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Deluxe edition cover art!


It’s here! It’s here! It’s here! Scholastic has released the cover art for the Deluxe edition. I think it will be a big surprise.
I won’t spoil it for you, take a look for yourself: Scholastic Deluxe edition cover art.

Later edit:
From the Scholastic Press Release: David Saylor, Vice President, Creative Director, Scholastic described the art as:

Set during a highly dramatic sunset, Harry, Hermione, and Ron–clothes in tatters–cling atop a flying dragon in this astonishing artwork created by Mary GrandPre for the deluxe edition. As mist creeps down towering hillsides to a village below, questions arise about where the trio is headed and what has led them to this spellbinding moment.

Usually there is also bonus art inside the deluxe edition. According to the press release, Here’s what we still haven’t seen yet:

  • never-before-seen full color frontispiece art on special paper.
  • “Illustration Showcase” insert that features near scale reproductions of Mary GrandPre’s chapter openers
  • bonus black-and-white illustration that appears at the end of the “Illustration Showcase”

The deluxe edition will be a total of 816 pages; the suggested retail price is $65.00 and the print run will be 100,000 copies.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • recklesscatlover

    Hello, Norbert!
    Is that you?

  • TimeTurner

    wow! I makes me think who that dragon is.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    Antipodean Opaleye? I think 🙂 Look the eyes. No pupils (Norbert had).

    Which are your theories?

  • Fonzman

    Is that Norbert? I thought it was or is it the horntai from GOF. We’ll find out next month though.

  • Langenscheidt

    I always thought that Norbert would reappear. His part in PS wasn’t that big, after all. So I hope it’s him!

  • Jordan W.

    The first thing i thought about was Norbert.
    And the fact that we only have a month.

  • John

    I printed it out and supersized it on my printer, I have a few questions:, firstly what is the signifigance of the dragon, secondly, is the village Hogsmeade? It might be Hogsmeade, but, I don’t think it is, because of the river and lake. What are your thoughts?

  • Lucie

    Perhaps they are flying from Romania, aren’t they? And it must be Norbert, I doubt Harry’s relation with the horntail was so good 🙂

  • recklesscatlover

    Flying Dragon = Fire in Air, just as the Underground Lake was Water in Earth… mmmh…

  • Lorina

    Hardly Norbert, scarcely the Horntail. As pointed out, Norbert had pupils, and for it to be a Horntail, it would have to have… well, a horny tail! Besides that, the Horntail has slit pupils. This dragon seems old to me: white hairs in the jaw, ragged wings… I would say it is something Hagrid has trained in secrecy or which Charlie has sent to rescue the trio. Notice that the trio’s clothes also seem to be in a bad state. It looks like some sort of rescue, if I may venture a guess.

  • recklesscatlover

    BTW, the Lex reports Norbert as a Norwegian Ridgeback – and a ‘ridge’ seems to be there in the cover, even if Harry is holding to ? hair ?

  • kuffara

    I dont think its Norbert. The dragon looks old, and though I can’t find any canon on dragon’s lifespan, I really think its more than 6 years. The Opaleye dragon is fishy too, since the eye is supposed to be multiple colors. I think this is just an old, blind dragon sent for a rescue. Maybe Hagrid had one before Norbert? I suspect Charlie has something to do with it, it seems like we havn’t seen him at all, yet are constantly reminded he’s in Romania, tending dragons.

  • Bandersnatch

    I know who the dragon is — it’s Saphira! (LOL)

    Seriously, excellent cover.

  • recklesscatlover

    And speaking of Norway, isn’t that landscape like a fjord? Weak sun on the right, reddish light and all…
    The only places in the North (apart from Scotland) that we are introduced to are Giant’s Land and the place of Durmstrang.

  • recklesscatlover

    Too many leads – think also of the dragon(s) guarding Gringotts’ safes. A blind dragon living underground… Gringotts(?) is also suggested by the UK cover.

  • pheeyis

    Harry seems to be wearing the same clothes as he is wearing on the U.S. cover. The other riders appear to be wearing tattered school robes. Hmmm?

