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Updating the Lexicon


Lately I’ve receieved a few emails along these lines:

hey, the lexicon is a great site and i love reading almost everything on it. however a lot of the stuff is outdated – there are questions and debates on stuff that has been answered in later books, details tht have been mentioned in the order of the phoenix and half blood prince. it would be brilliant if the pages were updated, as opposed to being like 3 years old. but its a great website. thanks

We completely agree that it would be brilliant if everything was updated. Trouble is, there are about a thousand pages in the Lexicon and a complete update will be a LOT of work. We don’t want to have to do it twice. So if you’ll forgive us, we’re waiting. In a couple of weeks, with the release of the last book, we’ll start a complete update and overhaul of the entire site. We’ll revise every page with the final details, we’ll flag essays that are out of date (although we will very likely leave them in our essay collection, since they provide a record of fan history which we don’t like to see disappear). We’ll update all the pages to the new format and work on databasing everything so that it integrates into the Portkey.

If you think about it, that’s the answer to another question I get quite often: What will happen to the Lexicon after the last book? Will it go away? No, it will just become more complete, more user-friendly, more integrated, and more the best Potter reference source on the planet.

So please be patient. I apologize for things which are out of date or incomplete. We’ll get to it in just a few weeks.


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  • Mikkel Larsen

    I’m glad. I think I will go on reading the Harry Potter books occasionally, just as I have repeated Lord of the Rings at least every five years since I read it first in 1972. Then there will come new Harry Potter readers in the future too. Your work won’t be wasted.

  • Pat Pat

    ummmm. OK, forgive me, but you guys are awesome. No one should be complaining about this site. I think people need to understand that you guys are doing this on your own time, around a million other things that you have to do. It takes a tremendous amount of time to put something like this together. For people to expect you guys to update the entire web site after every single book is unrealistic. I don’t blame you for waiting until the last book is out. You guys do a tremendous job and we should all be grateful that something like the lexicon is out there. Keep up the good work.

  • I don’t have a problem with people wondering about out of date information. It drives ME crazy! The fact of the matter is that we’re a small staff of librarians and researchers who do this in our spare time. We have to be practical about this. The Lexicon WILL be updated and it will get better and better.

  • Kathy

    Waiting till the series is finished before totally updating is the best thing to do, especially when so close to the end of the series (sigh). This 61-year old HP fan wants to thank you for all the work you’ve done here. I love this site.

  • Silverbackbutch

    Thanks *so* much for this site, and your thoughtful way of running it. I’m glad that you will only flag out-of-date essays, it provides a wonderful record of how we thought things were going to go, and how inventive the fans can be.

  • hpboy13

    The Lexicon seems satisfactorily up-to-date to me. But I do agree that it makes little sense to update everything when there’ll be a humongous update in 24 days. Lexicon rocks!!

  • moony =luna Lupin

    concerning the essays: won’t it be usefull to update the content of the essays? There is an essay about food and drinks, brilliant, but the info of the order of the phoenix, Half Blood Prince and Deathly hallows isn’t included. These kind of essays can probably be updated, if the author wants it?

  • daveindetroit

    Keep up the excellent work. With the Portkey and WOMBAT i think you are doing a superb job on maintaining a current and viable site.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Jack Straight

    I agree that this site is great. However, one must be careful to not read the chapter-by-chapter synopsis until AFTER you have read the book (or maybe all of them!) due to spoilers.

  • Princess

    Your site is SO fantastic, I’m glad it will go on post Deathly Hallows. Sure some essays can be updated, but they are a great record of people’s thoughts & theories based on the information we had at the time they were written. Be proud Lexicon contributors!!

  • John

    I agree, there is some reason for updating, but, in truth the site is up to date, thanks to you guys who put all of this wonderful information on the net.

  • Jensenly

    Thanks for the explanation, Steve. Makes perfect sense and we look forward to the updates once Book 7 is out!

  • Christine

    As for questions for the site ‘after the Hallows’ and the massive update, have you thought about making the lexicon a stand-alone pdf file one could download and keep as a reference? If it were a book I’d buy it! 🙂

    PS, Your site is wonderful.