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We solemnly swear that we are up to…


No, we’re not up to mischief! Although our server has been misbehaving a bit.
I’m suspecting Nargles, but the tech folks tell us that they’re working on it. If you’ve experienced a “page not found” error recently when trying to access the Lexicon, or found this page telling you it “cannot connect to the database”, we’re glad you didn’t give up!

What we’re up to…
we are busy cataloguing, listing, calculating and revising. Not to mention formatting and updating and coding. But the biggest job of all is organizing all of the work, and that is taking some time. Frequent Lexicon visitors will notice that plenty of new DH info has found its way onto many pages and sections throughout the site. As Steve has said in earlier posts, it’s going to take a while! Occasionally, we may need to take down pages while we work on them, or there will be old links going to pages we’ve moved or split into separate pages. Please have patience with us as we renovate.

To the many folks who’ve offered to help, we thank you! Some of you have sent emails with facts and notes that we’ve found helpful. Many of you have waited patiently for us to respond to your offers. If you haven’t heard back from us, please be assured we are not ignoring you! I’ve started referring to my inbox as the Forbidden Forest, I’m afraid to venture too far in, or I might not come out! But everyday, I find more heartwarming and gratifying messages that remind me why we do this. Our email address for sending DH info is [email protected]
I can’t promise to answer, but we do appreciate hearing from you.

So what’s New?
I’ll let the other editors tell you what they’ve been working on, but here’s a list of some things I’ve done recently:
– published pages for each chapter in the Reader’s Guide to DH, and added Michele’s work as she compiled it
– uploaded the chapter artwork from the Scholastic edition
– added some new characters to the Wizards A- Z listing (I’m up to P, I think) with help from Naomi Boyer. Thanks Nomes!!
– and I re-indexed the Remembrall… so now new information from DH should appear in our specialized Lexicon search! Go ahead, try it! 🙂


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