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I have almost finished the book.

Here at Sectus in London the venue looked like a cross between the quietest slumber party in the world and a homeless shelter…with 300 people completely engrossed in Deathly Hallows all night through. As we counted down toward midnight, there were reports of “drive-by spoiling” in Piccadilly, so we stood by the front entrance and checked badges and glared out at the night. Totally ineffectual, but it was kind of fun to do.

I am taking a bit of a break at what has to be the most exciting part. I won’t say much yet, since many of you aren’t finished with it yet, but I will tell you that my head is spinning. I have been laughing and crying in turns, punctuated with little whoops and squees as the story charges along.

Updates…oh my goodness, the updates. We’re on it. Well, we will be. Right now I think I’ll read the past 100 pages!

Oh, and Jo? Thanks. Just…thanks.


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  • Emily VanScoy

    At exactly 08:19 a.m., Saturday, July 22nd, 2007…
    I’ve been awake for over 21 hours and reading for exactly 7 hours and 38 minutes.

    I have finished the complete, the whole, and the finished Harry Potter series.

    And though some may laugh, most will scorn, I am proud to say I am sobbing my eyes out.

  • Xammer

    I finished the book in circa 6 hours (I started reading a hour after the release). I pretty liked it…

  • My book is coming in the mail, and I haven’t got it yet! 🙁

  • Heather

    It was amazing! I’m so happy that it wasn’t a let down, I’m so happy that things I thought would happen did, I’m so happy that it wasn’t spoiled for me by anyone else and I’m proud of JKR for giving us such a fantastic last book at the end of a brilliant series. Wow, just wow.

    And I’m looking forward to the updates SVA!

  • Big_Kelpie

    I’m done and i am just gone say one thing.
    chapter 33:wow´
    My predictions were so off the mark!
    I cannot believe this is it. the enda
    wow thanks jo!

  • Xammer

    The chapter titles are the best of all books!

  • NiGHTS

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! Been on the most astonishing roller coaster of emotions; thankyou so very much, Jo; I knew you wouldn’t let us down! Wonderful, incredible, beautiful book !

  • Big_Kelpie

    I just reread Wombat 3 and we got a couple of the correct answers now.
    how were we supposed to guess them?

  • Sharvader

    I read it for nearly 7 hours, it was wonderful. Jo truly rocks.

  • hamburglar

    Cried…so…much ;_; Not so impressed with the epilogue (read a bit like fan fiction), but the rest of it… O_O

  • ravenclaw rambler

    nearly half way, and still mystified:

    but we now at last have canonical dates for the Marauders, and confirmation for the base date of the timeline.

    I’m going to have to revise the Burrow essay though!

    Now for the rest of the book!

  • Alorra Spinnet

    Finished and amazed!
    Some people were right on in there theories.Even the ones I thought were were way off base. I even got a couple right! lol The ending was almsot anti-climactic though. Still an excellent read.

  • connor

    9 hrs WOO
    it was a bit like fanfinction at the start but then in the last 200 pages it improved sooo much.
    am so glad jo answered just about everything that she hadnt before

  • OMG_DH

    I thought the ending was surprising. I actually feel some anger towards Jo, since she had killed almost all of my favorite characters.

  • Dobby

    At about 9 pm we arrived at our local Barnes and Nobles and waited with hundreds (No seriously HUNDREDS) of other Potter fans. We have a live newscast, that counted the hours down every 15 minutes. Screeching fans couls be heard and choruses of Harry Potter songs were heard. We chanted Harry’s Name and screeched more intensely as the hour of midnight drew closer. And Finally we had the book at about 1 am…. there were So many people though…
    Anyway. We kept reading for ten hours, pausing every now and then to discuss somehing or begin to write and obituary for.
    But all that’s beside the point, This is Jo at her finest, with some wonderfully nicked movie lines, great quotes and despair looming

    (SPOILER-ISH! She still never told us What Harry’s Parents did for work)

  • Matt

    I just got it and I plan to read the whole thing. One question: When will the lexicon upload a chapter-by-chapter thing for the book?

  • Rebecca

    I’ve just finished, I was crying the whole way from Chapter 24 to the end!! Absolutly brilliant, and had quite a few facts for the Lexicon too! As I was reading them, i was thinking..Oh that’ll help them at the Lexicon!!!