  • Melinda

    I agree that it isn’t Norbert or the Horntail. I do think that it is a rescue mission or they are heading to battle. I think the dragon is an transfigured wizard – who? I guess we will find out next month!! I hope it’s Charlie!

    As a side note, does anyone know if Voldie can transform into anything?

  • recklesscatlover

    There is also a comment by Scholastic, see
    identifying the riders as the Trio (H+H+R) otherwise that cold be not so evident. Only Harry is clearly identified. Guess Hermione is in the middle (more hair)

  • Mike

    Could it be a thestral?

  • Dapylil

    Tooooo awesome!! I’d love to see Voldy’s face when they come riding in on a dragon!!! =)

    It does look like an opal-eye, but I can only imagine Norbert being friendly enough to allow them a ride.

    Ugh… 42 very very long days to wait!!

  • Sion

    I think it may be an animagus, maybe Abeforth?
    By the way here in the Lex is a very interesting pic of the Albanian mountains

  • Sion

    Look at this
    Antipodean Opaleye

    The Antipodean Opaleye is considered by wizards worldwide to be one of the most beautiful species of dragon. They are found in New Zealand but are known to migrate to Australia when territory is scarce. It weighs between two and three tons and its flames are bright scarlet. Described as having iridescent, pearly scales and multi-coloured pupil-less eyes, the Opaleye never kills humans, its favourite food being sheep.

  • Heidi

    Ever since the release of the UK children’s cover art (which, to my mind, suggests being sucked into a Gringott’s vault as foreshadowed in Book 1), I’ve been thinking about the possibility of Baby Norbert having grown up to become a Gringott’s guard-dragon, and the idea that his hatching — and thus his impression — having taken place in front of not only Hagrid but the Trio might allow them to survive a run-in with Gringott’s security.

    What I love, though, regardless of all the theories — and even the possibility of (heaven forbid!) true spoilers coming out — is that Jo makes it so much fun to GET there. Some $%#@$$# told me what happened at the top of the Astronomy Tower before I’d even opened the cover on HBP, and it didn’t really matter. I probably read the book a bit more closely because of it, but that was all.

    This is going to be SUCH a blast!

  • LOL the trio is riding off into the sunset!!!

  • Perhaps the village shown below is Godric’s Hollow? Just a thought.

  • jensenly

    I’m with those who think:

    1. It’s not Norbert.
    2. It’s the same dragon whose flames are being reflected in Harry’s glasses on the UK children’s cover.
    3. The UK children’s cover is the trio in Gringott’s.
    4. The Deluxe Edition cover is immediately after they leave Gringott’s, with the dragon in tow.

    Where they are or where they are going..I have no idea!

  • My first thought was Norbert, but I really think this dragon is a Chinese Fireball! Looks so much like those old Chinese drawings!
    It’s so weird to see a wizard (or three) riding a dragon… Remember Harry having nightmares about Slytherin players riding dragons on the Quidditch match? It was just so laughable to imagine wizards controlling dragons to that point. I bet Harry couldn’t imagine that in four years HE would be the onde riding one!

  • RJL

    I’m hoping that it is Norbert since I really want him to make a comeback. I’m pretty sure Charlie will be a semi-major character in dh. I’d like the trio to go to Gringotts and get a Horcrux but that would mess up my pet theory about Hufflepuff’s cup being under Voldy’s yew wand tree (hopefully near Durmstrang)

  • SGBG

    Maybe the town is Little Hangleton. Like church can be clearly seen like said in HBP, but I dont think any town mentioned in the books has a river going through it. And whats that brown patch beyond the spand of fields in the bottom left corner?

  • christina

    Dragons!Well that was something I didn’t expect!It might be Norbert.Dragons grow fast, don’t they?
    Why are Ron and Hermione wearing school robes? Suppose they went back to school but Harry didn’t?

  • nice one Bandersnatch. it really cracked me up when i saw saphira’s name. guess i’m the only other person here who got the joke.

