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Happy Birthday Draco Malfoy


The Wizard of the Month calendar on Jo’s official site has changed to display Happy Birthday wishes for June 5th to Draco Malfoy.


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  • Big_Kelpie

    I cannot believe my birthday is the same as draco’s!!!!

  • Naazju

    Happy Birthday Draco! May you be safe and end up on the “good side” in DH!

  • Nannette

    If he changes to the good side it will only be to save his own skin. He has been made just like his father and will need some time in prison.

  • daveindetroit

    I subscribe to the Bithday Wishes=Lives camp so it looks like maybe our youngest DE learns his lesson. Or at least is lucky enough to survive. Potions Professor Malfoy after Snape sacrifices himself anyone?

  • Reader2

    No offence, daveindetroit, but you are contradicting yourself.
    Snape got a birthday wish too, remember?
    It’s either “Birthday Wish=survival”, or “Snape secrifises himself”, you can not have both.
    Also, the idea of Malfoy becoming a teacher is just too scary.
    He would probably make Snape look like Flitwick.

  • jamie1putt

    Perhaps I don’t spend as much time in the pensive as the rest of you and maybe this subject has already been discussed but there is one birthday that seems obviously missing…. where’s Hagrid?!? I sure hope he survives…

  • jamie1putt

    I fully retract my last statement… Dec 6 it was …. but I still hope he survives 🙂

  • olivier

    Nanette, I fully agree with you, as Draco is the worst Slytherin I ever saw. And I wonder how he’ll manage to escape the wrath of Voldemort… if the theory birthday wishes = survival is correct and he makes it!

  • Trieste Sokaris.

    In my opinion, Draco will always be “a champion of pure-blood supremacy,” but that doesn’t mean he will support Voldy’s world domination plans. He’s potentially able to end up like Regulus, sabotaging his own clan in one way or another, but we shouldn’t expect him to get a nicer personality in the future.

  • Joan

    Happy Birthday Draco – may you survive long enough to see the error of your ways!

  • Elizabeth

    I sybscire to the same Birthday=suvival as there is no birthday wish for sirius, dumby or voldy. HOwever, no Tonks or Luna looks grim

  • recklesscatlover

    One weakness of the birthday=survival theory (that I support) is that – as Lexicon states in http://www.hp-lexicon.org/about/sources/jkr.com/jkr-com-birthdays.html – birthdays have all been repeating since 2004, while JKR announced in summer 2006 that the ‘dead-man-walking’ list increased thn by two units and decreased by one. The theory can be correct only if these changing-fate characters had not been formerly included in the birthday list for any reason (‘course it could not be a comprehensive list of the survivors, unless LV got a nuke).

  • daveindetroit

    Reader2, thanks for the timely reminder. I had forgotten about Snape’s b-day wishes but as he could return as DADA teacher that still leaves Potions open for Draco after Slughorn re-retires.

  • Timeturner

    I think Draco will survive unfortunetly

  • Hmmmmm……………
    Good or bad……………..
    Still debating.
    Will answer after July 21.

  • Marco

    Draco Malfoy as a teacher in Hogwarts?

    This will certainly not happen with Prof. McGonagall or any other reasonable person as headmaster/headmistress.

    Remember: Draco Malfoy had casted successfully the Imperius Curse on Madam Rosmertha, what means normally life-term in Askaban. Further he had harmed two other students of Hogwarts severely. And there is a (still) living witness for his actions.

    But perhaps Umbridge or any other corrupt member of MoM may get Draco out of trouble or get him even a well paid occupation.

  • Bex

    Wait… where on earth did i read Voldys B-day being Dec 30th? was it an interview?

  • Reader2

    You want Draco AND Snape to be teaching at Hogwarts!
    What did the next generation of students ever do to you that you wish such a terrible fate on them?

    My guess is that if Draco servives, he wont need to work at all. After all, he is still a heir to a fortune.

    As for Snape, he’ll probably leave the country. Whose ever side he is on, he sounds way too annoyed with everyone to stick around when he doesn’t have to.

  • Bex

    Also… i don’t think when Draco survives *crosses fingers* Harry who also survives *crosses fingers again* will do the Dumbledor type thing and vouch for him seeing the error of his ways. remember guys the whole last chapter is going to be about what happens to the survivors!

  • Jayni D.

    Bex, Voldemort’s birthday is December 31st. Jo answered that question on her site recently in FAQ.

  • kamion

    Marco wrote—–
    Remember: Draco Malfoy had casted successfully the Imperius Curse on Madam Rosmertha, what means normally life-term in Askaban.—-
    true, as such the Unforgivables were introduced by Moody/Crouch, but since then it has been raining Unforgivables and nobody except the D.E.-rs caught at the Ministry of Magic went to prison.

    It seems unless you are called Harry Potter and commit minor breaches of the rules, that can be handled by a pencilpusher called Hopkirk there are slim changes you get caught.

    It’s just like real life: those who cannot handle the big things become zealotic about the little things.

  • wisemar

    I don’t really believe that Draco will ever be a decent person. Sirius said the world is not split up between death eaters and good people. Draco may some how escape Voldemort and not get in league with the Death Eaters, but that doesn’t make him a “good” person. Just like that fact that I believe that Snape was (and is) still loyal to Dumbledore doesn’t mean that Snape is a “good” person.

  • will orwont

    The comment from J.K.R. about book 7 was that two people die who weren’t originally intended to die. Since the whole thing has been planned for years, “originally” means a time well before the birthdays started appearing. Jo’s planning was detailed enough to mention individual horcruxes from at least book 2 (if not before, as I’m sure we’ll discover), and of course there is that draft of the last chapter in a vault somewhere, which might be specifically what Jo was talking about.

  • John

    I think Draco’s days are numbered! The Deatheaters, have killed almost everyone who have left their ranks and Voldemort punished those who have shrinked from their duty. Draco shrinked from his duty, and if Voldemort kills him or orders him to be killed, well, I’ll say that going into hiding really doesn’t help those who leave the Deatheater ranks.

  • Pookey

    I almost cried when I found out that my birthday was the same as Draco’s. My day really went down hill from there.

  • Potioncat

    We don’t know that it was Draco who cast the unforgivables. He seemed to have quite a few grown-up Death Eaters helping him.

    On another topic, we know Tom Riddle’s birthday, but JKR never wished him a happy birthday.

  • Molly

    Happy Birthday Draco!