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WOMBAT 3 -Results in the Post


Results in the Post
The WOMBAT results delivery clock on Jo’s official site shows that the Results are in the post. You can see this by clicking on the WOMBAT card and entering your Student ID code.

In the past this has meant we would receive the results within a day!

If you missed the exam, you can read the questions with our commentary here: WOMBAT grade 3


Pensieve (Comments)

  • John

    That’s great, but, when are the results going to come in? I’ve heard somepeople say a week from now, and others say within a few more days.

  • Sorry John, I was still editing my post.
    For the first two WOMBATs they came within a day of being “in the Post”, so I would expect them tomorrow! 🙂
    Although this is the longest we’ve waited with them “being marked”, so nothing is for certain.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    I really hope Jo publishes the answers of the three exams. In the WOMBAT 2, there was a book with “Result”. Maybe it will appear on the bookshelp?

    *cross fingers*

    Wombat 3, the best of all!!! 🙂 *wrongly translated in the Spanish version as “O.W.L.” ¬_¬

  • PrincessOrual

    YAY!!! I really can’t wait.

    Do we get the ‘papers’ back with correct answers?

  • hpboy13

    Oh, I can’t wait for my result!! I am so nervous!

  • elizabeth_potter

    I can’t wait til tommorow!!!! I probly won’t sleep tonight, but oh my gosh!!!
    Good luck to everone!!!!

  • MarauderMeg

    That *would* be super-cool if you could see our marked papers.

    Can’t wait to see how I did this time – I felt so baffled during the test! Then again, I did the first two times, and I passed both of those.

  • Big_Kelpie

    OOO I read this:KRowling.com has indicated that the final WOMBAT results “in the post.” This means you can find how well you did on the third and final WOMBAT in Mugglenet and rushed to the site. when nothn was there i was so mad then i went back and realized i hadn’t seen thw ord soon at the end… silly me.. hope i pass
    PD: In cas u need any codes to get the diploma/letter for different marks, tell me . I did it once with my code. Once to get Troll, once to get a fail ,one really ruahed but the best i could and one with your commentary

  • Reader2

    Did the Lexicon staff ever consider adding the WOMBAT clock to the list of magical items?
    It’s clearly designed after the clock at the Burrow.

  • MarauderMeg

    I was looking at the results wall again…

    Had been wondering where the third certificate would hang. I wonder now if the clock will go away so #3 can hang above that other wall shelf.

    I hope not! I like the clock!

  • Smurf

    I lost my id is ther anyway i can get it back

    Sorry, Smurf… I’m afraid not. -Belinda

  • John

    Well, the results aren’t in anyway Smurf, so you can’t see them. I was really hoping that today would be the day! But, tomorrow is just as likely

  • Bible Spice

    No post on Sunday…

  • hpboy13

    Oh, I am so impatient for my results!! When will they come?

  • aillinne

    Don’t give up Bible Spice! Harry’s gotten his Hogwarts’ letter on Sunday, too!

  • TJ

    O boy, o boy, o boy! I’m so excited to get my grade.

  • Ginevra Potter


  • John

    I am so anxious, do any of you think you’ve failed?

  • Karrelien

    Its already longer than a day..
    I’m waiting, but I haven’t got the pacience.
    I hope I passed!

  • John

    They are not here again! My reserves of patience are wearing down, it’s pretty much down to the wire in these last few days before DH comes out in print. Where are you guys and girls going to be?

  • Krabat

    in the end of the exam its said that they need 6 days to mark it! so if the door closed on monday we should get the results today! i can’t wait any longer!! but why am i so exited??!!if i trust the lexicon staff commentary i failed anyway.. 🙁

  • Elsinore

    My sentiments exactly, Krabat. I forgot that wrong answers could lose marks and did not leave any questions blank, even when I wasn’t sure. I reckon I’ve got a Troll, but am still really impatient.

  • Krabat, the test did not say 6 days, it said “a few days”, so hang in there! The only predictable thing with Jo is that she’ll be unpredicatable! 😛

  • hpboy13

    That’s very true Belinda, btu I’m afraid that as a Potter fanatic, patience has never been my strong suit. If they’re not here today, I think I might explode. You hear that Jo? You’d be responsible for my untimely death.

  • Krabat

    i thought i’d read “within 6 days” but if you say so belinda it’ll be right!
    are you sure she creates the exams herself?? seems to put a lot of work into this site!!!
    still no results…(gettin crazy)

  • Big_Kelpie

    Ofcourse she creates the exam and the amrking system. I cant wait to get the resullts! It took exactly on week for the other two to be delivered. so we may be lucky tomorrow

  • El Cronista de Salem

    yes, tomorrow will be the day 😉

    maybe a pressent for pass the 3 exams? 😛

  • Guybrush

    I’d hate that … I missed the first exam v_v … I got Outstanding in the 2nd Wombat though ^_^

  • John

    I’m about to lose my mind, I can’t stand it, I need to know, I probably got a T too.

  • John

    Well, hpboy13, at least we would be there for your funeral right? Only joking, I hope they arrive as soon as they can (meaning tomorrow), if they don’t I might lose what little patience and sanity that I have left!!!!

  • elizabeth_potter

    Well if jo doesn’t give us the resluts TOMMOROW I will literally pick up my commputer and throw it against the wall then have a heart attack!!!!

    hear that jo RESULTS. TOMMOROW!!!!!!!!!

  • Wombat Joe

    Stop complaining hpboy13,maybe Jo will get ticked off at you and won,t give you the scor till the 6th movie comes out!!!!

  • Wombat Joe

    Sorry, My brother won;t stop whinig about his score coming in when I didn’t even get to take the test.

  • John

    I am right there with you elizabeth_potter, the results need to come in ASAP tomorrow, not Tuesday, tomorrow!!!!!!

  • Wombat Joe

    Good point John, I’ll bet they’ll come in tonight

  • Big_Kelpie

    Will the results be posted tomorrow at 00:00 UK time(that is this night) or tomorrow evening? does anyone remember when were the last two posted?

  • hpboy13

    Thanks John, that’s comforting 😉
    this wait would be so much more bearable if we at leats knew how long we have to wait – then we can spend otr time counting down.
    But I think there will be a prize if you pass all three – it seems like a very Jo-ish thing to do. I’m thinking the time is ripe for an excerpt. And fopr those of you who didn’t get a chance to take it, don’t worry, I’m sure the excerpt will be up at the Lexicon as no time (I mean come on, how can the Lexicon staff not pass?)

  • Reader2

    Another topick while we are waiting.

    I’ve been looking at the Lexicon’s new list of Ministers of Magic and noticed an interesting destail:
    The missing terms cover mid 1800s – the period of Dumbledore’s youth, 1940s – the period of Voldemort’s youth and 1970’s – the age of Maroders.
    All three periods are so important to the plot, we can actually hope that the Ministers who ruled in those eras will be mentioned in the last book.
    Thus, the list might be completed yet.

  • Krabat

    I really don’t like the idea that this was the last exam! I discovered the site too late for the first exam and at the second i couldn’t open the door! i want to have the chance to show that i can do better then the troll of wombat 3 that i’m going to get back!