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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, UK adult coverThrilling, confounding, gorgeous cover art! Be sure you’re sitting down when you look. High-resolution artwork has been released today by Scholastic and Bloomsbury [Link outside: Leaky Galleries].

:Gulp: Treasure! Patronus! Locket! Silver Hogwarts? Strange triangle/circle emblem! Veils? Hallows? Let the theories begin.

The artist for the American editions is again Mary GrandPré, and the artist for the UK children’s edition is Jason Cockcroft.

Update: I have two pages uploaded with the images and close-ups, as well as written descriptions of the details and action.
UK children’s cover | US cover
Note: the Mary GrandPré artwork for the American deluxe edition is still to come, as is the special painting the edition comes with as a bonus.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Severus

    Awesome! Is that the Sword of Gryffindor that Ron has in his hand on the British Childrens Verson?

  • moony

    Please, can someone describe what you can see on the pictures (covers)? I’m blind and can’t see the covers, so I don’t understand what is so exciting. Thanks by advance.

  • Kacky Snorgle

    First reaction to the U.S. cover: Harry and Voldemort are standing a few feet apart, and NEITHER IS HOLDING A WAND. That requires an explanation that I can’t begin to guess at…. They almost seem to be trying to catch something falling at them.

    First reaction to the U.K. cover: Looks vaguely like they’re rooting through Hepzibah Smith’s money bin, but what’s put all those bruises on Harry’s and Hermione’s arms? And I can’t believe they left the cover blurbs intact (we didn’t get those before HBP came out, did we?)…I think they’ve already shot down a few of the wilder fan theories in just those few paragraphs.

  • RobySue

    Ron isn’t holding the sword. If you look at the larger version, you can see that it’s a smaller creature — maybe Kreacher or Dobby?
    But yes, I think it’s the sword of Gryffindor. It has the rubies on the hilt as described in COS.

  • Via Palfuriana

    IT’s not Ron holding the sword. It’s Dobby. His right hand is on Harry’s shoulder and his left hand is holding the sword.
    Don’t you think Grandpre’s Harry is Dan Radcliffe???

  • RobySue

    On the US version, look at the difference in how Harry is holding his hand versus how Voldemort is. Harry’s seems to be reaching for something while Voldemort appears to be repelling something. My guess would be that Harry is summoning something and Voldemort is trying to prevent that.

  • Kacky Snorgle

    For Moony:

    In the U.S. version, the front cover has just Harry, with a background that looks a little like the ruin of a Roman colosseum. He’s leaning on a pile of rubble with one hand, and stretching the other hand over his head. On the back cover, we see Voldemort in a dark robe, standing in one of the archways of the arena or whatever it is, stretching out both hands either toward Harry or toward what Harry’s reaching for.

    The U.K. children’s cover shows the Trio on the front, in a pile of gold, jewels, and so forth. They look alarmed, and a fair number of the gold coins seem to be flying around in the air. Somebody’s hand is holding a sword, but I don’t think it’s Ron’s–I think there’s a fourth person behind Harry, probably a house-elf since they’re so small. The back cover just shows Hogwarts castle with a full moon. The inside flaps show a white stag and what seems to be a glass ball with two snakes in it.

    The U.K. adult cover shows a locket with an engraved ‘S’.

  • moony

    Thanks for the descriptions. Now I can try to follow the discussions and participate in the excitement. Hah the house-elves could be important! One guess I am right.

  • Moony, you were one of the first people I thought of, because this news is so visual. I will see what I can do over my lunch hour from work.

  • Reader2

    The picture on UK cover looks like the trio just took a big fall into a pile of gold, or may be they are in process of falling off a mountain of gold.
    Also, it’s a bit hard to say who is that little creature on Harry’s back.
    It can be a houseelf or a goblin.
    It’s holding on to Harry’s sholder with it’s right hand and wayving a sword (possibly the sword of Griffindor) with it’s left hand.
    On the US cover it looks like Harry and Voldemort are having a confrontation of some kind, but it’s not a duel. To me it looks like they are both rying to summon something or conjure something up.
    The adult version cover is the simplest. It obviously shows the locket of Slytherin.

  • Anu

    The UK Child cover.. Harry, Ron and Hermione falling down in a pile of treasure. Harry looks fierce. Ron and Hermione look scared. None of them have their wand. Harry is reaching for something. Ron has the Gryffindor sword. Where is this place? I can think of a few options.

    1. Gringotts
    2. The Room of Requirement
    3. Hepsibha Smith’s house.
    4. Borgin and Burkes
    5. Grimmauld place
    6. Some new location (At hogwarts, or may be the Godric’s hollow?)

  • Remi

    I love the UK adult cover – simply classy, like the HBP cover.
    My first reaction to the US cover was surprise – that Harry & Voldy didn’t appear to be dueling each other; in fact, I thought it almost looked like they could be on the same side against a third party (which would never be, so I’m going with RobySue’s explaination that Harry is summuning and Voldy is repelling something).
    Could the “person” holding the sword in the UK cover be a Gringott’s Goblin instead of Kreature? All the money and treasure make me wonder…
    And any ideas about the halved-circle within the triangle?!??!
    There must be a TON of clues we’re missing! But I’m so thrilled to have something exciting to review while I’m waiting for July 21st to roll around 🙂

  • Anu

    Also, Ron, Harry and Hermione seemed to be bruised and hurt. Makes me wanna think, they had to get past some creatures to get here.
    Also, there is dragon patterned crown, right in focus. Could that be important?

  • Uncle Weasley

    In the US version this is Voldys place of death, most likly Hogwarts and Harry is alone. I feel that Harry does not have the heart to kill and an object that will render Voldermort helpless forever is being summoned to Harry.

  • Rondee

    For me it seems this is the final battle between Harry and Voldemort.
    The outside place could be Quidditch field or area ampitheater. Which is a bit broken or got destroy from the battle. There are some shadows people in the background. They could be anybody who are just watching the battle?
    Volemort (to the leftside) seem to be reaching out for Harry or something. Harry has his hand turn upward to the sky. (casting a spell??) As for what they are reaching for maybe the last Horcruxes!

  • lasre

    One thing to note is all the debris scattered on the bottom of the US cover. The curtains are torn and there are broken stones and wood beams (perhaps the roof of the coliseum) everywhere. This could be after the duel between Harry and Voldemort. I postulate that the wands destroyed themselves in the duel (seems logical given the “prior incantatum” phenomenon) and now Harry is accepting the manifestation of the “…power that the Dark Lord knows not…” while Voldemort is attempting to shield himself from this power.

    Also, look at the sky. Is it a sunset or a sunrise?

    And finally, I like the idea of Dobby being the one holding the sword. I like Dobby.

  • Reader2

    Now that I took a closer look at the UK cover I see that on the very fron there is a silver battle armor.
    I can clearly see a breast-plate and a helmet with a dragon on it.
    The armor appears to be exactly what Harry is trying to reach.
    Can this armor be a hocrux, or a clue to finding one, or at least something falsly suspected of being a hocrux?
    Whose armor could it be?

  • lupin

    Does Harry look like he is actually aware of Voldemort’s presence in the US cover? and wht r those curtains doing there?

  • rowena

    In the US version something is around harry’s neck but it’s in shadows…any ideas?

  • Rondee

    Here is info from Scholastic about the US cover:

    “The front cover of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows features a dramatic sky of oranges and golds. It depicts 17-year-old Harry with arm outstretched, reaching upward. The structures around Harry show evident destruction and in the shadows behind him, we see outlines of other people.

    For the first time the cover is a wrap-around. On the back cover spidery hands are outstretched towards Harry. Only when the book is opened does one see a powerful image of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, his glowing red eyes peering out from his hood.”

    Moony, I hope this description helps you .

  • Rondee

    I see this too. It looks like a Slytherin locket. But it’s very big in size to be a simply locket.

  • Remi

    It just struck me – the curtains and the surrounding reminded me of the ampitheater in the Ministry of Magic where the stone archway & veil were. I mean, the veil in OOP is described as being “tattered” and the archway is “cracked & crumbling”. I don’t think splintered wood was mentioned in that chapter, but this is just a thought….
    And I’m not sure why the locket around Harry’s neck is so shadowed. It does look like it is on a twine or rope (not a necklace) but I swear it looks like there is a serpant head right where the twine meets the locket (or pouch).

  • Ner

    couldn’t that be the arch in the Departament of Misteries, in the cover of the children’s edition? that’s the first thing I thought when I saw it.

    I really don’t want to know, my curiosity spoil it for me when I was reading HBP, I hope I can read this one without peeking! (I really doubt it)

  • Rondee

    Now I think it is Slytherin locket. Look on the new UK cover has samething.
    Remember HBP UK cover show a batter-up book, how import this was in the story.!

  • Cragger

    Hey guys, I don’t know whether anyone has noticed tis but in the background, it isn’t shadows of people watching, like Rondee said. They’re gravestones!!!!! Just like JKR said when Alfonso Cuaron wanted to put a graveyard in the Azkaban film. This means this has absolutely got to be at Hogwarts.

  • I’m not sure if the sword in the UK cover is actually Gryffindor’s sword – I mean, it looks more like a dagger/short sword, especially when you consider that a house elf or goblin is holding it… Gryffindor’s sword would be much greater in length.
    I’ve also noticed that Hermione and Ron are wearing fancy dress robes, while Harry seems to be wearing a muggle sweatshirt (which is a bit worse for wear).
    Another thing that sticks out to me is from the US cover – Harry and Voldemort are wearing the same kind of dark robe – perhaps Harry manages to sneak into Voldemort’s presence disguised as a Death Eater?
    Regarding the locket around Harry’s neck, I’m assuming it’s either the fake horcrux (which Harry says he will keep by his side at all times to remind him of what a price has already been paid for the defeat of Voldemort) or the real locket horcrux. Either option makes sense to me!
    I can’t wait for the deluxe edition artwork to be released!

  • Reader2

    I just took an even closer look at the US cover.
    They are definitely at the graveyard.
    I also see the locket around Harry’s neck, but I don’t see an “S” on it, so I don’t think that it’s the locket of Slytherin, I would much rather believe that it’s the decoy locket, with the not of R.A.B. in it. At the end of the last book Harry keeps it as motivational reminder.

  • Scott

    I was looking at the cover for the UK children’s version. Does the stone ring look like the entrance to a Gringott’s vault? There is an image on the breast plate, looks like a serpent. There are a couple of jewel encrusted bottles with gold bands around them, one is green and the other one is purple. There is a reflection of a white flame or figure in Harry’s glasses. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are all looking in different directions. Ron looks like he is falling back and Harry and Hermione are moving forward. The creature behind Harry doesn’t have any hats on and there is no sign of hair in the ear, hmmm.

    On the back it does look like Hogwarts and the clouds to the left look like there are shapes in the clouds and up above the towers are figures covered in something (invisibility cloaks on brooms or patronuses)

    Great to speculate about. Cheers!

  • Stinky Pete

    Thanks very much for that detail on the locket around harry´s neck. I don´t think however that the U.S cover is in the department of mysteries since its open-air and I can´t see any stone benches and the right curtain seems to be bound back by a rope, but I´d say the people around them are death eaters and harry might have snuck into their middle, a bit unlikely though but hey it´s all just guesswork here. BUt I like the idea of harry summoning that power, but voldemort doesn´t seem to be concentrating hard, rather sneeking a peek at what harry is doing. Now to the british one. This cover seems to be a bit disturbing. Look at the looks of terror in hermiones and rons faces.It looks like they´ve just gotten themselves into a load of shit there. I thought due to the fact that ron and hermione have dress robes on this could be occuring after the wedding. Look at that flash of red reflected by harrys specs. A curse? That must be a hous elf on harry´s back. all those rubies make me think of gryffindor, and the armour horcruxes…maybe. I thought of beauxbatons after seeing that white castle but it seems to be hogwarts. Is it closed, it looks quite spooky, as if somebody else is there. And that little emblem makes me think of dumbledore but thats just me. One last thing thats striking is that red orange sun setting-ish colour, maybe those two pictures are happening at the same time, but i doubt it. I hope somebody else can take this further, most of the above gave me ideas but nobody seems to be taking anything anybody else said any further. Please use other ideas, it might get us closer to the real thing.

  • LBecker

    Are Harry, Ron, Hermione and the “house elf”/ falling? or are they being “sucked” into that opening/doorway behind them? The image reminds me of what the Gringotts goblin told Harry & Hagrid would happen if anyone else but a Gringotts goblin stroked a vault to open it in PS/SS.

  • LBecker

    When I was talking about the trio being ‘sucked’ in, I meant the UK children’s cover. Oh and I forgot, Stinky Pete, couldn’t the sky in the Department of Mysteries be bewitched to look like a sky, kinda like Hogwarts great hall? So couldn’t the US Scholastic cover show the veil room that Sirius died in? Just some thoughts.

  • Jayni D.

    I don’t think the U.S. version is in the Dept. of Mysteries. It’s possible that the ceiling in the amphitheatre room had a bewitched ceiling to reflect the sky, but I’m sure Jo would have mentioned that fact in describing the room and she didn’t. In fact, she described it as ‘dimly lit’. She also clearly says that the curtain/veil was black, not orange/gold.

  • Joan

    The picture on the front of the UK version made me think of Gringotts.And the reflection in Harrys glasses – looked like fire to me – which could mean a dragon. In HP & the PS/SS when Harry was in the cart he saw a burst of flame and looked round to see if it was a dragon. Gringotts must have them as there is an advert in The Daily Prophet in sits.vac for a Dragon Feeder at Gringotts.

  • Smoonsilver

    Maybe it is the veil at the department of ministries on the US cover…but we are looking through it to the “other side”

  • jojo

    LBecker it looks to me like they might be falling judging especially by Harry’s posture, as his feet seem to be pointing towards the circular object. Hermione looks kinda like she’s floating too. Is it possible that the circular object is the arched arena in the US version, except seen from above?
    Also, regarding the Slytherin locket, it looks to me like it is resting against a dark rock. Makes me wonder whether it could have been dropped in the cave by RAB and left there. Although like most people, I’ve thought the locket is probably the unopenable one at Grimmauld Place in OOTP.

  • Bandersnatch

    On the UK children’s version, I think the Trio (and some of the treasure) are being sucked backwards through the archway (and it is an archway, not a circular hole as I thought at first).

    Harry and Voldemort are not duling with wands on the US cover — because they can’t. Priori Incantatem. Voldemort won’t make that mistake again. Harry must have developed that hint of wandless magic that we saw at the beginning of OotP.

  • mandaruz

    This is just what I’ve noticed and please correct me if I’m way off…In the UK version, it could be that they are standing on top of a pile of treasures and Ron and Hermione are falling or trying not to fall, while Harry and Dobby are looking up. And the coins are falling on them? Maybe??? If this isn’t the case then Harry is, I think, falling headfirst.

    Also in the snake/globe picture, does anyone else see the second eye on the curve of the snake? Is that a reflection of someone looking in?

  • Rob

    There is a suit of armor and a helmet with a Dragon on top. Could this be the Malfoy family vault and they are trying to retrieve the last pensieve? Is the snake in the glass-where Voldemort eventually is trapped in the end?

  • Rob

    I meant last horcrux-sorry. But I always thought part of the end would be some how the Weasley’s getting the Malfoy fortune.

  • Nano

    jojo – I don’t remember there being an unopenable locket in OOTP. could you remind me? and where is the locket resting against a rock – I must have missed that.

  • Nano

    Also, I may be thinking way out of the box on this one, but I think the orb with the snake trapped is Nigiri and that somehow plays into Voldemort’s demise. I always thought Nigiri could be a horcrux. I LOVE the thought of the Weasley’s getting the Malfoy fortune!

  • Jayni D.

    Nano, the unopenable locket was found in the glass cabinets in the drawing room which the trio & twins were helping Mrs. Weasley to clean out. This is on page 108 in the Cdn. version (likely the same as the U.K. one), Chapter Six “The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black”.

    The locket looks like it is resting on a rock on the adult cover of Deathly Hallows.

  • Jayni D.

    Nano, I think you mean the snake “Nagini”?

  • nlentz88

    At first I thought the UK children’s cover showed the trio falling into a pile of treasure, but now it looks to me like they are being sucked backwards into that archway. In particular, look at Ron’s and Hermione’s hair. Their hari is blowing forward toward the viewer which suggests that their heads are moving backwards. Also, it looks like Hermione is trying to grab onto something to stop herself from falling backwards.

