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Happy Birthday Hermione!


The Wizard of the Month Calendar has changed to wish a Happy Birthday to Hermione Granger for September 19th again this year.

Hmm…. curious it’s not updated to include her married name, Weasley. 😛


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  • roonwit

    But putting her married name in would be a spoiler for the parts of the world which don’t yet have book 7 in their own language. Of course the other explanation is that she hasn’t updated the birthdays recently.

  • Yes, of course roonwit… but I *had* to mention it. You know how we are here at the Lexicon. 😉

  • Mizu

    Go Hermione! happy birthday!

  • Da Jones

    That’s right. According to the time line in ‘real time Rose would be about one now. But show me the canon that says the actually git married before they had Rose (LOL! – Of course, they did!) But why assume that Hermione would change her name? Why can’t she still be Hermione Granger after she married?

  • Naomi

    LOL Da Jones! It would be perfectly within character for Hermione not to take Ron’s surname.

    Now I’m just giggling.

  • Bandersnatch

    What’s the betting that when Ron’s birthday comes around next March, the calendar will have been updated to say Ronald Granger?

  • roonwit, I highly doubt anyone checking JKR’s site or any other HP sites would NOT have read DH.
    And happy birthday Hermione!

  • And Bandersnatch, I love that theory!!!!!!!

  • hpboy13

    Happy birthday Hermione Jean Granger Weasley!!!! I’m so glad you lived to 28! By the way, anyone attending a reading by Jo…please ask her hat Hermione’s parents’ names are

  • John

    Go Hermione Jean Granger Weasley! You ended up with Ron and two kids, good for you!!

  • Naazju

    Happy Birthday Hermione! I love you no matter what your surname is (or isn’t). And since your middle name changed a couple of times as well, we’re all just used to it now. 🙂 Anyway, go enjoy being married to Ron and being with your family!

  • HPFan117

    Hermione is my favorite character in the whole series

    nuff said

  • Sibylle

    Well, Jo doesn’t say if they’re married or not. They just have children. I mean, their marriage is not canon.

  • Marco

    As Ginny had birthday in August, her married name wasn´t updated as well.

    Ant roonwit is right. P.e, the homepage of JKR is also aviable in german language, but DH in german language will not be released until 27. Oktober.

    Or JKR doesn´t purely and simply regard future marriages.

  • Remi

    Happy birthday to my favorite bookworm! Thank you, Ms. Granger, for being an amazing role model to girls everywhere, and for exemplifying that girls/women are so much more than just pretty-faces and romantic interests of the male-hero. Harry & Ron would be nothing without your intelligence, wisdom, compassion, moral-compass, and maturity. Many happy returns of the day 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    I can totally see Hermione keeping her last name — I mean, Hermione Weasley? Doesn’t really jive with her personality.

  • Tinymighty

    I’m so glad you decided to uphold justice in the magical world by working in Magical Law Enforcement by becoming the equivalent of the muggle lawyer. Lawyers=good

  • Antosha

    Well, of course, we know from DH that the two couples had kids.

    But where did it say a) that they were married or b) that either Ginny or Hermione took her partner’s name? 😉

    (I would assume, based on Ginny and Harry’s personalities that they would of course do things the traditional way. And Ron would certainly want to. But Hermione? Can’t you see her insisting on keeping her name?)

  • JJB

    Auguri, Hermione! It’s unfortunate Hermione’s birthday was never celebrated in the six years at Hogwarts. Even Ron’s birthday was only noted in the text because he was poisoned on a birthday. Well, we note it, anyway.

  • JJB

    By the way, I do recall that Hermione bought herself a birthday present–Crookshanks–in PA with the money her parents gave her but that was three weeks early and not an actual celebration. Harry never noted it in our presence.

  • Bandersnatch

    Actually, Hermione’s birthday was mentioned in Book 3 (I think), but not the exact date. If I recall correctly, when the Trio meet in Diagon Alley on the last day of summer holidays, after Hermione gets her many books, she mentions that she still has some money her parents gave her for her upcoming birthday, and decides to use it to buy a pet. (And not, as Ron snidely suggests, another book.)

    I’m sure someone out there with the books in front of them will let me know if I’m right. Were there any other mentions of Hermione’s birthday in the series?

  • Potter Fanatic

    Harry Birthday Hermione!

  • Bethany

    happy bday Hermione *Granger* Weasley lol u rock!

  • Bethany

    and agree atosha about the last name thing lol

  • roonwit

    You could argue that Ron being married to Hermione is canon, because Jo says of Luna, “She ended up marrying (rather later than Harry & co)” and the “& co” must surely include Ron and Hermione. Hermione might have kept her name, and I could see Ginny keeping her own name for professional purposes, (ie. when she played Quidditch and on her quidditch column) to stress she is a star in her own right and not just Harry Potter’s wife.

