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Countdown to Deathly Hallows – 5


Today is July 16th, bringing us down to 5 days until the release of Deathly Hallows. How many examples of the number 5 can we come up with from the stories?

  • The Five Feathers in Barnsley is home to Bungy the waterskiing budgerigar.
  • Gilderoy Lockhart, five times winner of Witch Weekly ‘s Most-Charming-Smile Award.
  • Some third years accidentally plastered frog brains all over the ceiling in Dungeon five.
  • There are five boys in Harry’s dorm room.

Conjure your own and post them in the Pensieve!


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Joan

    The herd of Threstrals at Hogwarts was started by a male and 5 females

  • Nannette

    There were five Weasley’s at Hogwarts during Harry’s second and third year.

  • Five Hufflepuff’s were in the D.A.

  • Also:

    Dumbledore has five names; Book 5 is the longest in the series; and 5 days can’t come quick enough!!!

  • frogonwall

    There are still five more pieces of Voldemort’s soul which must be destroyed as of the end of HBP.

  • Amy

    Before my comment, there were 5 thoughts swirling in this entry’s Pensieve.

    There have been 5 Harry Potter films released so far.

  • Amy

    There are 5 male Slytherins mentioned in the books in Harry’s year.

    5 Gryffindor DA members went to the Battle at the Dept. O’ Mysteries

  • Shunpike

    Fred & George teased Ginny, saying she is said to be dating 5 different boys, she replied that the last time she checked Dean was one boy, rather than 5.

  • Harry is 5 letters long.

    Snape taught potions for 5 of the years Harry was at school.

    Harry has 5 fingers on his left hand.

  • Rachel

    The thoughts for 5 seems to be getting quite deperate…. 😛 5 beds in Harry’s dormitory 🙂

  • Macavity

    In “HP&PS”:
    – Vernon Dursley leaves his office at 5 o’clock to be hugged by unknown man(which was, of course, Dedalus Diggle:)
    – It’s particulary awful day for Dudley, when Veron takes all the family to run away from Privet Drive, hence he misses FIVE Tv-shows.
    – Five knuts must be given to owl for post delivery.
    – When Harry arives to the station with Hagrid, it’s five minutes to train to London.
    – The rate for Black beetle eyes was five Knuts a scoop.
    – On the morning of Septenmber, the 1, Harry woke up at 5 o’clock in the morning – so excited he was(I did the same thing in my first-ever-school-day. My family was quite normal, though. :))
    – Ron has 5 brothers 🙂
    – Slytherin has School Cup five years in a row.
    – Prof. MacGonagall takes 5 points from Hermione after troll incident.
    – Harry and Ron are encouraged by 5 points each for the same incident.
    – And Snape takes 5 points for having a book outside the building.
    – Markus Flint scores five times during Harry’s problems with the broom.
    – Match with Snape as a judge lasted only about five minutes.

  • Jo has been married 5 years.

  • Marco

    Each house of Hogwarts has 5 boys and 5 girls in each year.

  • Macavity

    Next one – from CS:
    – It took 5 yers for Tom Riddle to solve the mystery of the Chamber.
    – Molly is complaining about the purchasing 5 complects of Lockhart’s books(it bothered me a bit – why not share one copy for all?)

    From the “Azkaban Prisoner”:
    – In the beginning of the book it is said, that Harry hasn’t been in touch with his friends for 5 weeks.
    – Dudley at last has FIVE chins ;D
    – Monstrous book of Monsters has bitten the shop-assistant five times on the morning Harry arrives to the shop.
    – On the dinner before kids are leaving to Hogwarts there are five changes, the last one(5th) is chockolate pudding.
    – On the first Divination students are asked to consult pages Five and six of the “Unfogging the Future”.
    – There are FIVE persons(Fudge, McGonagall, Flitwick, Hagrid and Rosmerta), who are discussing the story of the Black’s presumed treachery.