  • TimeTurner

    i just had a brainwave!
    Heidi i think your right. what if norbert went to Gringgotts and his pupils got that way from not being exposed to sun or something. Then they run into norbert at gringotts. It would be cool for them to run into norbert

  • My theories:
    1. The clothes Harry is wearing (Muggle clothes) are the same as on the regular US edition
    2. Hermione and Ron are probably wearing school robes OR gowns for Bill and Fleur’s wedding
    3. If the latter is the case then:
    a) they’ve just come from the scene on the UK Children’s cover (Gringotts) and
    b) the fire reflected in Harry’s glasses on the UK Children’s cover is caused by the same dragon they’re riding on now.
    4. The dragon is NOT Norbert ( -> too old) but a Antipodean Opaleye! (provided by Charlie)

    1.) Ron, Hermione and the dragon are all looking in the same direction (upwards), but Harry is looking straight ahead. What could that mean? Do you think they’re anxious or excited? I can’t read too much into their expressions here.
    2.) They’re all 17 by now. Why aren’t they apparating?
    3.) Where are they? Godric’s Hollow, Hogsmeade or even in another country (Romania or Albania anyone?)?

    SOOO many questions…42 days to go!!!

  • Big_Kelpie

    omfg..who cares about the type of dragon? This book will rock so much!!!! i can’t wait any longer

  • Bible Spice

    I’m with you, BK. I am about to go nova with excitement!

  • Luis

    12 uses of dragon blood. Anyone’s guess?

  • Heidi

    For those who wonder why they’re not Apparating, Don’t dorget:

    “Apparition becomes more difficult as distance increases. Only highly trained wizards would try intercontinental Apparition (QA9).”

  • Big_Kelpie

    dumbledore is the dragon..the grey beard.. I cannot believe i didn’t think of that before

  • Haltiamieli

    Hmm, I’m at least 99% sure the dragon is Norbert. We must remember that the picture is drawn by GrandPre, _not_ by Rowling herself! So it may not agree with descriptions (and even the pupil might be there, just covering nearly whole of the eye seen) in the books completely.

    We have had a named dragon since the first book bound to have some sort of comeback sooner or later, with a strong moral written in to story that from good comes good and Norbert will turn friendly with the trio, very unlike dragonish attitude in general.

    Occam’s Razor, everyone…

  • What if Hagrid got his dragon after all? I mean what if a certain opal-wearing giantess is also an animagus? Wouldn’t that be fun? This cover is such a shock that no theory seems too wild.

    One big problem with this theory is that the dragon looks quite ancient.

    But the animagus twist would explain why the dragon is friendly. If others are right that this comes on the heels of Bill & Fleur’s wedding, her headmistress would be invited, no?

  • Luna

    It is not a dragon. It is the Crumple-Horned Snorkack. And they are flying above Norway – possible connection to Durmstrang…

  • Cricket

    I was so hoping for Norbert, but unregistered Animagi will work just fine. The horns make me think of Abeforth…he was practicing inappropriate charms on a goat. Maybe turning the goat into a dragon?

    The roofs on the buildings are red…and Albania is right on the Adriatic.

  • For God’s sake, it’s a CHINESE FIREBALL.

  • The shape of the dragon *is* very Chinese: the snout, the head fringe, the beard. Jo says her Chinese Fireball is scarlet with a fringe of golden spikes around its face and protruding eyes. This dragon just doesn’t look scarlet to me.

    Did someone tickle a sleeping dragon? This is so much fun to think about!

  • hpboy13

    Oh wow, I’m positively giddy with excitement! I believe that it is Norbert! Remember, they age very fast – in a few weeks, Norbert was growing right along. Oh, I am getting so impatient! Also, the village…whatr if it’s Spinner’s End? Wasn’t there a river next to it that was mentioned? I believe we haven’t seen the last of Spinner’s End.

  • Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus… Jo said she wanted an useful motto for Hogwarts instead of “loyalty and friendship” or something like that… Are we going to find out the motto actually IS useful in the last book? The kind of thing Jo would do, in my opinion!
    Hmmm I guess this dragon really isn’t scarlet, but there could be some explanations:
    1 – it’s cursed (hence the white eye)
    2 – it was injured in a battle (hence the wings)
    3 – it’s an animagus (the differente colour is the distinctive feature… but I that’s too unlikely)
    Oh my gosh, july 21st is just taking SO MUCH TIME!

