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October 2007 WotM is… Harry Potter!


The new Wizard of the Month for October 2007 has appeared on Jo’s site, and Lo and Behold it’s Harry!!
His description states:

Harry Potter
(1980 – )
The Boy Who Lived, only known survivor of the Avada Kedavra curse and conqueror of Lord Voldemort, also known as Tom Riddle. Harry Potter joined the reshuffled Auror Department under Kingsley Shacklebolt at age 17, rising to become Head of said department in 2007.

We can’t help but be elated, and proud of our favorite boy wizard. Hurray for Harry Potter Day, October 31st!

I notice that the info about Harry is hidden behind a Spoiler Dark Mark, and a quick check of the Help tab says the spoiler warnings are for Half-Blood Prince… wonder if that will be changed to Deathly Hallows any time soon?


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  • CAM

    WOW 17! Way to go on becoming a top Auror so quickly. I wonder how Harry was able to skip all that trainging. I guess by catching the Darkest wizard of all.

  • roonwit

    If he joined the auror department at 17, he didn’t go back to do another year at Hogwarts. He might have gone straight to the auror department at the end of DH, or might have (with help from the teachers) crammed for his exams in the month or so still left of the book 7 school year.

  • Taj

    WAIT! Auror “Department”? In the books, it was called the Auror “Office”. By “reshuffled,” does Jo mean the term were switched up?

    Otherwise it would be strange for the Aurors to have their own department, like Magical Transport, Law Enforcement, etc.

  • roonwit

    The post-DH webchat says department as well, but “headquarters” is also used as well as “office”. It may just be loose terminology.

  • Bandersnatch

    I wonder if Jo is going to use the WOTM from now on to give us all the information on what happened to each character between 1998 and 2017 (or at least 2007/8), the info that didn’t end up being in the Epilogue. How cool would that be?

  • YAY, Harry!
    Maybe Neville will be the next WotM.
    That would be so rockin’.

  • Kaz

    Harry may have combined NEWTs with Auror training. 7th year studies at Hogwarts would have seemed a bit tame after knocking off Voldemort! Although at least he would have been able to study with Ginny.

    As for Neville, that’d be cool, but I’d like to see Hermione and Ron next.

  • CAM

    That is a good point about the NEWTS. I wonder if Harry, Ron, and Hermione took them? They would have to technically to become Aurors. Also I thought that you had to go through four years of training to become a full Auror. Hermione would have wanted to take hers anyway! Who would be the Minister of Magic at the end of DH, my automatic assumption would have been Kingsley even though he was very young at the time.

  • John

    Go Harry and new canon! I had submitted to defeat for some time about the WoTM, but, still yay!!

  • hpboy13

    Oh, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, seeing our Harry grown up and WotM! Bravo, Harry – ya did it in the end!

  • This new info makes me so squeeful! 🙂

    I hope the next 2 are Ron and Hermione – and then Neville would be good.

    Oh and I love the picture that goes along with it 🙂

  • jeff

    Next month should be Severus Snape. And then we should expect Ron and Hermoine, Neville and finally Ginny.

  • jamie1putt

    Does anyone think this will be the last update on jk’s website… the do not disturb never came back….

  • Kevin F.

    “the Help tab says the spoiler warnings are for Half-Blood Prince… wonder if that will be changed to Deathly Hallows any time soon?”

    Well, considering that the Lexicons text-only front page still has Deathly Hallows listed as “Book 7″… 😀

    Haha, Kevin! You’re right! My first thought was “we have a text-only page?” I’m afraid that’s one of the dusty corners of the Lexicon that gets neglected. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. 🙂

  • kamion

    sort of making the movie make-up in combination of the UK children cover canon.
    But the info sort of stinks, it’s in contradition with the position of Shacklebolt at the last pages of DH, it confuses department with office and ignores the fact that Harry is technically a school drop-out.
    I get the feeling that the Post-DH information given is far from solidified and sorted out.

  • JJB

    Scrimgeor hinted to Harry in HBP that his cherished wish to become an auror could be made to happen, suggesting that the Minister of Magic has quite a lot of power and that certain rules can be got around. It’s likely that the three years of auror training would fill the gaps left by an uncompleted seventh year. Perhaps this would be McGonagal’s chance to help Harry achieve the required results! Lol

  • Xammer

    Yesterday I thought it will be Harry and I hoped that we shall find out the year of death… but oh, no, no new canon information!