    Also, nobody has said anything about the crazy naked trees on the back of the UK childrens edition. The grass in front of the castle is green, so it doesn’t seem to be winter. So why the bare trees? They look quite sinister. If this is Hogwarts, do these trees represent the Forbidden Forest? They seem awfully close to the castle, so maybe they’re some sort of magical, dead forest conjured up by Voldy.

    Speaking of the castle, I’d assume it’s Hogwarts. It has all the spires, turrets, and towers that are mentioned in most descriptions of Hogwarts. It looks white, but that is probably because of the full moon shining down on the stone walls.

    The snake in the globe is quite interesting. I say snake (singular) and not snakes (plural) because I don’t see any evidence of a second snake. There’s only one head. This does remind me, though, of the twin smoke snakes produced by one of Dumbledore’s machines in OotP. Or perhaps we’re looking at Nagini.

    The triangle/circle motif is also curious. A circle usually represents wholeness or eternity, but by being split it may represent duality (Harry/Voldy). The traingle is throwing me for a loop, though. Does anyone remember any mention of a triangle in the books?

    Oh, and I’m thinking that it’s Dobby holding Gryffindor’s sword. Check out the huge eyes (closed) and batlike ear.

    And then there’s the US cover. Wow. How beautiful is that cover? Gorgeous. I’d say they’re definitely outside. It looks more like an old, classical arena than a graveyard to me. And yeah, Harry and Voldy seem to be ringed by people, though their silhouettes are all we see. Thanks to those above who pointed out the item around Harry’s neck. I didn’t see it at first. It looks like a pouch on a string to me, but it could easily be the RAB locket.

  • nlentz88

    Also, about the armor. The only mention of armor I can recall at the moment is when Tom Riddle visits Hepzibah Smith. Isn’t he officially there to buy a suit of goblin-wrought armor from her?

  • Nano

    Jayni D – HA HA, yeah Nagini the snake…Nigiri is sushi 🙂 Thanks for the info!

  • Stinky Pete

    Hey guys thanks for that hint about falling backwards in the UK version. But what about Dobby/Kreacher/Winky with the sword. looks more like he´s poised to fight than falling? And look at the armor it seems like its not really made out of metal more like glass. And whats that animal on it? a snake or dragon? dragon may make it a set with the dragon helmet… but it could be the neck of a phoenix. Ans what about prongs, is it just the patronus or has it got something to do with the ghost not ghost plot?

  • Anu

    The derelict arena.. in the US cover, could it be somewhere in Godric’s Hollow? I mean, we do know Harry’s parents’ house was destroyed. The debris on the floor sure supports that. But to be living in an arena like house (more like a palace) is throwing me off here.

  • pugmarks

    I have a few theories of my own here. Bear with me. The escaped Boa in SS/PS does Nagini in or at least enables Harry to defeat Nagini. There was a reason why he escaped to ‘Brazil’. The Slytherin locket could fit the triangle with the circle in a way like a key fits a lock. That could be the way to open the secrets of the cup. What do you think?

  • pugmarks

    The dragon ‘Norbert’ is probably back for the last battle. Probably that explains the fire. Could the fire breath destroy the locket horcrux?

  • Pat Pat

    I agree that in the UK children’s cover the Trio appear to be being sucked backward. My theory is we are looking at Hepzibah Smith’s vault in Gringott’s. Perhaps Harry went there looking for the cup that Dumbledore believed to be a hrocrux? We know that Hepzibah had some goblin made armor and there is armor in the picture.

    Also, I am not convinced that the castle is hogwarts. It just doesn’t look like the description that we are used to. My first thought was Beauxbatons.

  • Kacky Snorgle

    About the triangle/circle symbol: Is it the same as the symbol that’s engraved on the (former) Horcrux ring on the cover of the U.K. edition of HBP? I can’t seem to find an image of the spine of HBP anywhere online to check this theory!

  • Ronnie

    ok so from wat i can tell from all the covers being released harrys or james patronus and the locket play a big part along with a coliseeum and treasure cave of sorts but harry and voldy are in that coliseeum areana thing together in plain view of everyone.wats up with that. the moon also looks like it plays a part.
    also the patronus is directly across from wat looks like nanigi in some kind of bubble. are theyu able to fight?
    also we can tell hermione and ron are with harry for a little bit. and they are either fresh from a batttle or that tresure is sharp cuz there all cut up.
    i am pumped!!!

  • Ronnie

    is it possible for the patronus to attack nanigi. i no the spell works on more then just dementors but still only dark creatures. and since the spell is just made up of happiness it would drive away the evil that is nanigi. i can understand the vague shapeless cloud harry first produces only working on dementors cuz it is more of a shield then an embodiment. but i think that stag can kick some serious serpent butt.
    and by the way where is this circle/trinagle emblem thing. maybe i am an idiot but i cannot find it. help a dawg out

  • Tdollybird

    My first thought regarding the snake in the orb on the US cover was that it’s a prophecy, like the one about Harry that Voldemort wanted. I just can’t remember whether they have images inside or are blank.

  • Reader2

    By now I see that many people so cluse toward Gringotts in UK cover.
    The creature on Harry’s back might be a goblin, the armor in the fornt might be the goblin-made armor, the whole in the back (that does seems to be sucking everything in) does look like a Gringotts’ vault, and the mysterious symbol with a triangle and a circle does look like a lock of some kind.
    It would add up nicely, Gringotts is a good place to hide a hocrux.
    Gringotts was introduced all to well in the first book, but we still hadn’t seen anything interesting take place in there.
    There are still a couple more puzzles there:
    Why would a goblin (or a house-elf for that matter) be using a sword?
    Neither specie seem to have any need for weapons.
    The armor has a dragon on the helmet (it’s definitely a dragon, not a phoenix or any other bird, I can distinctly see front paws) and a snake on the breast-plate.
    We know a few wizards fond of snake images, but whose crest could include a dragon?
    Would be suitable for Malfoys. Would certainly go nicely with the name “Draco”.


    Rob and Nano,

    If Weasleys were ever given a chance to get the Malfoy fortune they would refuse it, saying that they have no need for tainted gold.

    And Pat,

    Baxbaton is a palace not a castle.

  • zack

    the objects in the backround are not gravestones, it is confirmed on a yahoo article, the url is as follows: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070328/ap_en_ot/books_potter_cover

  • Reader2

    I just noticed something emberrasingly obvious:
    this is not the first time we see something collesioum-like on the cover of a “Harry Potter” book.
    The first book has an up-close image of an archway on the cover which. Look at it closer and you will see that the arch is in fact a part of a series of archs or rather – part of a collesium.

    Were there any collesium-like stractures in the first book?

  • Remi

    KackySnorgle – here’s a link to the spine of HBP (hope this works): http://www.wizardnews.com/gallery.hbp_fullchildrens_jacket.html
    Since Marvolo’s ring was quite important in HBP, I’m guessing the triangle-circle symbol is very meaningful.

  • Pat Pat

    Exactly Reader2. Beauxbatons is a palace and maybe I’m crazy but that picture looks more like a palace than the hogwarts castle. It’s sparkling white. I don’t believe there is a rule that says a palace can only be one story.

  • Jenny

    Pull out your US version of the Sorcerer’s Stone! Not only is it panoramic like DH, but open SS all the way up. What’s up with the curtains? The first and last covers are strikingly similar: curtains on the inside flaps (which aren’t on any of the other books), Harry with his hand up trying to catch something, the archways (what IS that referring to in the first book???)… Can we get anything from that? It seems like the entire series is coming full circle, but I can’t think how these things match up.

  • another_reader

    The veils on either side of the US book cover make me think of the Veil that Sirius fell behind. It almost would make sense, if Harry is summoning something from beyond the Veil (beyond the grave) to get at Voldemort. Though the rest of the cover does look like ruins or a grave yard. Maybe the Veil and the graveyard are two different locations Voldemort and Harry meet in during the story.

  • InvaderBEEs

    I’m sorry if someone has already pointed this out, but: It seems (from the spine of the UK version) like this book will be shorter than Gof, OotP, and HBP. I’m sad about this. I guess it’s because I feel like it should be a HUGE tome if it’s going to explain everything we’ve speculated about all these years. ^_^

  • karlii

    I think the thing around Harry’s neck in the US version looks more like a pouch, or a medicine bag, that would hold a person’s totems or something. Sometimes they just hold herbs, or small stones.. *shrug* But that’s what it looks like to me.

    I like the idea that the coliseum could be at Godric’s Hollow. Wasn’t the Snitch or Quidditch invented there?

    I think the castle on the back is Bauxbatons… as it is too ‘fairy tale’ looking to be Hogwarts, in my opinion.

    I think the “bruises” on Harry and Hermione’s arms are really small burns. It looks like fire is going to play a role in this book. I think they are in a Gringott’s vault, and it would make sense that either they had been hexed or had just escaped a dragon.

    I think it is a house elf, holding Gryffindor’sword.

    There are dragons both on the helmet and the breast plate….. and in the orb, I also noticed they ‘eye’ on the bend of the snake, making it look like someone was “seeing” it…

    I have been promoting Trelawney has a much more important character than we had previously thought… so I say it could be her. Or maybe Ronnie finally realized he is a Seer, and it is him looking in the crystal ball. Who knows. 🙂

    All in all though, I like the Locket cover best.
    Now I want a locket like that!!! It’s rather pretty…

  • RobySue

    Two things–
    Ronnie, the triangle/circle symbol is on the UK children’s version at the top of what will be the spine in the white rectangle.
    Jenny — On the US cover of SS, Harry’s hand is up to catch the golden snitch (which is just below the second “t” and “e” of Potter).

  • pugmarks

    In answer to the question on which wizarding family’s crest includes a dragon..why look that far? Isn’t Hogwarts official motto – Never tickle a sleeping dragon?
    And here is my big theory of the day!
    The missing Horcrux that could be Ravenclaw or Gryffindor’s is nothing but the armor that is featured on the cover and while it doesn’t necessarily belong to either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw it is still theirs (and in some part also Slytherin’s and Hufflepuffs). You have all the 4 house markings and the dragon. Think about it!!!

  • pugmarks

    And Nagini in the glass orb is probably a symbolism of a Horcrux – a piece of a shattered soul encased in an object by magic.

  • King James

    Did a quick search for “circle in a pyramid” and found this website. The symbol is not an exact Merkaba but close…


  • Ms Spider

    Did you notice on the US cover, Harry’s right hand is resting on a very light stone? And as I was looking things over once again…the sky is on fire!

    And I have this theory that one of the horcruxes will be a tiara. A tiara was mentioned several times in HBP. Harry even used on to mark the spot he hid the book.

  • AnotherFAN

    The veils and the location is indeed the cirullar room in the ministry where sirus died and that veil is the death veil. She always writes with references so why would she waste almost 5 pages discribing the room and veil in the book 5. And the broken wood is benches. But i don’t get to make any connection of people watching harry and voldemort.

    About trio art, it is house elf in it if it is kreator then they are 12 grimoud place and if it is dobby then it could be ministry or hogwarts. Look closly u will relize that harry is in t-shirt but on the other hand ron and harminone is in proper dress robs like coming from wedding 🙂 hmm

  • Wintermute

    On the back of the UK children’s cover art it seems that the fog is bringing death to the castle. The grass in front of the castle is alive, but the plants in the fog (which makes me think of dementors breeding) are dead.
    hmm… interesting…

  • Harry has same cloths in Children / adult edition meaning he had reached to graveyard (at Hogwartz) from gingotts the Crown with the Dragon had is a PortKey,

  • will orwont

    A snake in the shape of a circle (or sphere) is an ouroboros, a symbol of eternity — and for alchemists, immortality. But usually it is shown swallowing its tail.

    Betting that the UK cover shows Gringotts. The only reason to have Bill Weasley in the story (who has been a non-character so far) is to get the trio in there.

    Grandpre’s cover hints at something quite profound. It’s not the MoM unless the Ministry itself has been levelled.

  • Lisa

    Lisa here. I finished two new pages that collect the images and show some of the details. I also wrote descriptions that I hope are exhaustive and open to all possibilities: http://www.hp-lexicon.org/about/books/dh/book_dh.html

    I have been researching the triangle symbol from the UK edition and the most interesting meanings seem to be elements. John Granger has posted on his blog that he knows of no tie in to alchemical symbolism (that was my first thought).

    So I went to my favorite online symbol encyclopedia and found these:

  • aasa

    wishing to see anything and everything in theese pictures: When I look at the darker, greyer cloud above the tree (on the back of the UK childrens edition) I come to think of a giants face. But I guess I’m hallucinating…

  • Rachel

    Just my thoughts on the covers:

    UK: Very like Terry Pratchet book covers. I was a bit confused why Ron and Hermione are looking opposite ways, but I am agreeing whith the people who think they are being sucked backwards. I like the idea that it could be a gringolts vault
    The full moon on the back with hogwarts – well I’m presuming that there will be a werewolf battle between Lupin and ~blank~ evil werewolf person.

    I got a feeling it is the veil room, the sky explained by the ministry has been destroyed. Or it could be gringots due to the UK cover.

  • Cherry

    I agree with the people who think the UK cover looks like Gringotts. I have always thought that Gringotts is too good a location for a battle for it not to come into the story again. Remember, it is deep under London. Is this what Dumbledore’s scar is a map of (much more useful than a map of the muggle underground train system)?

  • aasa

    Cherry, I like that thought, maybe its not the London Underground (as in subway, metro etc), Dumbledore means but London under ground!!!

  • aasa

    (sorry if I put the words like you hadn’t just said that. I just ment to agree with you and emphazise what you just said, but it sounded wierd when I read it. anyway: I think you’re right Cherry!!)

  • christine

    Why is nobody holding a wand?

    I love the UK cover! I was shocked by the terror on Ron’s & Hermione’s face though. Althought these two seem to be falling backwards, Harry is sort of different. How come Dobby is with them??
    About the US one:Voldy is looking at Harry but he does not seem to notice him at all!And the curtains don’t fit to the whole scene. Maybe they mean that the story is over.

  • Remi

    Thanks Lisa, thanks KingJames — that triangle-circle symbol is really baffling, and you’ve giving me something to think about, specially if it does have anything to do with “gold from mines”.

  • jo

    if you look at the castle on the UK childrens. it looks like the hogwarts ghosts are leaving waht i take to be dumbledores tower. also if you look at the tresure hoard all of the items except the breastplate at the left, the helmet under harrys arm and all the plates have rubys in them. maybe what i think are ghosts are actuallt patronuses being sent out by the students to remove dementors. i also think that harry does go back to hogwarts because the castle is on the back cover.

  • Peanut

    The covers are cool! But does anyone know where I can read the blubs on the inside flaps of the covers?

  • Peanut

    Never mind! I just figgured out if you click on the mini cover you get a big readable version. Duh!

  • aasa

    HP & the Philosopher’s Stone chapter 5 Diagon Alley:
    When Hagrid and Harry come to empty Hogwarts high security vault at Gringotts.
    “Vault seven hundred and thirteen had no keyhole.
    Stand back, said Griphook importantly. He stroked the door gently with one of his long fingers and it simply melted away.
    If anyone but a Gringotts goblin tried that, they’d be sucked through the door and trapped there, said Griphook.”

    Couldn’t it be exactly what is happening to the trio on the cover of the UK childrens edition?
    If I had that much gold I certainly would want to have it in a high security vault at Gringotts…

  • Pete

    What’s up with the Mojo (conjure) Bag around HP’s neck on the cover of HP & DH? HP’s learned some hoodoo?


  • karlii

    Speaking of the cover of SS…. on the back,(all I have is the US paperback).. there is the curtain, and someone with a candle behind it. Was it ever ascertained who that was, or what it was about?

    I think the arches in the Quidditch pitch on Bk1, are very similar to the arches on Bk7.

    There is an arch on Bk2, down in the Chamber.. and on Bk 3, there are window shadows.. much like on the orb with the snake in it. (which I still believe is a prophecy orb, or a crystal ball)…

    There is fire, for sure, on Bk1, Bk2, Bk4, Bk6, and Bk7. I haven’t looked at Bk5 cover today, but I remember it being dark and blues… But was there a torch? I don’t remember, and I am being bad by not going to look. I figure someone has it… 🙂

    Is Harry “reaching” in all of them?

    I thought the shadows on Bk7, were the DE standing around to watch.. but it could be anyone or anything.. I am still leaning toward a Quidditch pitch at Godric’s Hollow.. just because. 🙂

    And I still want a Slytherin Locket! LOL

  • karlii

    The eye on the snake in the orb, is slit like a cat eye, but it really resembles a snake eye. Could this be a good clue that Nagini really IS a horcrux?

