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Happy Birthday Neville Longbottom


The Wizard of the Month calendar on JKR.com has updated to wish a Happy Birthday for 30 July to Neville Longbottom! Hurray for the other hero of our story, born as the seventh month dies!


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  • Potter Fanatic

    Happy Birthday Neville!

  • Remi

    Happy Birthday, Neville! Glad you made it to the epilogue with everyone knowing that you are a true Gryffindor.

  • YAY, Neville!!!!!!
    He ROCKS in the final battle…
    And I’m so glad he got the job he did, and proved he was a true Gryffindor.

  • Oh yeah, the one thing I didn’t say, happy birthday, Neville!!!

  • John

    Good job for taking care of that snake!I’m glad you got the job of Herbology teacher at the end of DH! You are so awesome!!!

  • Cricket

    He did all right…and remember when Malfoy did the Leglocker curse in SS?
    How depressed he was because he ‘wasn’t a true Gryffindor?’ You’ve come a long way, Neville. Remember, it is about the journey.

    Well done.

  • hpboy13

    Happy Birthday Neville! Congrads on being the first post-DH bday. You rocked my socks in DH!

  • txag

    Professor Longbottom, you rock! Happy Birthday! I wonder if he became the new Head of Griffindor when Mcgonagall left?

  • Arthwen

    Happy Birthday Neville! I knew you’d do something of great importance in the end! Way to go!

  • Happy Birthday, Neville! You’re worth 12 Malfoys!!!

  • Ravenclaw_student

    Happy Birthday Professor Longbottom!!! Sorry for accidently blowing the door off greenhouse 3. I swear my wand slipped and it had nothing to do with Matthew Avery calling me a mudblood 🙂
    Oh, and i’ll have that essay on the poisonous fungi and mushrooms of Australia by tuesday afternoon.

  • Zee

    Happy Birthday! But isn’t it tomorrow? Neville’s b-day is on the 31st, same as Harry =)

  • Sharvader

    Happy birthday, Neville! Cheers!

  • Joan

    Happy Birthday Neville!! – The boy done good!

  • olivier

    Happy Birthday Professor Longbottom, sir! Many happy returns… and give some detentions to Scorpius Malfoy… 😉

  • daveindetroit

    Happy B-Day Neville. Glad that the site is still going strong. ..and Zee, no his b-day IS the 30th. Both wee born “…as the 7th month dies”

  • Marissa

    Happy Birthday, Neville!!!!!

  • SuperAurorGirl

    Happy birthday, Neville! A true Gryffindor…there is no doubt in my mind that he is head of Gryffindor!

  • tracey

    why does neville’s b-day have 2007 instead of 1980? Is that a clue or something from J.K.?

  • craig

    Happy Birthday, Neville!

  • Rondee

    Happy birthday Professor Longbottom!!
    Sorry I’m late in handing in my essay on bubotuber. The Venomous Tentacula ate it.

  • Jonie

    Happy Birthday Neville!

  • Necie

    She didn’t say McGonagall left the school, did she? Just that she was “getting on” and wasn’t the new headmaster.

  • MelindaFloo

    Happy Birthday Neville! I’m so glad you found the strengh to be what you were always supposed to be – a true leader.

  • Hermy

    Happy B-day Neville.

  • Bethany


  • Godric Gryffindor

    Happy Birthday Neville!! Thanks for cutting the head off Nagini!!

  • GryfindorGurlie.x

    Happy B’day Neville… you’re wonderful!

    Hope stuff at Hogwarts is going well.

    Lots of luv GryfindorGurlie…x

  • Lily Potter (aka Ginnyiscool so no one at school knows I go on Muggle Websites)

    Happy Birthday Proffesser Longbottom! I swear I didn’t mean to curse the botle of stinksap and make it fly all over the room! It was Scorpio!! I swear! He insulted Mum!!

  • hpfan1234578

    Happy birthday, Professor. Hope you liked that practice exam I took.