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Movie Magic magazine article


Life Story Movie Magic magazine coverWhen my good friend Heidi Tandy (of FictionAlley) asked me if I’d like to write a magazine article about Order of the Phoenix I paused (only for a moment) and then said, “Sure! What do you need?” (Because I’m crazy that way, I’ll do anything Potterish.)
“An A-Z Encyclopedia.”
“Oh. OK. How long can I make it? haha”
Well, I set to work, focusing on the characters and elements unique to OP and which may be interesting to movie goers who (for shame) haven’t read the book. I pared it down when I was finished to meet the editor’s word limit (cut it about in half, boy do I feel for Jo!) and sent it off to Heidi. She added a bit and submitted it to the editor, and tada! It’s now in print!
You can read the 6 page article in the latest edition of Life Story MOVIE MAGIC magazine now on newsstands. 🙂 (pages 38-43)

P.S. I know there are mistakes in other sections of the magazine, please don’t blame me! I didn’t write those. 😛


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