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Countdown to Deathly Hallows – 2


It is now July 19th and that means only 2 more days until the release of Deathly Hallows. We are passing the time by thinking of instances from the Wizarding World that correspond to the number of days left. Here are some passages in which the number 2 is important.

  • Harry had a Nimbus Two Thousand broomstick.
  • The Weasley twins are often referred to as “you two”.
  • Fawkes the phoenix gave just two tail feathers for use as wand cores.

Go ahead and add “a couple” to the Pensieve!


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Buddy

    Two Weasley children still attend Hogwarts.
    Two Creevey children attend Hogwarts.
    Harry has owned two brooms.
    Draco’s father bought the whole Slytherin Quidditch team Nimbus Two Thousand and Ones.
    Harry owns two pets, Hedwig and Buckbeak.
    Mrs. Figg lives two streets away from Privet Drive.
    Jimmy Peakes is two-thirds Ron’s height.
    Neville has owned two wands.
    Ron has owned two wands.
    Ron has owned two pets, Scabbers and Pigwidgeon.
    Ginny and Luna’s first year at Hogwarts was in nineteen ninety-two.
    Two of the four Marauders are still living.
    Arthur Weasley’s birthday is in the second month.

  • Patrick

    Harry has two best friends: Ron and Hermione.

  • CAM

    There are two free house eleves at Hogwarts: Winky and Dobby

    There are two ends to the Skiving Snackbox sweets.

    There were two quidditch announcers in HBP.

  • lily

    harry has had 2 potions professors. harry had feelings for 2 girls. ginny had 2 boyfriends before harry. the patil twins. crabbe and goyle. harry has 2 best friends.

  • Nannette

    There are two sets of twins in the books: Weasley and Patil.
    Harry grew up in a house with two children in it.

  • Joan

    Unicorns turn silver at 2 years old
    a Graphorn has 2 sharp horns
    a Bowtruckle has 2 fingers on each hand
    The Isle of Drear was once populated by 2 wizarding families
    2 Laburnum Gardens is the home of Sturgis Podmore
    2 noted wizards were Chinese – Quong Po & Dzou Yen

  • frogonwall

    Hmmmm…let’s see:

    –TWO dementors attacked the PAIR of Harry and Dudley in the alleyway off of Magnolia Crescent in OotP.
    –Haha, TWO new nicknames given to Dudley by his freinds are revealed in OotP: Dud and Big D. lol
    –We know of TWO Squibs so far: Mr. Filch and Mrs. Figg.
    –Jo has used TWO words I’ve never heard before: higgedly-piggedly (lol) and kerfuffle (…? I swear, it’s on the middle of page 25 in OotP! haha)
    –A quote from the SECOND letter sent to Harry from the Improper Use of Magic Office in OotP: “Dear Mr. Potter, Further to our letter of approximately TWENTY-TWO minutes ago, the Ministry of Magic has revised it’s decision to destroy your wand forthwith…”
    –Another OotP quote, this one from Harry: “You can’t give a dementor the old one-TWO!”

    And that’s just from the first TWO chapters of OotP. Ohh, TWO more, I suppose! This is such an entertaining idea. Thanks hp-lexicon! =]

    –A SECOND snake divides itself from the first snake in the smoke from that strange device Dumbledore checks before the trip to St. Mungo’s in OotP.
    –There are TWO different Care of Magical Creatures teachers in Harry’s fifth year: Professor Grubbly-Plank and, of course, the Keeper of the Keys, Hagrid.

  • Joan

    In HBP it says the Brockdale Bridge snapped cleanly in two
    And there were 2 ‘nasty and well publicised murders’ – (Amelia Bones & Emmeline Vance)

  • DB Fwoopersong

    The prophecy could have referred to either of two wizard infants…Harry or Neville!

  • Ashley

    Colin is two years older than Denis.