  • Hedwig June

    THAT’S MY BOY!!!!! It’s all happening RIGHT NOW!!! Oh, Jo, could you possibly be any more wonderful?

    *ROFL* Only just noticed the getup! Is that canon now, too? Or have we decided that the illustrators of her website are not canon? Ah well. If Jo approves….:D

  • SaphyrStar

    He may have joined the department as a traineeand then gotten “certified” later.

    Hmm, if this is canon then by 2017 (epilogue) he’ll have been head of the department/office/whatever for 10 years. Seems like it would be time to move on to something else…

  • selia

    I have always thought that to become an Auror, you undergo the training as a member of the Auror Office, sort of auror in training or something. I think you can (even have to) be member of the office ot do alle that yuears of extra training.

  • aillinne

    In HBP there were created a few new offices (as Scrimgeour and Ministry’s response to LV’s return), ex.: Arthur Weasley’s Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects. I think, it’s possible that the Auror Office became under Shacklebolt a wholly new Department. It was “promoted” so to speak…(and now it could be independent of Depatment of Magical Law Enforcement).

  • Kaz

    Didn’t Jo say once that there were no wizard universities? So training of new aurors would have to be undertaken by the auror department, therefore to say he “joined” the department makes perfect sense! And he could have incorporated Newts into it.

    I was surprised to see Harry illustrated in his Hogwarts robes though…

  • Firebird

    I gotta say, that’s a REALLY young age to join the Ministry, let alone the Auror department…

  • JJB

    At first seventeen seemed young to me too but everyone pursuing a career in the Ministry begins at approximately that age—unless they take a trip around the world and then you add two months *laughs at Elphias Doge’s reckoning*. Harry’s joining the ministry at this point helps clear up a small point for me. In DH Tonks is described as Mad-Eye’s “favorite and protegee at the ministry.” In OP she revealed she had only qualified a year earlier but that would have been at the same time that Mad-Eye was already retired and hired to teach at Hogwarts. If the auror training takes place on the job so to speak, Mad-Eye and Tonks could have been at the ministry together for up to three years. My guess is less than that since Moody “came out of retirement” to teach which implies being off the job more than a few days.

    By the way… “under Kingsley Shacklebolt” to me means under him as the Minister of Magic, not as the Head of the Auror Department.

  • sstabeler

    As for head of Auror department/MLE, what’s to say that the Auror office wasn’t upgraded to a full department? and under Kingsley is indeed with Kingsley as Minister, but remember that there was no MLE head at the time, Yaxley having been captured or gone into hiding. Also, as for Harry joining the department, the way I see it, trainees are still members of the department. As for how come Harry became an Auror even though he only had OWLs- he had proved he was skilled by defeating Lord Voldemort, so I imagine they waived the grade requirements. Either that, or he sat the exams while in Auror training.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    Harry will have defeated Voldemort (or something like) but there are certain subjects important for aurors that Harry hasn’t passed on school. Moreover, in HP7 Hermione casted more spells than Harry. I really don’t believe he could ignore his seventh year on Hogwarts…

  • Naomi

    I agree that the training that Aurors need is important, but let us not forget that Harry defeated the most powerful dark wizard who ever lived. Somehow I find it quite unlikely that the Auror Dept., least of all Kingsley, would have split hairs over the fact that Harry didn’t have the required N.E.W.T.s. Harry’s whole life has been Auror training. Plus I have a feeling that his experiences allowed him to “test out” of a lot of the training.

    Just my opinion. :p

  • Marco


    Original Head of Law Enforcement Squad was Pius Thicknesse, who became later Minister, after Voldemort snatched the Ministry. Ticknesse was rather under the Imperius Curse than a real criminal. Maybe he recieved mercifully his old job back.

    Head of Auror Office was Gawain Robbards (HBP, Ch.16)

  • olivier

    Congrats, Harry, on being Wizard of the Month – even if that could just as easily be “of the Year” or “of the Decade”!
    But seeing that Harry turns 17 at the beginning of D.H. and it ends in May – that leaves barely a couple of month or so for the Auror training, and as some other readers pointed out this still requires a heck of a training… well, on the other side, Kingsley probably needed some good and trustworthy Aurors as quickly as possible!
    And I also wonder who the next WoM will be; the choice is wast: Hermione Weasley-Granger, Ron Weasley, Ginny Potter-Weasley, Minerva McGonnagal, Remus Lupin, Severus Snape… and so on!

