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More on my California adventure


This past weekend, as I mentioned, I spent some time in a studio in Burbank shooting a television special. This will air on A&E in July as part of the lead-in to the film premier. I was only a small part of the whole production, so I have no way of knowing how much I’ll actually be seen, but it was exciting to be involved. I kept thinking, “I’m just this guy from Michigan! What am I doing here?”

I asked the producer about what he would be comfortable with me sharing here on the Lexicon. He asked that I not say much at all for now, and of course I’ll honor his wishes on that. I’m really looking forward to seeing the show…and hoping that I don’t come across as too much of a dork 🙂

Probably no way around that, I’m afraid.

Thanks so much for all the good wishes and kind comments you all left. I am part of the best website staff in the world and we all appreciate your support as we build and maintain the Lexicon for you.


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