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Happy Birthday Dobby!


Continuing our tradition of joining in the birthday wishes posted on Jo’s site…

The Wizard of the Month calendar has changed to Happy Birthday Dobby for June 28th.


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  • TJ

    Is Dobby the first non-human character to be officially designated a birthday? Do you think this has anything to do with what will transpire in Book 7?

  • Remi

    Sure looks like Dobby is the first non-wizard that has been sent birthday wishes on Rowling’s website. (Am curious to see if Firenze and Grawp get birthday wishes as well.) But since his birthday has been automatically celebrated on her site since 2005, I’m not 100% certain if that means that Dobby will have an important role to play in DH or not. Isn’t the running theory that a birthday acknowledgment means that the character survives the series? Hope it’s true….
    Regardless: Happy Birthday to my favorite house-elf! 🙂

  • MarauderMeg

    Happy Birthday, Dobby!

    I have a grand pile of mis-matched socks for you (darn sock-eating dryer!).

  • C Joseph

    Happy Birthday auld Dobby. I’m sure it’s not a coincidence that the first nonhuman to receive birthday wishes is a House Elf. House Elves have been fairly front-and-center as of yet, without a broader payoff. There’s gotta be summat left in the tank for them.

  • Char

    Carrying a large parcel…

    “Happy Birthday Dobby. You’ll love what I got you!”

    *a large squeal, and an excited Dobby throws himself upon Char*

    “I knew cleaning out the kids’ sock draw would please you, Dobby!!”

  • El Cronista de Salem

    I hope Jo wishes happy birthday to other characters after HP7. Luna, for example 😛

  • omg, today is my birthday too. anyway happy birthday dobby. hope u get socks for your birthday.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    And today is the birthday of Di Rowling, Jo’s sister, too 🙂 casual?

  • MelindaFloo

    Happy Birthday Dobby!! Love ya!
    Can’t wait to see what you do for the gang in book 7!

  • hpboy13

    Happy Birthday Dobby!!! May you receive lots of socks!

    By the way, when IS Luna’s birthday? How can a character liek that be left out!

  • LibraryCat

    i’ve got some old socks…

  • Bethany

    haha happy birthday dobby

  • hamburglar

    Happy birthday Dobby. Oh, thought people might be interested in this, in the same way they’re interested in days of the week not matching up http://cura.free.fr/xv/13ellis2.html

  • John

    Indeed, happy birthday Dobby, the elf we all hold dear in our hearts, and may he have thouands of mismatched socks.

  • Mizu-chan

    eekkk… Dobby has by birthday!

  • Nannette

    I think it must be Dobby on the front of book 7 as Harry would not trust Kreacher on his back with a sword as he would probably use it on him (Harry). Dobby would do anything for Harry. I hope he has a very happy birthday and many more.