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Jo updates website to announce booksigning


Jo has updated her site with an announcement of her plans for July 21st! Tickets for a massive booksigning event will be distributed through her English-language publishers:

She has really focused this book launch on the fans. In her words, “It has been a long time since I’ve done a signing and had the chance to speak to readers individually, so I’m delighted that we are launching the book in this way. It will be wonderful for me to get the chance to speak to people who have already read a few chapters while in the queue!”

Edit: As far as the publisher restrictions, please take a deep breath and remember what it was like in 1999 and 2000 when Jo would try to make author appearances and far more people would show up than the event could handle. For example, on a tour of England on the Hogwarts Express so many people showed up at at least one of the stops that Jo was not allowed to get out of the train. Imagine what it was like for her to have to watch her tearful fans from inside the train. There’s just Jo, and there is aaaallll of us. I don’t have any inside information on this, but I can’t fault her publishers for trying to set limits.


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  • El Cronista de Salem

    But it is not for all the fans. I will be in London that night, I have planned it from months ago, but because I am Spanish I can’t access to the event. Am I less fan than a british fan?

  • Malene

    I know… I will also be in London (Sectus), but since I’m from Denmark I can’t enter!

  • Karen L

    And the Americans have to be under 21!

  • El Cronista de Salem

    You can protest here: [email protected]

    Bloomsbury will sell HP7 in Spain and Denmark. Why we can not asist to the event, if we will buy their edition?

  • I added an update to my posting.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    We should write a petition for change this. We can! Fans together 🙂 as students against injusticies.

    Unfortunately my English has a lot of mistakes. I can write it in Spanish and translate it into English, but poorly. Can anybody help? If we don’t do nothing, publishers won’t change. But we can!

  • Kaz

    Apparently you can’t enter if you’re Australian either, and I will be in the UK on July 21st too. Basically it’s only if you’re British or American under 21. That really doesn’t seem fair to me – since when has Jo ever discriminated?

  • Big_Kelpie

    Im excluded too. im from argentina.. It’s so unfair.. I can help translate the petition if you want

  • Kaylee Tonks-Lupin

    Ack! Under 21??? I’m 21! 🙁 Yeah, since when has Jo ever discriminated?! I hope the under 21 deal wasn’t her idea…and I feel bad for all the non-UK/American fans who can’t enter! I want to sign the protest thing.


  • Hey, gang, I understand that you’re upset about the decision of Bloomsbury and Scholastic, but the Lexicon’s Pensieve is not the place for this. Let’s give this some time. Who knows what other publishers might be doing? I’m going to ask that you regroup for battle somewhere else. Sorry 🙂

  • Kaylee Tonks-Lupin

    Of course, Steve…you’re right 🙂 It’s not the place for this. Sorry.


  • Amanda

    Hmm…I don’t really know if I’ll be entering in that contest, as I’ve got other plans that night here in my own town in the good ol’ US! 🙂 I think I’ll be seeing OotP in 3-D. So yeah, I’m happy. Although, it would be nice if once in my life I’d get to meet someone as great as J.K.R.!

  • Peanut

    Luckily I live in the Republic of Ireland and I’m only 20. But I didn’t really think of all the people from outside the UK, Ireland and the US. That sucks guys. But I think I read on the Bloomsbury FAQ that other publishers in other countries will be giving out tickets soon too.

  • Lizzy

    cool! thanks for posting this! i am sooo entering! 😀
    though… what exactly are the chances of being picked… >_>
    ah well, no one can say i didnt try… (im 18 by the way, though the book comes out only 8 days before my b-day!)
    although i do feel bad for the people who cant enter… but you never know what can happen between now and then, right?

  • Joan

    I live in Wales UK – so I have been able to enter the draw. I not usually very lucky with these sort of things – but hey it’s worth a shot – ‘you can’t win it if you’re not in it’

  • Desi

    WAHHHH.. You can only apply for the sweepstakes tickets if your 21 or younger.. What about us old fans! WAHHH.. do you think if I whine like a big baby they would let me enter?
    Oh well..

  • El Cronista de Salem

    I don’t ask for a limit of more than 1.700 fans. JKR can’t afford it in one night (1.700 seems too much). But I think these 1.700 fans should be from everywhere. With that they are discrimining most fans.
    Belinda, I don’t know if you will read it, but Jo edited the news text (only a few). Maybe you want to archive the first version as curiosity.