  • I would just like to echo Steve’s thank you to Jo. My darling husband went out and got the book for me at midnight, and Jo it was well worth the wait, so thank you again Jo,

  • shiv

    just finished the book after 7 hours of blocking the world out. its been a true roller coaster. the book is seriously awesome!!!!
    although i must state that the ending has just left me a little numb. i guess its going to take another couple of days and multiple reads to drink in all the parallel plots that have just exploded into my head.
    amazing stuff

  • Cricket

    I cried too…and loved the book.

  • John

    I am almost in tears about the end of the series. I finished the book about eight minutes ago, and I loved it. The only thing that I can say about last night is, even though it’s the end, we have it a wonderful send-off!

  • Emilia

    I am still waiting to get the book, but judging by all these terrific responses I’m positive it will be a great read!

  • Van

    Just finished; absolutely superb. As a completed tapestry, with all the threads woven together, it is even better … a wonderful tale, well told. I appreciated the epilogue (thank you JK); and Molly’s “ALL CAPS” statement to Bellatrix will stand out as one of my favorite lines !!!

  • Phil Boswell

    I managed to read it between 8am and 6pm during an otherwise very busy day.

    I am completely blown away: I was laughing out loud at times, stunned speechless at others.

    Let the in-depth analysis being (and yes, we *still* don’t know what James & Lily did for a living…)

  • pam

    My book still has not arrived from Amazon. I am NOT a happy camper.

  • Elizabeth B.

    It took me eight and a half hours to read the book. It is so good!!! It did start out like a fanfic story, but is really actio-packed!

  • Luke

    I’m numb, feels like somone has just died, well obviously there was some death. I finished it at 8:30am this morning, UK time. I sobbeb a little, not as much as I thought I would, even though my Heart feels like the world has ended. Theres still some Questions that need answering though.

  • Just over ten hours. I was totally correct about Snape but Neville was surprise. Well done JKR!!

    Steve? updates???

  • longlivelupin

    I didn’t like it. No doubt the worst of the series. The characters that we’ve grown to love were horribly portrayed. Killing off the wrong characters. Maybe this is just a bad dream.

  • janecita

    Took me about 8 and a half hours and it was totally worth it. But I am a little dissapointed because we dont know the professions of the adults mentioned at the epilogue.

  • tounguetied

    Going to get it on Monday or Tuesday – I have too much work to do before I ignore the world to read it. Can’t wait though…

  • Heru

    I read it, and I gotta say I do not like it. I feel that the last book has more in common with badly written fan fiction than it does with an actual book by a publishing company. While I love the Harry Potter universe, I am glad that the seven books are done and out. It just does not feel like the same writing as those books that I felt were great in the series – Book 1-4.

  • Vern

    Got it at midnight (unplanned) and coudn’t put it down. As much as I loved it, I find myself sitting here wanting it to go on – the guessing, the characters (old and new), that world.

    As for the epilogue, I for one am glad there are still some few “mysteries” left to always wonder about.

  • Mizu

    It took a while (not quite syre how long, I had other things that I was also doing), but it’s over, forever. The tone was so much more morbid, implying death around every courner, which there was. I felt that the ending was rathur anticlimactic, there wasn’t even really a battle. The epilouge was a disappointment, I wanted more information on the adults that were mentioned and their lifes after the war. Overall though, not my favorite or my least favorite.

  • Hannah

    I was back at my house at 9:10 am Australian Eastern Time and was finished by noon ( yes I am a speed reader). I am amazed at how much was packed into those pages and how all the questions were answered. I just feel sad that it is all over

  • Jameswys

    I really liked the book. There were parts that made me happy, sad and all points in between. I found it had to imagine that which happened in the end of Chapter 8. Wow, just wow. Thanks Jo.

  • Pato

    I got the book at about 9:45 started reading at 10 and finished it about 1:30. I would have liked to know more about what happens at the end, the epilogue slightly confused me. And SO MANY DEATHS I cried when ****** was killed it was sooo sad.
    Anywho great book!

  • Ameiliajane

    After 10 straight hours of reading i’ve finished and gotta say loved every minute of it. Thanks jo for showing an old girl how to reopen her imagination. just one question and i might have missed it my haste to finish the book but who was the person who managed to performed magic late in life.

  • Jameswys

    ameiliajane, I have wondered the same thing. Did anyone catch it and what chapter was it (to avoid spoilers)?

  • Thank you Jo for 8 hours of pure enjoyment on the 21st of July, and for all the wonderful memories that was, is and will be Harry Potter…..

    feeling demented i am……..

