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Life Story Movie Magic magazine coverWhen my good friend Heidi Tandy (of FictionAlley) asked me if I’d like to write a magazine article about Order of the Phoenix I paused (only for a moment) and then said, “Sure! What do you need?” (Because I’m crazy that way, I’ll do anything Potterish.)
“An A-Z Encyclopedia.”
“Oh. OK. How long can I make it? haha”
Well, I set to work, focusing on the characters and elements unique to OP and which may be interesting to movie goers who (for shame) haven’t read the book. I pared it down when I was finished to meet the editor’s word limit (cut it about in half, boy do I feel for Jo!) and sent it off to Heidi. She added a bit and submitted it to the editor, and tada! It’s now in print!
You can read the 6 page article in the latest edition of Life Story MOVIE MAGIC magazine now on newsstands. πŸ™‚ (pages 38-43)

P.S. I know there are mistakes in other sections of the magazine, please don’t blame me! I didn’t write those. πŸ˜›


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  • Bandersnatch

    Way to go, Bel~!

  • Big_Kelpie

    cool! congrats! happy easter(or whatever you are celebrating today)!

  • Finn

    Bel, are there scans online? That’s really cool.

  • Thank you all for the kind regards!
    Finn, there may be scans in the Leaky Galleries, but I won’t put up scans until after the magazine is no longer available for purchase. I also know that Leaky had posted about someone having scans of the entire magazine but she was asked to take them down.

  • Bandersnatch

    Bel~ wrote:
    >but I wonÒ€ℒt put up scans until after the magazine is no longer available for purchase

    Good for you, Bel~.

  • REALLY weird to see the word “Potterish” being used in context lol!
    (I’m from Potterish.com)
    Congratulations Belinda, it’s really nice when magazines do search for the people who know what they’re writing. (it happened to our webmaster once if I’m not mistaken, in “Revista dos Curiosos”)
    Keep up the good work in the Lexicon!

  • Thank you Eduardo! That means a lot coming from you. I *love* the word Potterish, and I think its a perfect name for your website. Please pass along my compliments to your webmaster for a delightful site and congratulations on the FSA from Jo! Well deserved. πŸ™‚

    and thanks Bandersnatch, the Lexicon tries always to be respectful, not only of copyrights, but of sensitive and proper use of others’ work… including Jo’s.

  • Yeah, I’ll be waiting for the scans… (for very obvious geographic reasons, I can’t buy this magazine)
    Belinda, I’ll pass the compliments as soon as I can! And your FSA was very well deserved as well!

  • kzspot

    Woohoo Bel!!!!! Can I have your autograph at the MMM?!

  • MarauderSandi

    All right, Bel! You go, girl!

    I may have to go buy a copy and say, “I know the woman who wrote this!” πŸ™‚

  • cassie

    Great news Bel, way to go.

  • Peppergnome

    Congratulations Bel~! I can’t wait to read this.

  • Di-


    Alright, MAJOR pouting here as I can’t rush out and buy a copy… or 2… or 3…

  • ruthmore

    Congratulations, Bel~! You rock! Don’t forget to stuff a copy of that magazine into your handbag πŸ˜‰

  • Lyny

    You rock, Bel! But we all know that, of course! Keep on the great work.

  • Emmalinde

    *beams broadly*
    Way to go!

  • Moony

    Congrats, Bel, and Maybe you’ll get the chance to guide more people to the hp-lexicon. Well done!

  • what places is this magazine sold at?plus way to go on the article i bet you did awsome

  • Many people have said they’ve found it in their grocery stores or Borders. I would check anyplace that has a magazine rack. I hope you can find it!

    (And thanks to everyone for all your compliments! You’ve made a girl feel very special =)

  • jason

    I picked up a copy of the magazine and thumbed through it the other day and saw a part that mentioned Harry saying that he was going to go back to “Cedriks’ Hollow” at the end of book 6. so I immediately put it down disgusted… If I had known that it also had an article by you I would have bought it… maybe I will go back and pick up a copy

  • kzspot

    http://podcast.ucsd.edu/ I`m just hiding this till later, till you know where is back up.



    Keep looking Lilly! It is available, and I hope you find one.

  • Cool…

  • Willow

    Bel! Fantastic! You are so awesome!

  • Peppergnome

    I found a copy at Borders. Nice article Bel!

  • SailorYue

    i really really really want to get this mag. i saw it 2 weks ago at walmart and have never seen it since. its not oon amazon…what’s this magazine’s website so i can order it back-issue if needed from the publisher themselves?

  • Annina

    Oookay… I do hope the magazine will be scanned… Can’t buy it for geographic reasons (here too)… I’m from Finland…so yeaaah

  • Cricket

    My daughter took one look at the cover, and begged me to get a copy.
    Of course I did…I always indulge the Wookie.

  • Celeste Jones

    How do I subscribe to the Movie Magic magazine?

  • This lexicon is amazing! I love it! Weeee!

  • jillian stover

    Its a cool magazine you should read it