Albus Dumbledore



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  • i think that prof: dumbledore ordered snape to kill him when the time comes…

  • theorder

    i think that dumbledore is a descendant of Godric Griffindor. It makes since because he owns fawkes and griffindors sword.

  • leastcommonmalfoy

    If Dumbledore has/had red hair, is it a possiblity that Dumbledore is somehow related to Lily? … JKR did say it would be something good to ask about

  • there is one thing that i always wanted to know!(how did dumbldore defeted Grindelwald imean did he kill him or did he just defet him in a battle???

  • Kirinin

    I emailed the folks here about this, but not sure it went through. According to research I was doing in herbal medicine, Dumble-dorr is actually a local British Isles name for *Taraxacum officinale* – the common dandelion! This strikes me as perfectly Dumbledore – cheerful and bright, useful, and awfully hard to get rid of, no matter how often you attempt to uproot it. I wonder if JK was misremembering, or if it’s a name for bumblebee *and* dandelion?


  • Actually, it is more probable that Dumbledore was related to James (due to his posession of the Invisibility Cloak, which JKR said was important). I’ve fancied Dumbledore as being related to Lily, but that would bring up issues as to why he never took Harry in himself.

  • I agree with A.F.A. I think Dumbledore and Snape had a certain deal going on. It’s too much of a coincedence that Snape just happened to get the DADA position (which never holds a teacher more than a year, which DD knew).

    Anyone else notice that the Draught of the Living Dead was brought up in book 6? It’s possible that someone might not be dead …

  • SerpentsAttire is right about that potion.mmm it could mean that someone is still alive like prof:dumbldore..

  • Mmm..the potion is a good point!But J.K. said that Dumbledore is gone for good in her interview.Yet she mentioned that Sirius might not ACTUALLY be “dead”..just gone. There’s a possibility she said that we will see him again!And I also agree with A.F.A. I think Snape is Dumbledore’s man and they knew that time would come.

  • Diane

    I have a feeling Harry will be hearing from Albus from the portrait in the Headmistress’ office!

  • what about his brother? will he do something important?

  • JJ

    I think Dumbledore is related to Merlin and I agree with what has been said, Dumbledore made Snape kill him because he made the deal with Malfoys mom, and Dumbledore wanted someone close to to Voldemort if he died.

  • did dumbldore phoneix belong to godric gryfindor???

  • Bridgette Ann

    I think Snape used an imposter spell to kill Dumbledore. I know this sound bloody idiotic but my theory is Snape shot Dumbledore with an imposter spell on Dumbldore’s order. Dumbledore was buried, and after that he apparated out of his grave and went into hiding. It’s bloody ridiculous but anything’s possible with Harry Potter. If anyone asks I’m british and proud of it!

  • John

    Dumbledore is dead, but, I think that Snape was ordered by Dumbledore to kill him.

  • Anniema Boodknodgles

    Isn’t it odd that Snape wants to be DADA? Do you think that Snape and Lily are really Harry’s parents?

  • Anniema Boodknodgles

    I think that the last word of the novel, changed from SCAR is now “GONE” or “DISAPPEARED”. I think that somehow Harry’s scar is a horcrux for Lord “he who shall not be named”. Tom Riddle. I will not call him Lord. Goodness!

  • Animagus Buechler

    I think that somehow Kreature knows where the last horcrux is because he has been living in the house where it was for 12 years. He will need to tell Harry where it is and Harry will defeat L.Voldemort.

  • John

    I agree with you Animagus Buechler, but I have a slightly different idea, I think that Sirius’ mother ordered Kreacher to bring back the locket, I think that her portrait has something to do with the mysterious locket that none of them could get open in OP, either that she knows what that mysterious locket is, who it belonged to, or has some idea that it has some glimmer of importance, so, she ordered Kreacher to hide the locket somewhere within Grimmauld place.

    I also doubt that Mundungus has removed the locked from Grimmauld Place, Mrs. Black wouldn’t be that foolish, particularly with Kreacher at her beck and call, it would be far too out of her character not to attempt to save every single scrap of anything that she could save, even if she may or may not have known exactly what it was.

  • Andy

    I believe that Dumbledore and Snape planned that death.

    For one thing, why else would Dumbledore petrify Harry when they returned from the cave.

    The only answer I can think of is that Dumbledore did not want Harry to interfere with what will happen.

    No, it wasn’t to protect Harry. The invisibility cloak was good enough for that and you don’t save people by making them unable to move.

  • John

    Yes you do, Harry would have gladly fought for Dumbledore’s life. Dumbledore was in a weakened state, and if someone had dueled with Dumbledore and Harry, it all could have been totally different.

  • I think Snape was sincere when he returned to Dumbledore. Snape knew that Dumbledore was the only one who could actually stand against Voldemort. However, having Harry around made Snape recall all the childhood bitterness he has had against Harry’s folks made him want to be part of the Dark Lord’s army.
    On the other hand, Dumbledore has had his suspicions about Snape…but Dumbledore is the kind who gives everyone the benefit of the doubt until he is proven beyond reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, he had to die to remove all doubts about Snape.