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May WotM – Helga Hufflepuff!


The Wizard of the Month calendar on Jo’s site has been updated to show the new WotM for May and it’s none other than our dear Hogwarts founder… Helga Hufflepuff!


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  • Big_Kelpie

    wow she was a magical cook. she has the cup with her. I guess that in the next tree months we’ll get the remaining three founders.

  • Does the fact that she has a ruby ring on one hand and an emerald ring on the other mean something?

  • Big_Kelpie

    It probably means that she was neutral on the conflict between the rubies and the emeralds.. the reds and the greens…godric ans salazar.. She has the emerald in her left hand which probably means nothing .

  • El Cronista de Salem

    new info form a founder!!!! COOL!!! :):):)

  • I know this is kinda random…
    But has anyone else noticed that the release date of the 7th book is exactly 4 years and 1 month after the release of book 5??

  • Anna

    Just as I thought there was no more interesting news to be had – along comes this! Now I am all excited again! Firstly, I agree with Big_Kelpie. I am hoping to get all the four founders over June, July and August – what a great way to end the series. I bet Rowena Ravenclaw is on Aug 1 after Book 7 is released, though. It would be fantastic if she wasn’t. So, Helga and her cup…. Maybe Slytherin and his locket. Godric and his sword. Rowena and her ??? It is truly fitting that Helga Hufflepuff is WOTM for May, as May is for Taureans and Taurus is an earth sign (Remember Hufflepuff is linked to earth) and Taureans love to eat! Hmmm – now I had better go and review my astrology to see if Gemini (June), Cancer (July) and Leo(August) fit the other founders!! (Already thinking Leo – fire -Gryffindor Yay! Godric on Aug 1st? And, even more interesting, Gemini is ?air so -can it be – Rowena and her symbol next month??

  • Char

    I’m still hoping for the Do Not Disturb sign to be removed with a treat before the book is released, but is cool to see one of the Founders, and hope that the other’s will appear.

    I’d also like to see harry, Hermione, Ron, Voldemort and Snape as Wizard of the Months!

  • Reader2

    I knew it!
    Another year had passed and a new set of twelve characters is out.
    I bet all twelve characters this year will be important characters from the book.
    I know I can’t wait till next month now.

  • Reader2

    By the way, Gemini is an air sign, so if Anna and Big_Kelpie are right the next WOM will have to be Rovenna Ravenclaw, but that is unlikely, since so far they were following the male-female-male-female pattern.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    Reader2: Jo hasn’t followed the unwritten rule of male-female-male-female with Helga (the last was other female, Cromstock) so she can perfectly surprise us with Ravenclaw 🙂

    May is the anniversary of JKR.com and other years she has done great updates!!! *cross fingers*

  • Very fitting….
    The whole food association, that is.
    The Hufflepuff Common Room is by the kitchens, neat connection. Oh I do love how Jo ties together the fine details!

  • do you think helga was engaged to godric, because dont you where a ring on the ring finger of your right hand when you are engaged. and it does have a ruby. or maybe shes being wooed by both godric and salazar and she likes godric more.

  • Uniquee

    The red and green ring Helga Hufflepuff is wearing… I wonder if this is significant to Deathly Hallows? Avada Kedavra – green, Expelliarmus – red. Harry (and Lily) eye colour – green, Voldemort eye colour – red

  • Bandersnatch

    Interesting about Helga’s culinary skills. In the Fisher King legends, there are four relics known as the Grail Hallows. One of them is the Holy Grail itself, a cup from which issues boundless food and drink. (This is based on a relic in an earlier Celtic legend, the Cauldron of Dagda, which has the same yummy powers.) If Rowling based her four Founders’ relics (the cup, the locket, the sword, and the …?) on the Grail Hallows, then Hufflepuff’s cup may have the same food-giving powers, which would make sense if Helga Hufflepuff was an expert at culinary charms.

    Nice catch with Hufflepuff’s common rooms being near the kitchens, Patrick.

