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August Wizard of the Month – Rowena Ravenclaw


The Wizard of the month calendar on JKR.com has updated to reveal the new WotM for August 2007 to be…
Rowena Ravenclaw
Medieval (precise dates unknown).
One of the four famous Founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Rowena Ravenclaw was the most brilliant witch of her time, though legend has it that a broken heart – cause unknown – contributed to her early demise.

Her image shows her wearing her diadem (tiara). This rounds out the Four Founders of Hogwarts, and also their “relics” from the story.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • El Cronista de Salem

    i don’t see it as a tiara. it seems more the barby’s princess crown 😛

    who will be this lover? or the reason was her daughter flee? any theory on the pensieve??

  • Patrick

    Hmm. I’m thinking the broken heart might be her daughter running away. But I’m glad that after four months of the other founders, we finally got to Ravenclaw!

  • kamion

    Looks indeed a bit like a Barbie assecoir, but it is a very nice picture
    bit of a surprice she had mightnightblack hair, expected someting more f-air-y.

  • Reader2

    I wonder what is that thing she is holding.
    Is it her wand?
    Looks more like a branch.

  • Gina

    I think she’s holding an olive branch, which is associated with peace & wisdom (like Athena).

  • SuperAurorGirl

    Aaah, poor Rowena…surely the reasoning for her broken heart is the loss of her daughter?

  • Jensenly

    I, too, am curious as to what sort of plant she is holding. It’s not an olive branch, as olive trees have very small white flowers, which are nestled deep inside the foliage. Off hand, it looks like lupin, but I am not sure of the significance of this. The character, Lupin, was in Gryffindore, so I don’t think there is a connection there…..Another question for Jo!

  • I LOVE how we got the last Founder!! Can’t wait to see the completed Founder’s Page!

  • Taj

    I thought Rowena had curly hair? At least that was how it was described in “Deathly Hallows”. But maybe that was after she had aged…

  • hpboy13

    I am now forced to conclude that these new images can’t be considered canon. “FAIR Ravenclaw from glen”. And that diadem looks positively pathetically small.

  • *Gonza*

    I thought that Rowena was much diferent! I don’t like that picture but wherever… It don’t mind.. 😛
    You’re right Cronista!
    It seems more like a crown, but I’m sure that It’s the truth Diadem…

  • John

    For the first few days after Helga Hufflepuff appeared on the WotM calendar on JKR’s site, I thought it was merely concidence. Then, when Godric Griffindor appeared on the WotM calendar I knew that it was no coincidence, and that Rowena Ravenclaw must be the WotM for August. I gave a tremendous jump for joy when I found out that it was her! Now, who will be the next WotM?

  • Reader2

    This year, every WOM had been giving us knew info on important characters.
    I’d say we can expect more background info on a familiar character next month.

  • DA Jones

    I’m guessing the next wizard of the month will be Harry Potter, or maybe Neville; she’ll use the cards to fill in the back story of some of the minor characters we don’t know the fates off. You know DA and OOP member cards.
    Cho Chang, Lavender Brown.

    JKR’s writing other non-Harry Potter books and non-fantasy books so I wonder how that will effect her website, and is the Lexicon going to be always a HP site or more a JK Rowling Lexicon? Someday soon they might not be synomonous?

  • Big_Kelpie

    FAIR Ravenclaw from glen
    It may be fair as injust
    still i don’tlike this picture of her.
    i expect the next WotM to be one of the main characters. In my opinion, it will be albus

  • Chris

    According to the dictionary, “fair” has many meanings: attractive in appearance, courteous and civil, impartial, and several others, many of which could possibly apply to Professor Ravenclaw.

    In OOTP, Tonks referred to Madam Bones as “fair” and it had nothing to do with her coloration! 🙂

  • Hermy

    I thought she was Black.lol. I always considered fair in HP to mean attractive.

  • Hermy

    Also Snow White is the fairest of the land. Meaning she was the most attractive.

  • Kathryn

    I always thought Ravenclaw was black-haired, for some reason. I think “fair” means sweet and perhaps “just”? Not sure, but I’m happy to have the four founders all completed. Who else thought the Ravenclaw common room was the best of the three we’ve seen? I certainly did!

