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New link on JKR.com – Missing Madeleine


A new book has appeared in the Links section of Jo’s website, entitled Missing Madeleine.
Please LOOK, read, and spread the word about this tragic story. We are praying for her safe return.

For those who would criticize Jo for giving this publicity to the plight of one little girl when there are so many other abducted and missing children in the world, how wrong can you be? Its not possible for her to aid in the cases of every missing child. The fact that she has taken up this cause, and used the extensive readership of her website to spread the word is nothing but honorable! For all of the people who have donated money or help or celebrity media coverage, it is just a matter of people doing whatever they can. No one should question their motives. Instead let’s all pray that it works. That somehow, someone, somewhere will hear this story, and realize they noticed something. Maybe someone will have a picture from the area showing nameless faces in a crowd that contains a crucial clue. Or vacationers who left Portugal behind will sift through their memories for more than remembering their trip. Or a Harry Potter fan will think of a friend who recently visited Portugal and mention this to them. Let’s hope.

Let’s think highly of Jo for offering to do all she can! And recognize that her efforts for this one little girl are not hurting the cases of other children in the same situation, but instead, perhaps, if we ALL do all we can, even as strangers, a little girl somewhere will be reunited with her family. Madeleine and many others.

Friday June 29th, the text of the Missing Madeline page was edited to note her disappearance took place eight weeks ago.


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