  • Theo Turtletaub

    I think I am decently fast reader, (I took nearly 10 hours) but some of the reports of finishing in two hours or even five are ridiculous. How can anyone enjoy reading the book when you’re racing to the end? I loved the book, and actually found myself crying when a certain family member returned to the fold during a certain battle. I also agree that the epilogue is missing some rather large chunks of data including the occupations of the adults mentioned. It also reads a bit like some lame fan fiction, (is there any other kind?) Overall, great book and I think most Potter fans will be pleased.

  • mrs Bill Weasley

    I finally read it, and can’t believe this is it. It started as a realy bad fanfic and ended as one, but there were some parts in the middle that were “old Jo” and which I liked, I don’t know what to think… But the things I feared most she would do happened, so all in all, didn’t like it much

  • Professor Ethan Ravenclaw

    Absolutely amazing! She did kill off some people I liked, but all in all, I wwas quite thrilled with it! An excellent conclusion to a truly, forgive the pun, spellbinding series!

  • theone

    suprised and sad that its over

  • Adam The Red

    Read it. There were about 200 pages there from 150 to 350 that could have been condensed into 50 pages because nothing important happened. All in all, it was just not “Jo-ish” enough. The writing seemed strained, constipated even, at times.

  • PRI

    i need to find my private sancutuary before I actually sit and cry. I don’t know why, but i don’t feel sad yet. Wow! It’s so different from the others. I finished in approximately 6 hours. I don’t know. I feel like I’ve lost harry… its sad really. Here is the turning point of my pre-teen inspiration.

  • Char

    I was very well self-disciplined… I didn’t sneak any peaks to what was coming, and took my time savouring every moment as I read.

    Have mixed and conflicting feelings about the book. I keep switching between ‘best book ever’ and ‘its not as good as it could/should be’ (Sorry Jo)

  • Bebe

    It was great, my favorite line has to be “NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU [email protected]#$H”

  • Saffy

    Wow. Woooow. Its been like waiting at an airport for a loved one, waiting for hours, wondering, anticipating how wonderful they’ll be, and then the plane finally lands, you’re exhausted but so excited, and they step off the plan, show themselves, and smile- and you realize that waiting so anxiosuly and certianly been worth it.

    Well done, Jo.

  • well. started at 10:30, finished at 9:30, with a 3 or so hour break in between… not too bad. about the book, i agree with those who say that parts read like fan fiction, especially the epilogue. parts of it felt really forced. but overall, i wasn’t disappointed. i have to say that i’m looking forward most to hearing jim dale read it! so the fun’s not over for me 😉

  • SomeCallMeTree

    Went to a Books-A-Million party to get my book. Walked out of the store at 12:20 (I looked). I had listened to Jo read the first chapter. As Doctor Who said – I cried. I’m trying to sit back and digest everything. There were some who died that I expected to and many I hoped wouldn’t and two that really took me by surprise. Many, many questions were answered and some were not. But the overall importance is the series is finished. I have to say a big thanks to Lisa who told me to pick up the books when Goblet of Fire was released. You were so right.

  • Sushi

    Finished this morning after 7 hours of non-stop reading. Great story, was surprised and saddened by some of the deaths, but also felt great when characters came through in the end. I’m sad it’s over, but it was a great ride and one I’ll never forget.

  • Jessica Grace

    Thank you, Jo. Thank you so much. I finished the book in just under six hours (I read fast, I know) and I don’t have a problem saying that I was in tears when I closed the book.

    It’s over. It’s….it’s over. It was an incredible ending to the series. But it’s still an ending.

  • Shwez

    Done around 17 hours (well english is my 2nd), my heart can’t stop thumpin’ hard.

  • CAM

    This is my favorite, with all the twists and turns. Never dull time in the book!

  • Rhiannon

    I was surprised. It didn’t seem like Jo often, but at other times it did completely. I think in this book we had to see the dark side of most, if not all, because this book is about maturity, coming of age and understanding the shades of grey in the world. I can’t help but feel sad, and slightly numb, upon finishing yesterday, and I realised this is the last time I will ever read a “new” Harry Potter book, or storyline. I’ll miss the characters that passed, I’m grateful for those that were honoured, and all in all I’ll love this series forever.
    Oh, and Severus will always be my favourite … I particularly appreciated the epilogue section on him.

    Thank you so much Jo.

  • Muggled

    Been awake for 25 hours, spent 21 of those reading. Now I can’t be bothered to go to sleep because I don’t even feel that tired.. oddly enough.

