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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, UK adult coverThrilling, confounding, gorgeous cover art! Be sure you’re sitting down when you look. High-resolution artwork has been released today by Scholastic and Bloomsbury [Link outside: Leaky Galleries].

:Gulp: Treasure! Patronus! Locket! Silver Hogwarts? Strange triangle/circle emblem! Veils? Hallows? Let the theories begin.

The artist for the American editions is again Mary GrandPré, and the artist for the UK children’s edition is Jason Cockcroft.

Update: I have two pages uploaded with the images and close-ups, as well as written descriptions of the details and action.
UK children’s cover | US cover
Note: the Mary GrandPré artwork for the American deluxe edition is still to come, as is the special painting the edition comes with as a bonus.


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