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Hogwarts founders’ page revised


In honor of Jo’s latest Wizards of the Month, I thought it was high time I updated my lame-o page on the Hogwarts founders. Isn’t it interesting to compare how they have been depicted?

Can anyone think of an information category that I’ve left out?

Later edit: they’ve been revised again. Apparently I missed the memo about canonical issues with Lightmaker’s images on Jo’s website. The truth is, that while the images are “official,” the degree of artistic license that Jo allows the Lightmaker artists is unknown. So they’re not canon. I’m sorry for the confusion.


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  • Did anybody else notice that Gryffindor and Hufflepuff are both wearing robes with their House colours (gold/red – yellow/black) whereas Slytherin is wearing a mere black robe?! Weird…

  • aillinne

    Godric has Lily and Harry’s eyes!!! OMG… Yeah… I know Elfrida Clagg, Gaspard Shingleton, Carlotta Pinkstone and Grogan Stump have them too…

  • tounguetied

    The list of moors in England is incomplete. In addition to the ones mentioned, there are moors in Lancashire and in Darbishire too.

  • Moony =Luna Lupin

    Thanks for the description of their appearance! Has Griffindor his sword and sorting hat as attributes in the picture? Is he wearing the hat or is he holding it in his hand? And how are the the devices (animals) depicted on the picture? Are the pictures portraits, or can you see the feet of the depicted persons? What is in the back-ground (if it’s relevantly different, showing symbols of the houses, chamber, curtains, …)?
    Concerning Hufflepuf, on a certain moment you write that on the wizarding card (s)he is … Why is the -s between brackets ( )? Thanks!

  • El Cronista de Salem

    I think they deserve individual pages 🙂 and with HP7 sure the pages will be fulled.

    Lisa: maybe you should comment their relations… for example, Helga and Rowena were true friends… Or Godric and Salazar weren’t (in Helga and Godric).

    And the populat theories are interesting too, despite we don’t know if they are true: the Hog with warts or that Salazar came back to Hogwarts years after the argument. “Some people believe…”.

    Nice update, Lisa ^^

  • hamburglar

    Moony, I think the (s)he just means that they are quoting something that originally said She, and they wanted to write the ‘s’ as lower case. I like that, essentially, Hufflepuff’s view is the one that won out. We would find it appalling if anyone tried to suggest that Hogwarts should only teach the brave, or the bright, or the pureblood.

  • John

    Liza, I have noticed that! I wonder if Rowena Ravenclaw will wear house robes too?

  • hpboy13

    I think the reason Slytherin doesn’t have house robes is because he wanted to disassociate himself from Hogwarts.

  • Big_Kelpie

    All three founders have got the same exact eyes..

  • aillinne

    No, they haven’t. Salazar has got cold blue eyes, Helga intense blue eyes and Godric’s eyecolour is defenitely vivid green. Look very careful at them.

  • Hi everyone, I just added this to the news blurb: Later edit: they’ve been revised again. Apparently I missed the memo about canonical issues with Lightmaker’s images on Jo’s website. The truth is, that while the images are “official,” the degree of artistic license that Jo allows the Lightmaker artists is unknown. So they’re not canon. I’m sorry for the confusion.

    Moony =Luna Lupin, Gryffindor is holding his sword, which appears to be made of a silvery metal, and has rubies in the pommel. The hat is not visible in the image. And Hamburglar is right. The {s} means that we changed a capital “S” to a lowercase “s” so as not to misrepresent what we quoted.

    In this context, “device” simply means the symbol that represents them (and their Hogwarts house).

  • Sandra

    To Moony= Luna Lupin: only the upper part of the body is in each picture. They also don’t have backgrounds.

    I just had a thought: could the reason Rowena Ravenclaw hasn’t been witch of the month yet be that we are not supposed to see the artefact that she should be holding? So she might be WotM in august, because then the final book has been released? That would fit, I think. Also because Jo said that Ravenclaw will have it’s day (or something like that).