  • Vroom Socko

    There’s a great deal about this book that I loved, but what stands out beyond the obvious, (Chapter 32 on…) is what Jo did with Dudly and Kreacher. Not only did it foreshadow Chapter 33 magnificently, it made these two more three dimentional than they’d otherwise been portrayed. As to Ch. 32 on, where I really started to mist up was on (US) page 649. the bit with the Patronuses. Just… Damn. That whole bit, from the gathering of forces onward reminded me, for whatever reason, of the movie PLATOON.

    And yes, Molly Weasley had the line of lines.

  • Joan

    Finally finished reading – thought there were some really great sections and some not so great. Couple of the deaths ‘hit me hard’ and others were not so unexpected. (Wonder who the characters were who got a reprieve?)
    I thought that overall the ‘loose ends’ were pretty much tied-up but that there were still a couple of unanswered questions. The epilogue was so-so but I would liked to have seen some of the other characters included in it. All in all I didn’t think it was the best book of the series but it certainly had it’s moments. It’s been a ‘hell of a journey for Harry’ – and for me

  • Keltara

    The book was awesome… A little disappointed with certain questions that were left unanswered but seemed promised to be answered. Personally, Im hoping for the Encyclopedia that Jo said she might write. Still looking for what James and Lily did for a living, but over all, a great book!

  • Quibler73

    Ah, so sad that it’s all over. I read the last chapter and the Epilogue in the bathroom, which is where I started reading the first book (my dad wasn’t too keen on Harry Potter).

  • wulf

    The book was awesome!!!!!!!! But the death-toll was really tough. :(((( I think the late bloomer was…in chapter 4.

  • REVOLUTION: end of the Age of Harry Potter

    She will never read this, but that tiny thought that ‘just strolled’ into JK Rowling’s head 17 years ago, changed the course of my life, my career and my insparations. I shed a tear like a phoenix, that would, hopefully, fall undetected on the greatest author that God could have placed on this earth… for me and millions of others… thanks is all –

  • I just finished it, and I loved it. Parts made me laugh, a lot made me cry–sometimes because it was sad, other times because it was sweet or just touching.

    Fantastic end to the series, Jo–thank you so much.


  • I really loved it, so overwhelmed at chapter 33.

    Jo mentioned that she was only going to kill about two characters! Hm, theres about 15!

  • sleee

    just finished reading it twice over and ooof. there is that chapter that is so making my heart hurt…those eyes right?

  • Yup, the eyes.

  • MagusJosh

    People, please, as much as I love the Harry Potter series, take a step back from that love and examine this book without the rose colored lenses! It’s a train wreck! The plot is a series of poorly explained and often disjointed coincidences; most of the characters spend a great deal of time OUT of character; the world and its rules are almost completely inconsistent with the previous books; and the ending is one long, painful deus ex machina. Jo, for shame! This book does not stand up to the quality of the previous six.

  • Professor Charity Plotdevice

    Whilst I wouldn’t go as far as MagusJosh, I have to agree in parts. The plot did seem to lurch from set piece to set piece, the camping trip in the middle was just dull, major deaths (which, in a literary sense, still have to serve a purpose) seemed ill thought-out, and basic rules were apparently ignored. For reference, check out Jo’s explanation of the Fidelius Charm on her website, and then see if that matches up EVEN SLIGHTLY with what she said in the book. It doesn’t. A lot of stuff that she claimed doesn’t happen, and I won’t say that it sounds like a betrayal, but this book left a rather bad taste in my mouth.

  • Kristen

    I found an error: Hermoine’s middle name isn’t Jean, it’s Jane; Jo stated it officially.

  • Professor Charity Plotdevice

    Kristen, you’re right. It could be a simple typing error, but we won’t know that until the revised editions come out. Maybe JKR just changed her mind again. Good catch, though 🙂

  • Sue

    I see a lot of mixed reactions to HP7. I know that I must read it again to form a definite opinion about the book, but my first reaction to it was: phew! (lost my breath) The story has a lot of speed, twists and turns and surprises in it, so I reacted to it like to a rollercoasterride – can I go again please??? I was delighted at the small details (e.g. Potterwatch – sounded a bit like Radio Orange in Holland during WW2 – resistance radio –> was brilliant! But I also thought about the Pottercasts of TLC and Mugglenet). I finished the book on the plane back home and it was all I could do not to cry during chapter 34 – he was sooo brave and I was sooo scared he would die. But I want to read it again to see if I agree with the criticism I read in the comments and am looking forward to reading al the reviews!

