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DH Day-to-day calendar


Oh. My. Goodness.

We here at the Lexicon have been e-mailing back and forth in total shock and awe over Deathly Hallows. Jo, we can’t thank you enough for this incredible gift.

We also, of course, are excited to throw our full collective energy into site updates. Meaning that spoilers will soon abound – if you haven’t finished the book, close this window now, go buy a copy, and read it. Then come back. We’ll likely be posting to this page a LOT in the coming days.

For the first update, I’ve posted a first draft of the Deathly Hallows day-to-day calendar. I did the calendar for HBP too, but this one was much more challenging – outside of the first month and the week of Christmas, we have almost no specific information to work from. If you find any clues I missed, I’d love for you to post them in the Pensieve and I’ll make a point of checking back and updating.

Looking forward to seeing you here a lot this week!


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