  • kamion

    not quite a surprice the wiz of the month is Gryffindor, I would be very disappointed it would be Ravenclaw wielding a wand. just because I strongly disbelieve that the mystery-horcrux is a wand, gambling it will be a mirror.

    Gryffindor indeed has a strong mix of Lilly Evans and Rufus Scrimgeour, let’s hope that doesn’t feed to many theories about them being decendants or Harry being ” the Heir of Gryffindor”
    Personally I hope that Gryffindor’s moor is in North Yorkshire, I would like to have him speaking “tyke”

  • Reader2

    The fact that Slytherin is dressed in black might be another case of color-doing.
    In the book, all the Death Eaters (including Snape) are always dressed in black.

    We know that most of them were Slytherins, yet none of them ever made an appearence in green, with excepion of Snape who only did it once for a quidditch game.

    On the other hand, Slughorn is always in green.

    Perhaps, when wizards appear in black it’s a sign that they disconnected themselves from the school, and reinterpereted their house-values.

    After all, this is clearly a picture of Slytherin after he left Hogwarts.

    This does not only apply to Slytherins.

    For example, Scrimgeor has Griffindor written all over him, and yet he too wears black.

  • cristina_xv

    Rowena, my FAVOURITE, where are you?

    I just came home to see GG on Rowling’s site instead of Rowena… how come? I have a couple of theories about this…
    1. She is a very important character in Book 7 and JKR wants to write something memorable about her *Please let it be this way :D*

    2. When GG and SS started fighting she took ones side, Gryffindor maybe, or according to her House’s qualities she was the one who judged them or might have even suggested SS to leave?

    Well, only 20 days left until we will know. 😀

  • moony =luna lupin

    I wondered if the miror of erised was owned by Rowena Ravenclaw. Thinking on her idea of the ever-changing floor-plan of Hogwarts, the advanced spells (cf. the spell Hermione used to bewitch the golden coins of the Da and was asked why she wasn’t in Ravenclaw), … A very happy person would only see him/herself in the miror of erised, and remember what luna was singing on the train (in Dutch: “wijsheid zonder grens, is ieder’s liefste wens”: op10)

  • Bandersnatch

    “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.” (Neat to see it in Dutch!)

  • Reader2

    It would sure be fun if the Mirror of Erised made an appearance in the last book, but I doubt it belonged to Rovenna.
    Remeber Dubledore’s warning about how much trouble the mirror had caused. Rovenna of all people would see the trouble coming. She would’ve hid that mirror a thousand years ago.
    Besides, someone that wise would not need such mirror to know what she desires.

  • Reader2

    One more thing:
    The Sorting Hat had described Rovenna as fair.
    That could be entered under “appearance”

  • Thanks Reader2. We’d missed that.

  • beauxbatons

    Can we know if this is really related to her appearence ? “Fair” can mean “light-coloured” but also “attractive” and, of course… “just” or “impartial”, which I think would be more important t the sorting hat than the colour of her hair… (though I must admit that a hat has close and prolonged contact with hair and, if it’s a thinking cap, might care indeed). 🙂

  • Remi

    Hi Lisa, not sure if this is obvious, but how about a category for the virtue each founder valued in those they taught? I’m just looking into the sorting hat song from GoF and though it isn’t much, maybe a line stating that “By Griffindor, the bravest were prized far beyond the rest” and “for Hufflepuff, hardworkers were most worthy of admission” or some paraphrased version of the same? (You did this with Rowena’s description but not with the others). Just a suggestion.

  • Wyofan

    Hi all… I’d still consider myself a novice here, so take this observation for what it’s worth. But when I look at the pictures of Slytherin and Gryffindor, I see very similar faces. Except for the hair and for Slytherin’s face being a little more gaunt, they look very similar. Same eyebrows, similar noses, same facial structures, I’d even go so far as to say they have the same look in their eyes. Does this mean anything, is that just the way the Lightmaker artists drew it, or is my general Harry Potter naivety showing through? Thanks!

