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Countdown to Deathly Hallows – 10


A small group of obsessive nitpicking Harry Potter fans (true Lexicon friends!) who call themselves the HPNs have found a fun way to pass the time waiting for the final book. They’ve been scouring the books for occurrences of the number corresponding to the number of days left. Let’s join in the game, and practice our Arithmancy, shall we?

So today being the 11th July, we are 10 days away. Here are a few passages where the number 10 appears in the stories.

  • A Chaser gets 10 points for scoring.
  • There are 10 levels in the Ministry of Magic.
  • In Book 1, Neville earned 10 points for bravery (the first points he had ever won), giving Gryffindor the House Cup.
  • Harry’s Ministry hearing was held in Courtroom 10.
  • Umbridge tells Hagrid that he will receive the results of his inspection in 10 days’ time.

Post the ones YOU find in the pensieve!


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