  • Susan Althea

    I loved it, but I thought some of the deaths were unnecessary to the plot. The epilogue does read like bad fanfic. Can I re-write it? Please?

  • Nernel

    I love Snape. That is all 🙂

  • awpotdc

    one problem … if greyback was a wolf when he bit lavender then surely remus would be too? I got the impression he wasn’t but they are both werewolves …

  • Professor Charity Plotdevice

    awpotdc, I don’t think Greyback WAS a werewolf, personally. It says Harry saw ‘a four-legged grey blur’ run past but, as Greyback has wolfish tendencies even when he’s not transformed, he could have just found it more comfortable to run on all fours. Of course, that wouldn’t explain why his Death Eater robes were grey, not black. You make a valid point! 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    Well done Jo! The final installment was thrilling and mostly everything I had hoped for. But, I still have so many questions swirling around in my mind! What happened to the Dursleys and Grimmauld Place.. was that secret really broken? We never definitively know! And I was hoping for a memorial/funeral scene for those lost in the fight. But overall, I’m still in a state of shock that it’s over. I will always love and reread this amazing series that Jo has given us.

  • krystal

    I agree with Nernel. I love Snape. Completely.

  • Artemisia

    Oh wow – thank you, Steve, for posting at these crucial moments … 🙂 It’s my first time posting on the lexicon, but I am a big fan. We were in London, too, if not at Sectus, but in Piccadilly, for mugglecast, and with the crowd until it got too much … and little groups of fans simply slipped away to Waterstone’s on Trafalgar Square, where we had the book after 10 minutes …
    And then, at the airport at sunrise (glorious, unbelievable moment when the entire giant hall was bathed in gleaming, golden light), people in queues, people on the floor, bleary-eyed people clutching coffee cups, and the book everywhere you turned. A quick glance up and a grin of mutual understanding, and back into it …
    There were moments when I was really afraid before getting the book, and on some occasions reading it my stomach dropped out, but in the end – she gave us everything we wanted, more than we wanted, generous soul that she is.

    So, as I’ve said on the Leaky Lounge – it’s official, Jo is a witch. There is no other explanation. Thank you, Jo, even though words cannot really contain the way I feel about it all, and about what you’ve given to us, and how.

  • Cricket

    War is rough. And the reason why this book really works on so many levels is that as an author, I am sure she was prepared to kill off characters as part of the plot. You either joined V or you died. No choice. And Colin Creevy?
    That hurt as much as losing Fred.

    How sad for Petunia; she wanted to be a witch and come to Hogwarts and I am sure Dumbledore let her down easy, considering how kindly he was throughout the series and given his sister was so afraid of her powers…

    Wonderful book.

  • Necie

    After reading these comments, it does seem like it wasn’t like the others. Maybe it was written too quickly under pressure from the massses or publishers, or maybe having a family and a life ‘outside’ writing made too many demands. I agree that it was not up to the other books. The epilogue could have been twice as long, and I would have liked to see a wrap-up to the end of the battles. Who is headmaster now? HOw long did it take to get the school back up and running? Lots of questions.

  • Jayni D.

    Well, I totally disagree with those who think this book wasn’t up to the caliber of the others…it was amazing!!!

    Having said that, though, I agree with some about the epilogue. Why 19 years later? I would have preferred something sooner after the final battle…or just a paragraph about each of the surviving characters in the book, including all the Weasleys, Dean & Seamus, Luna, etc. Just a short paragraph telling what each of them did with their lives, something like that. That’s what I was expecting.

    Other than that, I loved it. Thanks, Jo!

  • John

    I love the release parties, I went to Barnes and Nobles and joined in the final countdown to Deathly Hallows. There were so many people there, including live snakes! We had the news there, and I had to borrow someones computer to download a podcast on an iPod, it was awesome!

  • Bethany

    Amazing book just…amazing took my 24 hours about to read. I loved it. I laughed, I cried, but mostly sobbed. Thanks Jo-keep writing please! Even if it isn’t about Harry, keep writing I want to see what else you’ve got up your sleeve.

  • King James

    Great book, thanks Jo!

    To all you fanfic commentors… that’s what you get for reading that rubbish in the first place, too bad you couldn’t have open enough minds to enjoy the book for what it was! Afterall your only dissapointing yourselves…

  • Adam

    Count me among those disappointed in the epilogue. “19 weeks later” would have been more appropriate. (And who raised Teddy Lupin-Tonks?!)