  • SaphyrStar

    DH takes place during his 7th year. Would HRH really go back to Hogwarts after that? Well, Hermione of course would, but I’m not so sure about the boys. On the job training seems more likely for them.

    Which only leaves the question of how Ron qualified as an Auror–maybe they felt that his experience to that point was good enough too.

  • Grace has Victory

    JJB, I think it very likely that Auror training is on-the-job, as it’s the equivalent of the Muggle police (“copper”) force. British police are trained on the job.

    I too am a little surprised that Harry was not required to finish NEWTs, but possibly he made them up later. He would certainly learn enough in training to be able to sail through the major NEWTs easily.

    I’d also like to know how Ron BOTH became an Auror and found time to help George in the shop. Did JKR change her mind and not realise she had told us both? Or is Ron just very, very efficient when he’s motivated? I really like both career options for him, and I would love to believe that he did both!

  • JJB

    As to Ron being accepted as an auror. perhaps they noticed he helped break into Gringotts–and more importantly–get out alive. Honestly, it pains me to admit it, Ron and Harry both appear to have slacked off in theirstudies throughout their school years. Perhaps auror training would make them realize what they are studying is necessary and they won’t approach it as if it were Tralawney’s class. Frankly, I’m hoping they show us a bit more serious application than heretofore. Still, they did better than Dawlish

  • Bandersnatch

    The Lightmaker illustrations are absolutely not canon (*coughsilverslytherinlocketcough*), so don’t get yourselves in a tizzy about the Hogwarts robes.

  • jensenly

    Finally! Harry with super-green eyes!

  • Northerner

    I know it is easy to say afterwards, but I actually suspected that it might be Harry Potter next after Dumbledore, the only problem that made me somewhat hesitate was that either, Rowling had to reveal information about the ending or she would have to say very little, though that problem seem to have been solved. I guess that Ron Weasley will be the next wizard of the month, then Hermione Granger. Ron was Harry’s first friend and the bound has somewhat nearly always been tighter between them, when they were on speaking terms, I mean.

  • Northerner

    Er, the timeline of Rownging’s site has not been updated with the new Wizard of the month.

    Wow. I’m really happy to hear that someone actually looks at that page! I’ll get right to it!

  • Krabat

    Perhaps it’s hard to say, but anyhow I’m a bit disappointed by Harry’s career… it seems much to “normal” to me.

  • Bethany

    Congrats Harry we love you!

  • Oryx

    I disagree that Harry’s defeat of Voldemort should have given him a leg up in his career as an Auror. Most of that year he sat in a tent and did nothing. At least Hermione went over the books. And his victory over Voldemort came for a large part due to unique things that would not help him with other Dark wizards such as the scar connection, Lily’s sacrifice, mastery of the Elder Wand which he came by as a result of chance events and the fact that Voldemort had used Harry’s blood for resurrecting himself. At the time the war ended Harry was more knowledgeable than others his age in particular fields of Dark Arts and DADA and had more combat experience than any other recent Hogwarts graduate, so I can see giving him free credit in DADA but his knowledge in other fields, particularly Transfiguration and Potions is seriously lacking. Unless he had a crash course with McGonagall, Slughorn and whichever other teachers.

  • Taj

    I would love it if McGonagall herself trained Harry, as she promised to that old toad Umbridge. This Thursday is McGonagall’s birthday too! She’s my favorite character, so I hope Jo includes her on the WotM calendar some time.

  • Taj

    I am undecided on whether Harry went through training right after joining the Auror department. Here’s my logic: Voldemort’s just been defeated, but his Death Eaters are still roaming around. In their fury at their master’s death, they still pose a danger to the wizarding world. Kingsley is a very smart man, and he knows that Harry is a skilled wizard (Don’t forget he was able to produce a corporeal Patronus at age 13) and has just defeated the most powerful, feared Dark wizard ever. So, of course, Kingsley is going to overlook training and put Harry on the field right away.