  • I have been searching, and I agree with the people who say that the scenery looks very much like Albania.

    In 2000, Entertainment Weekly asked Jo: Will we ever see Harry in America?
    Her answer: “Unlikely. The battleground is Britain at the moment.”

    Source: http://www.accio-quote.org/articles/2000/0800-ew-jensen.html

  • Char

    “As mist creeps down towering hillsides to a village below”… Dementor’s around?

  • “As mist creeps down towering hillsides to a village below”… Dementor’s around?
    Almost certainly, they’re all over Britain at the moment (remember HBP, Hogwarts was the only place without mist)

  • Char

    I meant, are they (Harry, Ron, Hermione & Dragon) being chased or followed to cause the mist rolling down the hillside. The trio all appear to be looking upwards at something.

  • Dee

    Could this possibly be Harry’s new pet Jo said he might get?

  • Char

    I had the same thought, Dee. (I posted that on another site(s).)
    But my theory got ‘shot down’ with reminders that JKR said “dragons are untameable despite what Hagrid thought”, so who knows, but it won’t be too much longer before we can read what all of it really means.

  • KnightRider

    In my humble opinion, the dragon is Norbert. The argument for this statement is a theory about books paralelling eachothers. “Azkaban” mirrored “Phoenix”, “Chamber” mirrored “Prince”, “Goblet” is the separate central element. According to this, “Hallows” is the parallell to “Stone”. “Stone” had Norbert and “Hallows” will bring him back.

    About the age of the dragon… I don’t know. Dragons are predators, they need to get big quickly for not to be killed off by older dragons or other predators which hunt younger animals.

  • Luis

    I still think the dragon to be an animagus. Maybe Aberforth, because of the drangon`s resemblance to a goat. Remember also that dragons are un-tameable and Dumbledore is the one that discovered the 12 uses of dragon blood. We haven`t been presented with these uses yet, but I believe this will be of high importance in the final book.

  • Vern

    Anyone want to follow the Fire in Air, Water in Earth idea? Sounded promising, but I tried the Portkey and Search on that, andt came up empty. References?

  • Antoon


    “Dementors around’’? That’s what I thought after seeing the cover of the British children’s edition. I think there will be a Dementor attack on Hogwarts. After all, in book 1 Hagrid said that “Voldemort didn’t dare try taking the school, not just then, anyway’’. I think it is in the line of expectation that Voldemort, at some point, WILL try to take over Hogwarts. What better time to do this than in book 7? He has been restored to a body, he is likely to have Horcruxes positioned to attack Hogwarts from the inside (whatever that may imply) and he has an army of Dementors on his side. In a sense, he has already started the attack my ordering Dumbledore to be eliminated.

  • hpboy13

    Wow, that would be one awesome scene – the trio on a dragon being chased by Dementors!!!
    Here’s a really whack theory, but nothing’s impossible. What if that dragon was Godric Gryffindor? Maybe dragons mature fast, but live to an incredibly old age (that’s the usual consensus in fantasy). And Godric Gryffindor was an extremely powerful wizard, and dragons are powerful and brave. Is it that implausible?

  • kuffara

    If Gryffindor were an animagus, he’d have a normal lifespan. It seems like a big stretch of imagination to say the dragon is Gryffindor.

    And except for the tufts of hair on the chin, I can’t see the ‘Chinese fireball’. Maybe its just me, but it seems to stocky & not long enough. Which would buy into the animagus claim, since neither Aberforth or any other wizard we know (Cho doesn’t count) is asian.

  • kamion

    KnightRider wrote:

    In my humble opinion, the dragon is Norbert. The argument for this statement is a theory about books paralelling eachothers. “Azkaban” mirrored “Phoenix”, “Chamber” mirrored “Prince”, “Goblet” is the separate central element. According to this, “Hallows” is the parallell to “Stone”. “Stone” had Norbert and “Hallows” will bring him back.