  • Remi

    Wyofan, I noticed the similarity immediately too. That’s why it’s important to note that they are not canon as they may be just the way Lightmaker artists did them. But I still think it is interesting that the artists would make them similar.

  • Bible Spice

    Some superficial digging suggests that we can find moors not only in England, but also in Ireland. If this is the case, GG may be Irish. This would give us one founder fom each of the countres that make up the UK (GG/Ireland, HH/Wales, SS/England, RR/Scotland).

    Ah, there also seem to be significant Irish fens. So maybe Slytherin is our Irishman. Anyway, I thought I’d suggest the possiblity of the four countries.

  • Bible Spice

    Oh! Perhaps Slytherin being from Ireland accounts for the house color green?

  • kamion

    Nice try Bible Spice, maybe he is ( and also had red hair before it turned grey) but I think that green was choosen because of the Slytherin assocation with water, as blue goes with air, yellow as a nice sort of brown with earth and red with fire.

  • Bible Spice

    I see your point, kamion, but I think the 4 countries remain a real possibility. Frankly, I prefer the idea of GG being Irish to SS being Irish. The latter does not cast Ireland in a happy light, and I am rather fond of the Emerald Isle.

  • Rosamonde

    Considering that Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Gryffindor are all depicted with a known artifact, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Ravenclaw is the one founder who did not appear as WOTM before the release of Book 7.

    It’s definitely a bit of anecdotal evidence for the theory that one of Ravenclaw’s artifacts is a horcrux.

  • Reader2

    This is hardly evidence. An object does not have ot be a Hocrux to be important to the plot or to appeal to our curiosity.

  • Sandra

    Hi everybody, I just read that tonight at BBC1 there will be an interview with Jo Rowling about Deathly Hallows, see this link:


    I’m sorry for those of you who can’t receive BBC…

  • Sandra, My other website (Accio Quote) will try to post a transcript of this interview as quickly as possible: http://www.accio-quote.org/

  • I saw a few theories above about Ravenclaw’s plausible relic NOT being a wand, but a mirror.

    While the Mirror of Erised seems nice and all, lets not forget another mirror mentioned in the series: the two way mirror James and Sirius once owned.

    Supposing it (or the pair itself) belonged to Sirius…well there’s theories of Slytherin’s locket being at Grimmauld place (which I think is valid after reading an interview with OotP director Yates who specifically mentions omitting scenes where Kreacher sneaks off things like “a mysterious locket”), so what if Ravenclaw’s relic is there as well?

    And lastly, Harry shattered the mirror when he threw it in his trunk at the end of book five. Could he have possibly destroyed another Horcrux?, or maybe does he have to find the other set of the pair. JKR also said that the mirror was important….

    It’s all just a theory of mine, but it might not be too far off the mark!

  • Sandra
  • LBecker

    Patrick, love the mirror theroy. I read someplace that the mirror in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom may be important. In HBP Draco talks to himself??? in front of a spotted mirror in that bathroom. Doesn’t Harry dream Voldemort looking at himself in a spotted mirror in OOTP? Mirrors are mentioned everywhere it seems. Hmmmm.

  • John

    I think the mirror theory is plausible, the wand theory is good too, but, we need to know whether you can change the property of a wand.

  • I found Steve’s interview in YouTube! Going to see it…
    Oh, and i’ll write Luna’s sentence in OP10 in Portuguese, since you read it in Dutch as well!
    “O espírito sem limites é o maior tesouro do homem” =D I love Luna!

  • Roonil Woolzib


    Slytherin may or may not be Irish, but I have heard that there are no snakes in Ireland. (Frederick Forsyth, anyone?)

  • John

    I doubt that Slytherin is Irish. Hogwarts is supposed to be in Scotland, so I would assume that he would have been from right on the border between England and Scotland.

  • Eduardo, please share the link! I can’t find it, and I didn’t get to see the special (I don’t have cable TV).