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Countdown to Deathly Hallows – 9


Yesterday was sure a lot of fun, coming up with all the tens. Here we are on July 12th, which means Deathly Hallows is 9 days away. How many occurances of the number 9 can we find associated with Harry Potter?

A few to get us started:

  • The Hogwarts Express leaves from Platform Nine and Three Quarters
  • Luna Lovegood was 9 years old when her mother died.
  • Harry paid 9 galleons for the new copy of Advanced Potion-Making (that he switched covers on the Half Blood Prince’s).
  • Jo once said (jokingly) about chapter nine in Goblet of Fire… “I hated that chapter so much; at one point, I thought of missing it out altogether and just putting in a page saying ‘Chapter Nine was too difficult’ and going straight to Chapter Ten.”

Share your examples in the pensieve!


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Nannette

    Harry and Ron both sat 9 OWLS and Hermione got 9 Os and one EE. Someone said yesterday that it was ten but that was a mistake that was later corrected. She had dropped muggle studies and divination and there are only 12 altogether.

  • Joan

    Eddie Carmichael (Ravenclaw) got 9 Outstanding OWLs.
    Harry was 9 when Aunt Marges’ bulldog Ripper chased him up a tree.
    Ron asked Hermione if her Boggart would be “a piece of homework that only got 9 out of 10”
    And in Wiltshire where the Malfoy mansion is situated there are 9 white chalk horses carved into the hillside

  • Macavity

    Patronus incident in book 5 happened around 9 o’clock(exact time was, it seems to me, 9:23 p.m.)
    The hearing on this Incident was moved to 9 a.m.
    Elevator in the Ministry goes only to the 9th level, where Department of Mysteries is located.

  • Stinky Pete

    9 weasleys 🙂

  • martin

    First wand that Harry ever try is Beechwood and dragon
    heartstring 9 inches

  • SGBG

    There were 9 Slytherins in Harry’s year, including those on JKR’s class list.

  • SGBG

    A hydra’s nine heads are used to symbolize 9.

  • kamion

    Snape is born on January 9
    (like my mother)

  • Martin

    Department of misteries locate at Level 9 in Ministry of Magic.

  • Karen L

    OKAY! Peter Pettigrew only has nine digits on his hands as he cut one off!

  • SGBG

    Many classes and exams take place at 9am.

  • John

    Mr. Weasley was complaining about how there were nine raids in CS, when Harry went to stay with the Weasleys.

  • SGBG

    Events that supposedly occured on the 9th:
    PS-May 9th: Norbert is sent away
    PA-Sept 9th: Class fights boggart
    June 9th: Climax of Book 3
    OP-Sept 9th: Umbridge becomes High Inquisitor
    Oct 9th: first meeting of DA
    HBP-July 9th: Harry recieves letter from DD.

  • Ryan

    Hogwarts begins in September, the 9th month of the year.

  • Amy

    DH will be the ninth HP book written by Jo if you include the two schoolbooks.

  • Buddy

    Advanced Potion-Making by Libatius Borage cost nine Galleons.

  • Both Hermione’s Arithmancy and Transfiguration classes started at 9a (She used the time turner to attend them both)

    (Very Obscure) Ernie MacMillan said he can be traced back through 9 generations of witches and warlocks.

  • The Grunnings building counts at least 9 floors.

  • Big_Kelpie

    On the 21 st , there will be nine HP-related official books

  • Jill

    Dumbledore and Flamel (I think) discovered the 9 uses for dragon blood? Is this right? From the frog card…

  • nlentz88

    Jill – I’m pretty sure they discoverd the 12 uses of dragon’s blood.

  • Nemmi

    in the 9th chapter of Goblet of Fire (I went back and read it after reading the original post), Harry says he is too tired to sleep and his head is buzzing…that’s pretty much how I feel waiting for the book release. Thank you so much for the distraction! 🙂

  • Jenny

    O.W.L. exams began at half past nine in the morning.

  • hpboy13

    Platform 9 and 3/4
    SS is 309 pages
    9 days between the UK premier of OotP and DH
    Fred tried to make Ron take a UV when Ron was 9, I believe (someone double-check this)

  • Ryan

    Another one I’ve thought of: Fifth years are allowed to be out in the corridors until 9:00 PM.

  • Alphard

    hpboy13 Fred and George tried to UV Ron when he was about 5 then Fred and George were around 7,
    Fleur Delacour has a 9 1/2 inch long wand rosewood and veela-hair.

  • Lasre

    Gilderoy Lockhart wrote nine books!!

  • Amy

    Percy was 9 when the twins tried to make Ron take an UV

  • hpboy13

    Okay, my bad, I’m still rereading SS

  • Nathan

    During the first war with Voldemort nine known members of the Original Order of the Phoenix were killed or disappeared.

  • There are nine hands on Molly Weasley’s special clock.

  • ravenclaw rambler

    Nine wizards escort Harry to from Privet Drive to Grimmauld Place

  • Marco

    Since Vernon Dursley leaves home at half past eight and has to endure traffic jam en route to work, he presumly starts work usually at 9 o´clock.