    Good idea, I always thought that HBP resembled CoS so much, that I had the idea the drafts for both were drawn at the same time, but had not notice the effect on the other books (yet).

    Another support that this is Norbert( and blame the “oldness” and “blindness” on Grandpre’s artistic free hand, is that Rowling said that no new characters would be introduced in DH.

    Norbert got a perfect introduction in PhS, at the time even a bit excessive, taking up a rather big part of the story without helping it any further then getting the trio, Neville and draco in detention and into the Forbidden Forest. With Norbert acting in DH it now makes sense.

    and btw “your friendly neighbour House Dragon” is of course a formiddable ally and weapon against Voldemort.

    Rowling keeps amazing me, I think nobody in fanfic has come-up with a “tame” dragon yet, unless there were crossovers with Eragon( or what’s that’s called)

  • Remi

    Just thought of something — since most of the US book covers depict scenes from near the end of the book (COS, POA, OOTP, HBP), can I assume that this too depicts a scene near the book’s end? In that case, does it mean that the trio all survive the series?!
    (ok – just realized the deluxe version of HBP depicts Ogden & the House of Gaunt, but I still like my theory….)
    Also, I’d like to echo Heidi’s comment: regardless of all the theories, it really is fun just getting there 🙂

  • Vern, you can still use the Portkey, just search for the elements separately and “favorite” the ones that are applicable. Then if you can add your “fire in earth” (etc) tags to the Portkey others can use them as references too.

  • Kamion wrote:
    Another support that this is Norbert( and blame the “oldness” and “blindness” on Grandpre’s artistic free hand, is that Rowling said that no new characters would be introduced in DH.

    Kamion, I would be interested in your source for the “no new characters” quote. I can’t recall that she has ever spoken either way about that for book 7. And the agedness of the dragon seems quite deliberate. Look at a close-up of its horns. In an interview recently GrandPre said that everything in her paintings has a reason.

  • hpboy13

    Remi, that’s actually a good find, but it’s not a guaranmtyee of their survival. For example, DD was on the HBP cover, and look at how that turned out. But I do believe this to be towards the end of the book. One thing that poiints trowards that is the tattered clothes, which suggests they’ve been round the mill. ANothwer is the “riding into the sunset” element.

  • I found the GrandPre quote:
    The fans that are really diehard fans look very closely at the artwork,” Mary says. And they should. “I try to make everything have a meaning. … There is a reason why something is in the illustration. I don’t just put it in because it looks better. It really does have to have a meaning or part of the story has to support it.”

    Source: http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2007706050428

  • recklesscatlover

    It is possible that Norbert’s egg actually came from Gringotts’. In fact it was Quirrell giving it to Hagrid, and we know that Quirrell (by LV’s tricks) had full access to Gringotts, where he went to try to steal the Stone just after Hagrid had picked it up.

  • jensenly

    IMHO, I believe Norbert was introduced in the PS as a set-up to the Tri-Wizard Tournament. JKR wanted us to understand that dragons are dangerous (hence Hagrid having to give him up) and that would set the stage for making the dragon challenge in GOF so intense.

    And hat’s off to Heidi – the BEST part of all of this is to share and have fun! Only 40 more days to go!

  • cristina_xv

    So, what can I say now that the Deluxe Edition cover was shown
    1. That canot be Norbert. I am 50% sure it must be one of Hagrid’s “adopted” pets
    2. If they were to fly to Romania, I am very curios how JKR would see it.
    3. Hogwarts is still open
    4. This scene might be at the middle or at the end of the book

    P.S. For Romanians: Does anyone know when HP & DH will be released in Romania? mail me at [email protected]

  • Matthew

    An old ancient Dragon. 12 uses of dragon blood. How old was Dumbledore at the end? Could there be a connection?

    Think about JKR Website: the “Wizards of the Month” (WotM) from May and June. Gryffindor and Ravenclaw are still missing. Who will be the WotM in July? There are possibly more things of Gryffindor still around. In the “vault”, we have seen a sword and a suit of amour – with a dragon on it. Gryffindor’s? Is there a connection between Gryffindor and the dragon? (Salazar Slytherin’s pet was a snake (basilisk).)