  • Pg. 754 Scholastic Ed. of Deathly Hallows 2nd Paragraph. ” The five Potters approached the barrier.” Five Potters; Harry, James, Albus, Lilly and Ginny Potter! Is that canon enough?

  • Sibylle

    Yes it is for the Potters, thank you, Hoot Owl 🙂 I’m still not certain about Hermione & Ron, though. Although I agree that Jo’s answer ( ” “She [Luna] ended up marrying (rather later than Harry & co)” makes it quite definitive for them too. I had my doubts, now I don’t anymore ^^

  • Katie

    I really hope she begins to include the Potter and Weasley clans offsprings’ birthday!

  • Rhona

    Yes ideed. I hope, Jo will tell us, when the next generation is born, en wo scorpius mother is. i’m so cirius.

  • Mphlondon

    As it was said above, Ron and Hermione’s birthdays were NEVER celebrated by the trio and their friends at Hogwarts… well, they probably weren’t into birthday parties… and being in a boarding school doesn’t help things much.

    Hermione Weasley? no way… Hermione Granger sounds way better. And much nicer on book covers… I mean: Great Wizards of the late 19th century, by Hermione Weasley? or Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and Severus Snape: The three wizards who changed our world by H. W.? and the best-seller Dumbledore’s Army: Memories, by H. W.
    (and of course Hogwarts, a History, rewritten and completed by H. W.)

    Granger is better… ^^

  • JJB

    I love the book ideas for Hermione to write or update.

    Perhaps Hermione compromised by hyphenating her name: Hermione Granger-Weasley. Hermione demonstrated her feminist tendencies when accusing Harry of believing the Prince to be a bloke because he didn’t think girls were clever enough and later when Ron complains of her cooking in DH. Both Harry and Ron had valid responses to her accusations and Hermione had fallen into the trap of doing the cooking.

    As to their being married, I don’t think Hermione would give Ron another chance to walk out and would secure him wih a bond for life.

  • hpboy13

    Excellent point JJB, she woudl probably want to make Ron stuck! And I also really love the book ideas, I’d love to read them!

  • Sirius Black

    I’m guessing Hermoine kept her last name. And Bandersnatch, usually the guy doesn’t change their last names. And Hoot Owl, you had a good point.

  • clock_maker

    Happy B-Day Hermy

  • Robe

    JK Rowling calls herself Jo Murray in her private life. I see so problem with Hermione Jean Weasley née Granger.

  • Luna lupin =Moony

    When I was at school, I was on a boarding-school (during more than 14 years). During the weekends and vacatoins I went home. During this period I had many birthday parties (at school and at home). There weren’t any houses, but the six to eight years old children, the ten to twelve years old ones … formed a group that functioned as the houses of Hogwarts (own common room, own little kitchen to prepare the breakfasts, every student had his own bedroom (or two children shared a bedroom, … But there were birthday celebrations.

  • kamion

    Robe wrote:

    JK Rowling calls herself Jo Murray in her private life. I see so problem with Hermione Jean Weasley née Granger.

    I think Rowling likes to exscape at times from the ” WEEEEEEEE-ROOOOOOWWWLINGGGG!!! “-effect and using her husband name could be a help…I how ever don’t see a “WEEEEEEE-GRAAAAANGEEEERRR!!!”- effect happen that soon, but I can see her wanting to be a woman in her our right, deserving the respect for her own qualities and not as an extention of a husband. The Wizarding World is on the conservative side, so taking the name of the husband and forgoing the maiden name looks standard to me.
    Narcissa Black turned out to be a mentally much stronger person then her husband and she was introduced as Mrs. Malfoy from the start. I think Hermione will go against the stream and still be Mrs. Hermione Granger.

  • JJB

    I think names have more meaning in the wizarding world. What you call something and how you say it is important–or you could end up with a buffalo on your chest. I imagine Hermione spent a lot of time–from at least fourth year on–visualizing “Weasley” attached to her name and possibly even filled some of that new parchment whose fragrance she liked with “Mrs. Ronald Weasley” or “Hermione Weasley” over and over. If she outlined all of Lockheart’s classes with little hearts I think even our Hermione would have succumbed to the temptation to see her married name in print.

  • Taj

    What if the reason behind the Happy Birthday to Hermione “Granger” is that she simply hasn’t married Ron yet?

  • Huntington

    It’s clearly NOT updated to Weasley because the “epilogue” was only meant as a fantasy sequence for Harry on the night of his battle w/Voldemort. . . clearly he was very tired and thinking about sleeping in the 4-poster in the Gryffindor tower.

    Of course her name isn’t “Weasley”. … can you imagine her marrying that toad? Come on. .

