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Almost through…


I have almost finished the book.

Here at Sectus in London the venue looked like a cross between the quietest slumber party in the world and a homeless shelter…with 300 people completely engrossed in Deathly Hallows all night through. As we counted down toward midnight, there were reports of “drive-by spoiling” in Piccadilly, so we stood by the front entrance and checked badges and glared out at the night. Totally ineffectual, but it was kind of fun to do.

I am taking a bit of a break at what has to be the most exciting part. I won’t say much yet, since many of you aren’t finished with it yet, but I will tell you that my head is spinning. I have been laughing and crying in turns, punctuated with little whoops and squees as the story charges along.

Updates…oh my goodness, the updates. We’re on it. Well, we will be. Right now I think I’ll read the past 100 pages!

Oh, and Jo? Thanks. Just…thanks.


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