  • Rob

    If it is Dobby with the Trio in the vault-isn’t it more possible that it is a Malfoy vault-Dobby’s former family. Dobby would know many secrets of the Malfoy Mansion-they never regarded him as anything but an object and probably discussed much in his presence and he saw much. Remember that Malfoy had the diary and might have had other possessions of LV-something significant has to happen to the Malfoys for their crimes-the loss of their money and property would be most painful especially to Draco. The property and money somehow going to the Weasleys would be particularly painful.

    Harry has numerous adversaries-LV, Snape and the Malfoys-these all have to be resolved. I envision a loss of the Malfoy fortune and Draco going to work at Borgin and Botts has a stockboy or something.

  • Pete

    LV and HP are wandless on the cover of HP and DH due to Priori Incantatem.

  • Pete

    Maybe the Hogwarts’ Golden Snitch is a horcrux … LV and HP seem to be reaching for / trying to catch the same thing … death by Quidditch!

  • Spader Tre

    Aasa, Cherry, I love the idea of Dumbledore’s scar as a map of Gringotts and London’s underground! Wonder how he get it?

  • Jayni D.

    Something I’d like to point out to everyone regarding the UK cover:
    It does look like the trio are being sucked back through the archway; however, if it is a Gringotts vault, they would be sucked INTO the vault, not OUT of it. Since they are on top of the treasure, which is undoubtedly IN the vault, this means they are being sucked OUT of it. Therefore, I believe the theories that they have gotten into the vault without a key or permission cannot be true.

    Also, since the US cover of SS shows Harry through the archway reaching for the snitch, and Hogwarts is obviously in the background…IF the arches are the same as those on the US cover of DH, then it is likely that they are on the quidditch pitch at Hogwarts.

    Another thing that came to my mind when others mentioned the trees on the UK cover of DH–the dead-looking trees remind me of the thornbushes in Sleeping Beauty that the wicked fairy had grow up around the castle where Sleeping Beauty was sleeping. They don’t really look like trees, as they are too short. Just a thought. :^)

    All this discussion about the meaning of the covers is really interesting. I still maintain, however, that the US cover cannot be in the Ministry of Magic amphitheatre room. A reminder that the curtain/veil in that room was described by Jo as BLACK. Also, if, as someone suggested, the ceiling was demolished, it would not be open to the sky, but to the floor above, since that room is on the second to bottom floor deep underground.

  • Raine

    That looks to me to be a house-elf holding the Sword of Gryffindor on the UK Children’s edition. Possibly Dobby? Hermione and Ron look almost like they are digging in the treasure, looking for the Horcruxes? (The locket pictured on the UK Adult version maybe?) And the snake in the bubble, Nagini? Believed to be a Horcruxes by Dumbledore? The full-moon, dealing with Greyback? My opinion is that Draco Malfoy is a Werewolf.
    Around Harry’s neck in the US Children’s version looks to me to be more of a little brown drawstring pouch or sack, possibly containing something.

  • Jayni D.

    To clarify, I don’t necessarily think the arches ARE the same ones.

    Also, I forgot to mention that I think the pouch around Harry’s neck does contain the fake locket. He would hardly wear it so everyone could see it. The pouch keeps it with him as a reminder, but also keeps it hidden from others.

  • Hedwig June

    I think the commenalities (the archways, the curtains, and Harry stretching out to catch something) between the covers of PS/SS and DH is just the talent of GrandPre and the books coming full circle: just brilliant.

    I don’t think that’s the locket around Harry’s neck; it looks like a pouch to me. Maybe Ginny gave it to him? Awwww….

  • Del

    I think they are in a Gringotts vault and they are being pulled out of it as someone else has said.
    I think it’s Kreacher on Harry’s back (who helped RAB find the locket). I reckon it is either Sirius’s or Harry’s vault where they are looking for the locket that was in Grimmauld place.

    Remember Dumbledore said Mundungus could no longer make off with any of Sirius’s old possessions now? Perhaps he had them all sent off to Sirius’s of Harry’s vault? And Kreacher is with them because he is needed to identify it?

  • Lisa

    Now that I have done the objective thing I can post my theories =)

    I think the snake in the orb is a vision in a crystal divination ball. Whose ball? Who is looking? And I’m reminded of what Jo said about snake folklore playing an important role in the books. I’d love it if someone could see if the snake can be scientifically identified by its markings. For example, I don’t think boas show their fangs like that.

    With the silvery Hogwarts image, it looks like dementors may be attacking, from the left which is why the tree and the left side of the castle are icy. The full moon also suggests possible werewolf activity too. If Hogwarts *is* being attacked, it seems to be undefended since the big door is wide open.

    I am beginning to think that the triangle may be a monogram of some sort. It is meant to be similar to the “eye of God” symbol http://www.biblewheel.com/Gr/GR_GreatSeal.asp). But I can see an L, an inverted V, and an O. Just an idea. I can find mystical symbols that it is similar to, but nothing identical.

    With the treasure arch, I think this is Gryffindor treasure — because of all the rubies. I honestly can’t tell if they are being sucked in or out, though I believe that Harry is casting a (wandless) spell of some sort.

    The happy patronus is, for me, a sign of hope.

  • rowena

    any thoughts on where Harry’s enchanted mirror from Sirius is going to resurface? I don’t think the cover art clears it up, but I can’t help but think it’s more important than it seems…

  • Lisa

    And on the Scholastic cover, I think that this may represent the Hallows, and like Dd with the Peverell ring, Harry is wearing the Slytherin locket — the shape is identical to the one on the British adult cover. I think Harry is calling something to him and Voldie is warding it off. I think the destruction is because of time and not battle; it is simply an ancient place.

  • pugmarks

    In the Ministry of Magic, isn’t there a room with glass orbs? Is Nagini captured in that orb and is that orb in that room at the Ministry of Magic? The window and door reflected in the orb seems to be concurrent with the MoM description.

  • pugmarks

    I can’t get over the bee in my bonnet regarding the armor and the helmet being the missing horcrux. It definitely belongs to Hogwarts not necessarily to any of the founder.
    On another note, will Time have something to do with the final battle? I am reminded about the canary in the glass case at the MoM.

  • The version of the U.S book cover appear to show Harry & Voldemort in a battle to end all battles in front of an audience. It’s difficult to say whether this Duel will take place in the middle or end. Exciting regardless. Warner Brother’s offical website has released it’s 1st Moveie Trailer for the Order. We strongly advise you take a look.

  • Nano

    don’t know if anyone thought of this before, but I was reading HBP again and noticed that one of the orphans that TR terrorized in the cave was a girl, Amy Benson. Could she possibly be RAB (real first name currently unknown)who knew that Tom was a wizard or overheard the convo with DD and decided to learn all she could and plot revenge on LV by stealing one of his horcruxes, the one she knew was in that very cave. Just a conspiracy theory.

  • SRBar

    Look at Harry’s eyes on the U.S. cover. His right eye is green, but is his left eye a different color now?

  • Sofia

    I dunno if anyone said this before, but the creature holding the sword, could it be Dobby or another house elf?

  • King James

    I noticed someone said the brest plate of the armor had a snake on it, but it appears that the head has a beak. Perhaps its a Griffin instead of a snake.

  • Reader2

    Now that I think about it, the dragon on the helmet might in fact be a griffon, but the thing on the breast-plate is definitely a snake.

    Also, any thoughts about to bottles right near Harry’s hand?

  • Sandra

    For Moony: everybody just described the pictures, but I’m not sure if the text can be read anywhere else than on the picture itself? So, I typed the text so you can also read it (if you would like to, I was a bit dubious about it myself, for Order of the Poenix I didn’t read it till after I finished the book :))
    So here goes:

    Harry is waiting in Privet Drive. The Order of the Phoenix is coming to escort him safely away without Voldemort and his supporters knowing – if they can. But what will Harry do then? How can he fulfill the momentous and seemingly impossible task that Dumbledore has left him with?

    Harry has been burdened with a dark, dangerous and seemingly impossible task: that of locating and destroying Voldemort’s remaining Horcruxes. Never has Harry felt so alone, or faced a future so full of shadows. But Harry must somehow find within himself the strength to complete the task he has been given. He must leave the warmth, safety and companionship of the Burrow and follow without fear or hesitation the inexorable path laid out for him.

    In this final, seventh installment of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling unveils in spectacular fashion the answers to the many questions that have been so eagerly awaited. The spellbinding, richly woven narrative, which plunges, twists and turns at a breathtaking pace, confirms the author as a mistress of storytelling, whose books will be read, reread and read again.

  • Sandra

    And there is also tekst about Jo herself and the Harry Potter books, it’s nothing we didn’t know. But if you would like to, Moony, I can also type that for you!

  • pugmarks

    This latest theory is brought to you courtesy of Da Vinci Code. That bisected triangle with the circle is probably a keystone which hides one of the horcruxes.
    Or it could be a marking on the ancient arch. It probably has to be aligned against a corresponding object long enough for the arch to open into the ‘other world’ instead of letting denizens meet their maker.
    Or how about this, it is like the etchings on the Stargate?
    I’m loving how creative this one is making all of us!

  • Sandra

    Tip for everybody:
    For getting the covers in any variety of close-ups on your screen –>
    go to the link
    Click at the jacket releases, and then save them as pictures. Then you can open them and zoom in and out. If it says that it’s got too many pixels to open it: open it with another program (for example Word).

  • Charlotte

    Regarding the US cover – it reminds me of the interior of a castle, as if photographed with a “fisheye” lens – could it be the Great Hall, after a fire (hence the burnt wood stumps – former beams) and the fire still raging on (red-gold-sky) ? This would tie in with the dead/burnt looking tree / Whomping willow on the UK cover as well… It does not add up with the intact , welcoming looking castle on the UK cover, though. More food for thought…

  • VI

    Hermione looks like she’s grasping at something that was dropped or sucked out of her hands. Ron looks like he might have just threw a bunch of coins/gems at something (perhaps Hermione did too?) Also Ron’s foot is either stepping over and into the pile, or he is backing away pulling it out, but looks to me like he is trying to back out while throwing treasure at whatever is chasing him. Looks to me like Ron and Hermione are desperately trying to hold off or distract something while Harry tries to find or grab something out of the pile.

  • Mistral

    Compliments to all of you, for your great comments. I don’t think a book-cover has EVER been so thoroughly analyzed ;-)! The more I look at the US cover, the more I love it! Until now – I always bought the UK Adult version – cool – I am going to buy both of them 
    Here are my two cents – on the US cover: about that pouch Harry is wearing around his neck – what if he carries with him some “FELIX FELICIS” or even better “DRAUGHT OF LIVING DEATH?” Interesting that Harry does seem so calm – maybe those shadows (ghost’s?) in the background – are all on his side?

  • Mistral

    To Nano. I support your idea about Amy Benson. I would even go so far and argue that the murdered “Amelia Susan Bones ” are one and the same person! I know it says that the little girl Tom Riddle tortured in the cave, was a Muggle – but that was also thought of young Riddle, BEFORE Dumbledore came to the Orphanage to inform him that he was in fact a wizard! Sorry, if i digress, I know this has nothing to do with us talking about the US and UK covers, but I could not resist 🙂

  • Mio

    The people watching on the US cover have to be Death Eaters. Harry’s friends wouldn’t sit by and watch his fight, but Voldemort’s Death Eaters have done so before.

  • Nano

    It all ties together! 🙂

  • Nano

    Mistral – I like your idea about a potion in the pouch – all the resources he can get, right? And Amelia Bones, nice idea – that she changed her name like the others. Maybe Harry will eventually change his for anonymity.

  • Dumbledore

    I also noticed that Harry’s right eye is green and his left is a different color! Maybe it is just the way the illustration makes it look or is it an injury?

  • Nano

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one completely obsessing and such a freak about all this. My husband thinks I’m crazy. If they make a real “fake” locket, I would so buy one…and I used think Trekies were weird…

  • Kate

    Has anyone considered that the snake in the orb may be a basilisk? Trevor the toad is mentioned an awful lot, but as of yet, he hasn’t really shown any significance (besides forever attempting to escape!). Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t a basilisk come from a chicken’s egg hatched under a toad? Perhaps Trevor will prove to be more significant than he has been so far…

  • Nannette

    Most of you have already said what I have noticed so I will not repeat it all. The one other thing I am impressed with is Jason Cockcroft’s art work. It is very detailed and interesting. This is not only in the HP series.

  • John

    My daughters and I believe that Harry is NOT reaching for something, he is HOLDING something…Invisible! And Voldemort is looking at it as well. We also think that Hogwarts (on the other cover) is frozen, but something warm inside has been…released. We believe there’s something in the clouds, but we can’t quite make it out. Anybody?

  • Bible Spice

    A few of observations about the UK children’s (!) cover:

    There are five distinct pieces of silver armor. The two in front are *both* helmets, one with a serpent, on with a dragon. I between them is a round shield. To the far right in the corner is another round shield. Just above the dragon helmet is a rectangular something, perhaps a breast plate.

    We have golden coins, cups, dishes, a pitcher, a torque or bangle, and another round shield.

    There are three loose rubies, rubies in the dragon helmet, rubies in one of the the silver shields and in the golden shield, in the golden pitcher, and a ruby in the sword held by the elf. There are also rubies in two small colored glass (potion?) bottles. Only the serpent helmet (and possibly the silver shield in te corner) is clearly without a ruby. Very gryffindor-heavy with distinctive slytherin exceptions.

    The one object that reains a total mystery to me is right next to the golden pitcher. It’s shiny, maybe silver ormaybe glass. It is striated. What is that thing??

  • Char

    I wonder if Ron and Hermione being dressed in dress robes means the image is a moment in time on Bill and Fleur’s wedding day… and possibly explains the building as being Beauxbatons rather than Hogwarts… at the end of HBP it doesn’t say where they will be getting married

  • SRBar

    It says at the end of HBP that Bill and Fleur will be getting married at the Burrow

  • Lucie

    John, yes, I agree, Harry is holding something, and there is no fear in his eyes, it is hope! While Voldemort is horrified and desperately trying to protect himself from the “something”.

  • Sandra

    Could that something have anything to do with love?
    Harry would have the power to love, which Voldemort doesn’t have. Could he be summoning some sort of power or object of love? Just speculating, but that something might be kept in the ministry behind the door that doesn’t open. (The one about which Dumbledore said it is kept locked at all times, because love is wonderful and terrible.)
    If it’s not something like that, I’ve also got a theory (that I don’t want to come true :D) that the fates of Harry and Voldemort might be connected (because of the connection between the two of them, not necessarily Harry=horcrux). Maybe Voldemort can only be killed if Harry is killed. He doesn’t count on it that Harry might want to sacrifice himself out of love for all other people in the world (and that he would “see Sirius again” like he thought in book 5). But I’m getting carried away here…

  • Sandra

    About the yellow and red colours in Harry’s glasses on the UK kids edition. I think it’s just meant to be the reflection of the gold and the rubies, nothing sinister.

  • Spader Tre

    Imagine Jo’s laughing while reading all our theories! She could create seven different book 7 just by searching the web… I love it, I hope she does to!

  • kamion

    It is temping to think it’s Dobby riding piggypack on Harry. But would Dobby not presented with what sets him apart from all other House Elves, nl the capacity to wear cloths and hats, lot of hats, the more the better.

    It is revolting to think that Harry let Kreacher sit on his back, but I think it’s him. Kreacher considers the Black sisterhood his rightful master, so he too could have knowledge of the Malfoy faults.

    But if this are the Malfoy vaults I think I gonna sue Rowling for robbing Draco of his heritage.

  • Jayni D.

    Bible Spice, I have to strongly disagree with your theory that the piece of armour on the left is a helmet. You can clearly see the neck and arm holes and it’s too large to be a helmet. You can also see the fasteners on the shoulders to join the front and back. I think the piece behind the dragon helmet might possibly be a helmet, of another style.

    I also thought of a shield for the round piece of armour, but if it is, it must be for a house elf, because it’s too small for a human. The round piece in the right corner could be a shield, though, as it looks bigger. The other one is more the size of a plate.

    Also, it does look like a serpent on the armour piece in the front left, except if you enlarge the picture, the head really looks like it has a beak. I haven’t heard of any animal with a snake body and beak for a mouth. ???

  • Nano

    I think the animal on the breast plate is a phoenix. I also think the other armor pieces (aside from the helmet and shield) are a just that – armor pieces.

