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Countdown to Deathly Hallows – 4


Now it’s July 17th and Deathly Hallows is just 4 days away! Time to list all the instances of the number 4 we can find.

  • The four houses of Hogwarts, named for the four Founders.
  • The Dursleys live at Number Four Privet Drive.
  • The Triwizard Tournament had four champions.
  • There were four marauders: Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs.

Add any that YOU can think of to the Pensieve!


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Joan

    Unicorns grow horns at around 4 years old
    In the hut on the rock Harry & the Dursleys had a meal of a bag of chips ach & 4 bananas
    The Dursleys live in a detached 4 bedroom house

  • Real Dementors have attacked Harry 4 times.

    Harry try to rescue all 4 of the people the merfolk took.

  • Nannette

    There were four people living at the Dursley’s place up to when Harry and Dudley went away to school.
    During the fourth book (GOF) and part of the next (OoP) there were four Weasleys at Hogwarts.

  • Nathan

    Hogwarts has four Houses named after the four founders of the school.

    Hogwarts has four large hourglasses.

  • Char

    Professor Trelawney is a right old fraud when it comes to telling students their FOURtunes…(I know, grabbing a straws here, but wanted to participate!)

    Plus I’m the fourth entry?

  • Kristin

    Up to this point there have been four Weasley children as Prefects that we know of, for when Ron recieves his Prefects badge in OP Mrs Weasley cries “…That’s everyone in the family!” which then has one of my favorite lines – “What are Fred and I, next-door neighbors?” said George. So that would be Charlie, Bill, Percy and Ron as Prefects.

  • Joan

    October 4th is Minerva McGonagalls birthday
    Fred & Georges birthdays are in the 4th month

  • Nathan

    The four marauders were members of the Order of the Phoenix,

  • Nathan

    In HBP Four known Gryffindors were in D.A.D.A. and Herbology

  • Joan

    Students sleep in 4 poster beds

  • Sharvader

    Four people (his parents, Sirius, Dumbledore) who truly cared about Harry have died and left him alone to face Voldemort.

  • Havsrosen

    There are four “balls” used in quidditch: a quaffle, two bludgers and the golden snitch

  • clock_maker

    4 letters in Krum!
    4 letters in Stan (as in Shunpike)

  • Four words in “Order of the Phoenix”.

  • Macavity

    Ok, let’s start (to spoil everybody’s else efforts – I’m rather a Slytherin today };))
    In PS:
    – Dudley is 4 times bigger than Harry by that time. He will improve the results later, he-he.
    – In the train Ron got FOUR sandwiches, that he doesn’t like. So, I presume, Harry ate all four 🙂
    – There are four balls in Quidditch: 2 Bludgers, the Quaffle, and the Snitch.
    – No more than 4 first-years are allowed to a boat to sail to the castle. I wonder how Hagrid can get into the boat, if he is FIVE times bigger than any other normal(and grown-up) man :).
    – On the Charms lesson Hermiony levitates her feather 4 feet up.
    – 4 Charlie’s friends come to take Norbert to Romania.
    – Snape gives FOUR clues to solve the riddle with bottles.

    In CS:
    – On the first Herbology lesson, there are 4 persons per one Mandragora.
    – Harry and Ron win Griffindor FOUR hundred points.

    In AP:
    – Filch know about four secret passages.
    – In the “Three Broomsticks” Hagrid takes four pints of mead.

    In GoF:
    – Aunt Petunia divides grapefruit into four parts(giving Harry the smallest one).
    – Harry recieves four birthday cakes 🙂
    – Mad-Eye Moody puts Imperius on Harry four time until Harry can fight it.
    – Carcaroff gives Harry FOUR for the first task.
    – Durmsrang has four floors(at least Crums tells so).
    – Unicorns are 4 yers old, when they get a proper horn.
    – 4 persons are guilt for the Longbottoms torture(3 Lestranges and Crouch-jr.)

    In OotP:
    – Harry spends four weeks at Privet Drive without receiving any note from his friends.
    – Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures is located on the Level four of the Ministry.
    – In the Snape’s worst memory Sirius sits four seats behind James
    – On the Charms O.W.L Hermione sits three rows to Harry’s right and four seats ahead.
    – Prof.MacGonagall gets Four Stunning Spells.

    In HBP:
    – McLaggen gets four Quaffles.
    – Tom Riddle arrives at 4 o’clock to Hepzibah Smith, when he lears whereabouts of Hufflepuff cup and Slytherin locket.

