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July WotM – Godric Gryffindor


The Wizard of the Month calendar on JKR.com has changed to display the wizard for July 2007 as:
Godric Gryffindor
Medieval (precise dates unknown)
One of the four famous Founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Godric Gryffindor was the most accomplished dueller of his time, an enlightened fighter against Muggle-discrimination and the first owner of the celebrated Sorting Hat.

This is the third Hogwarts’ Founder in a row to be honoured. Can we expect the fourth, Rowena Ravenclaw, for August?


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  • KnightRider

    I expected Godric to be July’s WotM. I aggree with the theory that emerged a month ago, stating that Jo will not show us Rowena because her WotM picture will include her famous object, that is, a Horcrux.

    As for Godric, we know a lot about his sword and it never showed the signs of being a Horcrux…

  • omikse

    I see he has green eyes….

  • roonwit

    Yes, green eyes and red hair that could be Lily’s or Weasleys’ hair. We also have the sword, which fits with my theory that the founders each had a specific magical object, and it is these four objects that Voldemort was originally targeting these four objects to make horcruxes out of, though I think he never got his hands on the sword.

  • Reader2

    Had anyone noticed that Godric looks like a lion?

    It also says that he was a dueling champion. I see a pattern, one more skill is revealed for every founder.

  • hamburglar

    Could be Lily’s AND Weasleys’s hair… And Dumbledore’s…. Hmmm. Oh yes, anyone know why (according to the WOMBAT) there was a Minister for Magic for 1980, when Voldemort was still in power until 1981?

  • Ginevra Potter

    I think the sword was made into a Horcrux. Jo implied in the Memerson interview that Dumbledore wasn’t far off the mark with his guesses on the remaining Horcruxes. I think where DD missed the mark is with the sword as a Horcrux.

    Also in the Memerson interview, Jo pretty much agreed that Harry was not the Heir of Gryffindor.

  • Big_Kelpie

    The gree eyes are the fist thing i noticed. (Side note:Isn’t it weird that part of his hands are not shown. they are behind the frame? Compare it with the image of Salazar or any other WotM, the frame only hides their legs, not the sides of their bodies)
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Weasleys were his heirs, it would be great to see that Godric has so mamy heirs(supposedly it’s a fammily tradition to have 7 children) and Salazar only has one.
    The gryffindors don’t need to be the main event, they are happy helping form the sidelines while the Slytherin has to have all the attention.
    From some of jo’s interviews,I believe that no main character is a founder’s heir but if the Weasleys were actually heirs, I wouldn’t be dissapointed.I have just started to believe in that theory.

    sidenote: seeing the imagwe of this lionlike person reminded me of Scrimgeour’s description in HBP, the one we got from behind the door which reminded me of Brutus Scrimgeour, the author of “A Beater’s Bible” acoording to QA. do you believe they are related. It also made me think of how many thing we could thoerize with during the wait for HBP, the chapter’s title, the description. Why hasn’t jo given us sometihng like this fot DH?

  • El Cronista de Salem

    I love the graphic ^^
    I wonder… has the sorting have other owners? Yest, it belings to Hogwarts, but ¿there is a specific owner? the headmaster, maybe?

  • Nathan

    Gryffindor reminds me of many of the depictions of Hagrid.

  • Definitely Lily’s eyes! And auburn hair…Dumbledore anyone?
    Don’t think it’s the Weasleys, though.

  • Antoon

    Dumbledore says he is confident that the sword is not a horcrux. What reason do we have to doubt that? I can’t see Dumbledore making a mistake on that one; he isn’t speculating when he makes that remark. I can’t imagine JKR misleading us in such a way.

  • Krabat

    I don’t think that any main charakters in the book will turn out to be heirs of gryffindor! not even harry!
    this whole pure-blood thing and all the stuff about heredity wasn’t so important to gryffindor! this is what makes him different to slytherin! well, dumbledore says only a true heir of gryffindor would have been able to pull the sword out of the hat! but i think he ment this in the sense of “an heir in the spirit” of gryffindor! and not like the heir of slytherin, who has to have slytherins blood flowing through his veins!!
    (sry my english is horrible)

  • auntypsycho

    Krabat. Dumbledore didn’t say heir of gryffindor could pull the sword from the hat only a true gryffindor. That is somone who has all the qualities that gryffindor valued.

  • Mellilot

    Anyone else note how reminiscent of Quiditch gloves Gryfindor’s gauntlets are?
    I also think its interesting to compare this picture to Slytherins – the shape of their heads, their posture is very similar.

  • Krabat

    oh!you’ve got me there auntypsycho! did you had to look in the philosophers stone or was this pure knowledge?
    anyway this supports my theory even more!