  • kamion

    Taj wrote:

    What if the reason behind the Happy Birthday to Hermione “Granger” is that she simply hasn’t married Ron yet?

    quite a wide streak of independence, “19 years later” is either 2016 or 2017 and with Rose as a first year she is born at the latest in 2006.

  • Anastasia

    Not being married to Ron but still having two children seems a bit far-fetched, don’t you think? Hermione is deffinately an independant woman however she does have a habbit of wanting things to be done the “standard” way!
    I am sure they got married -and if you ask me,then yes she must have been visualising that for years- but I’m also sure she wouldn’t change her surname on no account.This is Hermione we’re talking about!!! I can imagine her thinking that there are better ways of showing Ron how important he is to her, than taking his surname.So, Happy Birthday Hermione and keep rocking!!!

  • Reader2

    Why such hate for Ron?

  • Ginevra Potter

    Yes, Huntington, the epilogue was all a dream. You certainly nailed that one. It worked so well for Dallas when they killed off Bobby only to bring him back the next season that Jo just had to nick that idea, not being gifted with inventing her own and all.

  • Taj

    kaimon and Anastasia, you’re probably right. Oh well. Is it possible that we’re just reading too much into this?

  • Jayni D.

    Right on, Ginevra Potter! Beautifully put. Huntington…wake up!

  • hpboy13

    You said it, Ginevra Potter! But I think we are reading a bit too far into this – it’s possible Jo hasn’t updated the birthday thngy for post-DH stuff. I’m still waiting for Luna’s birthday. So yeah, until we get a new b-day, that’s my theory.

  • Bethany

    WHOA WHOA WHOA!! I don’t think the epilogue is at all a dream, it really was what happened later, why else would she have called it “nineteen years later”? I do think she married Ron because Rose would have had to been born by now, and if she was so scandalized by Harry switching his new book with the Prince’s in book six, can you really see her having children out of wedlock? AND DON’T CALL RON A TOAD!!! He’s my favorite!

    Reading too much into it? Probably…everyone’s known her as Granger for seven books and she was only Weasley for a five page epilogue (if even then as we’ve demonstrated lol) and we’ll probably always refer to her as Hermione Granger. Maybe that’s why it hasn’t changed. And I, too, am looking forward to her putting up the next generation’s b-days. And Scorpius’s mum, who is that?

  • Insel

    maybe she is not married yet? because the epilog takes place in 2017!

  • olivier

    Happy belated Birthday, Hermione!! Sorry, I was away on leave, so I missed the day. Many happy returns!
    Maybe the updated will indeed come later… after all, the lexicon has not updated her sister-in-law Ginny either – she is still a Weasley to them… in spite of being a Potter-Weasley! 🙂

  • Bethany

    Yeah and James, Albus, and Lily aren’t there either. Hmm…

  • LBecker

    Bethany, my vote for Scorpius’ mum is Pansy Parkinson.

  • Reader2

    I believe JKR had deliberately left some wiggle room.

    Hopefully, the missing bots of information will be filled in as each one of our fevorite characters makes an appearence as a WOM.

  • CAM

    I think Professor McGnognal will be next for WOM keeping with the streak Hogwarts professors/founders going.

  • Bandersnatch

    Somehow I can’t see Draco being a wizard of the month. Unless he gets it for being the first wizard in history to both gain and lose the Elder Wand without knowing it!

  • Reader2

    I wouldn’t expect Draco to be a WOM any time soon, but eventually, I think he will get his turn.

    After all, if the Frog Cards can inlcude the likes of Filbert the Fearful, why can WOM include Draco?

    I think each character will get a moment in the spotlight sooner or later.

    Even Vincent Crab might get some recognition for winning the Darwin Award by getting himself killed in the most idiotic way imaginable.

    For the next month, it might very well be McGonagal, but then again it just might be Harry Potter himself.

  • MarauderSandi

    “Unless he gets it for being the first wizard in history to both gain and lose the Elder Wand without knowing it!”

    I like this idea, Bander! LOL!

    *waves at Bear*

    Hmmm…I rather think Hermione would be the type to go by “Hermione Granger Weasley”, with or without a hyphen.

  • kamion

    LBecker wrote:

    Bethany, my vote for Scorpius’ mum is Pansy Parkinson.

    — September 23, 2007 @ 6:44 pm

    my vote is against that, she is a recognisable figure for Potter & Co. and would probably be mentioned.
    The fact, that Scorpius’ mother is only tagged as Draco’s wife, means to me she is so insignificant nobody even noticed her before. The only Slytherin girl I know being so insignificant,that she not even made it to the canon of the books is Tracey Davies. She was a draft in Rowlings notes.

    Besides Pansy isn’t a very nice girl, I think she would clash with Draco’s character on a daily basis and making Scorpius’ life a living hell. I think the rather selfish mr. Malfoy would marry a girl that bends more easier to his quircks and quarks.

