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No, we’re not up to mischief! Although our server has been misbehaving a bit.
I’m suspecting Nargles, but the tech folks tell us that they’re working on it. If you’ve experienced a “page not found” error recently when trying to access the Lexicon, or found this page telling you it “cannot connect to the database”, we’re glad you didn’t give up!

What we’re up to…
we are busy cataloguing, listing, calculating and revising. Not to mention formatting and updating and coding. But the biggest job of all is organizing all of the work, and that is taking some time. Frequent Lexicon visitors will notice that plenty of new DH info has found its way onto many pages and sections throughout the site. As Steve has said in earlier posts, it’s going to take a while! Occasionally, we may need to take down pages while we work on them, or there will be old links going to pages we’ve moved or split into separate pages. Please have patience with us as we renovate.

To the many folks who’ve offered to help, we thank you! Some of you have sent emails with facts and notes that we’ve found helpful. Many of you have waited patiently for us to respond to your offers. If you haven’t heard back from us, please be assured we are not ignoring you! I’ve started referring to my inbox as the Forbidden Forest, I’m afraid to venture too far in, or I might not come out! But everyday, I find more heartwarming and gratifying messages that remind me why we do this. Our email address for sending DH info is [email protected]
I can’t promise to answer, but we do appreciate hearing from you.

So what’s New?
I’ll let the other editors tell you what they’ve been working on, but here’s a list of some things I’ve done recently:
– published pages for each chapter in the Reader’s Guide to DH, and added Michele’s work as she compiled it
– uploaded the chapter artwork from the Scholastic edition
– added some new characters to the Wizards A- Z listing (I’m up to P, I think) with help from Naomi Boyer. Thanks Nomes!!
– and I re-indexed the Remembrall… so now new information from DH should appear in our specialized Lexicon search! Go ahead, try it! 🙂


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Karrelien

    Just to say: thank you for all the work you guys are doing!

  • Reader2

    I noticed that you’ve decided to treat the names of former owners of Elder Wand as family names.
    To me the names like Loxias, Livius and Arkus sound way to much like ancient Greek names, so I would much rather believe that those are given names.
    Also, the way Xeno was talking about Godelot makes it sound like Godelot is also a given name.

  • kamion

    to Reader2
    whwn a single name is mention you mosttime may asume that it is a family name unless it is clear the one mentioning it is intimate with the person and on first name base.

    However with Xenophilius Lovegood you are never sure: he might be intimate with in inhabitants from the Saturnian satelite Titan and treat his nextdoor neighbours as beings from another universe.

    Love that character hope the cast Rowan Atkinson as Lovegood.

    Keep up the good work Steve, don’t hesitate to sacrify sleep and family quality time for completing the Lexicon.

  • Patrick

    I’m glad to see all the new stuff! I enjoyed looking through The Encyclopedia of Spells to see the new additions. I think “Cave Imincium (sp?)” is the only one missing. I love coming everyday to see the new updates!

  • John

    You guys have been working nonstop since DH came out. I have faith in you all, keep up the good work!

  • Reader2


    I was under the impression that Xeno was describing the events of the times when family names were only for the privileged few.
    Besides, normal rules do not apply when you are talking about hystorical figures.

  • Reader2

    A comment about Chapter 9 “Place to Hide”.
    On your list of mentioned characters: “the girl being yelled at by the whistling men” is actually Hermione: “Ditch ginger and come have a pint!”
    “ginger” refers to Ron, Harry is invisible at the time.

  • Bandersnatch

    Reader2, there was another girl that the whistling men yelled at. That is the one to whom the Lexicon is referring. It’s right after Dolohov and Rowle attack the Trio in the diner: “Harry could hear the men who had jeered at Hermione earlier, yelling at another girl in the distance.”

  • hpboy13

    Excellent job! I did find two errors (I’m the type of person who always will). IN Dirk Cresswell’s bio, Dean is spelled “dean”. A bigger oen is in the reader’s guide, where you question why Seamus was at Hogwarts, being halfblood. The “Muggle-Born Thingamajigger” applied only to Muggle-borns. That’s why Hermione claims to be halfblood (when claiming to be Penelope) instead of pureblood – halfbloods are just as safe as purebloods. And the Snatchers mention only one Mudblood they caught (Dean), so half-blood is considered acceptable. Also, Penelope Clearwater is Muggle-born. Hermione just uses the name and then says half-blood. Only Muggle-borns are attacked in CoS (Colin, Justin, Hermione, and Penelope). Just thought I’d poitn that out. Great job guys, and keep the updates coming!

  • Jayni D.

    hpboy13, I don’t think we know if Penelope Clearwater is pureblood, halfblood, or muggle-born. She just happened to be walking with Hermione when the Basilisk attacked, and of course, Hermione is muggle-born.

  • Reader2

    In Chapter 14 of “Chamber of Secrets” Lucius Malfoy says: “Two more this afternoon, wasn’t it? At this rate there will be no muggle-borns left at Hogwarts…”
    Sounds to me like he believed all victims to be muggle-born, including Penelope.

  • tounguetied

    A thought to add to this about Penelope is that if she had been muggle born she would have been on the snatchers list. Therefore she couldn’t have been, otherwise Hermione wouldn’t have used that name – she’s quite a clever witch after all. 🙂

  • Reader2

    The list was not of all muggle-born, only the ones who refused to register.
    Besides, even the cleverest can get confused under pressure.

  • tonguetiedtourist

    If Penelope was a muggle born her name would have been on the wanted list that the snatchers had. As Hermione thought that Penelope’s name wasn’t on that list it would appear that she knew that Penelope was not muggle born. Hermione is after all a clever witch. 🙂

  • Zceepy

    If you guys are already up to P on the character info there’s definitely been someone missed out. The poor Bloody Baron still has only a tiny paragraph to his name with none of the tasty new DH info on the horizon. I really hope this gets updated soon and he won’t get forgotten just because he’s transparent…

  • Naomi

    The characters that are being updated at the moment are, I believe, just the new ones. I think Bel is going to get around to the existing characters in a little bit. 🙂

  • Magizoologist

    In the DH Reader’s Guide to the Chapter “The Ghoul in Pajamas,” it scoffs at Hermione’s keeping of two of Lockhart’s books since her second year, referring to the fact that Lockhart was a liar and an incompetent boob.

    But it shouldn’t be forgotten that Lockhart interviewed the people who actually did the things in his books, then just changed it to sound like he did it. The books could still be valuable, if Lockhart stuck to the original story.

    (Granted, the scenes that he made Harry re-enact in CoS didn’t seem very believable.)

  • hpboy13

    Magizoologist brings up a good point – and his guide to household pests seems to be fairly good. I think his only truly worthless book is Magical Me

  • Katie Bilius

    Thank you so much I absoluetly LOVE reading the chapter synopsis with your commentary! I just wish you would comment on every little line haha.

  • tounguetied

    Magizoologist you just reminded me about something that i thought about when reading the books – if Lockhart did write about actual happenings, why doesn’t the werewolf cure get taken up by other wizards?

  • Bandersnatch

    I’m sure good old Gilderoy wouldn’t have felt too many scruples about making stuff up for his books as well.

  • Darcy

    This is the best website i have ever seen. To all of you who make it possible Thank you and keep up the great work
    Much Love

  • Darcy

    This has got to be the best saying ever. I love it!