  • moony =luna lupin

    Concerning the green eyes and red hair, cf. what Rowling wrote on her website concerning the weasleys. Green eyes are also linked with witches, cats e.d. Oeps, my mum has green eyes too (I know, because she told me)!

  • roonwit

    I very much doubt Dumbledore is wrong about the sword not being a horcrux, because I think he would have checked. I also don’t think the fact that it is on the WotM page means it is a horcrux, because Godric has no way of knowing what object Voldemort might or might not make into a hrocrux, so he has no way of knowing which object to pose with.
    Rather I think that the objects on the cards are a set of four magical objects, and Voldemort chose much later to try to find them and make them into horcruxes. But I think he failed in the case of the sword (maybe because Lily was supposed to get it for him, but she chose to die attempting to protect Harry).

  • mrm

    i ‘d like harry be the heir of gryfindore so i think the green eyes are signification !!!!!
    and don’t like weasly heir of gryfindore teory!!!

  • JohnyD

    I just got insanely crazy idea. We’ve seen Malfoy’s wand hidden in a walking stick. What if inside the sword is Gryffindor’s wand? Or the sword is wand itself? Some magical substance could have been mixed with the metal when the sword was made. This occurred to me because of him being the most accomplished dueller. What they duelled with in medieval times? Swords.

  • CAM

    I think that one of the horcruxes is going to be a wand. Remember that Olivander is missing, and that he always remembers every wand that he ever sold. He has been around forever!
    Also I think I could be the heir of Griffendor: I have red hair and green eyes, and born in July! 🙂

  • CAM

    I think that the next object to be found and destroyed needs to be a wand. Remember that Olivander never forgets a wand that he has sold.Has he been the one running Olivander’s from the start. He has been there since the 400th century. He would have easily known what kind of wand Griffendor had! Also he has been missing for quite sometime.

    Also I think I could be the heir of Griffendor: I have red hair, green eyes, and I was born in July! 🙂

  • Jules

    Scrimgeor is described as being rather like an old gray lion.

    so my hunch is that if GG has a descendant , it is either rufusscrimgeour, or the dumbledore brothers.

    ‘the most accomplished dueller of his time, an enlightened fighter against Muggle-discrimination’ could apply to either. Scrimgeour looks as though, as head of the aouror office, he has been on the front line in the defence against LV et al, and would therefore have to be a brilliant fighter.
    DD fits the description eaven more closely

    Jo’s WOTM image of Helga Hufflepuff strongly reminded me of Molly, though Hebzibah smith (and probably zacharias) are closer fits

  • John

    I agree JohnyD, but, it is highly unlikely, and I didn’t see a wand. Jules, your theory is good, but there are missing links here and there,why wouldn’t Dumbledore have been able to remove the sorting hat, if it was Scrimgeour, than couldn’t he have? I also think that Rowena Ravenclaw will be the WotM for the month of August.

  • hpboy13

    Very interesting, the objects gthe founders held thus far are Horcruxes – m,aybe this is Jo’s way of giving us a clue? I think we can safely say that in August we’ll see Rowena Ravenclaw.

  • Jensenly

    Drat! I was so hoping it would be Rowena and we’d get a peek at her “object”. This breaks the pattern of boy/girl/boy/girl on the WOM calendar. It would have been fun to get a little something about Book 7 in advance. Jo’s being very protective compared to prior book releases. No chapter titles, excerpts, and the like. *sigh* I am starting to doubt whether the “Do not Disturb” sign will be removed prior to July 21….(sad panda)

  • will orwont

    Also, the resemblance to Makani’s “tarot” drawing is striking, probably coincidental — got to get that sword in the picture somehow.

  • TJ

    That sword looks a lot like the sword being held up by the elf-like creature in the Bloomsbury Deathly Hallows book cover. Is it more or less safe to say that the sword is indeed Gryffindor’s?

  • Jules

    Jo will be interviewed this comming friday on the BBC’s Johnathan Ross show. He’s funny so it should be a good laugh. Jo may also turn up ath the UK premiere of OOTP, and if she does, the press wil be on her case!,

    also, she is givng another interview to CBBC Blue Peter which will be aired on the 20th at around 5pm GMT. it is being recorded a weel or two earlier though, so i dont know how incitefull it wil be!

    If you are really starved for clues, Accio Quote, the lexicon & Leaky’s sister site has a huge array of clues that jo has given in interviews and we keep finding them. this week, we found another clue from an interview that was given in 2000. it deals with the theme of death

    Jensenly wrote:
    Drat! I was so hoping it would be Rowena and we’d get a peek at her “object”. This breaks the pattern of boy/girl/boy/girl on the WOM calendar. It would have been fun to get a little something about Book 7 in advance. Jo’s being very protective compared to prior book releases. No chapter titles, excerpts, and the like. *sigh* I am starting to doubt whether the “Do not Disturb” sign will be removed prior to July 21….(sad panda)

  • Ginevra Potter

    “Dumbledore says he is confident that the sword is not a horcrux. What reason do we have to doubt that?”