  • Hermy

    I agree Kathryn I wish Harry went there more often. The Riddle part was the best. JKR described Hufflepuffs Common Room in the chat session.

  • Sarah

    I think it looks like a flowering tree rather than a flowering bush. However, it might be Scotch Heather (Calluna vulgaris). There are over 1000 forms of the plant.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    i am trying to find the plant, but i am not a good herbologist. maybe “romero”*?

    ps: this is the word in spanish, but i have search the translation and it says “romero” too. sorry if it isn’t!

  • olivier

    The diadem is just a bit smaller than expected, but it definitly qualifies as one; it is not the same height around the head (as crown or a tiara, the latter is just a triple-crown). But her dress matches the ceiling of her common-room. No idea about the pretty flowers, though. And I thought fair = blond, but I guess the Snow-White fairest of them all is a better eplanation. Because for the just as justice, since even she made some restricions for her students.(Griffyndor=brave, Slytherin=pure blood, Ravenclaw=intelligent – Huffelpuff was the only who said she’ll take the rest, i.e. all who wouldn’t directly be chosen…). So, in my opinion, Helga would be fairer in this respect.

  • I just wish the diadem had the insciption on it.

  • Patrick

    Kathryn, I must agree, the Ravenclaw Common Room was quite awesome.

  • weirdsis

    Might it be lavender?

  • VI

    Fair often refers to pale skin. Those of us who are Irish know of very pale skin combined with very black hair. In Snow White, the white refers to her skin, and that’s why she was the “fairest of them all.” Remember, back then, people went nuts trying to look whiter and whiter as a sign of purity.

    “Fair Haired” is usually the term when referring to blonde.

  • pat

    hey on my vista gadget from jkr’s site (the WOMBAT one that counted down to the book), it now says (instead of “new book now released”) “new book released in 50 days.” I don’t know what that means.

  • Luzana

    “Romero” in spanish is “Rosemary” in english

  • Alorra Spinnet

    I alawys thought of Ravenclaw being black (Raven) haired. I took fair to mean pretty and light skinned. My Vista Gadget is also saying 5o days to new book. What’s up with that?

  • Severus

    Am I the only one who thought of her being a Red Head? After all ‘Rowena’ means ‘one with red hair’. And in her Chocolate Frog card she had Red Hair… Although I didn’t picture it being in an afro like the picture shows….

  • jensenly

    Sarah – do you live in Scotland or have been there? If the flowering branch is heather, would it grow in a “glen” where Rowena is from? The flower-branch thing has really got me curious.

  • Westwood

    Fair can refer to skin and not hair; thus, one can be fair-skinned and not fair-haired. Best example: Snow White. Very fair skin and very dark hair. In fact, this depiction of Ravenclaw makes her ravenhaired – quite apropos.

  • kamion

    pity the entry of Ravenclaw isn’t updated yet.
    I like the picture but cannot save it from Rowling’s site.

    just impatient.

  • Kaz

    I expected Ravenclaw to have black hair because ravens are black. I don’t like the picture much though, I expected her to look a bit older and wiser.

  • Insel

    hi @ all!
    who else is already looking forward to the September wizard ? I hope it will be George, maybe with information on his kids or whom he married! what do you think? I thought maybe he will marry Angelina Johnson!
    I thought the Lexicon is updated daily, I just can’t wait for Lily jun., Albus Severus, James jun. !

  • Reader2

    Here is a question no one asked of JKR for some reason:
    We now know all 4 of the relics left by the founders, we also know the properties of 3 of them:
    The Sword of Griffindor – seems to chop through things nothing else can break and can be summoned by a true Griffindor through the Sorting Hat.
    The Locket of Slytherin – can only be opened by a Parselomouth.
    The Diadem of Ravenclaw – gives extra wisdom to its owner.
    But what about the Cup of Hufflepuff?
    What does that do?

