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Diary update on JKR.com


Jo has updated her Diary this morning with a plea against fans causing Spoilers for Deathly Hallows.


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  • Jonathan

    THE SQUID?!?!
    Jo has the best sense of humor.

  • daveindetroit

    After reading (and thanks to youTube) seeing some of the things people have done, I am glad Jo took this extra step to preserve the enjoyment for the VAST majority of the fans.

  • Squid=animagus form of gryffindor. if that doesn’t sound wrong then i don’t know what is. XD

    on a more serious note, i’m glad too, that leaky took the stance to support Jo, and that Jo notices it too. we are not just individual readers, but we are a community.

  • I laughed about that squid joke!
    She was absolutely right. I still want to speculate about book 7 but not be spoilered.

  • Alorra Spinnet

    I wonder how many will take the Squid seriously? If nothing else, she just spawned a half dozen new fan-fics. LOL

  • time turner

    You’re right Alorra. DOWN WITH SPOILERS!!!

  • Hey maybe we should agree with the other fansites and bookshops to have a strictly-keep-to-yourself period, say, seven days after the book is released or something, restricting people from blurting out canon info/book plot. That way the long queue to the bookshops to get the pre-order won’t turn into a crying field cause someone reported that “Dumbledore is dead”.

  • Bandersnatch

    Dumbledore is dead!??

  • hpboy13

    Yeah, down with spoilers!!! Go Leaky! With Jo behind us, we are now unbstoppable!!!

    I think that once the clock strikes midnight on July 21st, we will all be on a strictly “you’re on your own” policy regarding spoilers – cuz it really isn’t fair to ask fats readers to keep it all to themselves for x amount of time. I know that as soon as the clock strikes midnight, I am isolating myself from all computers, phones, and TV, and radio, and all other media.

  • christiane

    I think people and especially Mrs. Rowling should be much more relaxed about the so called spoilers. Most of them are simply fakes. Nothing else. Mrs. Rowling should spread some new fresh hints on her site instead of moralising the issue. To call this spoiler people sad is absolutely exaggerated. I never feel a threatend by spoilers and they can be quite funny. I simply disagree with Mrs. Rowling´s statement. And most the the childish reactions by readers (see Mugglenet and Leaky Cauldron) are small minded. Most HP people follow Mrs. Rowlings statements like lemmings. Which is stupid.

  • Rose Ruane

    the giant squid is sooo not godric gryfinndor i think he would become a better animal e.g a lion but that could be predictable besides gryfinndor is long dead

  • Rose Ruane

    jo has a good sense of humor about the overall noseiness of people when it comes to her books.fair play to her!

  • kamion

    I don’t know about that Squid, it HAS to be an animagus or else a special creature. Squids, even the large with over a meter of bodylenght don’t live very long, just a few year. And this Giant Squid is swimming in the lake for at least six years now…. so that, or

    Joan is as bad with biology as with math.

  • Kacky Snorgle

    Come to think of it, the giant squid *has* been mentioned an awful lot of times for it to be just random background detail. I don’t think it’s going to turn out to be an Animagus, but it might very well turn out to be a plot point….

  • cheyenne

    wow all this talk about spoliers is making me jumpy i really want the book to come out

  • Robert Gutheim

    I am a big fan of fanfiction.net which has a huge library of Harry Potter Fanfics (I tink that might be the LArgest single category in fact) and I know after Books 5 and 6 each came out I avoided the site until after I had purchased and read the book. This year I actually preordered Book 7 so Any avoidance of fanfic sites will be much shorter then previously.

  • Bandersnatch ;)

    The Giant Squid is so definitely Godric Gryffindor! I have proof! Assign each letter of the alphabet a number based on its place in the alphabet: A=1, B=2, C=3, …, Z=26. Add up the letters in A GIANT SQUID, and you get 122. Then add up the letters in GRYFFINDOR, and you get…

    (are you ready for this?)

    (hold on to your hats)


    ZOMG!!!!! GRYFFINDOR = A GIANT SQUID! It’s as good as canon!

    Squiffindor to the rescue!!!

  • hpboy13

    Oh my God, bandersnatch, that is just plain freaky!!! Jo wasn’t serious, right? Now I’m not so sure…I’m so confused!! The Squid has been mentioned many times…

    67 days to go until we find out!

  • Deborah Hubbard

    The Giant Squid is either much older than six or its ancestors have been there before it … remember that before she got together with James, Lily almost considered dating the Squid …

    Isn’t it the Loch Ness Monster’s cousin, or something? Also a long-lasting beast!

  • Vivian

    Well, if Slytherin had his serpent living in the chamber of secrets for thousands of years….why shouldn’t Gryffindor have left something of his own behind in Hogwarts?

  • Irishsets

    I need to check the original spoiler, but what about Hogwarts motto (don’t tickle a sleeping dragon) and that the squid is related or the ‘dragon’ or your animangus theory relates here…there’s another type of creature (crookshanks is one – sneazle or something) maybe in that realm? Stupid ideas?

  • Cricket

    I am in agreement with the seven day keep it to yourself period. I won’t be able to pick the book up until two days after the release due to an unavoidable but very necessary commitment.


  • Lindsay

    Bandersnatch ;), you crack me up! Squiffindor?!

    Anyways, I would love it if everyone could agree to a moratorium on talking about Book 7 for at least a week, but I know it’ll never happen. After all, I usually take a whole day out to finish the entire book, so I’m eager to chat about it immediately.

  • Rose Ruane


  • Cam

    Im in agreeance with da 7 day policy. It really depressed me to find out that dumbledore was dead on the radio before i had ecen got halfway through the book. im cutting the power supply to our house on the 21st.

  • Nemmi

    I am picking up my book at midnight and crawling into a metaphorical hole until I am finished. I don’t think there is any way to avoid people talking about it – we just have to avoid any media until we know for ourselves.

  • Louis

    Urgh…I am one person who considers embargo-breakers HEROES and the official Secret-Keeping obnoxious in the extreme.If they don’t want people to be doing all they can to get info in advance,they shouldn’t play such a self-righteous game of keepaway.

  • Tom

    jk created some trouble herself, making everyone crazy about squid-theories

    maybe she may make it like this:
    the Giant Squid is actually the world’s largest Animagus, which rises from the lake at the eleventh hour, transforms into Albus Dumbledore and…

  • Ash

    I dunno about the whole squid thing. It’s kind of weird but I personally think it was a sarcastic comment.
    But then that sort of comment sounds like it would take planning…
    Anyways do you guys think that they’ll spoil stuff about the 7th book on tv when it’s released?