  • -There are currently (as of HBP) TWO Divination teachers at Hogwarts: Firenze & Sybill Trelawney.
    -There are TWO other schools participating in the Triwizard Tournament in GoF.
    -There are TWO people revealed to be werewolves during the course of events of HBP, Remus Lupin & Fenrir Greyback.
    -There were TWO children who may have been the target of the prophecy, Harry Potter, and Neville Longbottom.
    -We know of TWO Transfiguration teachers in the books thus far (assuming McGonagall does not leave her post), Minerva McGonagall and Albus Dumbledore.
    -Harry’s 1st Broom is the Nimbus TWO Thousand.
    -Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the SECOND book in the series, takes place in 1992.
    -There are TWO incarnations of the Order of the Phoenix.
    -There are believed to be TWO Averys (a father and son pair, most likely).
    -There are TWO Black daughters of Cygnus Black not blasted of the tapestry (Andromeda was blasted off for marrying Muggleborn Ted Tonks).
    -Cygnus Black’s birth and death dates have been changed TWICE.
    -There are TWO sons of Arcturus Black (Sirius & Regulus).
    -There are TWO classes in which only Harry, Ron and Hermione were the only ones revealed to have received O.W.L.’s in: Astronomy and Care of Magical Creatures.

  • Jonie

    In PoA there were two fugitives on the run, Buckbeak and Sirius

  • clock_maker

    Every-one in HP has 2 parents (either mental, dead or otherwise)

  • Literature Goddess

    TWO sisters ( Narcissia and Bellatrix) enter a house with TWO people in it ( Snape and Pettigrew) in the SECOND chapter in the SECOND to last book in the HP series ( HBP )

    Harry and Ron are the TWO main male leads

    the detication of the HBP book goes to JKR’s daughter, Mackenzie. JKR writes “I deticate her ink-and-paper TWIN”

    eight chapters in HBP have TWO words as their titles: ch. TWO- Spinner’s End, ch.four- Horace Slughorn, ch.six- Draco’s Detour, ch. eight- Snape Victorious, ch.fourteen- Felix Felicis, ch. eighteen- Birthday Surprises, ch.nineteen- Elf Tails,and ch. twenty-six- The Cave

    TWO of harry’s relatives died directly at Voldemort’s hands, Lily and James Potter, harry’s mom and dad

    TWO people apparated onto the riverbank, Narcissa and Bellatrix

    information on the Polyjuice Potion, first mentioned in book TWO,CoS, is located on page TWO of the Ministry Leaflet on how to protect yourself in HBP (page forty-TWO)

    Narcissa and Bellatrix enter Snape’s houde in the SECOND chapter, on the TWENTY-SECOND page of HBP

    Harry, Ron, and Hermione first notice Dumbledore’s frequint absence on the TWO-HUNDRED, TWENTY-SECOND page

    In the TWENTY-SECOND chapter of HBP, Hagrid buries Aragog with TWO wittnesses: Harry and Proffesor Slughorn

    in the TWENTY-SECOND chapter of HBP, TWO people fall asleep at Hagrid’s table: Slughorn and Hagrid

    TWO people ( Harry and Dumbledore) see a convesation about horcruxes being had by TWO other people( Riddle and Slughorn) in HBP

    Ginny is caught kissing TWO guys in HBP: Harry and Dean and Ron sees them both

  • Moony =Luna Lupin

    Fawkes healed Harry two times (in cs after the fight with the basiliks, and in gf, after Voldemort’s return) by his tears. Narcissa en Bellatrix aren’t blasted of the tapestry.

  • Joan

    In the 2nd year Herbology students work with Leaping Toadstools

  • Kristin

    In quidditch there are 2 bludgers and a pair (2) of Uncle Vernon’s socks have played a role first as a present, and keeping Harry’s Sneakoscope and his Felix Felicis

  • recklesscatlover

    Partly compleeting Buddy, two of Harry’s roommates (Ron & Neville) have broken a wand.
    There are two two-way mirrors.