    The biggest reason is that, while talking about the Horcruxes, Jo says: “Dumbledore’s guesses are never very far wide of the mark. I don’t want to give too much away here, but Dumbledore says, ‘There are four out there, you’ve got to get rid of four, and then you go for Voldemort.’ So that’s where he is, and that’s what he’s got to do.” http://www.accio-quote.org/articles/2005/0705-tlc_mugglenet-anelli-3.htm

    To me, she is strongly implying that Dumbledore was at least off the mark on some point concerning the Horcruxes, and I think the sword is the most likely point, though I am pretty lonely with that theory.

    In my opinion, Jo loves completion and wholeness. She has all seven years of Hogwarts, one book for each year. Seven itself is the number of completion. She has four houses well represented in Hogwarts, and all four houses must unite together (in completion) if Hogwarts is to survive, accoring to the Sorting Hat. The sword is probably one of four hallows that have extraordinary magical powers when united together, mirroring what the Sorting Hat said of the houses. These four hallows together represent the four houses, the four suits of the Tarot card deck, and the four elements. How could one of those four be left out? It would make the story less complete.

  • Reader2

    Actually, TJ, this sword looks much bigger.

  • Reader2

    I’ve also noticed one more interesting case of resemblance.
    Take a look at the WOM picture of Bowman Wright, but be sure that it’s the WOM picture and not the Chocolate Frog Card, those are very different.

  • For those of you wondering what Makani’s tarot image of GG looks like: http://acciobrain.ligermagic.com/hptarot3.jpg
    and here is Laura Freeman’s Gryffindor: http://www.nasubionna.net/tarot/founderg.html

  • John

    I agree, I suppose that we can safely say that Rowena Ravenclaw will be on the calendar in August, I also like the theory about horcruxes, but, so far, nothing of Gryffindor’s has come out to be a horcrux, so Dumbledore himself said, that his only known relics (the hat and sword), are sitting comfortably in the Headmaster’s office.

  • hamburglar

    Ooo, maybe Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville have to wield the 4 hallows together 😀 But would they have to wield the appropriate hallow (Ron, Griffindor’s sword; Hermione, Ravenclaw’s (wand?); Neville, Hufflepuff’s (cup?); Harry, Slytherin’s locket), or would they have to mix and match, for further house bonding? Since I like to think Neville has Ravenclaw’s wand, I’d go with mix and match.

  • Antoon

    Ginevra, I think most readers will accept the possibility that Dumbledore has made some kind of wrong guess with respect to the Horcruxes. But the sword being a Horcrux in spite of Dumbledore’s claim that it isn’t – I just can’t believe that Rowling would write like that.

    You mention that each of the founders contributes a magical object to the story. That sounds likely enough, but that doesn’t mean every object has to become a Horcrux.

    Well, who knows in a few weeks I have to say: Ginevra, you were right…

  • jensenly

    Slightly off-topic, but does anyone have any thoughts on whether or not the “Do Not Disturb” sign will be removed from the Secret Door before June 21st?

  • Ginevra Potter

    “Ooo, maybe Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville have to wield the 4 hallows together”

    I really like the idea of different students wielding the different hallows, but I think we must have each house represented holding the respective hallow (just for example, Harry holding the sword, Luna holding the wand, Draco holding the locket, and Zacharias Smith holding the cup).

    Antoon, I fear I may be eating a lot of my words when DH comes out, but it doesn’t stop me from speculating. I admit that I could easily be wrong about the sword being a Horcrux, but until I read otherwise I will believe that it is one.

  • John

    jensenly, I have thoughts along the same lines for some time now, but, I have doubts, it is possible that it might, but no door openings have been this close together.

  • hpboy13

    I think we will have one more door opening – at least I’m desperately hoping for one. OMG, I cannot believe we’re less than 3 weeks away!

  • Bandersnatch

    Nope. No more door openings, methinks. The WOMBATs were it.

  • John

    I disagree Bandersnatch, I am pretty sure that there will be at least one more door opening, I am hoping, and three weeks isn’t short enough!

  • Ginevra Potter

    Two weeks, two days, and 11 hours!

  • roonwit

    I don’t expect another door opening this side of the DH release. We have heard virtually nothing from Jo about the plot of DH for many months, and I don’t think she will start now. We might however get more stuff after DH, when it becomes clear what loose ends there are, and possibly an announcement of the HP encyclopaedia or a non-HP book.

