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FAQ’s on Jo’s Official site


Jo has posted five new FAQ’s in About the Books this morning.
Lisa has updated the character pages with the new canon and I’ve updated the Guide to Jo’s site.


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  • El Cronista de Salem

    LOOOOOOOOOOVE the last update!!! πŸ™‚

    LV’s birthday and the Carrows info is a clarification that we need; the houses, no-patronus and wand is fresh canon πŸ™‚ thanks, JO!

  • Malene

    Yay… Finally an update from Jo! And some nice questions to be answered, too!

  • El Cronista de Salem

    Yes. It is a great info for broke her silence (and I hope she continues updating!). πŸ™‚

  • I just LOVE the fact that

    Draco can’t produce a patronus

  • Whee~~~ *runs around in circles* off to update my site!!!

  • Great! I updated EHP (HPL in French). But how do we know it’s “Carrows”, and not “Carrow”? The name is only said once, and it’s plural. So wouldn’t it be more logical if it was “Carrow”?…

  • I was thinking the same thing Quentin. I have a surname that ends with ‘s’ and when we plural it, we add an apostrophe. Would this be the general practice for the UK and/or the Wizarding world too?

  • Malene

    I’d think the name is “Carrow”.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    In Spanish we don’t make plural of surnames and I have revised it and is “Carrow” the publisher translation.

    But I would ask to check the portuguese translation. I believe more on in that on the Spanish one, which has invented so many things.

  • Bandersnatch

    I believe that the correct way to pluralize a family name ending in “s” is to add an “es” to it. There is an expression “Keeping up with the Joneses,” where the last word is the plural of the family name “Jones.”

    So it seems that the last name of Alecto and Amycus must be “Carrow,” and the two of them are referred to collectively as “the Carrows.” (If their name was “Carrows,” then they would be referred to as “the Carrowses.”)

  • Lexicon Lisa

    Good catch on the names; I’ll be interested to hear what the other translators say. I got the basic updates to the character pages done.

  • Severus

    Man…..My theory that Tonks was a Ravenclaw just got shut down…And I can’t beieve Myrtle WAS one. This is a double slam to Ravenclaws….You think Myrtle might know anything about Ravenclaws relic/horcrux? Just a thought.

  • Yes, Bandersnatch, you’re right that adding an es is the most standard. But for some of us that makes for and awfully silly looking and sounding name, not to mention a tongue-twister. =P
    Try saying mine that way and you’ll sound like Gollum! HAHA
    So the apostrophe is also acceptable, and we use it for both the plural and possesive forms.
    Since our name is already plural, in some cases it’s like saying geeses or mices, or if there are consonants preceding the s, it can be just… odd.

  • Severus

    I got to thinking about my fleeting thought of Myrtle knowing something about Ravenclaws relic/horcrux and something occured to me…….The Grey Lady???? Would she know anything?

  • Bandersnatch

    No matter which way you pluralize last names that end in “s” (with an “es” or with an apostrophe), the family name belonging to Alecto and Amycus has to be Carrow. Snape was speaking in the plural when he referred to them, so if their surname is Carrows then Jo would have written either Carrowses, Carrows’s, or Carrows’. Since she wrote “the Carrows,” their name must be Carrow.
    ::goes cross-eyed::

  • *un-ties tongue*
    *un-crosses eyes*
    LOL, yes Bander, that was the point we were talking about, wasn’t it? How on earth did I manage to get so Off -topic?! I’ll blame it on the excitment of the NEW CANON!!!!
    and get back to work on updating. πŸ™‚

  • I’ve just checked the French HBP, and I found “Carrow”. I don’t know if our translator decided by himself or received precise info on it, but anyway he wrote “Carrow”. I think he’s right so we’ll stick to it on EHP, as we stick to the official French translation.

  • I’m quite supprised. You see, I always thought Tonks would be more suited for Ravenclaw and Moaning Myrtle for Hufflepuff. But if Jos says so…then let it be!

    But as a side note, maybe she was just stating the houses alphabetically (like is done often throughout the books when naming the houses). Oh well, thats probably my false hope. I just don’t take denial well, do I?

  • kzspot

    *jumps up and down with excitement*
    I love it!!!! Of course, some people are evil and tell you right before you have to go to work…….

  • Reader2

    At last!
    JKR gave us exactly what we’ve been dieing to know for so long.
    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am still hungry for precisely this kind of information: more houses, more full names, more wand-cores, more patronuses…

  • hpboy13

    Yay, an update! I especially love the new houses. Though now I’ll have to revise my Tonks essay for TLC’s Scribbulus – oh well. This is why I’m in such a rush to get everything done – one word from Jo and all y brilliant theorizing goes down the toilet. But yay for new canon!

  • Weaslylover

    Actually, I think it makes perfect sense that Tonks was in Hufflepuff. They’re known for loyalty, and Tonks is loyal to Remus. No matter what he says, she wants to be in a relationship with him.