    Lets assume, the vault is Dumbledore’s. Maybe the dragon belonged to Dumbledore. Maybe he gave it to Gringott’s. …

    So many ideas. So many thoughts. I believe there is a direct line: Godric Gryffindor – Albus Dumbledore – Harry Potter. AD rejected to take over the job of Minister of Magic. Just because, he wanted to stay at Hogwarts. But Why? HP’s parents used to live at Godrics Hollow. GODRIC !!! This name can’t be chosen by coincidence …

    What do you think?

  • SGBG

    I doubt they’re being chased by dementors. Otherwise at least one character would be looking behind them, and the dragon doesnt look like its in any hurry. In fact it looks like its glad to be flying again which adds to the arrgument thats its Norbert coming from Gringotts. I really doubt its an animagus because what wizard has a dragonesque personality? And if it was an animagus, GrandPre would probably put some kind of physical trait that would lead us to figure out who it was. I doubt Abeforth would look so happy to assist the young heros.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    Hi again 🙂

    I am shocked about the Norbert thing. For me is obvius he isn’t Norbert, because it seems an old dragon, he is opal-eyed and he doesn’t seem dangerous: Norbert was dangerous from his birth! 😀

    I like the Romania thing, but I would preffer more Albania. I wrote months ago a theory about Albania importance.I think this country has a key role. Romania? I don’t think so… Anyways, is interesting that Jo visited Romania while she was writing HP7 😉

    For end, a last news: GrandPré has recognised that the countains of the normal cover are an ARTISTIC element that she recovers from HP1. How many theories have dead today!:D

  • John

    Back again! After close inspection of the artwork, I have reason to believe that it is the Antipodean Opaleye dragon, look at the background, it appears that they are in a valley, the habitat for the Opaleye dragon.Also, I listened to the first ten minutes of the Leaky Cauldron’s podcast, and after much consideration, I agree that Ron and Hermione’s robes are badly torn, why?

  • will orwont

    Although Mary and the editors give a great deal of thought to what goes in the illustrations, I doubt — very much — that they were paying attention to dragon descriptions outside the novels. This is a picture of a dragon as it appears in book 7, not anywhere else.

  • cristina_xv

    Back again
    “I like the Romania thing, but I would preffer more Albania. I wrote months ago a theory about Albania importance.I think this country has a key role. Romania? I don’t think so… Anyways, is interesting that Jo visited Romania while she was writing HP7 ”

    This seems a good reason

  • hpboy13

    As to why they’re lookign forward, it coudl be a chase scene, like I said. They are desperately trying to get to Hogwarts before the Dementors. I think they are flying to the Final Battle, and want to try to gain an upper hand before the Dementors crash the party. So they’d all be looking out for Hogwarts on the horizon.

  • cristina_xv

    Lisa Marie I was thiking about what you said about Ron and Hermione’s clothes. They might be the robes for the end of the year party, taking into account that they are both Prefects. Look at the UK cover too…

  • Jenny

    I love the idea that it’s Godric Gryffindor’s dragon which is guarding his vault somewhere.

  • John

    I don’t realy know if anyone has noticed this yet, but, if you look behind and infront of the dragon, you can see that there is mist? What could this mean, though it is stated in “Half-Blood Prince” that dementor’s cause the mist when they are breeding, could they be following him?

  • Nathan

    I wonder whether it is a a dragon at all could it be some form of chimaera?

  • Camilla

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! It’s really great to read your thoughts about the de-luxe edition. I love the “animagi-theory” but why do so many say that it probably is an unregistered animagus? According to the bible for HP-fans (aka the wonderful lexicon that we all love) there are six registered Animagi whose identity and forms has never been revealed so it may very well be legal animagi for once, but as some of you have pointed out earlier, who has the personality of a dragon? I really like the idea of Aberforth being the dragon but I wouldn’t bet my left hand on it since Jo has a tendency to suprise even her most devoted fans. 🙂

  • lemon drop

    Love the artwork. Ever thought that it might not be Ron and hermione with Harry? I’m pretty sure that it is Hermione, but the other boy has brown hair and wouldn’t a sunset make red hair brighter? I think it might be Neville. But I want it to be Ron.