  • Jeepers creepers Insel! I guess I should be flattered that you’ve noticed how up-to-date we try to keep the Lexicon, but we can’t possibly get to everything daily! We are just a few people who do this as a hobby, not a full time staff. Right now I’m posting from my hotel in Toronto, I’ve just arrived here after traveling the past two days, for Prophecy. I skipped supper with the group last night to stay behind and post the new WotM immediately. We’ll be updating the Lexicon as quickly as we can, we’re really excited about all the new wonderful canon ourselves! but its not a quick or easy process to update the more than 700 pages on the Lexicon. Please have patience with us. We’ll do our best. Promise!
    *off to do some editing*

  • A.D.D.

    Reader2….do we know that the locket of Slytherin has always been opened only by a parselmouth??? Perhaps Voldemort made it that way when he made it a horcrux. However, I would like to know more about the cup as well.

  • John

    Reader2, I have been asking myself the same question. I have no idea sadly, what the cup does, perhaps we might get to do a poll for the Extra Stuff board and Helga Hufflepuffs Cup will be one of the things to be picked. Other than those somewhat calming words,there is nothing else I can say sadly.

  • Reader2

    You are right, we were not specifically told wheather locket was upgraded by Voldemort.
    But still, Slytherin was a parselomouth too. It would make sence for him to create a locket that can only be opened by someone from his family.
    Wouldn’t be boering if the Locket of Slytherin was originally just a regular piece of jewelry.

  • hpboy13

    I have my money on the next WotM being DD – Merlin knows he deserves it. Talk of whom, do you think we’ll ever get Merlin?

  • J

    In HBP we are told by Smith that the locket has many powers attributed to it. So it is not just a piece of jewelry. The same was said for the cup. I was hoping that it could neutralize poisons(hence, a key to the locket) but alas, I was wrong. However, I am extremely interested in the founders and their relics.

  • Char

    My JKRowling.com Vista gadget is also counting down again… ?

  • Insel

    I’m sorry! I don’t mean that you don’t do anything!!! The Lexicon is awesome and the best site to look something up! Thank you for creating and updating this site ;))
    I wondered maybe Kreacher will fall in love with Winky… *gg*

  • John

    hpboy13, I agree that it will most likely be either Albus or Aberforth Dumbledore, and as for Merlin, probably not, but, it’s entirely possible.

  • Reader2

    Another observation about the founders:
    Now that we know what happened to Rovenna, I wonder wheather Salazar went rouge before or after she died.
    It would actually make more sense if the founders broke apart after one of them died.

  • Professor Charity Plotdevice

    Reader 2, I like your idea – certainly the death of the most intelligent Founder would fray some tempers. However, the Sorting Hat himself (itself?) says,

    “And never since the founders four
    were whittled down to three
    have the Houses been united
    as they once were meant to be.”

    So it seems like the others were all still breathing when old Salazar upped sticks.

  • hpboy13

    John, I highly doubt Aberforth would be WotM. Albus is famous as all heck and even has a chocolate frog card. Aberforth is basically nobody – a bartender who’s had trouble with the law. I just don’t see it happening. Remember, WotM takes the wizarding community’s views, not what we know – hence the lack of info of the lost diadem.

  • John

    hpboy13, that is totally possible, I just like Aberforth. Dumbledore, was thought to be a nutter by Rita Skeeter, I hate that woman. Also, I too thought that there could have been a little bit more information about the lost diadem.

  • I thought Harry would be the next WotM. Oh well you can’t have everything. I have no idea if this is true or not but do all of the WotM recipients have to be dead? I’m not sure.

    I’m so thoroughly glad that the trio + Ginny + Luna + Neville survived. I thought Ron was a goner but I’m sure Jo intended for it to be that way.

  • Reader2


    A few WOM were specified as still living, like Toots, for example.
    So any charater qualifies.

    Professor Charity Plotdevice,
    Good point, I guess my theory simply does not work.

  • Godric Gryffindor

    what is a WOM?

  • Jayni D.

    Godric, WOM is Wizard of the Month on Jo’s website.

  • Louie Z

    Its like a head ringlet thing, isnt it, the diadem? Anyway, how come there are no Portrates of the Founders?

  • Reader2

    There are statues of the founder though (at least two of them).
    I wonder if anyone ever tried to animate those.