    But overall, I’m impressed; yes, the tone of the writing felt different, but if anything it was simply more, well, grown-up. No complaints there.

    I teared up several times, but mostly at all the parts involving Snape, beginning with “Look at me” (with Lily’s eyes, of course). That was intense. Lots of kleenex.

  • Hermy

    Hedwig dying shocked me, as well as Fred. I would rather it have been Charlie cuz we see very little of him.

    Mad Eye, Lupin, Tonks, Colin, didn’t really bother me mych. I expected Snape to die.

    I was on the verge of tears when they found out Luna ( so happy she was okay)was missing… Hermione Rocked getting them out of there…lol.
    I would LOVE a series about the Hallows…that would be cool.

    Why Would Ted and Victoire kissing be gross, they’re not related?
    This is DEFINITELY my Favorite book in the series. It was sooo action packed. I know some people wont like it cuz they weren’t at Hogwarts, but I think I liked it more that they were outside of Hogwarts and went on a big adventure_The Trio Forever.

    I think the whole book really emphasized family. Weasleys , Black Sisters ( It even showed Andromeda), Dumbledores, Petunia and Lily,Regulus and Sirius.

    Also is it just me or does anyone else kind of like Narcissa and Draco now…yeah and Molly rocked.

    Ravenclaw got their day just as JKR said they would. I noticed before DH that they were hardly ever talked about (as far as the House itself) isn’t the opening to their common room cool. It was always Gryffindors and Slytherins.Gryffondors had Classes with Hufflepuffs so we always saw them too.

    I must’ve missed magic late in life too and Umbrige . They never said what happened to her.

    I don’t think their were many plotholes at all. I think people always come up with soo many clues and suggestions about the series and they want answers to EVERYTHING.

    The only answer I didn’t get was Magic late in life. I must’ve missed it…and what Harry and the rest of the gang do for a living. ( including Dean and the rest of Harry’s classmates.)

    I think George may have named his son Fred?? I don’t know if Harry is related to the Gaunts. Tom’s grandfather could’ve been lying.

    Who’d have thought Crabbe was the crazy one. I knew there was going to be a showdown between the Trio and Malfoy’s gang.

    I should stop now.lol

  • Hermy

    Count me among those disappointed in the epilogue. “19 weeks later” would have been more appropriate. (And who raised Teddy Lupin-Tonks?!)

    Andromeda Tonks..His Grandmother.

  • On Deathly Hallows Eve I watched Jo’s reading via my computer. Although I had quite a bit of trouble with the links (my own fault of course). I went to a local bookstore called Copperfield’s for the midnight release. There were over 600 people there. (ie They handed out pieces of paper to each group, and they were numbered 1-400. There were a lot of people who were under the category of “mob” or post 400.) I was number 143. When I got in the car the time was 12:34. I arrived home without reading the book- on purpose. I had decided earlier to read the last chapter of HBP before I began the 7th. The attitude of the first many chapters were of war, which I completely understood, but made it rather gloomy. Altogether so many of my theories came true. However many things that were “supposed” to be in the book. All the more questions to be answered on the 30th. I tried to prolong the reading of book seven as much as I could. I am not ashamed in the least that I finished on Sunday. The coolest, oddest, and most magical thing happend though. I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at 7:13 PM. I have to agree with others above that the Epilogue was oddly remniscent of fan-fiction. I thought FAR more people would die than actually did. I’m glad that Jo spared my favorite characters. Altogether through the good, the bad, and the ugly, I will never ever forget the first reading of this book. I LOVED even if it is slightly disfigured. It seemed a bit to simple to get rid of the Horcruxes though. If you didn’t notice, they destroyed 3(sorry 4-I forgot about the last one) horcruxes in less than 24 hours. although it took them months to destroy the one they got from Mundungus. I must say that instead of Petunia, there is slightly only slightly more to Duddykins than meets the eye. I must they that I just could not stop crying at all during Chapter 34. i am soory for those who are obsessed with him but, I’m glad that out of all of the Weasley’s that that one died. He always seemed more pompous and I like Hole-y one better because he has always seemed quite a bit nicer. Narcissa definetly redeemed herself, I’ll give her that. Jo stood true to her word on many accounts. The one I loved the most was about Ron swearing-or rather about him NOT swearing. Therefore I am glad that someone in the weasley family made up for it. I loved, loved, that line. Question, who raised Teddy. Because, in the epilogue, they mentioned Percy at the train station, does that mean that Victoire, is his daughter. No matter what I loved the book. I had the best experience with it and must therefore say that I agree with Jo. This is my FAVORITE book.