    And just to throw out a question: Did anyone see Harry’s scar???? I can’t find it!!!!!!!

    Does the dragon look gray to anyone else? It might just be sick or tired,and it also looks old.

    ~Lemon Drop

  • The “Creative Director” for Scholastic Books says it is the trio and if you look at GrandPre’s chapter art for Book 6 the resemblance to HRH is pretty clear. I want a good role for Neville too, but it sure sounds like he’s not in this picture.

  • Remi

    Lemon drop, I think I can make out a faint outline of a scar in the deluxe edition, but since your question intrigued me I looked back at the US regular cover — hard to see a scar there too …..

  • John

    I like the “animagi theory” but there are some loose ends. Jo said that there would be no new characters with this installment, but, if this isn’t a knew character (assuming that Jo hasn’t changed her mind), who is it? Why should it be Aberforth, he has only been mentioned in passing, also, only background characters have met him, Moody for instance, but, there is a slim chance that it may be him.

  • I did a search of Accio Quote and Jo has actually said that there WILL be new characters: “There will be some characters [in Book 7] who you don’t know particularly well, and there may be a couple of new characters, but nobody really major. You know pretty much the cast list by now.” Source: http://www.accio-quote.org/articles/2005/0705-edinburgh-ITVcubreporters.htm

  • cristina_xv

    I wish JKR would tell us more about Scrimgeour (favourite HBP character)

  • Hermy

    I really could care less about what type of Dragon it is. I want to know WHY are they riding it and WHERE are the going. I am also pleased that Hermione and Ron went with Harry as they said they would. Not that I doubted them , but you know how Harry is.

  • chris

    Hermione looks like she’s barely hanging on.

  • lemon drop

    chris- Yeah, it does, doesn’t it?
    And only Harry is focused ahead as well. Dunno what that means but. . . You never know, it could be key!

    ~Lemon Drop

  • kamion

    Excuses to Lisa.

    I saddled her up with some work by not answering her question. And now it turns out that I based my theory on the misinterpretating of the same quote she found for us.

    I will Cruciate myself in silence.

  • Oh, please, no Dobby-ness allowed. I am the webmaster at Accio Quote so I do that stuff all the time. We used to have a thread on HPANA where we answered everyone’s quote questions.

  • kamion, I have to say that *I* don’t think you misinterpreted that quote at all. I knew which quote you were referring to, and I take it to mean that we won’t be seeing any new major characters. Appearing on the cover makes that dragon major to me. So I think your original comment was valid.

  • luny

    about the location.. Sybilla-Cooman from “Torre Nord” blog (http://www.torre-nord.splinder.com) found a strong similarity with Scottish mountains landsacape, especially if you look at this Glen Coe photo:
    or this one http://davidgruar.fotopic.net/p17480086.html
    If you put them beside the cover art they look like the same location

  • m from ch

    I don’t think it’s Godric Gryffindor. If he became an animal he would be a lion.

  • Becky

    I would love for the dragon to be Norbert. Wasn’t Norbert brought to Romania by Charlie? Romania borders Bulgaria. Could Viktor Krum possible make his return in some way connected to the dragon?

  • On the cover of the UK edition Harry, Ron and Hermione look like they have fallen into a tunnel of gold and jewels!

  • Chael

    No one here seems to remember that JKR said that dragons CAN’T BE TAMED NO MATTER WHAT Hagrid thinks. I think this might be an Animagus…maybe.

  • Chael

    I think it’s Draco. Yes, you read it correctly. Draco Malfoy.

  • Chael

    note to Luna: Says Luna Lovegood in OotP, “The Crumple-Horned Snorkack can’t fly.” When Ron asks if they’re going to the ministry on a “Cacky Snorgle.”

  • Chael

    and to m from ch…or a giant squid.