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Happy birthday Harry!


The Wizard of the Month calendar on Jo’s official site is showing Happy Birthday wishes for our dear hero, Harry Potter. We would also like to extend our best wishes to Jo herself, who shares her birthday with her boy wizard. Happiest birthday to Harry and Jo!


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  • Beatrice

    Happy Birthday, Jo! Thanks for a wonderful series!

    Happy Birthday, Harry! And many, many more! In peace & joy & love!

  • P.S. I’m posting this from Lisa’s phone in our hotel in Canada! We’re on our trip to Prophecy =)

  • Karen L

    A very Happy Birthday, Harry! So glad you made it!

  • Potter Fanatic

    Happy Birthday Harry!

  • Congratulations What a way to go? The movie was great but the book was outstanding. You have given us all a wonderful gift. Love to you JK Rowling

  • Kate P

    Yay Jo and Harry. Much Love from New Zealand to 2 of my favorite people, I wish you many happy returns.

  • Best wishes to Jo and Harry ! Thanks for making our Muggle lives so magical, both of you !

  • Joan

    Happy Birthday Harry – Glad you made it all the way
    Happy Birthday Jo – And a Big Thank You for the books
    And Happy Birthday to Richard Griffiths (Vernon Dursley)

  • Hermy

    Happy B-day both Jo and Harry.

  • jackson

    so does anyone actually know how old harry officially is now?

  • olivier

    Happy Birthday JKR – thank you for all these hours I spent (and will continue to spend) with your outstanding books! And many happy returns (both birthdays and books, actually)!
    Happy Birthday Harry – very glad you made it, even with the big scare. Now spend a happy, long life with your lovely wife and your 3 (or maybe more to come… 🙂 ) Children. You really deserve it!!

  • Mistral

    Dear Jo – A very Happy Birthday to you. Enjoy this 31.7.07, as the one, you made all your fans so happy giving us the final book and answering one by one – all our questions. We will never forget you and you will have a special “place” in our heart. LONG LIVE JO and HARRY POTTER

  • Heather

    Happy Birthday JKR! I hope you have a lovely day, with lots and lots of cake! Happy birthday 🙂

  • kamion

    On a day like this you don’t ask a lady how old she got.
    you just congratulate her with the fact she is looking splendid another year again.

    Congratulations Harry,
    I think Ginny has a special birthday present for you.
    She is pregnant again, let’s hope this time it’s a girl.

  • Pittsburghmuggle

    Happy 27th, Harry! (Now that we know that he actually hits it!)

  • Rondee

    Double birthday cakes for Harry and Jo!!!
    Thank you Jo for giving us Harry Potter!!!

  • Happy, birthday Jo!!
    Thank you for this phenominal series.
    And also happy birthday Harry-glad you made it all the way!

  • olivier

    Kamion, Harry and Ginny already have one daughter; little Lilly – but I agree with ideal birthday gift!!

  • Haltiamieli

    olivier: The “Nineteen Years Later” epilogue takes place in 2017. As Lily is 9 years old then (going to Hogwarts in two years), she is probably born in 2008 – and that means Ginny might very well be pregnant at the moment.

  • MelindaFloo

    Happy Birthday Harry and Jo! Jo, thank you so much for sharing the wonderful world you created!

  • Lily Evans 2004

    Happy birthday to both of you ! Thank you so much for everything, Jo

  • John

    Go Harry!!! I was scared for a moment but you lived and ended up with three children plus you got married to Ginny!
    Jo, I can’t thank you enough for your contribution to literature everywhere. I have just re-read Deathly Hallows, and the ending still made me tear-up. Just, thanks!

  • Snape

    Belated happy birthday Harry. I heard it was on the 31st! OOOPS!!

  • Hermy

    It is on the 31st she just put it up late last night.

  • Shacklebolt, K.

    Everyone please raise your glasses to The Boy Who Lived… twice! Happy Birthday Harry!

  • ravenclaw rambler

    Haltiamieli: As Lily is to go to Hogwarts on 1st Sept 2019, she must have been (will be?, this is so confusing!) born some time between Sept 2007 and Aug 2008. So if Ginny is not currently pregnant on our own timeline, she will be before Christmas.
    We don’t know Hugo’s age, but it seems similar to Lily’s, so Hermione could be expecting him soon.

    olivier: The “Nineteen Years Later” epilogue takes place in 2017. As Lily is 9 years old then (going to Hogwarts in two years), she is probably born in 2008 – and that means Ginny might very well be pregnant at the moment.

  • kamion

    oliver, ravenclaw rambler:
    I hug a weird little theory that “19 years later” is counted from 1997 ( first year of publishing) if it therefor would be 2016.
    James( Jimmy) Potter would be born in the same year as Rowlings son David Gordon and Albus Severus in the same year as her daughter Mackenzie Jean, got that idea when I saw how close the birthdays of Lilly Evans and James Potter are on the calender to Jo’s children. So Ginny Potter could/should be born in 2007.