    I also hope we’ll get the other three Founders (and their relics?) in upcoming WOTM postings. Tricksy Jo — she’s still giving us clues through her web site, just not through the Door. (But I still miss the W.O.M.B.A.T.s.)

  • Domoor

    At least we now know that the cup has two ears.

  • Mellilot

    Domoor- we knew already it had two ears – “what looked like a small golden cup with two finely wrought handles.”
    And, so far as I know, here in the Uk we wear both the engagement ring, and the wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand – except during the atual wedding ceremony, inwhich the engagement ring is transferred to the right hand.
    Red and green seem to be the most important colours of the series – in fact it’s interesting to note that the red and green on Helga are more startling than her yellow and black.
    Does anyone else find it interesting that she has red hair? Wonder if she was related to our favourite red haired family?
    I also wonder if Harry’s favourite treacle tart was one of her recipes?

  • Reader2

    El Cronista de Salem,

    You are absolutely right, the pattern is broken.
    That means all scores are off, Rovena might be next after all.

  • The green ring is not on her wedding finger.

  • Mrs. prongs

    I thought that witches and wizards couldn’t make food with magic….?

    The placing of the rings seem to indicate that she was married to Godric, and maybe Salarzar got jealous and gave her a ring too? Because the green ring is on her middle finger, while the red one is on her ring finger as far as i can tell!

  • kamion

    Did anyone notice the resemblence between Molly Weasley and Helga Hufflepuff. both witches are redhaired, both are sturdy and both are occupied with cooking.
    Maybe Molly was the first Gryffindor in a long line of Hufflepuff Sorted Prewetts.

    BTW, what kind of precious stone fill the Hufflepuff Hourglass, we have rubies for Gryffindor, emeralds for Slytherin and saffires for Ravenclaw, but for Hfflepuff no idea.

  • Reader2

    It’s not likely that Helga was ever married to Godric or Salazar.
    Remeber how Hepzibah was bragging about being descended from Helga.
    Don’t you think she would mention if she was descended from more than one founder?

  • Reader2

    The Hufflepuff hourglass is filled with yellow sapfires.

    And one mor eobservation on the picture.
    Everyone noticed the rings, but did anyone notice the broche?
    It includes emerald, rubies and blue sapfires. Kind of a tribute to all three other founders.

  • mesus skrewt

    i agree with reader2 and would like to add tht she is never refered to as helga gryfandor/slytherin.

    Is it an accident tht proff. Sprout is the HERBology teacher aka vegetables. and if thts true thn cud slytherin hav bin a potion master( which protected his horcrux) n gryfandor an animagus???

  • Peanut

    Is it a coincidence that Hufflepuff is appearing appearing with a gold cup and jewels etc, and the cover of DH has loads of shiny things? Is JKR trying to tell us something? Or am I making up conspiracy theories again?

  • Kaz

    I have two theories – The first is that the jewells just all belong to Helga anyway and she, like her descendant Hepzibah, likes her creature comforts and grandeur. The second is that perhaps Mrs Weasly is somehow descendant – after all isn’t Harry always going on about how good a cook she is? Perhaps the Weasleys were destined for Hepzibah’s fortune but missed out on it because of her dying in suspicious circumstances…

  • recklesscatlover

    Maybe HH loves gems because they are the ‘fruits’ of Earth…

  • Good thinking Anna! And I think Cancer is a water sign (think dungeon common room), so could it be Salazar after Rowena?

    Another possibility for the Hufflepuff house jewels is amber.

    Another thing I noticed is that although the emerald ring is framed by a yellow border, but the ruby ring is not. And the brooch’s center emerald is contained by a yellow border and surrounded by rubies and sapphires. Could this mean that Slytherin, though it craves the power and attention being centre-staged, is always lonely and isolated, while Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw prefers banding together and doing things by committee? (Sort of) Or maybe the GHR will in the end contain S, cause Dumbly said that “It was important to fight, and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then could evil be kept at bay, though never quite eradicated.”

    The jewels on the cup are rubies. Does this mean that Hufflepuffs’ loyalties are to Gryffindors but Slytherins are trying to wrestle it from the Gryffindors?

  • sstabeler

    I am unsure Hufflepuff would be that partisan, remmeber this si the house that accepts those refused by the other houses. I would personally have more put Ravenclaw with Gryffindor, with Hufflepuff having a muggle husband 9 accepting of those shunned, rememebr?) and slytherin with a trophy wife. maybe a malfoy?

  • Reader2

    I had a theory for a while now.

    Remember the ring of Gaunts, with a Peverell crest of arms.

    Did anyone ever consider that Peverell could be the family name of Slytherin’s wife.

    The ring could have been her gift to him, while the Locket of Slythrin could have been his gift to her.
    That would expalin why the locket was worn by women in the family and the ring was worn by men.

    As for relations among the founders, I would be disapointed if it turns out to be Salazar vs. Other Three. I am hoping for something more complex.

  • Reader2

    One more thin, Aisling.

    Would you really put amber next to rubies, emeralds and suphires, so the whole Hufflepuff hourglass would be worth about as much as a single jewel from any of the other three hourglasses?

    I wouldn’t bring that idea up infront of Zacharais Smith, or even Earnie Macmillan.

  • Big_Kelpie

    o my gos finally u changed the site It looks so cool

  • Big_Kelpie

    oohh you just changed the what’s new page..I thought u had updated everything.. By the way, the artwork on reads “proud member of the The Floo Network” double the

  • Alorra Spinnet

    Perhaps the Hufflepuff gems are Yellow Diamonds?

  • Deborah Hubbard

    The speculation about Helga’s private life is, sadly, only that: clearly at least she and Salazar Slytherin were married (or very naughty …) since we know they had descendents. This links with JKR’s promise that we would find out in due course who of the present Hogwarts staff are married and why their spouses appear to be kept away from the school.

    Has anyone thought of any good reason for this? Trying to second-guess Jo is fun, though probably useless … I haven’t hit on anything convincing, but maybe others will?

  • Lindsay

    I’ve always thought the Hufflepuffs had topazes (citrines) for their jewels. This would fit with sapphire, ruby, and emerald.

  • Macavity

    Frankly, you’re not right about amber. It was considered precious in ancient times (I bet Rowling would know it). In contrary with gems mentioned here, amber is soft and warm, wearing amber jewlry brings you comfort and relief. So, the traits of amber luckily coincide with traits of Hufflepuff. 🙂
    And when you think about the price of amber, keep in mind the destiny of Russian Amber Room, stolen by Nazi’s – don’t you think they would take something UNworthy?

  • Reader2 said above that the Hufflepuff hourglass gems were yellow sapphires.

    There is not any cannon evidence to support this theory, I just thought that you should know, Kamion.

  • Reader2

    Bad call, Macavity.
    It so happenes that I grew up in Russia.
    I had actually been to the ember room (or rather the room that used to be ember). I know that it is worth a fortune, but I also know why.

    Not only was the entire room layed with ember floor to ceiling (had you ever heard of that many rubies or emeralds?), but it also included artisitically crafted ember tiles.
    The true value of each tile in the ember room is that it is crafted in a unique way (a whole lot of work was put into it).

    The difference between ember as it is and the tiles from the ember room is similar to that between marble and marble statues.

    You wouldn’t want to fill an hourglass witrh those tiles they would be ruined forever.

    Also, doesn’t this new picture of Helga Hufflepuff make anyone think that she was not nearly as humble as fanfiction insists on making her?

  • kamion

    As there is no canon evidence, I think I settle for Lindsay’s citrines or citrine quartz. It is mineral of Silicium-oxide, very earthly.

  • Reader2

    Actually, another quality of jewels to consider is durability.
    Rubies, emeralds and saphires could probably float up and down for centuries, and still stay smooth and shiny.
    Ember, on the other hand, would be reduces to ember dust within months.
    Would citrine quartz be durable enough?