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We haven’t talked much about the Portkey lately, what with the lead up to the new film and book and game and soundtrack and who knows what all. However, the team has been working dilligently behind the scenes, adding more and more content. Here are a few cool new additions:

The book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is now completely entered. As with the Bestiary in the Lexicon, we have intentionally NOT included all information about each beast so that our site doesn’t discourage anyone from buying the book itself. Of course, as part of the Portkey, the fantstic introductory material is now included when you search for information.

All the Famous Wizard cards are now entered. We changed the format for the “Location in canon” tab to show where you’ll find that particular card: in an EA game, in the book, on JKR’s site, etc. We’re working on adding all the card images to the image database, too.

Every event from each novel has been entered. You can now generate a very thorough outline of a book from the Book Outlines menu item at the top of the Portkey page. We haven’t added all the locations, characters, tags, date/times, and icons to them, however. The team is working on it steadily. But why wait for them? Log in and start adding some tags yourself! Oh, and when you select a book outline, notice the chapter summary entries. They appear nowhere else. They’re really cool, particularly because they show the entire chapter’s commentary and images at once on the tabs.

I do want to encourage everyone to add tags to the Portkey. The more user-added tags there are, the more useful and complete the Portkey will be. You do need to create a user account to do this and you need to be 13 or older. Any tags entered by fans will be searchable just like the tags added by our team, so have at it!


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