much plot information, and has always dodged the question when asked about character survivals, so I seriously doubt she would have given us such a list of who is going to survive or not. Too easy, she knows what kinds of sleuths she is dealing with!

  • will orwont

    Too easy? Maybe, but there doesn’t seem to be much awareness that the birthdays are spoilers for Book 7. Of course, nobody can say for sure until the book is out, so we still have the element of suspense.

    Besides, to figure it out, you have to visit the website quite often (for those who don’t shortcut to the Lexicon’s page). While Mrs. Rowling has always been careful about what to reveal, it would not be out of character, I think, to reward frequent visitors to her website with some really good information. And anyway, this doesn’t tell us much about the storyline. They’re tidbits for fans who will appreciate them most.

    The birthday wishes are given to survivors in the present day, as the timelines of the books have by now long since finished.

  • Big_Kelpie

    @naazju: what jk said about tonks/lupin is that sb had guessed not that she had taken the idea from there. actually in the early planning of OotP(an extra in her site), we can see that this ship was going to be foreshadowed in book 5. this is thwe qoute u are referring to :
    jkr:Oh, how did you feel about Lupin/Tonks?

    ES: That was –

    MA: I was surprised!

    ES: I was surprised, but not shocked.

    JKR: Right.

    MA: I think I was a little shocked.

    JKR: Someone out there, and I don’t know if it was on either of your sites — I nearly fell off my chair. Someone, this is when I do my trawls — I mean, I sound like I spend my life on the Internet and that’s why I don’t get my novels finished more quickly. I swear that’s not true, and I’d like to make that clear for all the recording devices on the table. Because I’ve now got my site, I go looking for the FAQs and for fan sites that I like to put up, so that’s how I find out comments and things. And someone out there, I could not believe it, had said it. Had said, “Oh no, Tonks can’t marry so-and-so, (God knows who it was) because Tonks is going to end up with Lupin, and they’re going to have lots of little multicolored werewolf cubs together,” or something.

    MA: I’ve seen that!

    JKR: Did you see that? Was that on Leaky, then?

    MA: Maybe — no offense [to Emerson] but I don’t usually have time to read the MuggleNet comments —

    thius is from the TLC/MN interview. We now jk planned everytihng form the beggining, yes she has changed some details and bigger things but she wouldn’t get an idea from a random fan.. Im shocked that u vere thought that possible

  • I have a question to people whose mothertongue is English: How exactly do I have to pronounce “Remus Lupin”? Please answer, because I always wanted to know that, and I think I have pronounced the name wrongly for years! Thx in advance.

  • Torill

    >The birthday wishes are given to survivors in the present day, as the timelines of the books have by now long since finished.

    We don’t know this, will orwont – that is just a theory. I know many fans want to believe that Jo meant the storyline of the books to be fixed in the 1980ies, when she wrote the books, (because of the deathday party) and because of that, the birthday wishes on her site has to be meant for the characters living now in 2007 – meaning, that the events in her books happened 20 years ago. This is how it must be, if you take the timelines in the books literally.

    But I don’t believe this is what Jo intended. She is not too interested in timelines and dates, to the point of sometimes getting it wrong! I think Jo means us to read her books as if they happen in the here and now when we read them, she does not want us to think we are reading about something that happened almost a generation back. In the Potterverse Rowling shares with her readers, Dumbledore has just died, Harry has not yet started on his Horcrux hunt, and nobody knows whether he will survive or not.

    Lupin lived at the end of HBP, so in the Potterverse, he is still alive, and we can wish him a happy birthday. This does not mean that he will still be alive twenty years from now in Harry’s time though…he may die yet, be finished by Grayback, die defending Harry or come to some other cruel end. I hope not, but we cannot know.

    This is my take on the timeline question, and the meaning of the birthday wishes. I know many fans have a different take on it, and that’s ok with me. My point here is only that we cannot be certain that the birthday wishes on Jo’s site are to the ones who would have been alive now, twenty years after the timeline of the books, if the stories in them had been real.. This is just a fan theory, we will have to wait to see if she proves this theory right or not..

    I am not sure I understand what you mean when you say that the clues would be only for those visiting her site often, or read the updates on other sites, like this one – I believe this to be true for a majority of her fans, at least those of us who surf the net a bit – and we are not few!!

    I don’t believe that only the few people posting here have got the idea that there may be clues to the upcoming books on Jo’s site either – fans have been speculating over that since she first launched her site. And she does seem to be very aware of discussions in the fandom!

    So no, I do not believe she would publish a list of the characters she means to survive anywhere on the net, not even in a hidden form like birthday wishes..

    We’ll see, though. Only a few months to go now….

  • Jayni D.

    Lisa Marie, I’m not sure if this will help, as I don’t know how your language (Spanish?) does phonetics, but Remus is pronounced REE-muhss. Lupin is pronounced LOO-pin. Pin sounds like sin, short ‘i’, NOT like ‘eye’.

