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New link on JKR.com – Missing Madeleine


A new book has appeared in the Links section of Jo’s website, entitled Missing Madeleine.
Please LOOK, read, and spread the word about this tragic story. We are praying for her safe return.

For those who would criticize Jo for giving this publicity to the plight of one little girl when there are so many other abducted and missing children in the world, how wrong can you be? Its not possible for her to aid in the cases of every missing child. The fact that she has taken up this cause, and used the extensive readership of her website to spread the word is nothing but honorable! For all of the people who have donated money or help or celebrity media coverage, it is just a matter of people doing whatever they can. No one should question their motives. Instead let’s all pray that it works. That somehow, someone, somewhere will hear this story, and realize they noticed something. Maybe someone will have a picture from the area showing nameless faces in a crowd that contains a crucial clue. Or vacationers who left Portugal behind will sift through their memories for more than remembering their trip. Or a Harry Potter fan will think of a friend who recently visited Portugal and mention this to them. Let’s hope.

Let’s think highly of Jo for offering to do all she can! And recognize that her efforts for this one little girl are not hurting the cases of other children in the same situation, but instead, perhaps, if we ALL do all we can, even as strangers, a little girl somewhere will be reunited with her family. Madeleine and many others.

Friday June 29th, the text of the Missing Madeline page was edited to note her disappearance took place eight weeks ago.


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  • moony =luna Lupin

    I can’t find words to say how evil it is to take someone’s kid away! This little girl is away for so long time, but I really hope she’s still alive and healthy.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    Yeah, poor girl. I admire a lot her parents. I don’t know if I would have the courage for run the world searching my daughter and never loose the hope. They are a great example for all us. I hope their story has a happy end, the same as others thousands children with the same circunstancies.

  • Krabat

    don’t missunderstand me, but why is the whole world so occupied with the kidnapping of this little girl?? it is a very terrible thing to happen! but everyday so many children in africa or somewhere else on the world are dying of hunger or diseases!! what do we know about them? are they less important than madeleine? less important than the little cute blond girl from parents from the “better” part of the world?? does this search help anything against problems like these in the world? is the engagement of celebrities like beckham for them more than only a good chance to advertise themselves??

  • Reader2

    I, for once, am under impression that Beckhams are personal aqaintances of Rowling, therefore to her this girl is more important.
    If anything happened to a child of a friend of mine, I would consider that more imortant than all the plagues of Africa.
    I doubt that it would be any different for you.
    I don’t consider myself qualified to judge what’s important for the entire world, but I do advise against blaming Rowling or her site-designers for being human.

  • MarauderMeg

    Hey, Bel! I suck at this sort of thing, but there is a Wikipedia entry for “Response to the disappearance…”, and it doesn’t yet include Jo’s update to the site. Here’s the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Response_to_the_disappearance_of_Madeleine_McCann

    And Krabat? Jo’s involved with a number of “problems” in the world, and her attention to these causes, in my opinion, is made all the more sincere because they are causes that are close to her heart (MS, because of her mother and children’s issues, because SHE’s a mother).

    I, for one, find nothing shocking in the fact that celebrities like Jo or David Beckham would put their names and money to help find this little girl, since they have children of their own. Other celebs fight for other causes, just because this one is so specific doesn’t make it any less worthwhile.

  • Big_Kelpie

    I’ll have to agee with Krabat. There are a lot of kids missing in all the world .I really don’t understand why this case has had so many publicity and support from famous ppl.
    I’m not attacking jo, im attacking the media in general.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    Krabat, I agree you too and the problem is that people can missunderstand us. For this reason I’ve said in my first comment “as others thousands children with the same circunstancies”, because I want all the similar stories have a happy end, not only Madeleine. I am sad because in Spain we know more about Madeleine than from a Spanish boy that dissappear in Spain 2 weeks before. Madeleine didn’t dissapear in Spain, she isn’t Spanish but she has more presence in Spanish media. Why?

    The reason is because her parents haven’t stop in her search. Maybe they have more money and more ways to make “noise”, I don’t know: I am note going to blame them! They are free for search Madeleine. And they are absolutly great for what they’re doing, really. I hope Madeleine is alive, and safe. But I would want that media focus its power in other similar children too.

    Anyways, good for Jo. And for McCann family.

    But I say the same that Big_Kelpie: the media is not doing the same for other children.

    (I hope people doesn’t missunderstand Krabat, Big_Kelpie and me! :s).

  • MarauderMeg

    Kelpie & Cronista – What you’re saying is a bit different than what Krabat said. I agree with what you guys are saying, to a point – not all children get the same amount of media attention as this child is. I do and don’t think that it’s because of what her parents are doing.

    Here, though, that isn’t the point. The point is that Jo’s involved in this. Why? Well, I’m not lucky enough to know, but 2 good guesses are because she’s a mother and because her eldest was born in Portugal.