    Also, I don’t think just anyone could hold the Gryffindor sword…I think it would have to be a loyal friend of Harry (since he is the last one to have been true-hearted enough to summon it), so I think it is Dobby – in the same thinking of only Harry could call Fawkes being loyal to Dumbledore.

  • After Pat Pat saying that the castle/palace at the back of the UK children’s cover looks much more like Beauxbaton than Hogwarts, somebody said that Beauxbaton is a palace and not a castle. But if you look at the picture closely, you’ll see that it looks much more like a palace than a castle actually. Look at the bulbous spire with the gold roof – I can’t remember Hogwarts having towers with GOLD roofs.

    I was thinking about the locket, too. (US edition) Maybe this is a stupid idea, but couldn’t it also be a Time Turner? I mean, it’s quite murky, I can’t see it properly.

    To the veil: maybe it is indeed the veil in the MoM but seen from the other side. Here is a definition what “Hallows” means:

    When the Veil Between the Worlds grows thin and the spirits of the dead may return to Earth

    Yet again I think the veil in the Death Chamber and the Deathly Hallows are connected. How, I cannot say. I just think Harry might go through it or at least go into the chamber on All Hallow’s Eve.

  • Nano

    Sandra, even though I agree that I don’t want it to come true; I do think you have a viable theory in Harry sacrificing himself to save the others. It is something LV would never do…nor think of. He keeps saying how is shouldn’t have missed the power of love, yet he keeps forgeting about it over and over.

    And I do agree that Harry has a look of hope on his face…only feet away from LV. I’m just so proud of him! 🙂

  • rose

    This is very far fetched, but aren’t the castle’s and Prongs’ colour quite similar? Maybe the castle (Hogwarts) is the biggest patronus ever.

  • Pete

    With regard to the HP & DH UK children’s cover:

    Hepzibah Smith owned some goblin-made armour, which Voldemort made repeated attempts to purchase from her on behalf of Borgin and Burkes. Their offer went as high as 500 Galleons (HBP20).

    The creature on the back of HP could be a goblin (Griphook?), or…if you look at a picture of him in the books, Peeves (the only poltergeist mentioned in the books and certainly capable of holding and throwing objects).

    Also, according to my Oxford American Dictionary Widget, a archaic meaning for hallow is a saint or holy person … so are the deathly hallows dead “saints” or “holy persons”?

    So on the US cover the dark figures behind HP & LV are perhaps dead witches and wizards, perhaps LV’s victims?

  • pushba

    A quick note on what Lisa wrote on March 29, 2007 @ 12:13 pm: Boas don’t have fangs, they only have small sharp teeth to hold the prey till they’ve rapped their body around it.
    So I agree with you that the snake in the orb is not a boa.

  • Nemmi

    does anyone know if there is a chat forum on this subject? I would be anxious to read more theories…plus,I’m not sure it this is the right place to keep talking about this. Just let me know!

  • Lisa

    Nemmi, there is good discussion over at The Leaky Lounge and HPANA. It’s perfectly fine to post your ideas here, but more people will read them over on one of the forums. If you can figure out how to post (I can’t), the Lexicon also has a forum.

    Pushba, thanks for the info on boas.

  • Catherine

    I’m still unsure about the location of the curtains in the US version, but what if Harry is somehow, for some reason, summoning them closed? All of the debris seems to be directly behind the curtains, and so closing them would cut off all of the mayhem … oh, I just wish I knew what they meant, it’s driving me crazy!

    Also, in the UK children’s version, I, too, think is is very probable that Dobby is the creature on Harry’s back. Kreacher is very old and would show more signs of age (hairy ears, anyone?), and I can’t imagine a goblin seeming quite so ready for battle, nor could I imagine one stooping so low as to ride on a human’s back. As for the theory that Dobby would be wearing a hat, what if it got sucked off his head by the same force pulling the trio back? And there isn’t enough of him to assume that he isn’t wearing other clothes (like, say, socks, haha).

  • Voldy

    The image reflected in the armor is aphoenix and something like a house-elf( though very improbable) is on Harry’s back holding a sword

  • Pat Pat

    Nemmi and Lisa, The Lexicon has a forum. Just click on the forum link at the top of the screen and it will take you there. You have to sign up with a screen name and password in order to be able to post. They will e-mail you a confirmation and once you respond you will be able to post. You are limited to 10 posts a day unless you become a paid member (which is not expensive at all). There is a discussion going on over there in the Book 7 thread:

  • Bible Spice

    Jayni D., I see now that you are quite right about the body armour. I was reading the head and right arm holes as eye holes. I chalked the size up to perspective. I see now that we are looking through the body armour and 3 holes are clearly visible, for head and two arms, and that there are two pieces to the armour, front and back.

    Also, I notce that the dragon on the helmet has a beak. So perhaps the figure on the body armour is another dragon, perhaps of a different breed? A phoenix is equally plausible, but the neck is awfully long.

    Finally, does anyone yet have a theory about the shiny green-grey object belowe Hermione’s hands (below a golden dish and next to a golden pitcher)? It’s driving me crazy!!

  • The US cover is probably the best, after the sixth book’s cover.
    I love the detail.

  • wouldnt it be pretty cool if the breast plate on the us cve belonged to slytherin, the sword to gryffindor, and then something else knightly like gauntlets or a shield or something for ravenclaw and hufflepuff. and they all gave tere own powers to it hoping they would help a warriorof horwarts one day over come his enemy. but then when slytherin got all mad HE hid the helmet and breastplate away b4 he left…
    …u no i never thought about it but that could make the hole on the uk something about the chamber of secrets
    i dont beleive that was sealed
    any one?

  • or maybe its a complete set of slytherin armor

  • jo

    UK edition circle inside triangle bisected by line on spine of book
    triangle of manifestation
    circle of protection
    sword/wand across both
    though why the circle of protection is inside the triangle of manifestation?


  • To SRBar- Whoa, that’s pretty good observation. They do look different- Harry’s left eye look more hazel brown (James, anyone?? than bright green, but that may just be some shading. If JK’s comments about Harry and Lily’s eyes connection thing wasn’t really true then I wouldn’t have really paid such attention to that. Also, anyone noticed in the US version that Harry’s scar is not as prominent as it was before? In the UK kid’s version, it’s very prominent. Also, another thought- both covers’ primary color is orange and red, warm colors that mainly make you think of fire. I think that the archway in the UK kid’s version is the DOORWAY to where Voldy and Harry are in the US version ’cause the both have the same “fiery sunset” sky. If you zoom in closely, in the US version, Harry’s “locket”/”money bag” does sport some kind of “bump” near the top of it. It’s hard to see, but you have to look really closely. I had to lean the screen back and forth just to get that effect, so maybe I’m just seeing what I wanna see- an S, really. But ya never know. There’s four pcs. of armor, so maybe each Founding Four contributed to this suit of armor (breast plate with phoenix, helmet with dragon, a shield, and something to the bottom right, I dunno what it is but I’m pretty sure it’s with the suit of armor ’cause it’s the same color). I think the “sword” that the creature is holding is actually a dagger, because it kinda looks short. I’m only saying this because I ultimately trust Dumbledore when he says that the sword of Gryffindor has not been tampered with by Voldy. BTW, did the expressions on Ron and Hermione’s faces just scare the crap out of ya? I mean, none of the covers were this deep into the emotions (for US, at least) except for the HBP for UK kid’s. But Harry looks calmer somehow. And yet another thought- why does Dumbledore’s eyes gleam with triumph when Harry tells him his blood is now running in the veins of Voldy? I really do not like to think that Dumbly is in with Voldy. That would be blasphemous. Lol. But yeah, I’m serious. Can’t wait till Abeforth makes his sweet appearance.

  • Bible Spice, I think that’s a glove. The chain-mail glove to the suit of armour.

  • Shwez

    That so excellently cool! Well Severus you’re right about the sword, but look again closely who’s holding it. It’s definitely not Ron.

  • Shwez

    LOL, I reply to the first comment. Anyway, the cover make my head buzz with thought what’s gonna happens.

  • kamion

    mmm, I think too much attention is given to the eyecolor or the supposed difference in the US version. Even on the high-res version downloaded from Leakey Cauldron the difference is insignificant, both eyes are green but a speck of light on the left make it look a bit lighter. I don’t think the artist intended two different eye-colors

  • Jolene

    On the UK chilren’s cover behind the helmet is something that looks like a cup. Could it be Hufflepuff’s cup? I like the ‘falling back through the door’ theory and it looks to me like Harry is trying to reach the cup before he falls any further. And is it just me or does Hermione look like she’s been thrown through the door?

  • Nan

    In the full-moon scene of Hogwarats, it looks like there is a storm or clouds blowing in form the left … I think it looks like magical clouds rolling in low along the ground, and the tree looks dead because it has been affected by the magic in the “clouds”!

  • Nan

    And in the UK Children’s book cover, I think that Harry looks like he is reaching for the green, jewel-studded, egg-shaped object — is it a cup, or a jewel? Why is he trying to grab it?

  • Mr.M

    as Kacky Snorgle wrote:
    First reaction to the U.S. cover: Harry and Voldemort are standing a few feet apart, and NEITHER IS HOLDING A WAND. That requires an explanation that I can begin to guess at that is what JK told about movie 3 which Dombldore didn`t use his wand to save harry in Quidich,perhapas

  • Pat Pat

    OK, I’ve been inspecting the covers some more (as it is Saturday and no work!!!) and I think it HAS to be significant that Harry has his hand outstretched in a very similar way in this cover and the Book 1 US cover. JKR spent A LOT of time on Quidditch and Harry’s spectacular ability as a seeker. This must be for more than just entertainment value. Are Harry’s snitch catching abilities going to help him in the final battle somehow? Will it be necessary for him to catch something that he can use against his foe?

  • Mistral

    More theories to the UK Cover:
    What if the reason for Ron and Hermione’s dressing up are: they are attending Graduation at Hogwarts and Harry apparates to them because – he’s got a clue that there is something hidden in the Chamber of Secrets? It would also explain why we see an Elf and why he or she is holding POSSIBLY Gryffindor’s sword in his hand! I remembered that there is a interview between Steve Kloves and JO, (which can be found on the CoS DVD) There, JO tells the scriptwriter Steve Kloves, there’s one thing in Chamber, actually, that will play later in the series! By what we see from the Children’s front-cover – it could well be Voldemort’s secret “treasure” hiding place – some horcurxes anybody? Don’t think he “lost” this nice habit of stealing somebody’s precious valuables! (reminds me of Gollum) I assumed this being the reason why Ron and Hermione are so dressed up and Harry more or less in rags!
    And while I have the opportunity, I would like to thank Lisa for the so promptly awesome page she created soon after the three covers came out.We always take it for granted that the HP Lexicon is up-to-date on everything. I am sure I speak for all of us HP-fans when I say you are doing a tremendous great job! Thank you very much 🙂

  • Beldandy

    Re: Harry and Voldy not holding wands. I don’t think this has anything to do with “Prior incantum” because, as someone has already mentioned, Voldy wouldn’t make that mistake twise. Has it occured to anyone that Olivander, the wand maker, has disappeared in book 6? My theory is that Voldy had him captured in order to force Olivander to create a new wand, thus avoiding “PI”. Also, just to throw this out there, I think Voldy’s wand is the final horcrux.

  • Sandra

    Yes, you’re right Mistral. Well done Lexicon makers!!!

    But I think that Jo said would be important later on is be Riddle’s diary. Also: Riddle said that what was in the diary was a memory of his 16 year-old self. It nearly came to live because Ginny put part of her soul into it by writing in it. In turn Riddle put some of his soul back.

    I could hardly believe it that Jo actually wrote in book 2 “-to start pouring a little of my soul (!!!) back into her…”. She basically told us that the diary contained a bit of Voldemorts soul!

    I am also guessing she tells us here how a horcrux can be destroyed. Bring it to near-live, so it’s not bound to the object that much anymore, and then kill it.

    I think you first have to use the horcrux object in the obvious way. The diary –> write in it. Marvolo’s ring –> Dumbledore put it on probably? That way the Horcrux will use your soul (shudder to think) to become alive. Then it will become vulnerable enough to kill it.

    Another thought about this: the diary was damaged to kill the Horcrux, but the ring wasn’t. Ginny came out unharmed, but Dumbledore came out with a dead looking hand. Could it be that the more the Horcrux is alive when it is killed, the more damage is done to the person? So, should you do something to the Horcrux-object that would normally kill a person? Stick a poisonous fang through it if it’s soft enough? Do the avada kedavra curse to the ring?

  • Lucie

    I agree with Beldandy that Harry and LV have no wands from another reason than PI; as blind as LV is in some respects, he is not likely to repeat thas mistake. But why then…? (111 days remaining…!)

  • Sandra

    Yes, I also think that there’s something more to the no-wands. Very strange, when you think about it.

  • Maxim

    I was wondering about the triangle symbol. I did some research and here are my foundings:
    – the triangle stands for ‘fire’ in ancient chemistry.
    – the circle with the crossing line could be the greek capital letter ‘phi’, which means in maths: ‘no solution’.

    I’ve no idea how significant this is and even this can be possible an explanation, but hey, keep discussing 🙂

  • Peanut

    Sandra, you said that the ring wasn’t harmed when the piece of LV’s soul in it was destroyed but I don’t think you’re right. Wasn’t the black stone cracked?

  • U-No-Poo

    The ring on the spine of HBP doesn’t have the same symbol the one on the spine of DH.
    Thanks for the research into the symbol.
    On a christian symbolism site I found out that an upright triangle with an inscribed circle (no line going through its diameter) Circle and Triangle (click for full size image) “combines the symbol for eternity with the symbol for the Trinity”.

  • U-No-Poo

    …which in some way symbolises the eternal power of friendship between the Trio?

  • redskinmaniac7392

    More analysis on UK kid’s version: remember when Dumbly’s tomb was like marble? Well, the triangle with the circle and line through it seems to be carved on marble. And JK saids that Dumbly’s giving her trouble, although he’s “dead”. And in the Ministry, the veil being thin on All Hallow’s Eve is pretty big. Maybe all the “souls” that went through that will actually come to help Harry… maybe those are the “spectators” at the “arena” in the US version. Oh, and yeah, there’s actually 5 pcs. to the suit of armor… sorry for my miscalculation there. Another really sweet possibility about the UK version kid’s version- the Hogwarts in the back may be like Dumbly’s tomb, which is why it’s all white and marbly lookin’. Maybe that’s one of the ways to make the castle safer. Just a thought, though.

  • Poke

    Maxim: the triangle meaning fire means a whole lot; gives us all something to connect to with Harry’s lenses reflecting something like fire (or something that remotely looks like a bird… Fawkes??)… And ø… phi. Yeah, I think that the whole code’s like: The fire that cannot be extinguished. Meh. Can’t wait till July (my b-day, America’s b-day, OoTP Movie, HPDH!!!, ANNNDDDDDD Harry + Jo’s b-day)!!! Errbody’s gotta LURRRVE July.

  • DA Jones

    Lets get more basic about this. The triangle probably refers to the trio. The ring (circle) to the ring that they are apparently sucked through to wherever the final battle is.

    I like to refer to this ‘ring’ as a stargate for lack of a better term.

    And the line through the middle must represent somehow Dumbledore’s ‘in essence divided’ line from OOP.

    I suppose that in DH they’ll be some sort of prophecy about the ‘3 and the ring.’ Despite the US book cover Harry won’t defeat Voldy alone.

    It is also interesting that in the book cover ‘hands’ are prominent.

  • Peanut

    I really feel that the reason the castle on the back of the UK kids is white, is just moonlight. It feels like Hogwarts and the the moon can whitewash a scene like that. Just look near the doorway where you can see the classic Hogwarts stonework because of the light coming from inside.

  • Beldandy

    On closer examination, the archway on the UK Kid’s cover is very similar to the one that is just behind Voldy’s lower (left) hand in the US cover art. Both arches seem to be segmented in a similar fashion – could they be the same one?

  • Matthew

    Brilliant artworks! Lots to think…

    UK children cover:
    Must be Hogwarts. Anything else would make no sense. JKR never told us a lot of stuff about Beauxbatons. That’s why it can’t be important for the plot and it must be Hogwarts gleaming in the moon.
    As mentioned above, I also think that the greyish smoke is penetrating the grounds of Hogwarts and brings destruction and/or death. It can’t be the smoke of fire. Otherwise we would see the fire on this picture. (e.g. on the dead-looking trees)
    Accepted the smoke is dangerous: Have you noticed the OPEN door of the castle? I haven’t got an idea for this yet…

    The theory of being sucked in is great. My thoughts are around the same lines. I think it must be in Gringott’s. Why should be so much gold in Hogwarts or the Department of Mysteries? Why should be there a goblin (and I think it’s a goblin; look at the sword and the OWL question about the goblin riots in the eighteenth century – house elfs wouldn’t take a sword) behind HP when they are in Hogwarts?
    But I still get no idea for the next questions: Why is all the gold and the other stuff OUTside the vault when they are sucked IN? Otherwise: Why are they sucked OUT when the vault works just in the other direction (PS/SS)??? Can you think about this?

    US cover:
    This orange/yellow colour, we find in almost every painting. Could it be a hint for the same place? Even in the moonlit castle, there is THIS light in the door. Strange, isn’t it? As many writers mentioned, the scene of the US cover could possibly play in Hogwarts. That would be a solution for the colour. I still doubt it!!! I assume the colour is surely connected to a fighting scene.
    I also think this kind of amphitheatre is the vail-room in the ministry of magic. Why should JKR introduce this room to us so heavily? All the descriptions given to us in the HBP fit – except for the ceiling. Now there it comes.
    Why should this room always be dimly lit? If it is an arena (and I’m sure it is because of the stone benches running around) I can’t see why there shouldn’t be a bewitched ceiling too or again: its a fighting scene. What do you use an arena for? For fighting, don’t you think? And the cover shows us a fight between HP and LV. The colour of the ceiling fits to the dramatic scene. The people around (no gravestones!) could be DE or souls out from the vail. Other people are unlikely to be there, because they would join in for supporting HP. My soul-theory is also supported by the broken stone beside HP. The vail stands on a “raised stone dais in the centre of the pit” (HBP) and if there is a fight… Harry also thought that he had heared voices coming from behind the vail (HBP).
    A last thing for now: Look at face of HP. Does it look frightened? He looks quite unimpressed by LV, totally out of the scene. I’m sure he is communicating in a kind of spiritual way. Maybe he is seeing something we don’t. Maybe he gets or is expecting something.

    So many questions still to answer… Hope we will get there soon!

  • Pat Pat

    I’m sorry I don’t agree that Beauxbatons can’t be important to the plot simply because JKR hasn’t told us much about it. The Room of Requirement was mentioned to us ONCE before book 5 and it was extremely important in that book. We never heard of hippogriffs before book 3 and Buckbeak was on the cover. I don’t think we can assume that the only important things are ones that she has told us a lot about. That’s simply not JKR’s style. I’m not saying that it is definitely beauxbatons on the cover. I just don’t think we can rule it out. It really doesn’t look like any description of hogwarts we have had.

    I, also, believe that the scene on the US cover is the veil room. It fits with the description she has given us. Except the sky and there could be dozens of explanations for that.

  • King James

    I say no to the sucking theory, no to beauxbatons, no to the goblin on Harry’s back, yes to the vail room and yes to the shadowy figures being souls that came out of the arch once broken.
    I also don’t think it is a circle on the UK Childrens cover, if you look at the lowest point on the right side, you can clearly see its not bending to complete a circle.

  • Ginny Potter

    Could Hogwarts be silver because the moon is shining on it, and the Whomping Willow be bare because of the time of year? Those were my first impressions.

  • Sara

    Is it just me, or is there a pumpkin reflected on the snake body in the orb (UK children version)? Tilt head to the right.

  • Poke

    Looks like it, dunnit? If that’s the case, the whole Deathly Hallows thing works out pretty well. I mean, Halloween is basically the eve of All Saints Day, also called All Hallows Day and that’s when this whole Potter thing start, right? If cover art says something imp., I say Jo loves full circles (in both SS and DH, there’s the curtain effect and the hand outstreched thingy)… so something’s bound to happen Halloween. But I think that’s more like Voldy’s eye…

  • Jayni D.

    In spite of many others’ opinion to the contrary, I don’t think the US cover can possibly be the amphitheatre at the MoM. I have just read the description of the room in OP again and the only archway mentioned is the one with the black veil. It is mentioned that there are other doors leading into the room (OP, page 705) but not archways.

    From OP, page 682, Ch.34:

    “This room was larger than the last, dimly lit and rectangular, and the centre of it was sunken, forming a great stone pit some twenty feet deep. They were standing on the topmost tier of what seemed to be stone benches running all around the room and descending in steep steps like an amphitheatre, or the courtroom in which Harry had been tried by the Wizengamot. Instead of a chained chair, however, there was a raised stone dais in the centre of the pit, on which stood a stone archway that looked so ancient, cracked and crumbling that Harry was amazed the thing was still standing. Unsupported by any surrounding wall, the archway was hung with a tattered black curtain or veil…”

    This doesn’t sound anything like the US cover picture to me.

  • Jayni D.

    Added note: the benches, the pit, and the archway are all stone, so where would the wood have come from?

  • Poke

    Destruction of the door that leads to the amphitheater… archway could be behind the door. :-/ Hmm. Veil could lead to the door of to the amphitheater…

  • In the US version, I think that the ‘ampatheater’ it is in Godrics Hollow, maybey even in the ruins of the Potter home?
    And I think that the necklace Harry is wearing is Slytherin’s locket (I can see either a snake or an ‘s’ on it)
    I also think that the people watching (there are 21 showing)could be Death Eaters, Order of the Phoenix, or Hogwarts stuents(?)

    Any one think otherwise?

  • Indra

    JKR once mentioned about a hidden graveyard in Hogwarts. So, the final showdown may be happening in there! Because, I believe Voldemort has to be in Hogwarts at least for once! Because, his ultimate goal was to be in Hogwarts as it holds more magical power & secrets that have ever been guessed. My 2 cents for some of the magical artifacts making a return in DH. I think the pouch tied to Harry’s neck in US Cover may have the philosopher’s stone! I don’t know why. But PS fits with the Gringotts’s theory somehow. Next, the chamber of secrets where Harry confronted Tom in SS should make a return as well. Because, you have a statue of Slytherin in there. I believe Slytherin did not build a statue of himself without concealing any magical power inside it.

    But, how do all of these match up to DH? I’ve no idea.

    Keep Guessing

  • Deborah Hubbard

    Harry and the pile of treasure disturbs me for, probably, the wrong reason. Does his appearance, intently focused expression and, above all, body position (those arms!) remind anyone else of Superman swooping off on some noble mission?

    I prefer my fantasies in separate containers, I’m afraid!

  • Lisa

    Indra, Jo has never said that there was a graveyard at Hogwarts. It was Alfonso Cuaron who said she said it. Later, when 2 fans asked her about it (Owen Jones and Melissa Anelli) she said fans made the graveyard up.
    Link: http://www.accio-quote.org/articles/2005/0705-edinburgh-jones-official.html

  • beauxbatons

    I must admit that it would be very satisfactory, from a literary point of view, if either the Philosopher’s Stone or the Chamber of Secrets were a part of DH’s plot. Something very important would have been there, under our eyes, since the beginning… What a twist ! But wasn’t it already the case with the Horcruxes (the first one being the diary ) ?
    On another topic, I think it’s highly unlikely that the amphitheater is in Godric’s Hollow. Remember the ruins of the Potter house were supposed to be the ruins… of a house, a mere house, nothing but a house… who would live in an amphitheater ? 🙂
    In any case it would have to be somewhere else in Godric’s Hollow…

  • Kacky Snorgle

    About the Hogwarts graveyard: Cuaron said that he wanted to put one into his movie, but that Jo told him that the graveyard was actually on the other side of the castle, near the lake, and that it would be important in a future book.

    Now that we’ve read book six, I think we can determine what Jo was actually trying to say. She didn’t mean that there was already a graveyard by the lake; she meant that Dumbledore’s tomb was going to be placed by the lake. That wouldn’t have made any sense if the Hogwarts grounds already had a graveyard somewhere else!

    But of course, Jo couldn’t tell Cuaron about Dumbledore dying before book six came out. So she just told him that there couldn’t be a graveyard where he wanted one, and she mumbled something vague about the lake, and *he* misinterpreted that to mean that there was already a graveyard by the lake.

    At least, that’s my theory. 🙂

  • Poke

    Touché! I don’t believe in the whole graveyard at Hogwarts theory. Maybe at Godric’s Hollow, but not at Hogwarts. But in response to the moonlight on Hogwarts… why did it turn it REALLY white? I mean, c’mon guys, moonlight can only have so much power to turn something huge and stone-y like to white. I still say something more is the cause to the white Hogwarts.

  • BobbyBritish

    Voldemort seems to be doing the Hitler salute. Is this a possible connection Grindelwald, who was defeated around World War II?

  • I think its very possible the trio ARE being sucked IN to a Gringotts vault.The problem of the gold being outside is irrelevant.We’re looking FROM THE INSIDE of the vault.Harry and Hermione are being sucked in head first, while Ron is sucked in FEET first. (You can see his foot next to Harry’s right hand).The only problem I have is that if this was a raid it wasn’t very well planned since Ron and Hermy are in what I think are dress robes.The only thing I can think of is Harry crashing a party of some sort somewhere that these two are attending and dragging them off.Of cause there are plenty of highly probable explanations for that, and i’m still open to the possibility that this might be Hogwarts.The only possible explanations for the creature on Harry’s back is Dobby,Gringotts Goblin or Kreacher.(could this be the Malfoy or Lestrange account at Gringotts?Kreacher was speakin so fondly of the pure blood families in OOTP wasn’t he?)

  • Wondering what is in front of Harry thats inside a Gringotts Vault that burns with a bright red orange flame….???

  • Hermyhagger

    Throughout the Half-Blood Prince, Rowling makes continual references as to whether Snape is good or bad. I believe that Snape is a protagonist for many reasons. Anyone agree with me??

  • Heidi

    Heck, yeah. Snape, IMHO, will turn out to be completely loyal to Dumbledore and the Order, possibly to the point of sacrificing his own life to prove it.

  • Pete

    A. major events in the books, and
    B. GoF reflected in HP’s glasses on cover of HP&DH

    1. HPSS – stone destroyed, NF dies without the elixir, Quirrell/LV defeated — [(Mirror of Erised)]
    2. HPCoS – chamber discovered, basilisk killed, TR’s diary destroyed, Dobby freed
    3. HPPoA – Sirius freed, Buckbeak saved, Peter Pettigrew exposed; Lupin “exposed”
    4. HPGoF – Cedric Diggory dies, LV returns, Barty Crouch, Jr. exposed & caught; Moody “saved”
    HPOotP – Sirius (the PoA) killed, the Prophecy destroyed, LV & DEs defeated at MoM
    HPHBP – AD dies, HBP/SS exposed, Marvolo’s ring destroyed, DEs defeated at Hogwarts
    HPDH – ?? killed, ?? dies?, ?? exposed, ?? destroyed, ?? saved?


    Dumbledore now took out his wand and tapped three times upon the top of the casket. The lid creaked slowly open. Dumbledore reached inside it and pulled out a large, roughly hewn wooden cup. It would have been entirely unremarkable had it not been full to the brim with dancing blue-white flames.
    Dumbledore closed the casket and placed the goblet carefully on top of it, where it would be clearly visible to everyone in the Hall.
    “Anybody wishing to submit themselves as champion must write their name and school clearly upon a slip of parchment and drop it into the goblet,” said Dumbledore. “Aspiring champions have twenty-four hours in which to put their names forward. Tomorrow night, Halloween, the goblet will return the names of the three it has judged most worthy to represent their schools. The goblet will be placed in the entrance hall tonight, where it will be freely accessible to all those wishing to compete.

    1. Is the GoF merely used to choose TW champions?
    2. Where is it kept between tournaments?
    3. Is it reflected in HP’s glasses on the cover of HPDH?

    definition of a “casket”:

    a small, ornamental box for holding jewels, letters, or other valuable objects.
    a coffin

  • wisemar

    I think J.K.’s comment about something in the Chamber of Secrets playing a larger part in the series is referring to the diary, which we now know is a horcrux.

    I know this has been mentioned already, but maybe the U.S. cover shows the archway and the veil that sirius fell through. However, Maybe it shows it from the OTHER SIDE. I think Harry and Voldemort have stepped through the veil.

  • Poke

    Eneways, in response to Snape: Jo was asked a question about the “redemptive manner of Snape” and she said that she wouldn’t comment on more although there is so much she wanted to say about the matter. In fact, she even went as far as to say that we will find out the answer to this question in book 7. And there’s also this essay in Lexicon:Dumbledore vivens Snapeque bonamicusby Denis Howarth. Read that- it’s very insightful.

  • Sandra

    Yes, Kacky Snorgle, I agree with you about the graveyard. This really makes sense.

    I also think that Snape is loyal to Dumbledore, like Heidi and Hermyhagger. Also for many reasons ;).

    About the US cover: I think it really does look like Harry is summoning/reaching for something and Voldemort is trying to stop it (position of the arms).

    Something else: I am rereading book 6 (again) and I just realized something. Why did Lucius have the diary-horcrux? In “Spinner’s End” it sounds to me that Voldemort entrusted the diary to Bellatrix:

    “-said Bellatrix, flushing,’The Dark Lord has, in the past, entrusted me with his most precious – if Lucius hadn’t – ”

    Most precious –> diary
    Lucius –> made mistake in book 2

    Did Voldemort give the diary to Bellatrix to keep it safe? Would she have known what it was? And because she was in Askaban, Narcissa and Lucius took care of Bella’s belongings. Lucius must have known something about the diary, but everything?

    Could Regulus have found out via Bella that Voldemort had a Horcrux? (That would support the R.A.B. = Regulus theory. Also: I can imagine that the Black-house could have had a book about ultra-dark-Horcrux-like-magic which Regulus might have found interesting, less restricted than the Hogwarts library).

    Bella also did not believe that Voldemort was dead, after he attacked Harry as a baby. Meaning: she knew that the diary was a Horcrux? But if she did, I think she only knew about one, because she was talking about “most precious”. And Voldemort likes to “operate alone”, so he wouldn’t let one person into the whole secret (not safe).

    I also think Bellatrix must have known about the prophecy, when Harry and Neville were babies. I think she tortured the Longbottom’s to find out what was in the prophecy. Dumbledore most likely told it to as little people as possible, for safety reasons, about it. My guess: just the parents of the two boys. So after the attack on Harry, it would make sense for Bella to try and get the information out of the Longbottoms (they wouldn’t attempt Dumbledore).

    So if Bella was entrusted with the diary, would other “most faithfull servants” know about other ones?

  • Sandra

    Wow, I didn’t realize how much I typed… Sorry for that long post…

  • BobbyBritish

    If Harry and Voldemort are on the other side of the veil, then maybe they’re having a sort of no wand duel? Luna and Harry both said they could hear voices, so maybe there are spectators and stuff.

  • It looks like the shadows behind Harry are kind of standing behind him, for support.Voldemortis coming from other place. The placelooks like some kind of a temple. Mabe deathly hallows is dead wizards, good ones who harry somehow managed to bring back from the death. He definitely finds some powerful magic in the book 7.
    Concerning the UK cover – the thing on the armour is something of Ravenclaws maybe. But is neither a dragon nor a snake. something different, in my opinion

  • Reader2

    You’ve been trying to prove that the building on the cover can be a palace, more precisely – the Baxbaton Placae.

    You see, the difference between a castle and a palace is that a castle is built to last through an assault, while a palace is built solely for glamore.
    It’s accessoryes would have to include a lot more than a gold-plated roof.
    For example, decorations along the walls, a few statues are a must.
    On the picture we don’t see any statues, or any other decorations that could get in the way in battle.
    The only decorations I see are the ones on the tower tops, completely acceptible for a castle.
    I strongly recommend that you google “Louvre” to see some pictures of what a palace is supposed to look like.
    May be then you will believe me that what we see in this picture is a castle, more precisely – the Hogwarts castle.

  • Poke

    Wow, Joseph… that was really intelligent. Lol, anyways, anybody notice that Harry isn’t really that badly hurt in the US version as in the UK kid’s? I mean, there’s a little scratch on his cheekbone, but not much. It comforts me to think that maybe Voldy isn’t much of a fight after all (um, not). My theory: as soon as Voldy and Harry step through the veil/that archway, leading to the arena, they got their “HP” restored (vid-game mentality here, haha). And yeah, I agree that the souls are right behind Harry but just onlooking. I’m almost about to bet my money that this entire scene happens on All Hallow’s Day, again bringing up the whole other scenario about how the veil is really thin on All Hallows Day and spirits can actually come and go as they please through it. If spirits can get through it, Harry and Voldy can. And if they can’t because they’re human (although I can hardly call Voldy human), then we can rest on the fact that Harry may have “help” from the other side, meaning Sirius… YUSSSSS. Lol. My mind is going crazy with these possibilities!