  • Char

    In Philosophers Stone, Hagrid buys Harry an icecream with TWO flavours – chocolate and raspberry topped with nuts

  • C Joseph

    I’ve noticed that people in these books tend to come, sort of, in pairs that fit together, or mirror each other. As such:

    – Dumbledore and Voldemort
    – Sirius and Snape
    – Ron and Hermione
    – Seamus and Dean
    – Neville and Luna
    – Gryffindor and Slytherin
    – Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff
    – Harry and Draco
    – Crabbe and Goyle

    Some of these are mirror images: For example, Sirius, priveliged, charismatic, transparently emotional, Gryffindor from a family of Slytherins; and Snape, of no famous family, personally off-putting, coolly emotionless (at least on the surface), a Slytherin of half-blood descent. Dumbledore & Voldemort and Harry & Draco fall under this heading.

    Others are matches (and I don’t neccessarily mean in the ‘shipping sense): Neville, geeky, overweight, and very lonesome; and Luna, dreamy, strange, and alone if not specifically lonely.

    Ron and Hermione, to some degree, fall under both categories.

    Yeah, it’s a kind of a stretch. But I like it.

  • Joan

    2 of The Marauders are dead (James & Sirius)
    2 are still alive (Remus & Pettigrew)
    A 2 headed Runespoor is not un-common (tho they usually have 3 heads)

  • Joan

    A Bicorns name ‘suggests’ it is a creature with 2 horns
    There are 2 species of Wildebeest – Black and Blue

  • Joan

    In the rules of Quidditch rule 2 states ‘Time-out may be extended to a 2 hour period (if the game has lasted more than twelve hours)’
    And rule 7 states ‘The game can be ended by mutual consent of the 2 team captains (even if the Golden Snitch has not been caught)
    (Taken from Quidditch Through The Ages)

  • Joan

    2 brothers – Kevin & Karl Broadmoor were beaters for the Falmouth Falcons
    The Montrose Magpies have 2 magpies on their Quidditch robes
    Chaser Catriona McCormack captained the Pride of Portree to 2 League wins
    Puddlemere United have won 2 European Cups
    Tutshill Tornados have a double ‘T’ on their Quidditch robes
    Wimbourne Wasps have twice been semi-finalists in the European Cup

  • olivier

    2 Galleons for a Headless Hat, as invented by 2 genious Weasleys (in OotP; I could sometimes do with one…)

  • Cricket

    Book Two was the foreshadowing of HBP.
    Harry has Dudley’s second bedroom.
    Arthur and Molly Weasley are his ‘second parents.’
    Ron and Hermione are practically his siblings.
    Two Squibs are mentioned: Arabella Figg and Argus Filch, who have the same initials, BTW. (wonder if that is a possible ship! bwhahaha)
    There are two taverns in Hogsmeade; The Three Broomsticks and the Hog’s Head
    Two Vanishing Cabinets

  • Cricket

    There are TWO metamorphmagicians:
    Kingsley Shacklebolt and Nymphadora Tonks.

  • CAM

    There are two kneazels in the books. Crookshanks and Mrs. Norris.

  • Jenny

    Our favorite hippogriff has two names: Buckbeak and Witherwings
    We’ve seen two Ministers of Magic so far.

  • Aastra

    Firenze says in OOTP ch 27 pg 532
    “In the past decade, the indications have been that wizardkind is living through nothing more then a brief rest between TWO wars.”
    P.S. shackerbolt is not a metamorhigus.

  • Martin

    CoS had open 2 times.
    Tonks has 2 forms of Patronus.
    Harry has flying with Ford Anglia 2 times.
    In PS Harry and Hagrid going to 2 vault of gringotts.