  • jeff

    Lets not forget that the Ministry basically collapsed when Voldemort and the death eaters took over. After Voldemort’s downfall we should be able to imagine that all the rules concerning how the Ministry worked would have been open to reinterpretation under whoever would become the new Minister. All departments would have to be purged and any new Minister would be free to bring in new people whom he thought would best serve the wizarding world. For sure Harry Potter would be an asset and definitely a rallying point in the new government to prove it was making a new beginning free from the influence of dark wizard sympathizers it had suffered from since the first war against Voldemort. I do not think they would be so concerned with Harry’s, Ron’s or Hermoine’s test grades or even completion of school after what they proved in risking all and doing what no qualified wizards seemed to be able to do… rally a army and defeat Voldemort.
    More over, Neville went on to become a professor at Hogwarts without finishing his last year of classes and Ginny missed a good part of the 6th year also.
    I dont think the wizarding world is beyond granting “rank” based on experience as an equal to a school diploma or test score. Besides like a previous poster noted, Auror training or any advanced training is under an apprenticeship program to begin with, being that there are no Wizard Universities. And there are many professions which require training far beyond a 7 year Hogwarts education such as healer, auror, law enforcement, etc…

  • Oryx

    We do not know that none of them completed the missing parts of their educations. We do know Hagrid was allowed to teach despite being expelled after 3 years so perhaps Neville was not required to do anything beyond what he already had, and Ginny’s Quidditch career certainly did not require her to sit any NEWTs, though she may have done so just as well (to please her parents if nothing else). But I can envision the next few years at Hogwarts with classes having students of mixed ages because of time spent away from school during the two years on the second Voldemort war.

  • JJB

    What would have impressed Kingsley enough to make an exception to the normal rules for Harry–even more than defeating LV–would have been Harry’s participation in planning and carrying out penetration into the MoM and the Gringott’s heist. Merely staying alive for more than a year would have impressed Kingsley too. Getting away from Malfoy Manor wasn’t exactly child’s play either. As Hermione pointed out in CS years ago, most wizards don’t have a shred of logic and would be trapped in any predicament requiring them to think their way out. Like Tonks, Harry could get good marks on concealment without studying because, though not a metamorphmagus, he has Ignotus’s Invisibility Cloak. While he didn’t do it alone, Harry demonstrated an advanced ability to plan, coordinate with a team, modify a plan on the fly, and effectively use disguises as part of a plan—all highly valuable to an auror and very difficult to teach. Yes, Harry absolutely needs more training but it’s really only a matter of putting in some extra work on weak areas since he won’t have to work as hard in others. Besides, it’s often true that even when a subject was taken before, once you get to college it seems as though you are learning the subject all over again. *sigh* I can’t count the number of times I wished I had learned the material the first time around!

  • roonwit

    Neville probably only missed a couple of weeks of teaching so he could catch up relatively easily. Ginny missed perhaps a month but she had another year to go so she could catch up as well. Luna missed four months or so, and would find it more difficult. Harry missed 7 or 8 months of teaching, and it doesn’t sound like Ron and Harry studied much on their camping trip. Maybe the teachers made a special effort to get them though their exams, but I think it is perhaps more likely that Kingsley took Harry on straight away, and allowed him time off to finish his teaching once most of the death eaters were caught, and the auror office had been put back into reasonable working order.

  • Marco

    Additional to Harry, Ron and Hermione all Muggleborns didn´t attend Hogwarts in 97/98, since they were barred, so they had to make also that year good somehow. So Hogwarts had to host a few more students than usual for the next 7 years.

    Another subject:

    I wonder, who had produced the painting of Harry on JKRs page. It displays Harry in schooluniform shown in the films rather than canon schoolrobes.

  • hpboy13

    I think that they all just received crash courses at the end of DH, and then went on with their careers. Sitting in a school for another year would seem sorta pointless when they had parts done already. The Muggleborns probably did repeat the year though. And JJB basically summed it up – I’m sure the Ministry will be begging Harry to join after all he’s done, and Ron as well.

  • roonwit

    I wouldn’t have thought that there would be displaced students for 7 years. Those in exam years will probably have to resit the year, but others could probably catch up on missed time, with sympathetic teaching, and possibly summer schooling.

  • Patrick

    I also have to wonder about the robes with color being considered cannon. While it would deffinetly make House-identification a lot easier, nothing of the sorts is ever mentioned in the novel.

    And Bandersnatch was right, Slytherin’s locket was portrayed silver. I won’t lie, that irked me: So much, actually, I photoshopped the image I saved to my computer to be gold!

    But yeah, I’m with everyone else looking for more WotM’s to be some of our well known characters (Luna, hopefully). I enjoy seeing the lexicon updated with new info!
    (On that note, I’d like to point out that Cave Inimicum isn’t in the Spell index…*I’m a nerd*)


  • I kind of wondered before why Harry wasn’t earlier as the WotM, but now that I think about it I’m pretty sure it’s because Voldemort killed his parents and all that in October, which most normal people probably noticed, but I didn’t.
    Not that I’m normal!

