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DH Day-to-day calendar


Oh. My. Goodness.

We here at the Lexicon have been e-mailing back and forth in total shock and awe over Deathly Hallows. Jo, we can’t thank you enough for this incredible gift.

We also, of course, are excited to throw our full collective energy into site updates. Meaning that spoilers will soon abound – if you haven’t finished the book, close this window now, go buy a copy, and read it. Then come back. We’ll likely be posting to this page a LOT in the coming days.

For the first update, I’ve posted a first draft of the Deathly Hallows day-to-day calendar. I did the calendar for HBP too, but this one was much more challenging – outside of the first month and the week of Christmas, we have almost no specific information to work from. If you find any clues I missed, I’d love for you to post them in the Pensieve and I’ll make a point of checking back and updating.

Looking forward to seeing you here a lot this week!


Pensieve (Comments)

  • auntypsycho

    When the trio disapperate at the end of the wedding they go to Tottenham Court Rd which is in London.

  • Dave

    Good luck with the work!

  • Lindsay

    As for clues for the calendar, we know that Luna was captured around Christmas, because she didn’t come back to Hogwarts after the holidays, and Ginny didn’t go back after Easter, because her family was going on “Holiday.” Neville mentions this in The Final Hiding Place.

    Also, are Rose and Hugo Hermione’s parents’ names? We don’t know if she ever went back to find them in Australia.

  • emmaD

    I think Snape’s sacking and death could be mentionned in the calendar. The bravest man Harry ever knew has a right to be remembered with all the fallen warriors, hasn’t he ?

  • Stratgery

    Will the Lexicon’s veritable plethera of essays now include the details of Book 7?

    Some will be updated, if the author chooses. Others will remain archived for eternity. 🙂

  • frogonwall

    Well, the last battle takes place sometime in May. Woo, that’s all I can think of except thanks for Jo and her creativity! Beautiful!

  • Sam

    John, I already sent in an e-mail about it but it seems you’ve updated since then asking for posts here, too.

    Just in case the e-mail system is cluttered there right now (I can only imagine!) …

    your Calendar should be ending in May, not April, I believe.

    In the Gringotts chapter, page 522:

    “The dawn was chilly, but there was little wind now that it was May.”

    I believe the final battle is also in May due to this statement.


    Anybody else want to come to king cross on sept 1st 2017 with me?

  • To get back to topic here: I’ve just found something is missing from the DH Day-to-day calender. C16 (Godrics Hollow) states that Harry and Hermione’s discussion about going to Godrics Hollow took place “a full week” (p. 263, UK version) before their trip on Christmas Eve.

  • Nikki

    Its not wrong specifically I just think that is needs to be noted-
    In the epilogue Draco his wife and his son aren’t noted at platform 9 and three quarters,
    Nor is his quaint nod.

    Just something I thought was heart-wrenchingly important,

  • Yaniv

    Good work! I think you should list Luna being kidnapped on August 31 (it was on the train, wasn’t it?).

  • I have adjusted the calendar for the following:

    -Added Luna’s disappearance on the Hogwarts Express home for Christmas, and Ginny’s around the Easter holidays (thanks Lindsay!)
    -Put the day of Gringotts and the final battle in May (thanks for catching that Sam – I’d missed it 🙂 )
    -Added Harry and Hermione’s conversation about Godric’s Hollow (thanks Malte!)

    I’m glad folks are so excited to talk about the books – don’t forget we have a forum, too, where I think you’ll find it easier to continue those conversations 🙂

  • PotterAnon

    Ginny did not vanish because her Family went on holiday, she did not return from the easter holiday. We know from Bill she happened to be home when the Weasleys went underground. As they did so after Ron was captured, we know from that that the trio was captured during easter holiday.

  • Karen L

    Regarding the Easter holiday – does anyone remember it being a holiday or even mentioned in any of the other 6 books? I can’t – I don’t think the students went home in the spring in any other book. So, this would be a change at Hogwarts in Book 7.

  • ravenclaw rambler

    The Easter Holidays are mentioned briefly in CS14, PA15, GF28, and OP28/29. There is no mention of anyone going home though.

  • I think they usually stay in Hogwarts to study for their exams, which take place not long afterwards. But given the situation in DH it is likely than most students, including Ginny, try to get away from school as often as possible.

  • Mom

    I’m new to the whole fan website thing, but no one has been able to recall where or how in the book Neville got the sword of Gryffindor to kill Nagini … Last I recalled the goblins had it! What did I miss??

  • Beatrice

    Mom, The Sorting Hat provided it to Neville when he faced Voldemort & Nagini at the end, just like it provided it to Harry in CS when he faced Tom Riddle and the Basilisk. They were both “true Gryffendors”.

  • Beatrice

    PS. I imagine Griphook was pretty annoyed to find the sword gone again.

  • Reader2

    It appears Godric had put some kind of charm on the sword, to make sure that it returns into the hat whenever a true griffindor reaches for it at a time of crisis.

    Now, Harry could honor his word and return the sword to Griphook, but then Griphook would only be able to keep it until the next crisis.

    Not a good situation for inter-being relations.

  • Krabat

    the sword isn’t griphhooks anyway because he betrays them in the end! and this is his way of saying thank you for saving his life!i dont like him!!

  • Allie

    what about crabbe dying in the battle? sure, he’s evil, but he derserves to be mentioned. Same with Bellatrix.

  • Reader2

    You might want to cut Griphook some slack.
    The fact is that Harry was going to trick him.
    Since Harry is normally not a liar, he probabbly had difficulty hiding his intentions.
    You can not expect someon to be loyal to you when you are not honest with them.

  • Krabat

    there were a lot of other ways for griphook to confront harry with the fact that he knew he would be tricked than betray him in the last second so harry and the others could have been caught or even killed! you can’t seriously defend this greedy goblin!!!

  • Desolate Joker

    In chapter 2 the news article with Rita Skeeter mentions that the story is ‘coming next week’. Perhaps this is saying that her book on Dumbledore is being released the week following Harry’s escape from Privett Dr? That might be a good addition as well.

  • Reader2

    Remember that when Harry was planning to break into Gringotts he was desperate.
    So desperate, that he chose to lie (a very un-Harry-Potter thing to do).
    What would he do if Griphook had suddenly unnonced: “I don’t trust you, pay in advance or the deal is off.”
    Would Harry be desperate enough to thraw away his standardscompletely “for the greater good”, physically threaten Griphook, forse him to help.
    It’s hard to say, but it does seem like that’s the kind of trewatment that goblins came to expect from wizards, and they did learn from expereince.
    As for Griphook being greedy, may I remind you that Griphook did not accept payment in gold when he had a chance.
    Getting the sword was a matter of principle to him.
    What Griphook did was wrong, I am not arguing with that, but there were circumstances that explain his actions, if not excuse them.

  • Krabat

    okay the deal with griphook might be a special case, but you can’t deny that the goblins are the only party of magical beings that contributes nothing in the fight against voldemort! and they are highly affected by voldemorts coming into power! elfes and centaurs are both fighting in the battle of hogwarts but goblins do nothing! griphook had his chance to save the goblins honor but he botched it!

  • Reader2

    Goblins did nothing that we know off.
    Some of them did quit Gringotts in protest, may be some of those did help the Order.
    I guess we’ll never know.

  • kamion

    Maybe strange thought but could it be possible that “19 years later” is 2016 instead of 1917, counting from the year Rowling started publishing.
    Because in that case Harry’s son’s are born in the same year as Rowling’s last two children. She made a clear decison not to have Ginny experience a teenage pregnancy, but would she pick birthdays at random? Don’t think so.