  • 2 People (harry and Hermione) rescued 2 other living things (Sirius and buckbeak)
    also i have a list of couples that have appeared throughout the books:
    -Draco and Pansy
    -Hagrid and Maxime
    -Harry and Cho
    -Fleur and Bill
    -Ginny and Michael (Corner)
    -Ginny and Dean
    -Ron and Lavendar
    -Harry and Ginny
    -Hermione and Krum
    -and then there’s the H-H-R triangle

  • Lasre

    – The prophesy involves two people (Harry and Voldemort).
    – Voldemort is know by two names (Lord Voldemort and Tom Malvolo Riddle).
    – Harry has attempted an Unfogivable Curse twice.
    – A formal wizard duel envolves two wizards (or witches).
    – The Dursley’s treat Harry as a second class citizen.
    – Current students at Hogwarts have had two Potion Masters (Snape and Slughorn).
    – Harry has two house elves tail Malfoy in HBP.

  • Bruce

    Most of the characters in the books have:

    2 eyeballs
    2 nostrils
    2 feet
    2 legs
    2 arms
    2 hands
    2 ankles
    2 shins
    2 calves
    2 lungs
    2 kidneys
    2 ears
    2 cheeks
    2 shoes
    2 socks
    And Harry has 2 lenses in his glasses

  • Joan

    Bruce – that’s excellent!!

    2 Magnolia Crescent was illuminated when Harry lit his wand to see Sirius (in dog form)

  • Pittsburghmuggle

    Harry has TO find the Horcruxes, and learn about love, TOO!

    (Okay, that was dumb.)

  • Kelly

    pg 195 HBP: “Professor Trelawney appeared around a corner, muttering to herself as she shuffled a pack of dirty-looking playing cards, reading them as she walked.
    “Two of spades: conflict,” she murmured

  • hamburglar

    Harry has control over 2 house-elves (one emotionally, one magically). Which brings me to rereading book 2 and wondering (when I got to page 9×2 of the UK edition) just what Dobby knows. It certainly sounds like he is aware of the prophecy and the horcuxes (2 things!):
    “Harry Potter must not put himself in peril. He is to important, sir!” (2 important!)

    “…But sir, … There are powers Dumbledore doesn’t … powers no decent wizard …”

  • Cho Chang is 2 syllables
    sorry, but i’m running out of ideas!!!! 🙂

  • KnightRider

    The Prophecy links two wizards’s fates: Harry and Voldemort.
    There were two “socially correct” (in a Dursley way) kids at the zoo, Dudley and his friend Piers.
    The twins Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange, Sirius and Regulus Black.
    Two of the Black sisters who weren’t blood traitors: Nacrissa and Bellatrix.
    Two Human and two Being characters are representad at the Fountain of Magical Brehtren.
    Harry sent the two Elves to spy on Malfoy in HBP: Dobby and Kreacher.
    Harry has dated two girls so far: Cho and Ginny.
    Ginny painted two messages on the wall in CS under the influence of Voldemort.

  • SGBG

    Harry played under two captains before he became one.

  • TPDsmama

    Harry has saved two weasly’s from death: Aurthur and Ginny

  • TPDsmama

    Harry has called the Room of Requirement for two different needs: DA lessons and a place to hide his potions book.

  • olivier

    TPDsmama, Harry also saved Ron in HBP – that’s why I was proud to post it yesterday… 🙂

  • Literature Goddess

    there are TWO main house elves ( Kreacher and Dobby) and TWO minor house elves ( Hokey and Winky)

    only TWO people have had Voldemort in their minds: Harry and Ginny Harry in the fifth and Ginny in the SECOND

    TWO people use Polyjuice Potion in HBP: Crabbe and Goyle

    TWO main charactors take the apparation test, but only one passed

  • Shunpike

    To TPDSmama – actually, 3 Wealeys: He saved Ron from posioning using the bezoar.
    2 prophecies are heard when the spheres break in the ministry of magic.
    2 People were called Tom Riddle.
    2 horcruxes were destroyed. There are 2 known horcruxes (Hufflepuf’s cup and Slytherin’s locket) and 2 unknown horcruxes.