  • Da Jones

    The colored robes etc… I honestly believe that JKR believes that there are a few things or ideas in the movies that were improvements on her own writing. She’s praised the moving stairs for instance and Hermiones punch of Malfoy crept into the books. In revised editions I expect even more movie creep.

    In a lot of ways the movies are edits of the books.

    My prediction of the next 12 months of cards. 1. Ginny 2. Ron 3. Hermione 4.Snape 5. Neville 6. Luna 7. Rolf
    8.Remus 9 Tonks 10. Mad-Eye Moody 11. Colin Creevey 12. Lavender Brown (with her death listed as May 1998).

    At what point though does JKR’s site become a bit less about Harry Potter and a bit more about her other writing.

    When is she going to post info on her Detective Novel for instance? And would the Lexicon cover that to some extent since it is not a HArry Potter novel.

  • Reader2

    Even though the book never mentions any house distinction on the robes, there are sentences like “Harry saw a group of Ravenclaws walk by”.
    The book is open to the idea that students have some way of telling who is in which house.

    DA JOnes,
    Why would you expect Rolf, a character out of nowhere to appear on the site so soon?
    And what about Snape?
    Ane how about McGonogal?
    Come to think of it, Voldemort should appear some time soon.
    He is evil, but he is also crusial to the plot.
    Besides, WOM had already introduced a cople of criminals (Platt and McTavish), why not the biggest one of all?

  • Jameswys

    I love the new information but I now need to re-write my fan fic.

  • Char

    I said last month when Dumbledore was WotM, that I hoped it was Harry next… and my wish came true!!!

    But I didn’t realise at first that you had to click on the dark mark to be able to read about him, and wondered how people were talking about this detail *slaps hands on forehead*

  • Clock_maker

    DA Jones… (or anyone who can help) Who’s Rolf?

  • In a Live Chat on the Bloomsbury website on July 30, 2007 Jo answered many questions about the future circumstances of the characters. Rolf is the name she gave for Luna’s future husband, the grandson of Newt Scammander (who wrote Fantastic Beasts!).

  • JJB

    DA Jones, I don’t recall a specific mention of Lavender Brown being killed. She was stirring feebly when Fenrir went after her but no other mention that I recall was made. While we are at it, wasn’t Lavender a Muggle-Born? She was in the Room of Requirement when the trio arrived and thus was apparently attending Hogwarts before taking refuge in the room.

  • Oryx

    Regarding the schooling of kids Harry’s age, I realize that Wizarding Britain suffered many losses to its workforce, not only as a result of the battle (many of those killed were working adults) but also during the year or two leading to it. I think the Ministry and other employers were anxious for new workers. I suppose places where normally NEWT level qualifications are required were willing to take people with proof of OWL level qualifications aand partial NEWT training and complete their relevant education on the job.

    Regarding Lavender’s blood status – the books don’t mention anything specific, but in POA she did not know what the Grim was which suggests she was raised by Muggles.

  • olivier

    To JJB, your remark about Harry and Ron being better than Dawlish is of course quite right… on the other hand that the latter had quite a bad streak: Twice hexed by Dumbledore, by Dirk Creswell and -last but not least- by Augusta Longbottom (and I’m not sure that this is already a complete list)… so, I wouldn’t be too surprised if the poor guy is now wearing navy-blue robes when in the Ministry… 🙂

  • Reader2

    JJB and Oryx,

    According to the Classlist, Lavander is pure-blood.
    Although, the same list says that Terry Boot is muggleborn, and we know he was at Hogwarts.
    Than again, may be he forged his background, like Dirk Cresswell.

  • JJB and Reader2, I’m pretty sure Lavender is a half-blood, because if I recall correctly, Lavender was one of the people on PoA who didn’t know what a Grim was. If my recollection is correct, Lavender is most likely a Muggleborn or half-blood.
    Of course, I’m probably wrong.

  • roonwit

    I agree that the Ministry will be recruiting strongly to replace those killed under Voldemort, and those who were tainted by what they did under Voldemort’s regime. (Kingsley’s clean record is probably why he was made temporary Minister, probably Arthur would get promoted as well because he would be someone Kingsley would trust though Arthur might want to go back to something muggle related after the Ministry was back in reasonable shape). I would guess Harry had a big say in how the new auror department was structured even before he was made head.