  • Phil

    Hell of a book – yeah, I feel slightly lost from the last chapter and would have liked some more just after to see how the world sorts itself out again, but I get why J.K would leave it all open to let people imagine etc… gutted it’s finished, but there’s pleanty in the books to warrant re-reading in future years

  • Lyn

    I love the book. A bit disappointed with the epilogue, too many questions about what happened to the other characters… but I love the book and yes, I’ve cried and laughed and feel sad at some parts. After closing the book, it feels like saying goodbye to a loved one, a friend. Thank you Jo!

  • Wieldy

    I think it was a bit to pathetic. But I loved chapter 33 (even if it was especially pathetic, but it was about my favourite character after all).
    But I think the end was just too much information. This things should appear in fanfiction and not in the books. Anyways I’m glad that I wasn’t spoiled this time. (I was spoiled before I read book 5 and 6)

  • Thanks you Steve! (and thank you Jo, of course)

  • Cricket

    I went back for a second re reading and what really really bothered me (yes I love the book but this bugged me) is they end up in the Forest of Dean. Now Ron’s explanation of how he got there is okay. But to just ‘happen’ to be in the forest where Dumbledore hid the Sword of Gryffindor? To just happen to see a Patronus that led them to it?

    I need a bit more than that…and them finding clues rather than just aimlessly rambling around the country
    would have made for a more tightly focused section of their search for the Horcruxes.

    Also, when Hermione modifies her parents’ memories but then says she’s never done it but ‘knows the theory’ is a bit scary.

    We never did find out why Lily’s eyes are important nor do we find out why her wand was good for charms work.

    So, there you have it.

  • Spader Tre

    This is a book that needs to sunk in, to be reread and thought over. But there were parts that I missed.
    I feared for the death of one of the twins, mostly because of the heartbreaking scene when the other one realises it. Now Fred is dead, but the short glimpse we got of George didn’t fill up that space. I missed it. I would have helped me realised that now there’s only one Weasley-twin left.
    And of course all the others, Mad-Eye, Remus (didn’t surprise so much, he was in a bad sitaution when the rest of the Maradours were gone), Tonks, Colin, Snape and of course Hedwig.
    But that doesn’t take away the fact that she managed to write a book that wasn’t predictable, and that’s worth the Nobel Prize! Thinking of all theories we’ve read all over the internet. Thank you, Jo!

  • Phil

    Cricket – The sword of Gryffindor is there because Snape went and put it there(See snapes memories in the pensieve), but had to make it something worthy of Gryffindor students as DD had told him, Snape knew to go there because Phineeus(In the Picture) overheard Hermione saying where they were. So HIS patronus(the doe) led Harry to where he had JUST put the sword. As for wandering round the country, maybe it’s Rowling trying to shows us how lost and confused they were? They obviously couldn’t spend too long in one place in case they gave little clues to their whereabouts. Whether or not people like that part of the book is of course up to them, but I can see the point of it.
    I think everyone is wondering about the memory charm thing, the only difference I can think is that for her parents she CHANGED there memories and who they thought they were, etc… whereas for Luna’s dad I think she tries to wipe some of it, as in, the last hours or so, all I can think of, and maybe clutching at straws but…you know…

  • rootfang

    i loved this book!! it was a great way to end the story…i did not like the epilogue either, i didn’t think it was needed…i would have rather had an imediate aftermath of the war. I think nobody has said it or noticed but crabbe died too!!! i am just glad that non of the magnificent 3 have died!! to me, everybody else can die but harry, ron, and hermione!!

  • hpboy13

    It was an amazing book! I am so happy the sextet survived. However, some things left me very much wanting more: notably, what on earth ever happened to the Veil? Why even put it in OP, an AK would have sufficed and made life less complicated. Also, maybe I missed something, but how did Neville get the sword of Gryffindor?
    I do agree that the epilogue was nothing short of a nightmare and we’d have been better off without it. Luna wasn’t even mentioned! Neither were occupations, who survived, etc. Absolutely appalling. If Jo thought we wouldn’t need any sequels/prequels after this, I’m afraid that she was mistaken. I personally want a book of maybe “10 years later” to find out what happens. As for Victoire, I think she’s Bill and Fleur’s daughter (the ages woudl fit)

