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Bloomsbury announcements about 7/21 and 7/30


From the Bloomsbury website:

J K ROWLING AND THE MIDNIGHT READING: Bloomsbury Publishing is delighted to announce that now everyone will be able to hear J K Rowling read from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, in a live webstream from the Natural History Museum in London at the precise moment it is published – 12.01am bst on Saturday 21st July 2007. The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows launch event is completely oversubscribed and no further tickets will be issued but Bloomsbury encourages fans to log on to the webstream to join in the experience. The streaming will be available for a further two weeks at www.bloomsbury.com

So what time and date is that where you live? Check out the customized World Clock I created and subtract 4 minutes from the time shown for your closest city.

Also posted on Bloomsbury’s site:

JK ROWLING AND THE LIVE CHAT: Harry Potter fans will be invited to put their questions to JK Rowling in a web chat 2.00-3.00pm (BST) on Monday, 30th July. Questions may be submitted one week in advance or live on 30th July at www.bloomsbury.com.

So beginning sometime on 7/23 we can start sending them in!


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Joan

    I live in Wales UK so I’ll be listening ‘as and when it happens’ at 12.01am on the 21st. Someone else is collecting my book so I’ll be waiting up for that to arrive as I’m listening to the reading

  • El Cronista de Salem

    looooooooooooove chats!!!

    what would you ask? we will be able to ask about the future of some characters 😀 all, we can ask all!!^^

  • daveindetroit

    I’m going to suggest that the bookstore I will be attending, simulcast this at the store as their events start at 7pm the same time as the reading in Detroit (actually,Royal Oak, MI ).

  • Cricket

    Wonderful news! Thanks and we will be up and listening!

  • Ginevra Potter

    Well, we won’t know what the most important questions will be until after reading Deathly Hallows. But I imagine I might have a couple of character questions to ask. I would also like to know which titles were in contention, and if one was literally shorter by two consonants and a vowel.

  • It’ll be 4pm Friday the 20th in Southern California. I’m not listening because I don’t want to be spoiled, since I can’t get the book until midnight!

    She’ll only be reading excerpts, right?

  • Peppergnome

    Daveindetroit: I’m in Royal Oak too! Wow, small world.

    I don’t think I want to listen to the reading five hours before I can get my hands on a book of my own. But I do! But I don’t. Maybe I will.

  • daveindetroit

    hey Peppergnome I am going to the Barnes and Nobles on Main Street. Did you make it to Monroe to hear Steve Van DerArk? Most of the historic downtown got into the act was a blast

  • Nemmi

    I know! Awfully tempting to listen, but I want to also experience that moment that I get my shiny new book and the smell of newly printed paper and the crack of an unopened spine and read adamantly until I can no longer function. ahh…such a momentous occasion…

  • Nemmi

    anyone in Charlotte, NC going to Borders at Northlake?

  • Shwez

    Mine at 7 am. 2+ hours till bookstore open, what she will be reading exactly?

  • We don’t know what she’ll be reading, but since she knows people worldwide will be listening, I’m sure she will pick something safe.

    I will have just finished performing at a Potter party (the reading will be at 4pm in Tucson) so I plan to listen.

  • hpboy13

    I am so excited abotu this, we’ll finally be able to ask questions and she won’t have to hold back any answers!

  • King James

    I’m about an hour from Charlotte Nemmi, but I won’t be driving all the way down there cause we have plenty of book stores in Hendersonville and Asheville I can go to.

    If JKR isn’t reading from the beginning of the book, I don’t think I want to hear it. 🙁

  • will orwont


    Our Rowling, who art in Scotland,
    Hallows be thy opus.

    Thy last book come, thy will be done,
    on film, as it is in print.

    Give us this day our hints to the ending,
    and forgive us our speculations,
    as we forgive those
    who write lousy fanfic.

    Lead us not into fansite leaks,
    and deliver us from major spoilers.

    For thine is the saga,
    and the Potter, and the Harry,
    forever and ever.

    J. K. !

  • Moony =luna lupin

    I hope there will be an emailadress on the website for sending my list of questions in.