  • hamburglar

    “I really like the idea of different students wielding the different hallows, but I think we must have each house represented holding the respective hallow”
    Ah, but this is the idea. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville are the houses united incarnate! They all chose Griffindor (they made the same choice), but only Ron is straight Griffindor. Harry has the qualities looked for by Slytherin, but chose Griffindor. Hermione has the qualities looked for by Ravenclaw, but chose Griffindor. I’m betting that the sorting hat wanted to put Neville in Hufflepuff, but he asked for Griffindor. They are the 4 archetypes, but they chose the same house and are friends. I hope this is going to become important 🙂

  • Reader2

    hamburglar and Ginevra,

    Don’t you think that idea is too “Captain Planet”?

  • Ginevra Potter

    I am sorry. I don’t know Captain Planet.

  • Krabat

    anyway, it’s absolutely cliché!!

  • John

    roonwit, I hope that there will be another door opening pre or after DH, but, it is highly unlikely, if it were to happen it would be totally unprecidented, none of the door openings were that close together. but, I don’t put it past Jo to do that.

  • hamburglar

    Krabat, Rita Skeeter is also a cliche. That something is cliched is not reason to think JK won’t include it. Personally, I think that’s where it’s headed. Hopefully Neville won’t be given a monkey sidekick….

  • Big_Kelpie

    how can anybody live without captain planet???

  • Reader2

    Well, Neville does already have a toad sidekick, that’s close enough.
    Still, I would give JKR more credit than that.
    I am hoping for an ending that wont remind us of a familiar cartoon.

  • Karen L

    I, too, like the idea of a wand being Ravenclaw’s relic. Remember, Olivander always had a wand on a velvet cushion in his window. Whose was it? Where did it go when he disappeared??
    AND I like Hamburglar’s idea. The same thing occurred to me because I’ve just re-read all 6 books and it is mentioned about all of them!!!

  • John

    I like the idea of a wand also, but, the wand on the cusion I think is either his own or one of his family member’s, or, it could just be the first wand he ever made.

  • Hmmmmm……………
    so many people thought the next WotM would be Ravenclaw, going with the male/female pattern, but it’s Gryffindor. This is also July, when DH is coming out
    (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) , and maybe this has some connections to it (Godric’s Hallow anyone?)?

  • John

    The connection may or may not be there. With so little time until DH, who knows, well we’ll know soon anyway.

  • hpboy13

    hamburglar, I really like that idea! It’s very clever. Oy vey, 15 days away! It’s far too short, I have a million things I want to do. Door openings that close may be unprecedented, but so is this much info together. The title for HBP came over a year before the book, the title for DH cmae a mere 7 months. I think JO might as well give us a chapter title or something this late in the game, you know, just for a bit of final speculation. Or is this just wishful thinking?

  • Bandersnatch

    Yes. 😛

    Don’t worry, folks, you’ll get all the chapter titles and book excerpts you could possibly want in two weeks.

  • Reader2

    Actually, we will gat a foreteist within a week even wihtout the door opening.

    Did everyone forget about the movie?

    Once the movie comes out, the updated Black Family Tree will be available to the general public.

    How is that to sooze our cravings?

  • Jensenly

    too funny, bandersnatch 🙂

  • Krabat

    oh yeah the movie… great!

  • I’m glad to see Gryffindor as July’s Wizard of the month. I think the fact that she’s been holding out Ravenclaw until after the book’s release is a clear sign that the missing Horcrux might belong to Rowena.

    And also, being that we’d have all read DH come August first, we’ll know what relic she’ll be holding in her hand.

    (I’m a huge Ravenclaw fan, so I’m hoping that something of her’s IS a Horcrux!!!)

  • Just FYI, as far as fans know, Lily is Muggle-born, so how could she have Gryffindor’s eyes? I think he might have some connection to Dumbledore, though.

  • John

    Her wand might be a horcrux, but, why a wand. Can you change the use of a wand?

  • Peter

    Jo frequently tells us something by -hiding- it in plain site. I think that putting Rowena last in the Wizard of the Month listing is significant. She could have started listing founders in the WotM early enough to finish with Gryffindor. But she chose to do it this way. And, as it is the last book, there must be – I think – something to it.

    She may also reveal a tidbit behind the Do Not Disturb sign (I do think it will open one more time before the final book is published!;-)

    For something as wonderful as this I love the anticipation!

  • Jensenly

    Sure hope you are right about the door opening, Peter.


  • Peter

    One more thought on Godric Gryffindor … on Jo’s site it also states: the first owner of the celebrated Sorting Hat.
    I’m betting on the Sorting Hat showin up to help -sort out- Voldemort.