  • Yes El Cronista, I noted the change in the News post. But it was really only a rewording of the first paragraph to clarify that not all 1700 would be attending the reading.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    yes, it was a minor change 😛 but I wanted to advise you because you love JKR.com.

    OWLS entry in EXTRA STUFF was other one she edited.

  • Kaz

    Ok I took that deep breath, and a little advice from Jo, and discovered the following information:
    Allen & Unwin, the Australia/New Zealand publishers, have said on their website that fans from Australia and New Zealand will have the oppportunity to win tickets to the event, and that there will be more information on this in the next few weeks. Phew! Here is the link to the site if any of you want to check it out:


  • Kaz

    Further note on this, if you go to the Links section of Jo’s website and select the book “Publishers”, it has a list of publishers from various different countries as well as links to some of their websites.

  • Kaz, I just added Allen & Unwin to the list in the news post.

  • Kaz

    Thanks Lisa. I don’t have a problem with the numbers being limited, I think that’s absolutely fair. It just seemed a shame that people outside Britain and America wouldn’t get a chance to go, especially if they were going to be in the UK at that time! But I feel much better now, and I will be entering as soon as the chance becomes available!! 🙂

  • El Cronista de Salem

    Kaz, I am with you. It is not a problem of number. But we want the chance! I will be in London this night. I want to have the chance to win a ticket!

  • Karen L

    I checked Scholastic’s site today and they say seven (7) winners will go! You wonder how they are doling out the other 1,693 tickets…

  • Cricket

    They’d be silly not to. As an American fan of the books, I was delighted to hear that she has worked
    hard for her fan base, and that for the most part, we (as fans) have had to accept that with the global popularity of the books there isn’t going to be enough Jo to go around.

    She has been gracious enough to set up her website, applaud the efforts of the fan sites, and truly
    try to stay as connected as she can, while still having a life.

    I don’t know if I will ever get back to the UK, but now I know a bit more about it through Harry Potter and the net, it will be like coming home.

    Thanks, Jo…for all you have done.

  • Cricket

    Weeelll, as an American fan of the books, I understand it was her desire that only British actors be used in telling Harry’s Story.

    Ms. Rowling has set up a website, has actully surfed the net and has awarded the efforts of the fandom in cyberspace.

    May I offer this thought: That maybe after the initial release of DH, that she might also do things on the continent and around the world?

    She does have very young children and Harry has been a part of her life for a loooong time. I would give her some time.

    We can’t afford something like this, but hey, if others can, have at it.
    She shared Harry with us.

    I’m cool with that.

  • Big_Kelpie

    I hope she does at least one international tour some time soon. I know she has children and a life but the only way many fans can hear her voice and have their books singed is by her traveling.

  • Cricket

    She just might! That would be truly wonderful if she could.

  • Sarah Quinn

    Alright, for all of you who are complaining, I have one thing to say. GET OVER IT! J.K. is one person who has shared a tremendous part of her life with the entire world! She has the right to limit the number of people attending these events and I especially think that the rules pertaining to age are important. Let’s all remember that the books were for children first. Think of how wonderful it would be to be a kid and get to meet the author of your favorite book. What a cool “show and tell story” that would be!!

  • Kaz

    Sarah, I think you’ll notice that people aren’t complaining about the limited number or tickets, just the fact that only fans from certain countries can get them. And I would be very much surprised if anyone on this forum is actually angry at Jo herself, rather than the publishers. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Sarah, Your points are valid, but with emotions so high on this issue, I wish very much that you had expressed yourself in a way that was less antagonistic.

  • Sarah Quinn

    My apologies. I offer no excuses. If I had thought more about it, I would have chosen my words more carefully. Ta

  • Cricket

    On Jo’s website she has said that in October she will be doing a tour to the US; three cities. None of them are near me, but I hope she enjoys herself here. Especially New Orleans.
    Or, as the locals say, ‘Nawlins.’
    She would love the quirkiness of the place and the food is not to be missed!

  • Where did it say you had to be 21 or under, Im 24 and I won some tickets and now im really worried!

  • checked it out and it was only the American enterants that had to under 21. Very excited to meet JKR and hear her read!