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“The Hidden Secrets of Harry Potter” television special


I received an email from the producer of the television special I filmed a few weeks ago in LA. He tells me that the show, entitled “The Hidden Secrets of Harry Potter,” will air on A&E on July 8 at 10 pm Eastern time. Featured will be John Granger, Janet Batchler, and me. The producer goes on to say that A&E is very excited about the show and he expects that they’ll air it over and over between July 8 and the release of the new book. I hope you all get a chance to see it.


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  • auntypsycho

    I hope someone posts it to the web after it has aired for those of us outside the US. I would love to see it but as I am in UK I can’t.

  • KimmyBlair

    I can’t wait to see this! I’ll have to tivo it on my In-Laws tv as I don’t have cable!

  • Arithmancer

    Cool! I don’t have cable, but I’m happy to know that Steve will be sharing his Potter knowledge with the wider world.

  • kzspot

    Cool!!! I will so be there!

  • TimeTurner

    I can’t wait to watch it!

  • heyhey

    wow i’m so happy to have seen it i completely love these books it feels as though i have grown up with them. i recently finished reading the sixth book because my brother lost it and so i decided to get it from the library and i am hooked on it more then ever. can’t wait to tell my family about this and will definitly watch it!!

  • Laurel

    Wonderful news, Steve. I will be taping it (as in old fashioned VHS) in two hour mode (best quality). Anyone want a copy?

  • CJC

    We finally get to find out what you look like? Cool! 🙂

  • please get it on youtube as I live in Ireland

  • Featherduster

    Steve! I can’t wait to watch your interview!
    Yours truly,

  • MarauderWillow

    I just watched the program. It was excellent! I kept thinking during the program, that if someone watched it that hadn’t read the books or seen the movies, they would definately be interested now. Bravo, Steve and everyone involved!

  • kayepants

    Just watched it – it was very interesting, congratulations on being asked to participate!

  • Alison

    Enjoyed the show! Great job Steve!

  • Maggie

    the program was awesome… three cheers for Steve! It focused a lot on OotP (which makes sense, really, since we’re two days away now) but there were some good things said about the books. Pet peeve: two authors of Potter “guides/companions” were interviewed far more extensively than Steve. This irks me quite a bit, mainly because Steve is integrally a part of our obsessive fandom; we love him and respect him for all the work and time he’s dedicated to the Lexicon. Also, people who make money off of writing “guides to harry potter” (other than the MuggleCast crew, of course) irritate me because they present themselves as experts when it’s likely that any random teenager who reads the Lexicon and goes on TLC or HPNA or Mugglenet or whatever is just as “up” on their knowledge…and some even more so. Jo herself has referred to fan editorials as containing “more insight than in several companion volumes I shall not name.” (she was specifically referring to Mugglenet, but I’m sure that fan analyses on Leaky, Lexicon essays, etc are just as perceptive and lovingly researched.

    End rant about non-fandom authors.

    Conclusion: the program was great; I hope someone puts it on YouTube because I’d love to see it again and I couldn’t find any blank tapes in my house to record it.

    That is all. 🙂

  • vickii

    Im really interested … if someone puts it on youtube, could you inform us! id really like to see it

  • rachbel

    I saw it last night it was awesome I absolutely loved the clip they showed at the end! it roc’d!

  • Maria

    I autotuned the show last night and I was glued to it. My husband laughs at me because I’m 37 but who cares what he thinks. Anyway, when I realized that one of the people talking was Steve from this website I felt pride. I am always on this website and I wanted to say congratulations! It was really neat seeing all of the old clips and the new clips. I’m very excited about the film and Sirius looks great!!!

  • John

    Great job Steve! I watched it last night, and I felt proud that some member of the Lexicon was there.

  • Maggie–

    I’m one of the folks interviewed with Steve on the A&E special. Just wanted to let you know I am proud to be a HP fan, am not a “non-fandom author,” and I’m sure John Granger (also interviewed) would say the same. I was honored to be included with Steve in the program, and utterly respect all he has done here w/ the Lexicon (which I have bookmarked). You might want to at least check amazon for our books; they’re the product of hundreds, even thousands of hours of work, and you might find them worthwhile. All of us were interviewed extensively, at least an hour each on camera, they seem to have asked us more or less the same questions, and they used what they used. I thought Steve did a great job, and also wish they’d had him onscreen more.

    Hope you don’t mind me commenting, just wanted to get this on the record… Tx!

  • CJC

    I just saw the special and thought it was fantastic! Steve, it was really neat to put a face to the name. Great job!

  • Laura

    Steve, you were AWESOME!!!!!!
    I am on this site all the time and I totally appreciate all the time and effort ya’ll put into making this the best Harry Potter site around.


    ps…..you’re not a dork at all!!!