  • Great! Finally, something new from Rowling. Did anyone else notice the shadow on the locked door. My 1st thought was it looked like a tree. Even with the light off the shadows still appears. What do you think about this?

  • Dumbledore rox

    youre right sandrina there is a shadow on the door but now i’m not sure if its always been their and I just haven’t noticed it before. Anyway new canon!!!!

  • Belinda, I would value your opinion regarding the shadow on the locked door. As I can also see the same shadow on the home page across her last entry. It’s new! I’ve never seen it before. I can assume this is the beginning of the next secret.

  • Sandrina, the shadow that appears across the door has been there since the last big update when the new hidden content was added. The wallpaper changed and a few other things that made the whole site a bit darker. I’ll see if I can make some screencap images for you to compare. On this same idea, there is something really easy to see. The candle flame in the Links bookcase is shrinking, as you can see from the archived images here. And the candle flame in the mirror at Christmas time was even smaller.

  • I have updated to wizards pages to say Carrow. Thanks to everyone who pointed that out!

  • Neville

    Just a minor point regarding the site update. While Tonks’ and Myrtle’s pages have been updated, the sites for Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw house haven’t, adding them as members. πŸ˜‰

  • Lexicon Lisa

    Neville, that’s Michele’s section; I have written her for her permission to update.

  • kamion

    Severus wrote:

    I got to thinking about my fleeting thought of Myrtle knowing something about Ravenclaws relic/horcrux and something occured to meÒ€¦Ò€¦.The Grey Lady???? Would she know anything?

    Ò€” May 8, 2007 @ 2:34 pm

    I don’t think so, because it was a relic obtained after Riddle left Hogwarts.

    I really liked that titbit about Draco’s wand, particulaiiry that she had deceided on hawthorn before consulting the celtic tree calender.

    Draco’s wand produces something of a mystery, where Ollivander says that the wand chooses the wizard it was not Draco who went to Ollivander but his mother. ( mother’s up the street looking at wands )How many wand shops are there in Diagon Alley? And why would a Malfoy not go at any but the best? Or would Narcissa just had to mention Draco’s day of birth and Ollivander already knew what was the best wand for a Malfoy boy?

    By the way, I think the core is not dragon heart string or phoenixfeather, the first is too close to a tabou thingy on totems, althrough British wizards are no Inuit, the second is too much fire and air, for a water and earth character like Draco.

  • sstabeler

    I agree about Draco not having phoenix feather, juts because otherwise, we could have people making a Mark Evans out of it. ( for those that don’t know, Mark Evans was an unimportanbt character in OOTP that was speculated to be related to harry due to his mother’s maiden name. it could be a mark evans situation if JKR has Draco’s wand as phoenix feather due to people wondering if Draco’s wand was a brother of harry’s wand.) as for wand cores, it is either unicorn hair, drqgon heartstring or phoenix featgher, phoenix featehr wouldn;t suit Draco, dragon heartstring I think would be for a fiery character (fairly good for Hermione then, when she’s angry, at least, that leaves Unicorn hair, unless he went to a different wandmaker. interesting thta Draco’s wand is of the same core as Ron’s. might be interesting if we get a Draco-Ron wand pair, but surely Rowling wouldn;t……

  • Kez

    Just wondering, why are Alecto and Amycus still only “possibly” brother and sister – I realise confirming Carrow as both their surnames is not absolute proof, but Rowling’s question clearly states “Alecto and Amycus (the two SIBLING Death Eaters)”, not “Alecto and Amycus (the two similar-looking Death Eaters)”.

  • Ginevra Potter

    A dragon heartstring core would go best with Draco’s name.

  • Reader2

    I see you’ve updated Ravenclaw page.

    May be you could also add Markus Belby’s name to it, while you are at it.

  • Deborah Hubbard

    Tonks is a team player and a people person; Hufflepuff all over. And Myrtle is and has always been a loner – solitary as a schoolgirl, shunned as a ghost. Regardless of her intellect, which seems to be in place all right, this makes her a typical individualistic Ravenclaw.

  • Great Lisa for removing the S. I think that’s much better.

  • Interesting, alot of the new ?s are about Draco Malfoy.

  • Lexicon Lisa

    Kez, you’re absolutely right. In fact I corrected that when I changed the name. I guess I forgot to upload it!!!

  • Yesterday why were there daffodils on the windowsill outside the ‘Room of Requirement’ instead of the flitboom plant, does anyone know, does it mean anything?

  • Marco

    When Myrtle was a Ravenclaw, Olive Hornby was most likely also in that house. After all, Olive was send by a teacher to search for Myrtle.

  • Mary, the daffodils are always on the Accessibility Enabled version of the site. Perhaps you entered that version yesterday?

  • Maureen from Aus

    Don’t forget to add all the new details to the “open letter”

  • Bowtruckle

    Good to know about Draco’s wand. I wonder if we ever get to know about Dumbledore’s wand. Or Snape’s.