  • SGBG

    The most awesome book ever. I must admit that before this book, my favorite book was not one of the Harry Potter’s, but this one kicked its ass. I don’t quite understand the criticism, but I guess thats kinda what Jo predicted; that some would have to hate it for others to love it. I’m just glad I was able to enjoy it. Then again I kind of like fanfiction so maybe I’m not the best critic. Again with the epilogue, i throughly enjoyed it, maybe because it did leave some questions unanswered. I personally think Albus Severus ended up in Ravenclaw. There’s still some things that we still have to guess at, and I guess thats why I love it. It eased the pain. I almost cried for Fred. And its war people, of course there’s gonna be random deaths. Theres just one thing that I really wanted to know that wasn’t answered; What was the spell the Dumbledore used in the Battle against Voldemort in the 5th book? Anyway, I will add my thanks to this master of literature. No words can possibly describe the change that I’ve gone through because of this series. It’s been quite a 5 years. I owe Jo so much.

  • Karen L

    I think the epilogue was just perfect, from an author’s point of view. We know
    enough! use your imaginations! Plus, it leaves the door open for another series of children at Hogwarts! If JKR wants to write more, that is. LOL

  • Geneviève

    At first, I was desappointed by the epilogue but two days later I start thinking that a really accurate description of their life wasn’t necessary. We know since the beginning that Harry and Ron want to be aurors so even if the major evil is dead, there still evil in the world and they keep fighting ( Harry and Dumbledore have a discussion about it). Hermione may help changing the status of being considered as lesser by most of the wizard and Ginny may raise their 3 children like her mother does.
    There one thing that really annoys me: the trace. In HBP, Dumbledore tells Harry about the minister of magic enable to know who did the magic. The trace thing appears 4 or 5 times in the beginnings like it makes it more credible, that was kind of low. But I enjoy the fact that every time they escape, they manage to free others with them (muggleborn, dragon, Luna and the others), that was great!
    I hope it was understandable because I’m not use to write in English.
    I love the book. Thank you JKR for creating this world and letting us share.

  • banana

    Four hours and ten minutes-12:30AM to 4:40AM. I cried. I had a roll of TP by my bed to blow my nose with

  • cleverwitch

    Why, because that makes it 7 years from the battle to Ginny & Harry’s first child being born of course! James in in his 2nd year (ie 12) She stuck with her seven theme!

  • ravenclaw rambler

    We can’t be sure James is in his second year, although it seems likely. Albus and Rose are both first years. Lily complains she has two more years to wait, so she is nine (and therefore was (will be!) born some time in 2007/8). It is interesting to note that her grandmother, also called Lily, first met Severus Snape at that age!
    Hugo appears to be about the same age as Lily, give or take a year.

  • Necie

    How did Kreacher get from Grimmald Place to the kitchen at Hogwarts? Harry left him in London.

  • Cricket

    He was probably called by either Ron or Hermione. I can see Harry telling Kreacher if anything were to happen to him, to obey Hermione and Ron.

    Neville got the Sword of Gryffindor when
    Voldemort put the Sorting Hat on his head and it burst into flame. What I would like to know is how Neville was able to release himself from the full body bind.

    Phil, thanks for your insight.

  • Cricket

    Adding to my previous comment: I went back and reread the chapter about Snape’s memories after reading your comment.

  • Cricket

    Sorry, it’s me again. We did find out in Harry going into Snape’s memories; that Dumbledore told Snape that Harry had Lily’s eyes.

  • Phil

    Cricket – No problem, everybody picks up different things. In answer to the body bind thing, I think that just before Voldemort dies Harry tells him that his curses aren’t sticking becuse Harry ‘died’ for everyone (sort of like his mum did for him I think) which would explain why the crucio curse didn’t hurt him and why the silence spell didn’t stick either…The whole Snape thing’s interesting though, I read someone somewhere saying they were confused Snape wasn’t with the clapping headmasters just before 19 years later, and wonderig if it was because J.K didn’t know if Snape would be clapping Harry. Snape was still basically dark, but loved Lily right? Deep…..

  • Cricket

    You know, I wasn’t going to say anything about this, because one, it seems so personal, but how she dealt with Snape and his love for Lily by him watching out for her son, and then promising Narcissa to look out for Draco…loved the contrast. I would love to discuss that. Anyone up to that or are y’all just tired of the marathon reading? Heh.

  • Ginny Potter

    Wow! This book was awsome! I couldn’t stop reading!

  • Rodiell

    I really loved the twists in them! But I was very affected because Fred and Dobby died, I really love their roles.