  • Pat Pat

    Reader2, we are going to have to agree to disagree here. There are many examples of palaces that do not have lavish decorations on the outside. The Palais des Papes in Avignon for example. The Louvre is only one example. not every palace must be glamorously decorated.

    i’m not saying that the building on the cover is definitely not hogwarts or is definitely Beauxbatons. I’m simply saying that I don’t think we can dismiss the possibility simply because we heard beauxbatons referred to as a palace once by Fleur.

  • (US cover)
    Has anyone noticed that harry is wearing green robes? Is this some indication that slytherin is more important than in any of the books? Or maybe that Harry found something of slytherins?
    And, like I said before, I strongly think the neaklace on Harry has an ‘s’ or a snake on it (I notice VERY small details)
    And is it just me or is Harry’s right hand gray and blackend?(or is that just shadow?)
    And why is there a rock among the wood, Over on the right of Harry?
    And is it significant that Harry is looking the same way that he did in CS?
    He is looking up to the left (of himself)Maybey there is a huge connection to CS, espeicially with his green robes(slytherin is a large part of that theme)Maybey Fawkes s back(?), or like others said, he’s reaching for a Horcrux. Hey, Maybe Fawkes IS a Horcrux. . .hmmm that would go with the theory that Fawkes was Gryffindors, but, then again, Fawkes was with Dumbledore. . .

    And is there any connection to the orange sky and the orange veils?
    Also, to shoot down the thoery that this is in the MoM, I thought that the veil was purple or black, not orange.

    Harry and voldy both seem to be reaching for the same thing,too.

    Just some speculations and observations . . .

  • Ginny_Bonnie

    To BobbyBritish,
    Great idea, I never thout of that. (even though I don’t think it is in the MoM)=)

  • BobbyBritish

    Maybe Harry’s wearing his dress robes on the UK cover. Anyways, they could be in Gringotts and that thing with the sword could be not a house-elf, but a goblin. Griphook maybe? And if it is Gringotts, the goblin could be trying to get rid of trespassers with a sword in the vault.

  • BobbyBritish

    The goblins could have joined Voldemort’s army. In OotP, Lupin says, “If they’re [the goblins] are offered freedoms we’ve been denying them for centuries they’re going to be tempted. Have you still not had any luck with Ragnok, Bill?” If this theory proves to be true, then Ragnok will almost certainly be intoduced in Deathly Hallows.

  • Reader2

    Fleur did more than just refer to Baxbaton as a palace, she described it as a glamorous place. Although, she was describing the inside, her description did give the impression of a very fancy place, intended to compete with Louvre.
    As for the stracture in the book cover, it not only lacks the glomre of a palace, but actually has features of a castle. Such as long and thin windows, comfortable for shooting arrows (or rather spells) at the attackers, but hardly presentable, or the fact that it has a bit of high ground under it – a must for a castle.
    While JKR might have a problem with math, she is an expert on history and arts. She is very careful when it comes to what is lokated where and what places and characters are supposed to look like. She would never allow a palace to look like a castle.

    Why would a goblin need a sword?
    Goblins are capable of wandless magic, they can solve their problems without weapons.
    The same question goes to everyone who thinks that the thing on Harry’s back is Dobby (or any other house-elf).
    House-elfs seem to have no more use for swords than goblins do.

  • Sandra

    Just a thought: are the covers of the books considered to be canon? I mean, every detail? I’m not sure whether all the details on the UK drawing, for example the creature sitting on Harry’s back, might just be an interpretation of the artist. So they would draw what they think Hogwarts, or Beaubatons or a house elf or a goblin look like. Maybe we can compare it to their previous covers? The goblin or house elf: at the back of the UK book 5 there’s the picture of the statues in the Atrium. When I get home I’ll take a look to see what the goblin and the house elf look like…

  • Hermy

    Well, the goblin or house elf could just be holding it for the time being because Harry needs it.

    As for the curtain’s I don’t know if it was mentioned before , but I think in SS/PS the curtains were there for the beginning and now the curtains are closing because it is the end.

    Anyway I like the covers.

  • SRBar

    I know alot of people believe that that castle on the back of the UK cover is Hogwarts. I believed it myself until I counted the windows on each floor, plus the towers. Unless they have windows positioned at different heights on each floor, there’s way too many. Are there any existing pictures of hogwarts we can use to compare?

  • Sandra

    Not by the same artist I think…

  • Matthew

    Just two things:

    I remember JKR saying once in an interview that Sirius had to be dead, because this will be important for the future plot. Can’t find this statement anymore. What do you think about this: Sirius went through the vail. He joined the souls (people, stuff … whatever) on the other side. And now back in this room, HP will get support from “behind” the vail. Otherwise: Maybe he went through as well. That’s why we look out from the side “before” the vail and are able to see those souls in the back of Harry. That’s why Sirius death was important…

    I also thought about the armour piece and the helmet. If we agree both pieces belong to the same suit I think that the sword is the third part. If this is Gryffindor’s sword and since the sword is “the only known relic” (HBP) of him [until now], the picture can’t show a place within Hogwarts. But that would fit in the vault theory. Maybe HP found further remaining relics of Gryffindor at Gringott’s. Why should AD necessarily know about other remaining stuff? As we have seen, he is (or was) not always right.

    Last question: Is it an house-elf holding the sword and did he bring it from Hogwarts??? I still doubt it. I still believe it’s a goblin but I’m not so sure anymore. Reader2 wrote: “Goblins are capable of wandless magic, they can solve their problems without weapons.” Where did he get this piece of information from?

  • Matthew

    Sorry for my terribly English. It’s not my native language as you’ve possibly recognised.

  • Sandra

    About Sirius having got to die: I remember that Jo said something like “Harry has to this alone, without a protagonist”. So that meant that Sirius and also Dumbledore needed to die.

    Though, I am not ruling out the “going through the ministry veil at Halloween”. But if Harry AND VOLDEMORT have gone through the veil, it might mean that they know they will be able to come back again. I don’t think Voldemort would just step through it, if he doesn’t think he could go back and not be dead.

    Hmmm, unles he believes that he has still got Horcruxes and will be able to return. Haha, imagine tempting cocky Voldemort through… But I don’t really believe this will happen.

    About the house elves: in book 2 we see that Dobby has got very powerful magic. So you could say that he doesn’t need a weapon.

    By the way Matthew, I don’t think your English is terrible at all. But, this is of course coming from another nonnative speaker 😉

  • Poke

    NOT Halloween- Halloween is the day BEFORE All Hallow’s Day, it’s called Hallow’s Eve. All Hallow’s Day is when the veil is indeed at its thinnest point. So that’s that day Harry and Voldy MAY cross the veil. 🙂 BTW, Matthew, you’re cool. Your English is fine. Where are you guys from?

  • Reader2

    OK, I admit, me looking at every detail of the structure on the back of the cover has nothing to do with Harry Potter. I just happen to be a bit of a stick-in-the-mud when it comes to hystorical accuracy. Couldn’t help discussing the difference between “castle” and “palace”.
    I know, I know, I need to get a life.
    As for goblins with weapons:
    There is an entry on this very site about B.O.G. fighting for the right to carry wands. It sounds like goblins can make use of wands, but can still make it without them.
    At the same time, goblin guards at Gringotts did not have any visible weapons.
    If they had no waepons and no wands, that leaves wandless magic.

  • Hedwig June

    Lisa: I *heart* your idea that the symbol contains letters! Let’s see…”L”, “O”, “V”….is there an “E” in there somewhere? Ah, there! If you rotate the rune clockwise, cut off the right half of the triangle, and ignore the circle bit, you get an “E”!
    So, the symbol spells out “L.O.V.E”?

    U R crazy, Hedwig.

    I know.

  • SarahW

    I believe that the symbol on the spine of the UK children’s cover is a bas-relief carving in marble, and that it is basically a 2-D representation of a 3-D object/symbol. I think the line is supposed to be the front leg of a 3-D triangle (pyramid) with a 3-D circle (sphere or eye) within it. I think it is meant to represent the knowledge and protection Harry will need on his quest, the objects he is seeking after (souls within objects) and the places he’ll have to go to find those objects – hidden chambers and such.

  • Mistral

    To Wisemar
    You could be right about the Chamber of Secrets. But somehow I do not think, that was the last we have seen of it! If Voldemort is able to invade Hogwarts, I am sure that he would go straight away to the CoS! Let’s not forget he has not been able to return to it for many years!

    To Sandra
    I agree with you that Bellatrix Lestrange gave the “Diary” to Narcissa or Lucius Malfoy – before she was sent to Azkaban. She could scarcely take it with her; even though her precious Dark Lord gave it to her….how she must hated that…!
    But she did not go after the “Longbottoms” because of the “Prophecy”. Jo said on her Website: I quote:
    The Lestranges were sent after Neville to kill him
    No, they weren’t, they were very definitely sent after Neville’s parents. I can’t say too much about this because it touches too closely on the prophecy and how many people knew about it, but the Lestranges were not in on the secret.
    I believe she knew about at least ONE Horcrux – this the reason she tortured Frank and Alice Longbottom (also because that woman is insane) – she was absolutely convinced Voldemort was NOT death.

  • Kacky Snorgle

    Mistral, your comment just made me think–if the reason for Bellatrix’s great loyalty to Voldemort was that she knew about a Horcrux, then perhaps we should be guessing that the other loyal Death Eater, Barty Crouch jr., knew about another one.

    Hmm…and we know that the Crouches were one of the old pure-blood families, so maybe they’ll turn out to have been descendants of Ravenclaw, and maybe they’ll have had some family heirloom that got Horcruxed by Voldemort, and maybe Harry will have to work that out during book seven.

    Clearly that’s a complete wild guess, but it *would* fit into the plot pretty well….

  • Time turner

    This is my first commeny and I hope it’s helpful.

    Does anyone see harry’s scar?

  • The scar is visible in both covers, just easier to see in the UK version.

  • Tim

    Or maybe the castle is Durmstrang…

  • Poke

    It amazes me how many people have taken their time to actually ANALYZE the covers so THOROUGHLY… I mean, it’s nuts! I don’t think a book has been examined like this with such in depth thought! But here’s another, just to add to the slew of things that has gotten ppl’s heads spinning in speculation of DH’s plot: did anyone think about how the Patronus could be a huge part of this? Like, maybe it’s actually a symbolism of James, a spirit of him, which leads (AGAIN) to the veil and what’s behind it. Spirits and dead souls… And it does look like the stag is smiling, in triumph or maybe even the fact that Harry gets to be with his parents after all these years… hmm. Harry’s gonna die guys, no doubt about it.

  • tlew41

    First thoughts – The two different covers are obviously different scenes from DH. Dumbledore tells Harry that after he destroys all the horcruxes, he will need to destroy the final living Voldemort who still posesses strength and powers. So, I am in agreement with others who say the one cover is Harry, Hermione and Ron getting forced into a Gringotts vault. I say forced rather than sucked because of the direction of the hair but they most likely are going in rather than out because they are looking for horcruxes. The other scene is probably the final scene in the book after Harry has destroyed all the horcruxes and finally must deal with Voldemort. In DH, the six horcruxes need to be accounted for. We know the ring was destroyed by Dumbledore and the diary was destroyed by Harry. There are four additional horcruxes plus Voldemort to make seven. One is probably the snake – Nagini -etiher in a crystal ball or trapped in some type of container – the locket – real locket, not RAB’s locket – the one on the cover, something of Gryffindor’s and something of Hufflepuff’s – possibly the sword and the cup (in Hepziba Smith’s vault – with the goblin made armor). Perhaps this is the reflection in Harry’s glasses – a goblet and the sword is brought by Dobby to be destroyed also.

    Some interesting questions remain – if harry is indeed squaring off with Voldemort then all the other horcruxes are destroyed and it is not a locket around his neck but something else – hopefully to help him destroy Voldemort. I agree with others who say he is most likely calling something to himself and Voldemort is trying to fend it off. It could be death.
    In an interview with JKR – she mentioned that Cuaron inadvertently put something into the movie that would be important later. It was most likely the graveyard. I think they are at Godric’s Hollow.

  • hamburglar

    There’s nothing odd about the grass being green when the trees are bare, on the UK kiddie cover. That’s normal! Unless there’s frost or snow, or people have been churning the grass up, it stays green through the winter.

  • Reader2

    You just had to poke with that one, didn’t you?
    Drumstrang is supposed to be up in snowy mountains, not on green grass by a forrest.
    I am not saying that Drumstrang and Baxbaton are insignificant.
    In fact, I would love to know more aboout them.
    They are just not significant enough to be shown on the cover of the final book.
    Hogwarts is the only place that adds up nicely.

  • redskinmaniac7392

    After some more research (lol) in other forums, I found really interesting thoughts by various ppl about the whole plot of HPDH.

    Although (according to Accio Quote) that JK saying that “everything you need to know to figure things out is in Book 1” is a rumor (and I totally agree it’s a rumor b/c what JK actually said was that she got rid of chappies that had so many things that gave away the whole plot, so it is actually not in Sorcerer’s. But hey, maybe she put some subtle clues in Sorcerer’s… think an author’s mentality here, especially Jo’s. She probably figured out an ingeneous way to weave some pcs. of the chappies that she had to clip out.

    So, without anymore nonsense ramblings, lemme get to my point 🙂 (hehe)… people all over HP forums are talking about the 7 tasks Harry had to overcome to get to the Stone. I’ll put them in order, along with how they pertain to each Harry Potter book so far (my friends and I came up with them one lengthy Español class):

    1) Fluffy (HPSS)- I forget how it connects to Sorcerer’s (Gotta have another intellectual convo about HP, maybe on the bus)but I’ll post that later when I remember.
    2) Devil’s Snare (HPCoS)- Since the Devil’s Snare is like UNDERGROUND, it’s kinda like the Chamber of Secrets, which is a place where you have to “fall” to, like the Devil’s Snare.
    3) Flitwick’s Flying Keys and Harry with Broomsticks (HPPoA)- BUCKBEAK FLIES!!!!!! And Harry fell from his broomstick when the Dementors came…
    4) Chessboard (HPGoF)- Well, since Harry had to go through a maze, the chessboard is kind of like the Third Task… um… heh
    5) Troll (HPOotP)- Yeah, um… since Quirrell already took care of the troll, this probably explains how OotP is like the transition b/w GoF and HBP… I dunno, my reasons are looking bleak every moment…)
    6) Potions Riddle (HPHBP)- Okay, now, my words are vindicated… this task was all about Snape. And HBP is Snape 🙂
    7) Mirror of Erised (HPDH)- Here’s the showdown of all this: Jo did mention that the two-way mirror thing that Sirius gave him would actually play a part in book 7. So maybe that’s one way the Mirror of Erised could connect to book 7…

    Okay guys! Those are our interpretations… clever, no? Hehe. But please, if you have something to add on to these, comment!

  • Karen L

    So, I am trying to amuse myself by figuring out how big the new book is. I measured the UK children’s cover and set up a ratio between the spine section and the front section. However, I need the measurements of a standard UK HP book. How about HBP? Comparing the ratio with the American version of HBP, I estimate the books are roughly the same size. But, as I said I don’t know the measurements of the British version.

  • Phil

    I think tink on the U.S. Cover both Harry and H.W.M.N.B.N. are reaching for the sword of Gryffindor that is on the U.K. cover but.
    I’m just wondering how much the previous book covers have given away of the plot betewen them. I think were all just too starved for new information.

    When do the other countrys covers come out? 🙂

  • jo


  • MrM

    I wondered why didn`t Fawks come in front of dumbeldore and sacrifice himself just like in ootp or somehow helped him like helping in CoS ?!any idiea(i khnow here is not for this oponions buT …!??!!!)

  • Sandra

    to jo, I think it means “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”

  • Sandra

    To Mistral:

    But I didn’t say that they were sent to kill Neville. I think they went for Neville’s parents, just like Jo said. And my guess to why they went after Neville’s parents is that they wanted to find out what the entire prophecy was, which would give them a clue of what happened to Voldemort. But of course you’re right, it’s just a theory ;)!

    to Reader2:

    No, I love it when people are really discussing everything in so much detail!!! Hey, I’m just about an addict to this page myself, haha! And besides, now I know the difference between a castle and palace too, so I learnt something new :D!

    to Poke:

    I’m from the Netherlands. (That explains why I have all these am-middle-of-the-night-posts, it’s just daytime here :)).

