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New OP Game…you’re going to want to play this one!


When I was in London in September, I got a first hand look at Electronic Arts’ new game for Order of the Phoenix. I have to admit that I’ve never been much into arcade-style games, preferring to play Excite Truck and Elebits on my Wii, Time Splitters on my GameCube, or Animal Crossing on the DS. So I watched the demo they showed us without expecting to care a whole lot. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

This new game, from what I can tell from everything I’ve been seeing and from the conversations I’ve had with EA, is going to be almost an RPG. Not entirely, mind you, but enough so that it will feel like you’re a student at Hogwarts, doing wizardy things like attending classes, playing wizard chess in the common room, solving mysteries, and making potions (stirring with the Wii remote or the DS stylus! How cool is that?). This is going to be a lot more than an arcade game. And the graphics are gorgeous. Take a look at these two exclusive screen shots to see what I mean.

More to come. We’re going to be creating a section here on the Lexicon with player support information and other resources to make your virtual time at Hogwarts even more rich and exciting. In the meantime, I’ll post any new graphics I can get and pass along any other new information as it comes in.


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  • Mrs. prongs

    OMG i can not wait until the video game comes out!!! (along with the movie and book of course ;)) i am still woring on the fourth one right now but i’ve finshied all the others! sadly i do not have the: Wii things so i can’t stir my qwn couldron*sob* ); ah well the game will be fun enogh i suppose!

  • Kaz

    oooh, how exciting! I am currently playing Philosopher’s Stone on my play station – I recently bought PoA and GoF but thought I should do it properly so borrowed the first two – I can’t wait to get to them, and this one sounds awesome! I’m going to have to hurry up if I want to finish all four before it comes out! It’ll be really cool if it has multi player or multi media options.

    Sadly, though, I don’t have a Wii either. Although my sister does, perhaps she could be talked into some sister bonding time…

  • Rina

    I like the Lexicon because it is just an enciclopedy. If you start with other potteric subjects, it will loose the magic. It is not necesary the videogame thing. If I want to see videogame info, I would go to other sites. If I need some from the books, I come here. I hope you come back to normality. Fans have always liked your policy site, don’t change that, please.

  • p.

    same as rina.

  • Bethany

    OMG gorgeous graphics I totally want a Wii now *frowns*

  • Hey, what gives, Rina and p.? I think it’s more than fine for Steve to tell us about the video game–frankly, I liked hearing your “take” on it, Steve, and was heartened to hear you’re a fellow gaming junky, among your many other talents.

    And, while I like the clear distinction between “canon” and “noncano” I think that anything Potter-related is encycla-worthy. Some of us don’t always want to rely on GameWire or IMDB…

  • You make excellent points. We do stick to canon or what is very close to canon. So look at it another way…what does that say about the process of making this particular game?

  • Kaz

    Technically if you decide not to talk about the game on those principles, shouldn’t you also not talk about the movies?

  • Yaarik

    Without sounding stupid – what’s RPG?

  • Yaarik

    Ok! It’s a Role-Playing Game… I looks as though it’s gonna be a lot of fun!

  • Moony

    I agree with Rina. But if you aren’t a gamefan, you can consult the other pages of the hp-lexicon. For visually impaired fellows like me, I found something on http://www.audiogames.net: sarah and the castle of witchcraft and wizardry, the castle seemed to be inspired on jkr’s Hogwarts. I didn’t try the game myself, because I don’t like to install and uninstall files (since my pc is slowing down). But if you try it, have fun!

  • Apple

    From discussions occurring in the Leaky Lounge, every detail in these games is authorised by JK Rowling. So if a room appears in the game it is because Jo has said it is there. Therefore the games can be used as a source of canon.

  • iszi

    How does the map of hogwarts in the game differ to that in the film or books?

  • Mrs. prongs

    yes, if you get rid of the video games you’d have to to get rid of the movies to,by the way i loved that you had a take on it steave!

  • Sailor Steph

    GOF for the ps2 Sucks so much i really hated it and yet i love the other 3 hopefully OP will be so much better it looks it.

  • Big_Kelpie

    Game info can be in the lexicon if it is properly labeled and not confused with real real canon. Jk can approve a room or a detial, she just says” that is posssible in my universe. It doesn’t break the RULES and it might be at hogwarts” but it doesn’t mean it exists in real ficcional hogwarts. I hope it is better than Gof in Pc which had absolutely no plot!

  • Peanut

    Yeah I would think that games are relevent in the encyclopedia. They are mostly looked over by JKR and approved. I remeber I used to play CS (or maybe PS, it doesn’t matter) on gameboy and there were secret passageways that were only mentioned in latter books. Like one behind a mirror. Plus, lets face it, we’re all geeks here in some form or other so most of us play some form of console/computer games 🙂

  • Mrs. prongs

    lol! go peanut!!!!! i have the PC games and i’m still finding new places. GoF on pc is kinda annoying with the controls, the plot is a bit iffy, but overall it’s ok i guess! also from what i have heard (which is not much mind you) is that basically we are going to be roaming around hogwarts, and we will pick the things we want to do! i don’t know if that is true, but…
    P.S. happy St. Pattys day!

  • Rondee

    Will this come out for DS???

  • Kaz

    Doesn’t the information on the Wizard cards in the game come from Jo herself?

    Also, is there a thread in the forum for the video games? That would be the best place for it, wouldn’t it, in the same way that there are discussions for the films in the forum. That way people who aren’t interested in the games don’t have to get involved if they don’t want to. Personally, I love the idea of being able to discuss aspects of the game with fellow HP nutcases who actually care if the game matches the book or not!

  • severusisn’tevil

    Personally, I think that the games and movies should be included. It doesn’t seem right not to include them. I mean, there is a distinction between the canon info of the books and interviews and the noncanon info in the movies and games, and all of these things are Potter-related. The canon should have priority, but noncanon can be mentioned. For example, I like the fact that at the bottom of the character pages it says which actor or actress plays that particular character.

    As for the forum being the best place, this Pensieve is also voluntary. People don’t have to read these messages if thy’re not interested. Just a thought.

  • Dumbledore

    Can’t Wait to get it!!!

  • george thomas

    i love this website because it is bursting with hp info dont bother changing the site or you are losing a fan!