    Does that help? :^)

  • Mrs. prongs

    i agree with you torill, she must have known that cleaver hp fans like us would figure it out anyway! unless she knew that we would figure it out, dismiss, and it will turn out to be true, oh well only time will tell!

  • will orwont

    The birthdays aren’t published in a list, only one each on each birthday (and this can’t be misinformation if the site is Canon). It’s a way of alerting the outcome to people in the know, while at the same time not actually confirming anything. It’s not exactly a press release; and it’s smart because so few people seem to be buying it, especially the implied deaths of Luna, Tonks, Moody, and others.

    I don’t see how a birthday wish in the present could be anything other than an acknowledgement of a “good” character’s survival. I’ll stick with this theory until we find out in July.

  • kamion

    I doubt that the list of birthday’s is an indicator who snuffs and who lives at the end. So far I have rarely seen a birthday playing a role in the book.
    Except of course Harry’s which was mosttimes the starting point of that year’s adventure. But even that deteriorates in the serie. Hermiones birthday is the first trimester, but neither celebrated or mentioned.
    And Ron’s birthday only pops up in HBP, to which Harry pays remarkeble little attention other then throwing a present on Ron’s bed.

    It seems that birthdays have no other role then ” stuffing up” the character and no greater importance then reveiling the second name of a character. Only in a few cases there is a vague relation with the Celtic tree calender, to determine what kind of wood the person’s wand is made off.

    It is nice to know all the birthdays, the exact times of birth, second names, places of birth, ages of the grandparents,etc…… but rarely they those facts are of mayor importance for the plot and the story.

  • Mistral

    Lisa-Marie: My native language is also not English and a lot of times I have no idea how to read a names character! (How about Rufus Srimgeor?)But then, I found this on Scholastic http://www.scholastic.com/harrypotter/reference/index.htm
    which is a great help and also fun.Remus Lupin is not on unfortunately – but you will find some other “goodies”! Enjoy…

  • severusisn’tevil

    A very, very happy bithday, Remus! Just a thought: consider burying the hatchet with Severus? I don’t like having my two favorite characters at odds with each other. Of all of them, Remus seems the most compassionate, and with good reason. I hope you survive of course, along with Severus, and Tonks. I really hope the think with Tonks works out, Remus. Good luck in the next book. Neither of us need to see what might happen to Harry if the last of his father’s school friends, aka the Mauraders gets it. Let JKR take Wormtail if she must. I personally don’t care if he dies a horrible, well-deserved death. But leave Remus out of it.

    I was wondering, as Greyback was mentioned:
    a) Do you think Greyback would go after Remus again? and
    b) Do you think Remus would kill him if he had the chance? Does he hate Greyback?

    Happy Bithday again, Remus. The Best of luck in DH and I hope quite fervently that you make it out in one piece.

  • Torill

    Yes well, I get your point will orwont, it is just that I do not believe Jo will alert anyone to the outcome – not even to people “in the know”. She is too protective of her plot for that, and she has always both dodged those questions of who will survive, and teased us a little with them…….

    Besides, it is not only the select few who has developed this birthday theory, or picked up on the fact that some character’s birthdays are missing. It was discussed on Mugglecast, for instance, and there are threads on the forums of Leaky Cauldron, FictionAlley Park and HPANA – and probably others as well, where they discuss this issue.

    Fans have turned everything Jo has ever said upside down and inside out for clues ever since she gave her first interview, sometimes being too clever for our own good. Jo is aware of this and is even teasing us with it. She knows that fans are on the alert to any update on her site, and that we will start speculations of anything she does and says there. So, no, I do not believe she has published such obvious clues to the big debate over who will live and who will die in book seven.

    But I guess, none of us will be willing to give in to the arguments of the other here, so, we will just have to wait, won’t we… 😉

  • Deborah Hubbard

    Severusisn’tevil, I don’t doubt for a moment that Remus Lupin would kill Greyback: first, he is a member of the order, and therefore effectively a soldier under orders. Next, and more importantly, he is a born teacher. He loves children. We know what Greyback does to them. But, I don’t believe he would enjoy killing him or killing anyone, and therefore I don’t think he could be said to “hate” even the worst of the worst. He would do his duty … and regret having been unable to help everyone to see the error of their ways.

  • Thank you, Jayni D. and Mistral.
    Mistral, I knew this site before, but I missed Remus Lupin. Jayni, my mothertongue isn’t Spanish (though that’d be VERY cool!). It’s German and strangely, the pronunciation of “Remus Lupin” is Germanic. So I’ve pronounced it correctly, after all.
    Well, thanks anyway!! 🙂

  • Bethany

    happy late birthday Remus!!!!

  • Jayni D.

    Lisa Marie, I don’t know why I thought you might be Spanish…I must have mixed you up with another person who posts. It’s hard to keep track, although I know for sure now that Torill is Norwegian!!! LOL