  • JJB

    September 19th is the date of the year on which Hermione Granger was born. Since she wasn’t born a Weasley it is natural that her birth name is used rather than her married one, whatever it is.

  • JJB

    As regards Drako’s wife, remember that Slytherins have great ambition, are cunning, and will use any means to achieve their ends. When Drako’s father was on top Drako’s star was also in the ascendancy so a good Slytherin girl like Pansy would desire him. When even someone like Crab perceived that Drako was now a nobody, I can’t see Pansy clinging to a has been. She might try to get back in his good books in the years after the death of Voldemort but Drako doesn’t seem like the type to me to just forgive and forget.

  • JJB

    Three comments in a row I know, but…I just realized –if Fred had lived *sob* and all the Weasley boys had married, when the family got together at Christmas there would have been seven Mrs. Weasleys!

  • Bethany

    Yeah if it were Pansy, she’d have said so I bet. Haha I’m so glad she didn’t get him.

    OMG that’s a lot of Mrs. Weasleys…I’m still sore over Fred…I’ll be crying years from now with the next generation of readers over him…*blows nose*.

  • JJB

    Hermione would have looked to her mother—a professional woman with a practice as a dentist–as a role model for last names upon marrying. Hermione’s mother was Mrs. Granger. Not only that, when Hermione changed her parents’ names to Wendell and Monica she gave them both the name of Wilkins. If Hermione had the temerity to give them a new life I think she would have been willing to assign her mother a name that fit in with her own idea of professional women keeping maiden names–or at least having a name different from the husband–if she were so disposed. It might have complicated their back story to explain to the immigration authorities why they had diferent last names but a small complication like that wouldn’t have slowed down a determined Miss Granger.

  • Tilia

    “if she (Hermione) was so scandalized by Harry switching his new book with the Prince’s in book six, can you really see her having children out of wedlock?”
    Your reasoning comes out of the fact that you are American (I suppose). Cheating is bad because it affects your hard working classmates who don’t have the same chance. But having children out of wedlock – why is that a sin? I mean, who’s the victim?
    But as J.K. Rowling seems to be rather traditional in her views upon the man/woman business, I also believe that she pictured Hermione and Ron getting married before they had children. Even though I am sure there is some nifty, magical way of preventing pregnancy should you as a witch want to know your mr Right-wizard in the Biblical way before the wedding.

  • Reader2

    To answer your question, children are the victims.
    JKR’s books are full of demonstrations how anything the parents do affects the children.

  • Cricket

    What has kept me amused all through the series is how true Hermione was to her birth sign, Virgo. Fussy, detail oriented, and trying to do the right thing.

  • Darcy

    Happy Birthday Hermione

  • Bethany

    I’m not saying it’s a sin! No I really don’t have anything against it, don’t get me wrong, it’s just most people I know would think that it’s worse than switching the cover of a book like Harry did. I’m sorry I led you to the wrong conclusion!

  • Emily

    Umm, you haven’t put up Ron and Hermione’s future marriage and children up on the Lexicon either… Any chance of an update for two of the series’ most loved characters any time soon?

  • I’d like to think Hermione would be a feminist and keep her own surname.

  • Hmmm, just browsed through the other comments. I notice we have some conservatives on the boards. Don’t presume to know JK Rowling’s value-system; if it’s not canon then it’s open to interpretation.

  • Amanda

    hmmm…I have been back and forth on this topic myself, and I think she probably would have used a hyphen. This has been used before in the wizarding world (Professor Grubbly-Plank…I think that’s what it is). I think she would like being a Weasley, but even without poor Fred there are a lot of Mrs. Weasleys running around and I am sure that she would want to separate herself from that in the workplace.

  • Darcy

    Happee belated birthday to Hermione. You are the brightest whitch of your age.

  • JTL

    While it’s traditional in most of the English-speaking world for a woman to take her husband’s name in marriage, I think it less often assumed these days. My mother was a feminist in her own, but took my father’s name because it was still almost universal to do so; my oldest sister kept her own name, while my second oldest sister took her husband’s. Hermione, having been born only on the cusp of Gen-X and -Y, as well as being very sophisticated, especially in terms of international relations, seems more likely to me to keep her own name; see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Married_and_maiden_names for various practices in other cultures.
    Also, while she may have displayed all the signs of puppy love towards Lockhart in Y2, her feelings for Ron run deeper by the end, even while having to wait so long for him to really grow up. Perhaps one could imagine her visualising Weasley tacked onto her name, but it doesn’t seem very much in character to me.

  • Ginnyiscool

    It would soooo be like hermione to keep her name. by the way, she and ron would never never never!!! have a child out of wedlock. Ever!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Hermione!!!! you’re my 2nd favorite character!!!!