  • TPDsmama I believe that Harry ALSO saved Ron’s life (HBP)

    Why has noone mentioned that 2 HORCRUXES have been destroyed. (Assuming R.A.B.-cough cough Regulus Black, didn’t destroy the locket.)

    TWO people that work in Diagon Alley-that we’re familiar with- have been kidnapped (Florean Fortiscue & Mr. Ollivander)

    Harry has had 2 girlfriends and (sort of-Cho) broken up with both

    The 2 last books (as Jo said) are like 2 HALVES of the same book

    There were 2 spare copies of Adcanced Potion Making(?) handed out in HBP

    Ginny has 2 boyfriends in HBP

    The TWO boys who the prophecy never got to know their TWO parents

    I’m running out of ideas

  • I’m not sure if anybody said this but their were two Hogwarts School Champions (and winners) in GoF.

    There are/were 2 “Tom Riddle”s
    There were 2 “Barty Crouch”s
    There are/were 2 (Harry)”James Potter”s

    2 Prewett brothers-that we know of- died

  • Camille

    Dumbledore has faced 2 very dark wizards (Voldy and Grindlewald)
    Ginny dated 2 boys before Harry
    Harry Told 2 House Elves to follow malfoy
    In CoS Lockheart used 2 wands (his and rons)
    Buckbeak has had 2 names
    Sirius has had 2 nicknames (Padfoot, Snuffles)
    I think 2 weasleys wear glasses
    Other than harry, there have been 2 gryffindore quiddich captians in the siries
    THere have been 2 fill in headmasters
    Snape is a 2 timing evil no good scum bag
    Peter Pettigrew is a 2 timing evil no good scum bag
    we know two 2 timing evil no good scum bags
    And thats all i can think of 2-day! hahaha-ok, im lame

  • Lyssa

    – Harry has talked to two real snakes
    – Harry has saved 2 Weasley children from death (Ron and Ginny)
    – Molly Weasley has two brothers, Gideon and Fabian Prewett
    – There were 2 double attacks by the basilisk in the second book (wow, 3 2’s.)
    – Both Harry and his father had/have wands that are 11 inches.
    – Two prophecy replicas were destroyed before the battle started in the Dept. of Mysteries

  • Lyssa

    – Two Weasley children are in the Order of the Phoenix
    – The two weasley parents are in the OoP
    – Two Malfoys are Death Eaters (assuming Draco has really become one)
    – Ginny has told people that Ron and Harry both(the two of them) have tatoos
    Running out of ideas…

  • Lyssa

    – Two horcruxes have been destroyed
    – Orion and Walburga Black (Sirius’s parents) had two sons
    – When Sirius ran away to James’s house, James’s parents treated him like a SECOND son

  • Emilia

    We have heard two of Professor Trelawney’s prophecies
    There has been two Potions professors during Harry’s time at Hogwarts; Snape and Slughorn
    There has been two Ministers of Magic since Harry’s first year at Hogwarts
    There are two subjects Ron and Harry failed in; History of Magic and Divination
    Snape is a master of both Occlumency and Legilimency
    There are two subjects in which Hermione is not tested in during O.W.L.s; Muggle Studies and Divination
    Two of the teaching professors at Hogwarts are in the Order of Phoenix(Dumbledore does not teach)

  • Cricket

    Oh do I feel stoopid…I misread it late last night. Yer right, Shacklebolt is NOT a metamorphmagi.

    *blushes furiously…*

  • Havsrosen

    Only two of the Trio are successfully transformed by the Polyjuice potion (as Hermione had a cat’s hair in hers)
    We know of two Gryffindors getting into the Slytherin commonroom (Harry & Ron as Crabbe & Goyle)

  • Martin

    There only 2 Gryffindor have been enter to Slytherin common room.

  • Martin

    In Triwizards Tournament 2nd Task, Harry rescue 2 of hostages(Ron,Gabrielle) after 2 hostages(Hermione, Cho) been rescue.

