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Countdown to Deathly Hallows – 7


July 14th, the date that marks the release of Deathly Hallows as one week away. ONE WEEK! Just 7 days. Seven, the most powerfully magical number of all. This is sure to be the longest list we’ve created yet, as there are many times the number 7 is mentioned. (For an incredible list already complied by our own Michele, see the essay The Number Seven.)

Here are a few notable sevens to get us started:

  • Harry paid seven gold galleons for his wand.
  • Students spend seven years at Hogwarts. (Unless you’re Marcus Flint. Hehe)
  • Lord Voldemort is thought to have split his soul in seven pieces.
  • There are seven Weasley siblings.
  • Seven players on a Quidditch team.
  • The Room of Requirement is on the seventh floor.
  • Harry (and Jo) was “born as the seventh month dies”
  • In seven days, we’ll have Book 7.

Share your recollections of the most magical 7 with us in the pensieve!


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