  • Puffskein

    In his first lesson in HBP, Professor Slughorn shows four potions (Veritaserum, Polyjuice, Amortentia and Felix Felicis) to the students (incidentally, 4 Slytherins, 4 Ravenclaws and 4 others)

  • frogonwall

    Good job, Macavity!

    My findings of instances in use of the number four:

    –the first task of the tri-wizard tournament took place on November 24, 1994 in the Potterverse.
    –the boys in Harry’s dormitory sleep in FOUR-poster beds.
    –it’s four in the morning. I’ll try harder after some rest.

    Goodnight, all!


  • Shunpike

    We know FOUR house-elves by name (Dobby, Winky, Hockey and Kreacher)
    Harry dropped FOUR subjects after 5th year(history of magic, care of magical creatures, astronomy and divination)
    FOUR remaining horcruxes are to be found

  • Alex

    There are 4 syllables in Harry Potter!

  • Martin

    There are 4 characters at Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows UK Child edition Cover.
    Harry, Ron, Hermione and (?Kreacher/?Dobby)

  • kamion

    Rowling never used a four-letter-word in the first set of books ( maybe in the 7th)

  • Martin

    In PS:
    There are 4 person given detention by Prof. McGonagall to go to Forbidden Forest with Hagrid.

  • SGBG

    During their first apparation lesson, it was only on the 4th attempt that anything happened; Hannah Abbott splinches herself

  • Marco


    SGBG, the splinching accident happened to Susan Bones, Hannah Abott had already left school at that time due to the death of her mother.

    And now:

    1. The Mauruders have 44 records of detention.

    2. According to the timeline of HBP Harry had to sit 4 dententions with Snape at total for cursing Draco Malfoy.

    3. 4 legal Hogwarts occupants are known to have died of not natural causes.

  • Jayni D.

    This is totally unrelated, but it’s something I have been wondering about for a long time. SGBG spelled ‘apparation’ with an ‘a’, which I think should be the correct spelling, rather than ‘apparition’ with an ‘i’. After all, people don’t ‘apparite’, do they? And ‘apparition’ is a real word, meaning spirit or ghost. In OotP, the word is spelled ‘apparation’ throughout, but it is ‘apparition’ in all the other books. It makes me wonder if this was a typo that never got corrected???

    Unfortunately, I can’t think of any other fours that haven’t already been mentioned.

  • Martin

    Harry miss 4 times Quidditch games for griffindor team.

  • Lasre

    In HBP, during chapter 2, there are 4 people in Spinner’s End (Snape, Wormtail Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange).

  • brad

    There were four fingers on Wormtail’s right hand.

  • ravenclaw rambler

    four people in the house at Godric’s Hollow – three Potters plus Lord Voldemort – only two came out alive (and one of those was barely alive)

  • Aubry

    4 of the Weasley friends have an E in their names!
    Hehe kinda cheesey

  • neefers

    The Dursleys live at number four Pivet Drive.

  • Martin

    There was 4 people outside Number 4 Privet Drive when Harry arrive in Dursleys for first time.
    Only 4 people know about the prophecy about Harry.

  • Martin

    There were 4 Dragons, 4 eggs, 4 people to resque for 4 champions in GoF.

  • SGBG

    Right you are, Marco. Always confuse the two.

  • kamion

    Marco wrote:

    3. 4 legal Hogwarts occupants are known to have died of not natural causes.

    — July 17, 2007 @ 9:08 am

    I come to three:
    Moaning Myrtle
    Cedric Diggory
    Albus Dumbledore

    are you counting Sirius in?
    He wasn’t a Hogwart occupant at the time of death.

  • Amy

    There are 4 known unregistered Animagi (Rita Skeeter, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs)

    4 letters in Fred (Weasley), Bill (Weasley), Krum (Viktor) and Dean (Thomas).

    In GoF, only FOURth years and above were allowed to attend the Yule Ball unless they brought a younger student

  • kamion

    There were four people who recognized and greeted Harry the first time in the Leaky Cauldron that are mentioned by name:
    Tom the bartender
    Doris Crockford
    Deadalus Diggle
    Professor Quirrel

  • Reader2


    I think Marco meant Quirrel.

  • kamion

    how could I forget Quirrel

  • Igor26

    all of FOURmer Headmaster’s portraits speak.

  • Luna

    There are four magical schools, Hogwarts, one in france, russia, and the Americans?