    Having these celebrities involved in *any* way brings more attention to her case. The same can’t be said for a little black girl who’s been missing for many years in Milwaukee, WI, where I live. Alexis Patterson wasn’t National news, much less world-wide news. Her family hasn’t stopped their search, either.

    So, who’s to say that if any of us had the money and celebrity that Jo has, that if we’d heard of a missing child, who possibly pulled on our hearts the way this girl may have on Jo’s, that we wouldn’t do something similar, right along side our “bigger” causes. I can’t speak of what the other celebs contribute to, but if you look at Jo’s website, this is just one of many causes she’s involved with.

    I agree with the wish that ALL missing children could receive this same level of attention, but they don’t. But I also have to be realistic with the fact that cases and causes get media attention when there is the “star power” behind them. There are just too many missing children out there, and to give them the same level of media coverage that Madeline is getting would require a dedicated news channel for it.

    All we can hope to do is support programs like the Amber Alerts in the US, local media reporting and to make ourselves aware of missing children in our areas, in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, one of us will see something that can help send them home.

  • Jenny

    I think that all the publicity that this little girl is getting IS, in fact, helping other currently missing and “not missing yet” children worldwide. If just one mom, dad, or babysitter reads this story (on Jo’s site or otherwise) and watches their kid a little more closely because of it, that child is safer. If one person anywhere looks at a missing kids poster at Walmart a little more closely because of this story, those kids have a greater chance of being found. Every person makes a difference, whether it is a big or small difference. Every little bit helps.

    Just trying to find a silver lining somewhere in this nasty, nasty storm cloud…

  • Krabat

    thanks for the support big celpie and El Cronista de Salem!!
    in fact it wasn’t Jo’s engagement on her site that bothered me so much! if she thinks the kidnapping of madeleine is an important case in which she can do her bit to help noone can blame her!
    but what i recognised and what made me think about the whole thing, was, that the entire worlds media concentrated on this one tragic occurence and problems that had in my opinion higher priority fell behind (like celpie said)!
    again: that I started this discussion here on this site has nothing to do with Jo’s engagement! I just found here a good forum to discuss this subject that got me thinking!

  • El Cronista de Salem

    About the editorial: I think nobody is critizing Jo (at least in this comments board). We are critizing the media, not Jo. We THANK to God Jo works in these causes.

    Definetly, our comments were missunderstood.

  • TimeTurner

    Dang everyone types alot… I really hope that they find Madeleine and she is alive and well.

  • MarauderMeg

    I don’t think that the attention that madeleine’s kidnapping has gained has caused other important issues to fall by the wayside.
    Every day there are headlines about human rights issues, about conflicts, attacks and wars. YES, these things gain MORE attention when there is a celebrity behind them (look at the coverage Angelina jolie gets!), but these issues are still out there.
    There’s only so much that can be covered at any time given what’s going on in the world right now. People CAN’T rely just on the media to hear about human rights issues, they have to take the bull by the horns and learn about things themselves. There are so many “causes” that I’m involved in that get NO media coverage, but that didn’t stop me from learning more about them, donating money or my time to them.

    And face it – when it comes to things like hunger in africa, people already KNOW how bad it is. People choose to either learn more about it and do something about it OR bury their heads in the sand and say “not my problem”. No amount of media coverage or celebrity backing is going to change that.

  • Huntington

    Who would say JKR is wrong for singling this girl out? Come on, you have created a controversy when none exists.

  • MarauderMeg

    The other day I briefly saw, on my Reuters Top Stories feed, an article that said an Italian was arrested in Spain in connection with the case. I’ve not seen any new news articles about this, but I hope it’s something that pans out.

  • Cricket

    Some people can be so…picky. I look on her highlighting that angel as nothing more than bringing in to focus
    the plight of missing children everywhere…parents with empty arms and who do not have closure, but never give up hope. The only thing I can do is be alert and pray that they are reunited.

    May it happen soon.

  • Cricket

    One more thing; the children who are starving and sick are often the victims of the politics of hunger.
    Agencies stand ready to help deliver the goods and medicine. All nations of the world are involved in this most worthy cause. But those who have no voice…the Amber Alert law in the US,
    the missing/lost posters in the stores here, all serve to remind us that Ms. Rowling ISN’T the only one who is trying to do something about it.
    It is her money, her site and her choice.

  • Amy

    I despise all the media coverage that missing blonde girls get, so I really hope they soon find her alive and well.

    And for those of you concerned about starving African children, Jo is helping them too. The money from the sale of Fantastic Beasts and Quidditch Through the Ages goes to Comic Relief, which assists children in very poor areas of the world. I don’t think there’s a Comic Relief link on her website, but it would make a terrific addition to her links section (if you’re reading this, Jo, hint hint).

    Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans!