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It’s begun. The influx of emails pointing out pages which haven’t been updated yet. I promise you, we’ll get to them. You’d be amazed at how much needs to be edited at this point. Just as an example, I was reading the commentary on the first chapter of Philosopher’s Stone and discovered five or six edits or additions which have to be made just on that page. There are changes like that on almost every page of the entire site, and that’s close to a thousand pages. It’s going to take awhile. All I can do is promise that we’re working on it.

I’m not saying don’t email us. We really do value your input and suggestions, we really do. But if you’re telling us that a page is not longer correct, take a look at the bottom and see when that page was last updated. If the date is before July 21, we haven’t gotten to it yet. Yes, we know that “that awful boy” refers to Snape. Yes, we know that many character descriptions don’t include the details from book seven, like the fact that the person is now dead (which I agree is pretty important!). I think we have most of the new spells added, but there are a few still missing, that’s true. I haven’t even touched the timeline, and obviously there will be a LOT of new information to add there. We do know, and we are working on it, one step at a time.

It’s funny, though, how much “behind the scenes” work needs to be done at the same time as the flashy new stuff. You know what I worked on last night? Figured out where the title page and tailpiece images belong on the first reader’s guide page (since I don’t own a Scholastic edition of the book yet, I had no idea how those fit in), looked for images of the covers in the correct size and resolution, and had a discussion with Bel about how to indicate the epilogue in the Lexicon (is it DHe or DH/e or DHep or what? I decided on DH/e). I’ve also been adding the new interviews to the list of sources. That might not seem particularly important, but since we’re adding all this new material and need to include links to those things, the abbreviations have to be decided upon and the links have to be in place. The Lexicon is a very complex, interrelated website. That’s part of what makes it so cool, but also what makes it take a while to update.

Last night I also modified the main index page with a nice navigation menu along the right side. That should make finding what you want even easier. We’re still working on the overall site navigation, by the way, and some of the links are still going to old pages that will be updated when we get a chance. You should be able to browse more quickly to what you want, though. I don’t think we’ll be working on navigation pages for a while now while we have DH material to occupy our time.

Hang in there. The Lexicon will continue to grow and improve. Thanks for your help and support and input.


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  • John

    You guys are awesome for working so hard, I wish I could help.

  • Hey Steve, are you back in Michigan? For the epilogue we just use DH37 on EHP (I mean, RM37 in French).

  • Hy Steve & co! I know I’m bothering you a lot, but there’s a little problem with a link in Reader’s Guide DH32, you forgot to write a “d” in Seamus’ link- where you mention the patronus. It should be like this: http://www.hp-lexicon.org/wizards/a-z/f.html#Seamus

  • Stinky Pete

    Hurra!!! At last! Thank you and good luck with the hard work!!!

    Long live the lexicon

  • NiGHTS

    Just so you all know, we (your loyal readers) desperately appreciate every single minute of time that you give to the phenomenom that is ‘The Harry Potter Lexicon’. We recognise that you all work your socks off to make this place what it is and will patiently await the vast number of updates/improvements you make for us all.

    Thankyou so much for all the hard work, commitment and enthusiasm you put in to this super-cool site !

  • Nutter

    You ROCK! This is the COOLEST HP site out there. Great job! Wish I could help! LMK if you’re recruiting new volunteers.

  • Mediwitch

    Steve and all –

    Thanks for the amazing work you do to make this site THE place for all things Harry on the ‘net. You guys are the best!

  • pam

    Ditto to everything the last people said. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Anne

    You guys are so awesome! I’m from Germany and I read all the books to improve my English and your site has helped me so much. Don’t worry about not updating in time, I’ll always come back!

    Greetings from Germany

  • The amount of work you guys have to do is ridiculous and I, as a fan of HP and of the Lexicon, truly appreciate it. Keep up the AWESOME work!!

  • Shwez

    I stumble upon Lexicon way after i’ve read book 6. It exciting to see how this site grow after the initial release of DH, because i’ve never seen it before. Keep up the best work!!!

  • Naazju

    To echo what everyone has said, I very much appreciate all the behind-the-scenes work that has to go into this website. It is truly an asset to any Harry Potter fan for so many reasons. We, as fans, wish you to hurry but understand this is a time-consuming process. Thank you for being willing to put in the effort and we can’t wait for the final product!

  • SuperAurorGirl

    Thank you for all your hard work! The Lexicon is AMAZING!

  • Big_Kelpie

    You have all the time in the world to update those pages.
    Ypu shouldn’t be owerkirking yuorselves jsut to update evry piece of information before even 1 MONTH has passed since the book came out.
    If all of it gets updated in the proper and organised Lexicon fashion by the end of the year, I will be amazed

  • hpboy13

    I woudl like to thank you for all of your hard work, and tell you not to rush anything. Now that the books are done, we have all the time in the world to perfect those pages. One question: you will put all the pages you update in the WhatsNew section, right? I don’t much want to go through a thousand pages each time I check the Lexicon for updates.

  • Necie

    Ever used the word OBSESSION? But, it is a good obsession. You all are the best. Great site. Thanks.

  • Suzanne

    Don’t let the naggers get you down! You guys are marvelous and we love the Lexicon. I’m excited to see these changes, too, but honestly — do they think you own a magic wand or something??? Keep up the good work and know I (and many others) appreciate it from the bottom of our extremely obsessed hearts.

  • olivier

    I must admit that I sent one of those mails mentioned – though I wrote that I was more than aware that a huge amount of work was involved. And I really appreciate that you folks from the lexicon take upon yourselves to undertake that task (which would be worth of Hercules or a Triwizard-tournament 😉 ). Your site is a pure joy, and a most complete source of information of the world of Harry Potter and his friends. Keep up the excellent work – and thanks again!

  • Just want to say how much I enjoy this site and appreciate your hard work! My absolute favourite Potter-related site 😀 Although Narcissa Malfoy definitely merits an exceptional-character-moment mention in DH35… my Slytherin bias is showing again, I’ll go…

  • Aubry

    The updates are rockin’! Oh yeah, didn’t you say there is more to the Black Family Tree? I can’t wait until I see more!

  • karlii

    I’m rather glad it will take a while to get all of the DH info added to the site. It’s a bit depressing to have the books over.. and at least there are new things to look fwd to here! Keep up the good work on the Lexicon…. it will stand the test of time and be the “one-stop-shop” for all things Harry Potter…. for years to come!!!

  • recklesscatlover

    Hi all, if there is one outstanding website this is it. How we’d do without it – I don’t know. The HP books are between the finest in the last 50 years; however, to fully enjoy them there is a lot of cross-refernce work that only very few, which have the training and the opportunity, could discover. A reader who is not a professional in the literature field would have a hard time in seeing all the network of connection that make the magic world so rich. Having a site like the Lex to help, we all can do it instead, and we all can feel how great is it. Thanks.

  • Kristen

    ::gasp:: “THAT AWFUL BOY” I JUST MADE THE CONNECTION! ::freaks out:: Am I really that behind with these connections?

    But aside from that, this site has always been my favorite. I remember it in it’s most primitive form and I have loved it since.

    It’s okay that you’re updates aren’t instant. It’s not like your a wizard are something. 😉 I’m just glad that this website has existed along side of Potter.

  • Kathy

    I love the site and agree that waiting for you to update it is worth the wait. I stumbled upon the site about 3 years ago and keep coming back. Iam always telling Harry Potter fans about this site and give them the address if they haven’t already discovered it. THANKS for all the hard and wonderful work that you do.

  • Eleanore

    Keep up the hard work. Is there anyway I can do to help?

  • Lorcan

    GOOD NEWS! Keep adding. The lexicon is easily the richest pottersite and we must not let that fall behind in time by not updating!

  • Lilyp

    I was just looking for some information and found a mistake that predated DH. It’s in the No Surname page, about the “big blond” Death Eater (now we know he is Rowle). Lexicon suggests he could be the same person as the brutal face DE (Yaxley), but even before HBP they couldn’t be the same person because Harry had petrified the brutal face DE at the top of the tower, before even seeing the big blond for the first time. The brutal face was found by the Ministry, as mentioned by Scrimgeour in HBP 30.