  • Joan

    A Quintaped has 5 club-footed legs
    Tutshill Tornados won the Quidditch League Cup 5 times in a row
    On the DADA paper in the OWLs one of the questions was ‘Give 5 signs that identify a werewolf
    Dracos birthday is 5th June
    Prof Sprouts birthday is in the 5th month

  • Macavity

    🙂 Dinner break, and I continue/
    In GF:
    – After delivering Harry package with cakes from Mrs.Weasly Errol had to have a FIVE-day rest.
    – The Weasleys had to arrive at 5 o’clock to collect Harry from the Dursleys. Actually, they were terribly(in a sence of aunt Petunia) late.
    – Previous World Cup Match lasted 5 days.
    – Bagman put a five galleon price on twins’ fake wand.
    – When established, Triwizard Tournamet took place every five years.
    In OotP:
    – Daily Prophet is delivered at 5 o’clock in the morning.
    – Department of International Magical Cooperation is located at Level 5 of the Ministry.
    – Five Death Eater came after Molly’s brothers, Fabian and Gideon Prewett.
    – Harry’s First detention with Umbridge took place at 5 o’clock.
    – Harry is five years old, when Dudley receives red bicycle as a birthday present.(I presume it can be Dudley’s sixth birthday?)
    – Five owls are delivering letters to Harry on a day “Quibbler” came out with the article concerning Voldemort’s return.
    – There are 5 five signs that identify the werewolf(We only are told three of them).
    – It is required to have at least five “Exceeds Expectations” N.E.W.T.s to become an Auror.
    – Five persons accompany Harry on his “Sirious Black’s Resquing Mission”.
    – There are five statues on the Fountain of Magical Brethern(A wizard and a witch, centaur, goblin and house elf).

    In Half-Blood Prince:
    – Ron was five years old, when Fred and George tried to cheat him to make the Unbreakable Vow.

  • SGBG

    Neville and Prof. McGonagall’s destiny number is 5. Actually they were both 77 which turns into 5. Their fates may be closely linked together.

  • Lasre

    How can we forget! Hagrid is five times wider than a normal person.

  • Ginny, Percy and Molly have 5 letters

    ‘Macavity’: Brilliant!

  • Karen L

    And, we can’t even begin to count how many times Hermione earned “5 points for Gryffindor” by answering correctly in class!

  • Martin

    Basilik attack 5 times in CoS

  • Martin

    5 ghost came out from voldermort wand in GoF.

  • KnightRider

    The Marauders mastered the ways of Animagi in their fifth year at Hogwarts.

  • Degrassifan

    OWLS are written in the 5th year.

  • CAM

    The scar on the back on Harry’s right hand has five words. “I must not tell lies.

  • “Snape” has 5 letters in it

  • JML

    Dumbledore’s Army was formed during Harry’s 5th school year.

  • Laura

    Everyone who fought the Boggart in Professor Lupin’s first Defense Against the Dark Arts class got 5 points apiece. (Neville got 10 for tackling it twice). Harry and Hermione also received 5 points each during that class, because they correctly answered Professor Lupin’s questions about Boggarts.

  • hpboy13

    Argh, Macavity, you did too good a job! And I worked so hard as I reread PA today! j/k, congrads on so many good finds. But I still have some! They’re all from PA.
    Hedwig arrives at the Leaky Cauldron “about FIVE minutes” after Harry did
    In Diagon Alley, Harry, Hermione, and the Weasleys eat a FIVE-course meal
    When the Trio overhears FIVE people talkign abotu Sirius, it takes Ron FIVE minutes to get drinks

    I wonder what this will be like for the numbers 2 and 1, I think it’ll be quite ridiculous (ie. We have one protagonist)

  • Jenny

    When Dumbledore retrieves Harry from the Dursleys’ in HPB, he “flicks his wand” five times (does five spells):
    -the sofa zooms forward so the Dursleys fall on it
    -the sofa zooms back into place
    -conjures the mead and glasses
    -makes the Dursleys’ mead glasses disappear
    -summons Kreacher (Kreacher goes to Hogwarts on his own magic)

  • Cricket

    30 replies is a multiple of five. Okay, I am desperate.
    Dumbledore’s first name, ‘Albus,’ has five letters. ‘Draco’ has five letters, as does ‘Goyle.’

    Toldja I was desperate. I am talking about Slytherins.


  • frogonwall

    Why does it take so long for the new countdown to show up? It always says “Posted by Belinda at 12:36 am”, but it doesn’t show up here until like 2 in the morning? Maybe a time zone difference?

    Anyway, the Weasleys showed up at the Dursleys’ at FIVE in the evening to take Harry to the Burrow in GoF.

  • Nathan

    Hagrid has had five pets Aragog, Fang, Fluffy, Norbert and Buckbeak.