  • John

    This is some great stuff guys, thanks a lot!!!

  • Hermione took 2 O.W.L.s that Ron and Harry didn’t take.

    I’m not sure if someone put this already, but there are to Evans sisters; Lily and Petunia.

    There are only 2 people who work in Arthur Weasley’s last office (PS/SS-OoP)

    I’m trying to think of more things. It’s getting difficult.

    P.S. The New York Times(Post?) sucks for what it did.

  • Literature Goddess

    JKR has only TWO parts to her real name: Jo Rowling

    the Whomping Willow plays a major/minor roles in TWO books; the SECOND book when TWO charactors crashes a certain Ford Anglia into the WW and in the third when TWO charactors are percieved from a different light; Sirius is percieved as innocent and Pettigrew no longer is Scabbers and is a traitor when all of them go into the base of the WW to the Shrieking Shack

    this is the third time I have posted more than TWO comments of this Pensieve: first with the “4” and Second with the “3” and now with the TWO

    I think there are TWO charactors that are seriously misunderstood: i think Snape is not evil ( see the essay titled “Shaken, Not Stirred”) and that Draco Malfoy is nice and good if you strip away hi father’s influence
    I am running out of ideas….

  • Patrick

    We only know the EXACT location of two of the four house common rooms.

    Ravenclaw: Tower.
    Hufflepuff: Basement.

    But beyond that, thats all we know. I’m rather hoping to find out the answer to this question upon reading the new book.

  • giantess

    There are two ‘halfbreeds’ as teachers, Hagrid and Flitwick.
    Harry has flown on two ‘horses’ a thestril and a hippogriff
    Dudley has had two magical alterations done to his body. His pig tail and his enlarged tongue.
    Harry see’s two teniss ball eyes pearing at him from the headge in CoS (dobby’s eyes)
    Fred, George, and Ron have all been to the Dursley’s house twice, one in Cos and Once in GoF.
    The Night Bus has two floors and two sets of furnishings, beds for the night and chairs for the day.

  • 2 Weasleys were with Harry in the fight in the MoM.

    2 people were drawn to the veil in the department of misteries.

    There are 2 Quidditch teams in each match.

    Dobby came Harry 2 times when he still belonged to the Malfoy’s.

  • hpboy13

    Wow, now this Pensieve has lots of people with lots to add! However, I have carefully perused the fifth book as I reread it, and I do have a few to add.
    Harry has ridden two creatures: hippogriffs and thestrals
    2 Lestrange brothers: Rudolphos and Rabastan
    There are SECONDs in wizard duels
    Level 2 in the MoM is arguably the most important: Department of Magical Law enforcement
    The first educational decree we are presented with (chroinoligically, nto the order in which we find out abotu them) is Decree 22 (abotu the Ministry appointing teachers)
    We know of TWO Ravenclaws in the year above Harry: Cho Chang and Eddie Carmichael
    We know TWO Gryffindors four years above Harry: Percy and Oliver Wood

  • Amy

    Good ones, everyone.

    HBP came out TWO years ago.

    Jo has TWO daughters (Jessica & Mackenzie)

    In GoF, Bagman welcomed everyone to the four hundred and twenty SECOND Quidditch World Cup.

  • Amy

    Jo has released TWO “schoolbooks” for charity

  • silverwings

    Harry and Dumbledore have destroyed TWO horcruxes.
    There are TWO prefects for each house.
    There are TWO Squibs that we know of, Mr. Filch and Mrs. Figg.

  • Patrick

    hpboy13, lets not forget Marietta Edgecomb!

  • hpboy13

    Good point Patrick! Okay, make that two female Ravenclaws in the year above Harry

  • giantess…
    The Knight Bus is triple-decker, not double!!! But, you are correct about the furnishings. You got one out of TWO correct!…ok i know lame

  • Mississippipotterfan

    We only know of two tail feathers Fawks gave….