  • hamburglar

    Urgh. James wouldn’t be Jimmy any more than Bellatrix would be Trixie. Jimmy is slightly better than Trixie, but can’t you hear it?

  • hpboy13

    Happy Birthday to Harry and Jo! I can’t express how much the two of you eman to me.

  • Cricket

    Jo, thanks for Harry. Harry, thank you for not giving up. Happy Birthday, both of you.

  • Muladach

    The Minister of Magic looked up from a sheaf of reports he had been studying. The normally vacant picture-frame that hung across the room from his desk was now displaying a froglike man in a silver wig, clearing his throat and making false coughing noises in the manner of one trying to politely interrupt someone important. The Minister had not been wholly unexpecting this; for the last few years had seen a remarkable increase in communications from, as he preferred to think of him, “The Minister of Muggles,” particularly at this time of year. Setting the reports his down, he turned his attention to the portrait. “The Prime Minister requests your audience at number 10, Downing Street, London, at your earliest convenience.” the froglike man rang out, in his most officious tone. “Very well; tell him to expect me momentarily.”
    The Prime Minister stood with his back to the fireplace, gazing out the window. Somehow, the sight of someone emerging from the flames was too unsettling a sight; he found it difficult to remain composed after witnessing such a spectacle. It was much easier to remember his visitor as his predecessor’s highly efficient secretary. Ambition and advancement, he could understand. Not travel via fireplace. A whooshing sound, and an odor of ashes, indicated it was safe to turn to his visitor. “Good of you to come by, Kingsley. Can I offer you a drink?”
    “How very kind of you,” said Kingsley Shacklebolt, “Please, don’t bother…” He waved an overly large foutain-pen at the decanter on the sideboard, and it poured a couple of fingers of scotch neatly into a glass, which levitated calmly toward the visitor, “but surely there is more on your mind?”
    “Well, yes,” The Prime Minister absent-mindedly stroked his chin with his thumb. “My people (by which he meant, Muggles) have been acting, well, odd again. Nothing dangerous. But, well…” He considered for a moment how best to phrase this. No matter how he tried, it all sounded rather foolish. “They haven’t been, ah… put under a spell, or anything?” Looking up, he saw Kingsley eyeing him, with a look on his face as awkward and perplexed as his own. Kingsley took some time framing his reply.
    “Not in the proper sense, no–that is to say, it’s not wizard-magic; nobody’s waved a wand over them or anything. Of course, “ he said, stiffening up momentarily, ‘we’ve been extra-vigilant for outbeaks of illegal magic. So much harder to detect, so many false reports… Naturally, we’ve beefed up security around the likeliest targets–there’s another auror on Rowling, full-time, and we keep an eye out around you, too.” He looked pointedly at the Prime Minister, who suddenly felt like a mischievious schoolboy caught in the act of doing something he oughtn’t.
    The Minister of Magic, however, seemed to have moved on; there was a distant, reflective look in his eyes. He continued, “There are mysteries; so much of what we take for granted as being thoroughly real, yet really, what is it made of? Love, wonder, imagination… you muggles know of these, but whence do they come? We wizards like to think it’s our domain, but truthfully,” He stood next to the Prime Minister, the both of them gazing out the window. “You muggles seem to know as much as we do. Where would we be without them?
    The Prime Minister understood “we” as meaning muggles and wizards, alike. He lifted his glass. “Happy Birthday, Harry Potter.”
    The Minister of Magic raised his glass to toast, too. “Happy Birthday, Jo Rowling.”

  • Big Reg

    You have done an unbelievable job bringing happiness to this World..”World” That is crazy ..”

  • Bethany


  • Minervarocks

    Very nice!

  • karlii

    Happy Belated B-day! I had told my daughter that after Harry’s b-day in ’06, I wanted to see him reach his 27th birthday. I remembered that I said it, but then this year we were trying to figure out why.

    LOL.. then I realized… I figured bk7 would come out this year.. and I figured it would be before his birthday, so if he’d have to live though the book…

    Happy 27, Harry!

  • mawaddah

    JKR did created a popular character.. look at all the wishes harry got!

  • Ginnyiscool

    Happy Birthday Harry and Jo!!! Harry, wow. from orphan who got bullied, to Wizard World Superstar, 3 Kids, and the best wife ever!!!!!(oh, by the way ginny, way to go on the 4th kid!!!!!!!!!!harry will be soo happy !!!!!!) Hope you like your Birthday Present (and if it’s a girl, name her Ginny, after the love (and reason you’re still alive after 7 books, it’s what kept you going) of you’re life. Happy B-Day again!!!

  • Ginnyiscool

    Oh and by the way Jk, will you please please write an after the fact book! I know this is your birthday, not ours, but it would be nice if you wrote it,not me. by the way, if you don’t , i’d like the rights to do so.i’m already on the 3rd chapter.happy b-day!!!

  • hpfan1234578

    Happy (extremely late, don’t Crucio me!) birthday, Harry! And to you, Jo.