  • The Basilisk petrified four persons in CoS (obviously not including Mrs. Norris and Nearly-Headless Nick):

    Colin Creevy, Justin Flinch-Fletchly, Hermione Granger, and Penelope Clearwater.

  • recklesscatlover

    Hi, don’t forget the Four Elements (fire, air, earth, water) : JKR herself said they are deeply related to the 4 Founders.

  • recklesscatlover

    there is one in Brasil somewhere, don’t remember who had a pen pal there in some early book … the Lex should mention it.

  • Martin

    We know 4 owls name (Hedwig, Pig, Errol, and Hermes).
    Fawkes carry 4 people to the girl bathroom at CoS.
    There are 4 Adult in the Shrieking Shack when harry know who was the secret keeper for The Potter.

  • Reader2

    We also know 4 cetaur names.

    Just check the being page.

  • Reader2

    Oh, and check the Gazeteer.

    As recklesscatlover, pointed out it lists 5 wizard schools, but names are know only for 4 of them.

    Also, only 4 muggles schools are mentioned in the book.
    It seem only 1 of those is real (at least I hope the other 3 are not real).

  • Joan

    The M.O.M. clssification of 4 Xs (XXXX) in FB are given to Centaurs,Merpeople,Phoenix,Spinx, Trolls & Unicorns (amongst others)
    There were 4 Parkin brothers in Wigtown Wanderers Quidditch team at the same time
    A Chinese Fireball dragon can weigh up to 4 tonnes
    Porlocks have 4 stubby fingers on each hand

  • TomasR

    Aubry, you forgot ginny’s full name is Ginevra or something of sorts so there are five weasleys with an E in their names.


    – McLaggen Saved four penalties in his trail for the HPB Griffindor Quidditch team

    – There were 4 people in the gaunt’s hut when tom Riddle and his girlfriend rode by.

  • KnightRider

    There are four of the Horcruxes which belonged to the Founders: Slytherin’s locket, Hufflepuff’s cup and two other items belonging to Gryffindor and Rawenclaw.

  • Reader2


    That part is still just a theory.

    What we do know is that there 4 unlocated hocruxes.

    Also it is safe to assume that there is that 4 founders left 4 important relics behind.

  • Literature Goddess

    4 people burst through the door of the tower onto dumbledore, malfoy and harry(invisible via cloak) at first in HBP

    OotP has 4 words added onto “Harry Potter and the…”

    Dumbledore tells Harry about the private lessons dumbledore will be giving harry in the 4th chapter of HBP

    Voldemort is revived in the 4th book

    4 death eater’s names are revealed in the graveyard scene in the 4th movie

    4 mqin charactors that were in the books from the beguining were at the top of the “lighting struck tower”, Harry, Malfoy, Snape:( and Dumbledore

    harry’s name’s name has 4 letters in it : Lily

    Voldemort’s real first and middle name have 4 syllables in them : Tom Marvolo

    Harry’s scar is in the middle of his FOURhead 😀

    Hermione has 4 syllables

  • hpboy13

    A valiant effort, Macavity, but I still have one, because I’m currently rereading the FOURth book. After Harry gets Sirius’s first reply, he goes to tell Siirus that he must have imagined his scar hurting, and he is held up by “Peeves, who tried to overturn a large vase on him halfway along the FOURth floor corridor”
    Also, when Harry first goes to Hogwarts there are FOUR Weasleys there: Percy, Ron, the twins

  • Ashley

    Aubry, ifyou use Ginny full name it has an ‘e’ in it.

    In First year they had Astromony on the fourth day of the week.

  • SGBG

    Not sure if anyone said this one yet: There are 4 breeds of winged horses named in Fantastic Beast; Abraxan, Aethonan, Granian and Thestral.

  • brad

    Harry used Parseltongue FOUR times. 1)Zoo, 2)dueling club, 3)Myrtle’s toilet, 4) door w/in CS

  • I didn’t look to see if anyone else put this but in The 4th Book (GoF) in I think Ch 9, the DeathEaters used Levicorpus (at least that’s what Hermione says they used in HBP) on 4 Muggles. The camp registration guy, his wife and their two kids. There are many more references to the Number 4 but I don’t want to have to think about all of them. So that’s my contribution to the pensieve.

  • i just remembered that Harry’s defied Voldemort FOUR times

  • Harry has taken/gone out FOUR girls. (Doesn’t mean he dated all of them)

    1. Parvati- Yule Ball
    2. Cho- Madam Puddifoot’s
    3. Luna- Slughorn’s Christmas Party
    4. Ginny- On Long Walks