    About the UK-cover goblin/house elf thing:

    I looked at the UK book 5 cover, at the back of the book there’s the statue in the ministery. But alas, on that picture the goblin and house elf look more or less the same. So we still can’t tell whether it’s a goblin or house elf on the UK kids cover of book 7…

    About palace/castle also of the UK kids cover:

    No reference on previous UK books… Only books 5-7 have been done by the same artist. We do see Hogwarts at book 2, but drawn by somebody else.

  • Poke

    Sandra- yeah, I was wondering about that, ’cause like, I was thinking that maybe some people are so obsessive that they’re at Lexicon 24 hours! (lol, kinda like me…) That’s cool!

  • Sandra

    Poke- haha, I’m actually feeling a bit guilty about looking at this site so much… (I’m usually at work, but try to take shorter breaks to compensate). So where are you from?

    to MrM: I think that story-wise Dumbledore had to die at the end of book 6.

    to Phil:

    The Dutch cover is usually released some time before the translation is released if I remember correctly from last times.

  • Poke

    Proud Virginian. lol. I’m on Lexicon like, all day (even at school like now, ;-))

    Anyone ever think that all seven books are parallel to each other?

    SS and DH- Dunno yet, but it’s a possibility
    CoS and HBP- Don’t have time to think, but you guys do!
    PoA and OotP- It’s all about Sirius
    GoF- Middle.

    THINK!!!!!! Hehe.

  • Alphard

    I think it is Dobby on the UK Childrens Front Cover, who else would Harry allow to ride his back.

    to Poke
    you were right
    SS/PS and DH – Start and End (we dont know much more for sure)
    CoS and HBP – are about Horcruxes mostly (CoS more about the trouble one (Horcrux) can make)
    PoA and OotP – was about Sirius, and in the End telling parts of Harrys History
    Gof – yes Middle and also turning Point and in Harry case end of beeing a child (watching Cedric die),also parting of the ways

    By the way I am from Germany (I apologize for my english).

  • Beldandy

    Re: Snape Good or Bad?
    Jo once said that there was a scene in PoA that took her breath away because the film makers had inadvertently stumbled upon an important fact concerning the outcome of the entire story. My theory is that this breath-taking scene has to do with Snape. When Lupin’s werewolf appeared Snape, who was unconscious in this scene in the book, but awake in the movie, places himself between the trio and Lupin/werewolf. I think this is a BIG hint as to Snape’s true self: He is willing to sacrafice himself in order to protect the trio, even Harry!
    What say you all, eh?
    PS: Proud CANADIAN here!

  • Beldandy

    PPS: Also totally obsessed about “HP”!

  • Poke

    Lol, Beldandy… that’s a pretty good insight on that. I was thinking about that too, and I was actually planning to watch the 3rd movie but I don’t have time b/c 8th grade is KILLING ME.

  • Mistral

    To Sandra:
    Sorry Sandra, its a misunderstanting. I know you didn’t say Bella and co. were sent to kill Neville. This happened because I put the whole quote from Jo’s website in – I did not leave enough space to let you see which were my words!
    By the give, we are almost neighbors – I from Switzerland and like you – write my comments when our friends in the US are still sleeping 🙂
    I wish everybody a happy Easter and give my thanks to the HP Lexicon, that we are aloud to give so freely our own opinion – even though English is not our native tonque. 😉

  • MrM

    Didn`t dumbldore know about UV between Snap and narcisa if he know why he didnt admit draco `s saying about iT?!

  • Hi everyone,

    I would just like to congratulate all of you on writing so many exciting stuff for this discussion. I do not add my comments very often, but it is just great to read yours. So many ideas. I really wonder how the thinks will turn out in the end.
    Regarding the covers: I expect the creature on Harrys back to be Dobby. I agree with Alphard, who wrote that who else would it be, who else would Harry let to ride on his back. And I say that in the books there is no other as significant creature as Dobby is. They are maybe in the vault, but that is hard to guess. There are so many options. I am not sure about the castle, or palace. I think it is Hogwarts. The silver colour is just the sign that it is the place of the hope and good, white magic in HP world. Maybe the last one at that particular situation in the books. The mist, or clouds next to it, this confrontation could mean some expectations of a decisive battle.
    On the US picture, it definitely seems to me like Harry is calling something to him while Voldemort is trying to keep it at the place where it is. And the scene is outside, I guess.
    And the power Voldemort does not respect, which he keeps overseeing is love. Maybe in the last part, the people just show him that they are not afraid of him at all and it is worth dying for friends and others and he will not be able to stand this feelings.
    By the way, I am from the Czech Republic. The heart of Europe which the people here like to say.

  • SRBar

    When Jo talked in an interview about the POA movie foreshadowing the final book, she mentioned one scene when Lupin was talking to Harry on the bridge. The conversation went as follows.

    Lupin – “You know, the very first time I saw you Harry, I recognized you immediately. Not by your scar… by your eyes. They’re your mother, Lily’s. Yes, oh yes, I knew her. Your mother was there for me at a time when no one else was. Not only was she a singularly gifted witch, she was also an uncommonly kind woman. She had a way of seeing the beauty in others, even and perhaps, most especially, when that person could not see it in themselves. And your father, James, on the other hand, he had a certain talent for trouble. A talent, rumor has it, he passed on to you. You’re more like them than you know, Harry. In time, you’ll come to see just how much.

    Here’s the thing to think about. From what we’ve read in the books, and seen in the movie, the first time Lupin sees Harry, he is unconscious from the dementor attack. So how could lupin recognize harry by his eyes rather than his scar if his eyes are closed when Lupin sees him? This means that lupin had to have met Harry earlier in his life, maybe when Harry was a baby. But throughout the entire series, Lupin isn’t mentioned as being around the Potters when Harry is a baby. So how did Lupin recognize Harry by his eyes the first time he saw him?

    Just something to think about.

  • SRBar

    BTW does anyone else think Harry could be Griffindor’s heir? I’ll give my opinion why this would fit later. Gotta go to work now.

  • To SRBar:

    No, Harry isn’t Gryffindor’s heir. Jo said in an interview.

  • Alphard

    To SRBar:

    First this (the Scene on the Bride) is from the Movies only, therefore no canon. Nevertheless could Lupin have seen Harry bevor the Potters were going in hiding.
    BTW nobody ever said the Potters lived in Godrics Hollow, they were there to hide under the Filius Charm.

  • Sandra

    to Mistral:

    Thanks nearly-neighbour, now I understand! So I can rule out that theory and proceed to others 😉 By the way, I always think it’s fun to see in the morning what our US-fellow-HP-addicts have written 😀

    to Beldandy and SRBar:

    I think you’ve both got good points about what might have been foreshadowed in the 3rd movie. Maybe they even can be combined? Lily told James off for jinxing Snape, and didn’t seem unkind to Snape untill he called her a mudblood. So maybe she also saw good in Snape? He was probably angry at the whole world at that moment anyway, but that doesn’t mean that he always hated her.
    I once read on a forum a theory that Dumbledore might trust Snape, because Snape may have loved Lily. The person who came up with it thought that Snape might have felt remorse after telling Voldermort about half the prophecie, because he realized that Lily was probably going to get killed. This might have brought about a change in him, caring for other people. I think that a story like that would convince Dumbledore.

    Another option of what could be foreshadowed: Dementor really specifically going for Harry in the train. The dementors were breeding at the start of book 6, so they might cause more trouble? Or it foreshadowed the dementor-attack of book 5 maybe.

    Oh, and another thing to SRBar:

    Maybe this was a mistake in the movie? I think it makes more sense that Lupin recognized Harry by his scar and because he looked like James? The film maker maybe forgot that Harry had his eyes closed when Lupin first saw him? I know that 3rd movie was in a list of the movies with the greatest number of continuity mistakes of that year…
    But really good thinking of you, SRBar!

    to Poke:

    Keep hanging on there! I know school can be tough ;)By the way, I think it was a great idea of you to ask where everybody is from! 😀

    I would also like to thank the Lexicon that we’re all allowed to type so many ideas :D. Happy Easter to everybody! Or “Vrolijk Pasen” like we say in Dutch. And I hope people will keep posting ideas here :D! (Loving it)

  • Matthew

    Just a comment which has nothing to do with this nice “chat”:
    I’m really glad nobody came out yet with the stuff this guy from Bloomsbury gave to the media. I’ve heard it by accident on radio and was really, really, really upset about it. I want to read the last piece of the plot by myself and I hope I won’t find any more spoiler!!! Nevertheless, I love to speculate on the story – like you.

    BTW there are so many people out there far away from being a little guy (or girl) anymore and they are still fascinated by HP-Stories. That’s just great!!!
    My last one for now: I’m from Germany.

  • Poke

    SRBar- dude, even tho’ the books never metion that Lupin may not have been around when Harry was a baby, but he was one of James’ best friends… why wouldn’t have he been around? It’s common sense to have seen Harry even maybe DAYS after he was born. As for the Lupin in the movie, that’s probably just script error or dramatization. Remember, the movie isn’t really that reliable. They usually twist things around 🙁 which is kinda sad.

  • Angela Alvarez

    Hi! Thanks for all your great comments and true insight. I never post but always read what others have to say. I have two thoughts.
    1) I think the scene in POA that foreshadows #7 might be when Hermione and Ron are looking at the shrieking shack and Malfoy sneers if they are looking at their future home. Since they are clearly going to end up together and I’m guessing Hermione will end up working in public service (SPEW) and Ron probably an Auror, they won’t have too much money. The shrieking shack would be a pretty inexpensive place to buy & big enough to fill with a bunch of red headed babies 🙂
    2) Of course none of us know, but IF the uk children’s cover is the trio being sucked into a vault & they’re trying to escape. The house elf on Harry’s back could be Kreacher trying to pull him back in, there by trapping him & stopping him from bringing down LV.
    What do you think?
    p.s. I’m from California 🙂

  • There’s something else we have to say here: In all 3 covers there’s no single wand to be seen. Isn’t this weird? Especially the US cover with Voldemort and Harry on it. And that’s when I have to think of the prophecy:

    “…either must die at the HAND of the other…”

    What d’you think?

  • Sandra

    to Angela Alvarez:

    1. I nearly forgot about Ron and Hermione obviously being attracted to each other in movie 3! Yes, you’re right. Don’t know about the shrieking shack, though 😉
    2. Never thought of that! But then I’d expect Harry to look a bit more worried 😉 or turning around 😀 Besides, he’s Kreachers master now, so Kreacher probably couldn’t do something to stop Harry. He had to shut up when Harry told him to at the beginning of book 6, and harming or stopping Harry is of course a lot worse…

    Just a wild thought about Ron and Hermione’s dress robes: could they be in their wedding clothes? Not of Fleur and Bill’s wedding, but their own? 😀

  • Mistral

    To Lisa-Maire
    Exactly, no wand to be seen. That’s why I support the idea that they are either “beyond the Veil” or in that closed room Dumbledore talked about to Harry in OotP! Maybe beyond those places a “wand does not work”?

    To Sandra:
    Nice idea about Hermione and Ron being in their wedding-robes – but I think not….they are only 17 – 18 years old! Don’t think Mrs. Weasley would allow them getting married so young! As I said before, I assume they are coming from Fleur and Bill’s wedding – or from their own graduation-ball! There must be a reason why Harry’s clothes are already so tattered and their’s still more or less in shape! What do you think, maybe he got to them to get their help?

  • Alphard

    to Lisa Marie:

    On the UK Childrens Covers there were only on HBP wands, so this is not that weird. And on tho UK Adult Covers there were never wands, as far as I now.

    to Angela Alvarez:

    1. Very interesting I do agree to the jobs you see for them, but i dont think Harry will ever become a auror he will become maybe some sort of Dark Wizard Catcher out side the Ministry like Dumbledore.

    2. Harry had to learn the hard way how he had to deal with House-elfs(Kreacher and Sirius’s “Get out”)

    to Sandra:

    Do you really really think they will marry that fast, but I only joking :).

  • Pat Pat

    As far as Lupin recognizing Harry, I always thought the following line from the book was odd: “Harry didn’t ask how Professor Lupin knew his name.” POA5

    I never understood why Jo put that in because, to me, it was obvious. Not only does Harry look exactly like James, but, just five minutes before, Ron and Hermione were trying to wake Harry up by slapping his face and saying “Harry, Harry, are you all right?” Clearly, with those two clues, Lupin could figure out who he was since James was one of his best friends. How, Harry didn’t know this at the time, so I always assumed that the statement was just foreshadowing of what was to come. I think the whole thing about Lupin recognizing him by his eyes is just movie contamination. However, I think the part on the bridge MAY be what JKR was referring to but for a different reason. Lupin states that Lily saw the good in people who maybe couldn’t see it in themselves. Perhaps this refers to Snape?

  • Sandra

    Oh, no I wasn’t really serious about Ron and Hermione getting married this soon :D.

  • Sandra

    Hmm about the robes, I don’t think Ron and Hermione were expecting to be in a dangerous situation, not exactly camouflage right? But Harry probably was, wearing something dark and unconspicuous. (Sorry for double-posting).

  • Mistral

    To Sanda:
    That is why I assume they are in the “Chamber of Secrets”! Why would Ron and Hermione go to Gringott’s in those dress robes? Of course they could of apparated there – don’t remember at the moment if it is possible to apparate into the Wizard bank so easily – I mean Gringott’s is protected probably like Fort Knox!

  • To Alphard.
    I am sorry, but are you sure there were wands in HBP or only at HBP on UK covers? There is Dumbledore with it in OOP. But damn it, it is just a detail.

  • Heidi

    **Quote:**Lupin states that Lily saw the good in people who maybe couldn’t see it in themselves. Perhaps this refers to Snape? **End Quote**

    That’s what I’ve always thought. It would make the most sense in connection with Snape and his his guilt over alienating Lily (see Snape’s Worst Memory) and ultimately being instrumental in her death.

  • Hey,

    Ijust now came to one thought thanks to Eeyore http://eeyoresreflections.blogspot.com/ , I found a link on some http://eeyoresreflections.blogspot.com/

    Look how Harrys hand is turnedand opened. What would you try to catch with your hand like this??? A ball, maybe. What if harry is trying to catch the glass ball – in which the last part of Voldemort´s soul is. Remember the prophecy – either will die in the hand of the other – or something like this.
    What do you think? This might be a bit close to the truth. What do you think people?

  • Hey,
    Ijust wrote my thougths and itis nowhere.Look at Harry is holding his hand. Thanks to http://eeyoresreflections.blogspot.com/ and hogwartsprofessor.com I came to an idea. What would you try to catch with the hand turned like Harry???? A ball. Harry is catching the ball, the ball with the snake inside. While Voldemort is trying to repell it. The prophecy is: EITHER WILL DIE IN THE HAND OF THE OTHER, or something like this, I think. What if the glass ball ihalts last part of LV´s soul? And Harry can kill him like this? That is possilbe I think.

  • sorry if my previous comment is too short and a bit confused, but just try to think of it. This would give sense.

  • Dracofan

    According to the book, the Death Chamber, where the veil is located, is a rectangular room. The place that Volde and Harry are looks to be a circular space. Still, it could be beyond the veil. That would make sense, as far as the people witnessing the scene.

    I had the idea that Harry is hearing Pheniox song, which would put him at peace, and he is holding out his arm for Fawkes. Pheniox song is about Hope, and everything that is true. Volde doesn’t understand that, therefore he is frightened and trying to hold if off.

    As far as the UK Version. I think it is Gringotts. Dumbledores vault maybe. Remember, they need something from Gryffindor that Volde would have made a horcrux of. Maybe Dumbledore was the heir of Gryffindor and his vault may hold something.

    The back of the UK version reminded me of the blast of light from a patronus. maybe the DA are fighting Dementors away from Hogwarts, and the protronus’ are eluminating Hogwarts.

    I am beginning to think that maybe Harry doesn’t die.

  • Lisa

    Happy Easter to you too, from the Lexicon staff. It is so fun to read all the good ideas and evidence here!

    As far as the robes, their normal clothes are visible underneath so I think they were someplace where they were trying them on (Madam Malkins? Another room near the treasure room?).

    And someone likes my initials idea! thanks, Hedwig June!

    –Lisa, who used to live in Mainz, Germany and enjoyed visits to Holland, Spain and France.

  • Loony

    What if the creature behind Harry holding the sword is a leprechaun? And all of the gold is leprechaun gold…

  • Pat Pat

    Lisa, I think that is an excellent idea. Perhaps they were in Madam Malkins trying on dress robes for the wedding (or graduation) and saw something that made them race over to Gringotts. Very good thought.

    Happy Easter to all.

  • Rick

    Just a thought. Don’t know if the US cover might show HP and V “beyond the veil” as some have speculated, or if it might be possible for them to somehow go there while having a chance to come back–but IF those are possible, then maybe Harry is trying to “summon” the curtains that we can see closed, because that will cut off the final chance for either of them to “escape” back to the other side, thereby sacrificing himself to end the danger to his friends posed by Voldemort. Voldemort, of course, would be desperately trying to PREVENT the curtains from closing.

    Maybe? Well, maybe not. :^)

  • I can’t find the quote, but I believe that Jo once said that Hogwarts did not have an official graduation ceremony. We’ve never seen one in the books, right? Everyone just gets on the train and leaves for home.

  • SGBG

    I was just thinking that that emblem of the circle inside the triangle reminds me of the alchemical symbol for the philosophers stone. The actual symbol consists of a circle inside of a sqare in a triangle in a larger circle. Some are split down the middle by a line. I thought that might be important. Also the treasure in the UK cover seems to be Gryffindor themed. And the curtains in the US cover, could that just be like the final curtain, just to symbolize the end of the series? Also in the UK cover it appears that the trio is being sucked into the arch because Hermione’s hair is flying in the oppposite direction and her hands are in the position that looks like she’s trying to grab something. If she was falling inwards her hands would be out flat to embrace the impact. Also the positioning of Ron’s leg would suggest a backward movement. Also the armor has a symbol on it. To me, it looked like a snake making a backwards ‘S’. Well that’s all i got so far

  • MusicNsoccer22

    I think the vault they are falling in on one of the covers is in Gringots, but I think it is Lucius Malfoy’s vault. Voldemort trustss Lucius very much which puts into play the horcruxes that they could be looking for, and in the photo you see alot of gold. Lucius is rich.

  • tlew41

    I think it is very important to check out this link concerning the triangle, circle symbol on the cover art.

    This is probably what the symbol means.

  • M and her Dad

    -Could Harry on the US cover be reaching out to get a sword?
    -On the UK cover, Harry looks much older, almost like Clark Kent.
    -On the UK cover, Harry seems to be reaching out for something, maybe something reflected in his glasses
    -The little guy on his back looks more like a goblin than an elf (I think it’s Gringotts).

  • Silvia

    I loved this cover!!!
    I hope that brazilian’s cover’ll be the same! (^_^)
    By the way, anyone knows when brazilian’s edition will be publish??

  • Rob

    I think that the timeline for Book VII will be different from the first six. All of the previous books involve Harry’s year at Hogwarts. I think it will be action from the first-something significant will happen at the Dursleys, Godric’s Hollow and the Burrow. Answers will come fast and furious and it will all be resolved over the Summer in time for the begining of the year at Hogwarts. This is the first time the trio can go out and look rather than waiting at Hogwarts. Also the length of the book suggests a fast pace and a short time period.

  • SGBG

    RE: Triangle/Circle Symbol
    My friend, Lisa, suggested that the triange could represent male strenghth. Since it’s divided it most likely represents the division of power between LV and Harry. The circle represents eternity, as in good and evil always has and always will exist.

  • Voldemort looks weird

  • pugmarks

    One thought I had regarding the snake in the globe – could it be that Nagini is trapped in it? Hermione uses the same charm to render the globe unbreakable as the one used to capture Rita Skeeter the Beetle in the jar. Then it is simply a matter of summoning it – Hence Harry’s arm raised – and casting it into the veil. One Horcrux destroyed…nice and simple!

  • Someone

    Could they be being sucked into a gringott’s vault on the UK children’s cover

  • Solstice Born

    At the very end of POA sirius wrote to Harry about how he got the Firebolt for him and that the money was taken from his vault 711. Possibly the Black family vault. Maybe Regulus put the Horcrux he stole in there?

  • apeey

    I have read all of the theories and let me say that they are mighty interesting! I seen it mentioned a few times (lol) about the vault being in Gringots. (My vision might be slightly blurry from reading all this however,)About the U.K. book cover does anyone mention that they never figured out who broke into Gringots at all? Could be that they are in fact NOT in the Black family vault because, in ch.3(HBP) Dumbledore states that Harry adds a reasonable amount of gold to his account at Gringots. By the look of things the creature could be a house elf, maybe Kreatcher he worked his majic before and left his master (Sirius) and came back, maybe while they were cleaning the Noble House of
    Black he ganked it and hid it somewhere the Malfoy’s told him hide it. Kreatcher is Harry’s now maybe he made him tell Harry where it was and in his fit to right his wrong he sucks the trio back out (but not before they grab something important). I beleive the full moon is also very significant. Perhaps the person of the order that we are supposed to be getting to know better. Now the U.S. cover,I am a firm beleiver that the orange curtains are that of the archway behind the black veil. Only that we are seeing them from the other side. NOT in the ampitheater room but from the room (mentioned in ch.37 pg. 843) that always remains locked. QUOTE ” I haven’t any powers he hasn’t got , I couldn’t fight the way he did tonight. I can’t possess people or- or kill them-” “There is a room in the Department of Mysteries,” Dumbledore interrupted, “that is kept locked at all times. It contains a force that is at once more wonderful and more terrible than death, than human intelligence, than forces of nature. It is also, perhaps, the most mysterious of the subjects for study that reside there. It is the power held within that room that you possess in such quantities and which Voldemort has not at all. That power that took you to save Siris tonight. That power also saved you from possession by Voldemort, because he could not bear to reside in a body so full of the force he detests. In the end, it mattered not that you could not close your mind. It was your heart that saved you.” (Which in the HBP ch. 23 pg. 509 the power he has that Voldemort has not is love.)So I therefore believe they are in that room and the mysterious thing that Harry is summoning is the “whispers behind the veil”. Those are the faceless figures watching Harry and Voldemort. Maybe just maybe Voldemort sees this and is trying to repel them, but can he? Just my theory thanks for reading!!!

  • apeey

    sorry the thing he ganked -the locket
    and Dumbledore has mentioned several times that there are far worse things than death. I just feel that there is something that has to do with that room that always remains locked at the department of mysteries

  • Matthew

    Apeey, even if I don’t agree with your vault theory, I think there might be some right points in your idea about the locked room. I still believe we will find lots of stuff that will straighten all the curves of the story (or most of them) up. And there are many curves and questions … For example – this room! It was important to mention it, to become a thing of interest to HP and to us. But then – we got nothing else about it. The vail – quite the same. Godric’s Hollow. Bill the werewolf (moonlight and werewolf – Apeey, you are just great! But what about the open door and the smoke?). Gringott’s – etc. I just can’t wait anymore …

  • Jen

    Any one notice that Harry’s scar seems to be missing??

  • SGBG

    Jen, i think i see a part of the scar behind Harry’s hair, but an interesting point would be that in both this cover and the cover of HBP, the scar is much less noticable than in the other books.

  • the-dreamer

    The locket on the UK-adult cover is striking, but I find myself disappointed that the “heavy golden locket” with “an ornate, serpentine S” looks like it’s a flowery vine … I personally envision the S being a snake.

    Misc observations … On both US and UK-child cover, no one has wands. On UK-child cover, Ron and Hermione appear to be suprised or fearful, their gestures rather wild, but Harry looks determined, the Lexicon analysis says his hands are in a “warding or conjuring gesture”. On the US cover, Harry’s upturned gesture seems to be reaching or summoning, while Voldy’s (to me) seems to be a gesture of warding off … does he seem almost afraid to anyone else? One interpretation (even though tainted by my love of super!Harry scenarios) could be Harry invoking wandless magic of some sort. Also, the thought just now came to me of Harry (US cover) reaching up towards an off-stage Fawkes … no idea why that came to mind, unless it’s the colors of the sky.

    Well, enough rambling … 3 months and just over 3 hours to go …

  • the-dreamer

    Arghh … I forgot to mention one other point … The back of the UK cover with the castle (Hogwarts or other) … the discrepancy between the dead tree and the green lawn … does that side of the castle appear to be covered in ice? Dementors maybe?

    And … the snake in the glass … possibly one of Trelawney’s crystal balls showing Nagini … maybe confirming her as a Horcrux?

    ok … now I’m gone


  • I had a revelation this week while I was visiting Arlington, VA where there is a huge cemetery of U.S. war dead and Presidents, etc. We didn’t have a lot of time and the place is HUGE so we visited JFK’s grave and the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.” I’m convinced now that GrandPre used the Tomb’s Amphitheater for her cover! I blogged about it here: http://madam-pince.blogspot.com/2007/04/deathly-hallows-cemetary-amphitheater.html

  • lemon drop

    Hello! I love the artwork! Is it really cannon? I mean, Some of the other artworks in the other books aren’t completely connon, right?
    ~lemon drop
    P.S. Great comments everybody!

  • Warin Houseelves

    Apeey, how close I think you are!!!

    I think that Harry, himself, is a horcrux. Voldemort cannot die as long as he is alive, and Harry cannot die because he shares the soul of voldemort. How cool would it be if they indeed DID fall beyond the veil. That “thing” that Dumbledore was speaking of is love. If they fell behind the veil, think of all the support Harry would have to fight Voldemort – his mom, his dad, sirius, dumbledore… just to name a few. I think in the end, Harry will be released from death because of this – he will have fought beyond the veil to the death of his horcrux, and then he will be “reborn” messianically from death to live a life of peace with the living that love him (ginny, hopefully 🙂

    PS: I think its great that Dobby has the sword on the cover – I’ve been saying for years that the house elves were going to get into it in this last book. He and Kreacher WILL fight! Yeah!

  • In the UK cover, it seems as if they are being sucked into Gringotts a/c as griphook(or his subordinate) had said only a true goblin can open it. otherwise u will get sucked into it.
    It may be possible that the very creature hidden behind Harry is Griphook or another Goblin

  • Small-town Girl

    I just have a comment on the apparent “burn” marks on Harry, Ron, and Hermione on the UK Children’s Cover: from reading Tolkien’s novels, and folklore on dragons, would it be possible that a dragon is guarding this “treasure.” I read earlier in the postings that rumor had it there WAS a dragon at Gringotts (something about a posting for a “Dragon Feeder” or something) Just a thought, as to explain the possible burn marks and the looks of fear in Ron and Hermione’s eyes.

  • i think it’s possible that harry’s scar itself is the final horcrux. i remember dumdbledore saying there’s more to the scar then just it’s shape or was it the author jkr who said it?. could it be that voldemort created it by accident and is ignorant of his actions?

  • Poke

    Reread OotP and came to this final conclusion:
    The Death Chamber is where the veil is, which is where the souls are going to come out during All Hallow’s Day (the veil being thin). The cover art of the US version indicates some black shadowed thingies in the background and those are most definitely SOULS because they are in that Death Chamber and the ampitheater… so there is no other conclusion. The cover art of the US version MUST indicate that Death Chamber in the Dept. of Mysteries.

    And the door that Harry tried to open with Sirius’ knife (which caused it to melt) was definitely the door to LOVE. So maybe that will come in handy to defeating Voldemort…

    So DH has to come back to the Dept of Mysteries.

  • Beldandy

    Beinging someone who lives in a cold climate (Canada), I can tell you this much regarding the UK Kiddy back cover: it is very possible to have dead looking trees and green grass. When fall arrives and the trees shed their leaves – they go dormant for the winter thus appearing dead. However, grass will remain green as long as there is no frost. So the events of that scene could be late fall, early winter, before there has been a heavy frost – to me confirming the Hallowe’en theory.

  • Cricket

    I thought the topper on the helmet looked like a dragon too, but could it be a griffin?

  • SGBG

    This is more to do with the title. I really doubt that the hallows are referring to the Horcruxes. In all the other books we have no way of figuring out what the title would mean and I doubt she would make it that obvious.

  • Stinky Pete

    I´ve heard the book is going to be around 780 pages long. Can anybody tell me if this is true or just a rumor? It´d be great if it is going to be thaaat long.Sweet 14 pages longer than Order of the Phoenix (uk edition i´m talking about by the way)!!!

  • @ Stinky Pete:
    No, it’s not going to be that long. The US edition is 784 pages long, but the UK edition is about 100 pages shorter. Sorry!

  • I want to get the movie and I want to get the movie that I save my money up?

  • Matthew

    Why is there a difference of 100 pages between UK and US version? Images? More Background? Or just a different size/kind of type? Any idea???

  • Stinky Pete

    Yeah hundred pages is quite great a difference. But I´ve just checked and there´s a difference of almost 50 pages in HBP and almost a hundred in OotP. Probably the size of the print and the US version containig illustrations. Still 660-680 pages are great any way. I was a bit dissapointed when I saw that HBP was shorter than OotP and GoF. Isn´t it crazy how short book 1,2 and 3 were. I´m just craving a good long last book before it ends. What a sad day it´ll be when I finish that last page,knowing whats happened…time for all of us to get a life,huh? :_(

  • Matthew

    Yep. Crazy enough. It’s just a fairy tale but a nice one to dream of. About the books 1-3: My thoughts were quite the same recently. JKR has grown up?!

  • Matthew

    BTW: Its not related to the cover art but to the content of the 7th book.
    Have a look at JKR Website. The new “Wizard of the Month” is Helga Hufflepuff, famous for her recipes. She has a chalice in her hands. Should this be by coincidence. this will possibly be the cup which LV had stolen from the old lady (HBP). Maybe, we will get 2 other founders of Hogwarts in June and July, as the final of the story…

  • Dumbledore

    I can t speak english very good,but I must say something.Have a look on a UK HP-SS/PS cover,and then the seventh book cover.I think that s the same place.You can see the same arches.When you open the first book cover(UK)on the inside picture there is a curtain.The same cutains are on the 7th book cover(back side).On the 1st book cover,Harry is playing Quidittch.Maybe i am crazy,but i think that s a Quidditch field.Also on the 7th book cover there are the shadows.Could they be Death eathers,or maybe some people whatching the battle.(i don t think they’re gravestones).And also,harry is wearing some locket around his neck-is it the slytherin’s locket or R.A.B.’s locket.I thin that the R.A.B. could be Regulus A. Black,the brother of Sirius.

  • Stinky Pete

    You probably mean the US not Uk version.

  • Dumbledore

    Yes,Stinky Pete.My mistake.

  • Stinky Pete

    You know an idea just sprung to my mind. It may be quite unlikely, but what if the trio enters Lord Voldemort´s vault,if the cover of the uk version shows a Gringotts vualt. I mean Voldemort must have some money, maybe, so maybe he stored a Horcrux in his vault. There are all kinds of plates and jugs in there,so hufflepuff´s cup may be in there.Gringotts vaults can only be opened by the goblins( i´m not too sure on that)but the ministry could probably have it opened, i mean he´s the most wanted wizard there is. So maybe Harry is granted acces somehow

    A very unlikely theory,but maybe?

  • LBecker

    Stinky Pete, terrific theory. ;0) If you have the time, try reading this cover art pensieve from the beginning because your theory about it being a Gringott’s vault is already out there; but about your idea about it being Voldemort’s is new.

  • Stinky Pete

    I was just expanding th e gringott´s thing. I know it say up there a million times 🙂 But thanks for telling me

  • LBecker

    Sorry, Stinky Pete, I didn’t realize. I’m glad you weren’t offended. That wasn’t my intent. My question would be then which gringott vault is the most likely to hold a horcrux? I vote for Harry’s since he inherited Sirius’ estate and the Black family, ie. Lucius and his wife Narcisus, obviously had at least one horcrux. Why couldn’t there be another there in the vault in addition to the diary and the locket from OOTP? But of course, the theory of Voldemort’s vault may play out since we don’t specifically know who is Hufflepuff’s descent. I am very much looking forward to the 7th book!

  • SGBG

    I too find it interesting that the first book has a curtain on the cover and so does the last. I think this adds to my idea that the curtain is like the final curtain for a play. Its interesting to see how the curtains have changed from colorful and fun to dark and forboding.

  • Alan Statham

    On the tought that harry is a horcrux, he has al lightningbolt scar, so has the horcrux ring of marvolo gaunt on the spine of the childerens edition of the half-blood prince.