  • Ciara

    WOW I’m seeing a lot of critisim on Harry. I’m very happy about his career and the fact that he got what he always wanted, a stable home life, and a life spent catching dark wizards and making sure that nobody else has to go through what he did.

  • Naazju

    I would agree with those who have stated that Harry (and anyone else who got hired quickly after the War with Voldemort) got more on the job training while hired for their department or were able to do something equivalent to summer school, especially since the Final Battle was at the beginning of May and the regular school year doesn’t start until 4 months later. That would do a bit to help them catch up. Well, Ron and Harry at least. But congratulations to him for becoming Head of the department so young!

  • Oh congratulations Harry! And that’s great, now we have new canon dates o/

  • kamion

    You know, in all the knitpicking we over look one fact: in spite of the air of conservatism the Wizarding World is years ahead on having a black as “head of state” in a Western society.

  • JJB

    OK, in praise of Harry… Like Dumbledore’s discovery of the 12 uses of dragon’s blood, Harry should be hailed as the discoverer/verifier of the 5 magical means of overcoming the Avada Cadavra Curse. The fake Moody told us there are no means of blocking the Avada Cadavra. We discovered in the battle at the Ministry that the Avada Cadavra can be physically blocked–the headless wizard’s statue or the Phoenix–but the fake Moody was speaking of no “magical means” of blocking it and there had been only one person who ever survived–for reasons unknown. Now we know…

    1. have someone else actively sacrifice their life for you to protect you against the wizard who cursed them
    2. to be the blood donor for the magical rebirthing of a portion of soul that lost its body when the re-born wizard is the one trying to curse you
    3. To use a spell, such as Expelliarmus, to block the Avada Cadavra when the wizard casting the curse has a wand with a twin core.
    4. having someone who has gone through #2 to “try” to dy for you–the one time someone’s good intentions count for something–so that the re-born wizard can’t hurt you
    5. to be the Master of the wand that disarmed the Master of the Elder Wand while another performs the Avada Cadavra against you using the Elder wand *phew*

    Unfortunately, many of these methods require something highly disagreeable, especially to someone else, to make the defense possible. One requires a highly rare phenomenon–twin cores–and the fifth may eventually be impossible if Harry is successful in dying a natural death. One may question the value of these methods if it requires human sacrifice or carrying around several thousand wands containing the twin core of any wizard who might try to curse you.
    Still, being the first to discover/verify something is an achievement even if others can’t count on benefiting from the discovery and worthy of mention on a Chocolate Frog Card.

  • Taj

    kamion, I don’t think skin color is an issue in the wizarding world – rather, it’s all about blood “purity”. So if there existed a black Black, I doubt prejudiced pure-bloods would continue to discriminate against that wizard because of his blood.

  • sstabeler

    of course, if the avada kedavra can’t be blocked, what happens when two avada kedavra curses collide? (not twin core?)

  • Marco


    to the subject of Dawlish

    Dawlisch is surely a somewhat poor combat wizard, but however, he have had “Outstanding” in all his NEWT.

    So he doesn´t neccessarily have to work in the Magical Maintenance. Another fitable mission for him may be the new -and now permanent- DADA professor

  • JJB

    In DH as Harry escaped Privet Drive with Hagrid, it was noted that “red and green collided in midair in a shower of multicolored sparks and Harry thought wildly of fireworks…” DH CH 4 p. 57. I wondered at the time if this was a form of magical blocking of the ACC but we only have canon to go on. Harry was told from the beginning of the unusualness of his surviving the ACC and we presume that, though an imposter, Mad-Eye taught his DADA classes correctly about the Unforgivable Curses. We are never told that ACC is the only curse or spell resulting in green light—it is perfectly possible to send up green sparks for example.

    If two duelers point at each other and Avada Cadavra each other at exactly the same time and pointing at each other in such a way as to meet, what will happen? I suspect it would be like two people dueling with lethal lasers—the light will join for a point but pass through unobstructed and hit the other dueler.

  • Brian

    Not a surprise to me. I knew he would be an Auror, and he proved by defeating Voldemort that he didn’t need the training or that seventh year at Hogwarts. Currently Head of the Department now, at the ripe old age of 27. Way to go, Harry! 😀

  • Elizabeth

    I guess that Harry, Ron and Hermione didn’t go back to Hogwarts for their 7th year after the battle. Well, I bet it would’ve taken a while to rebuild the castle, even with Grawp’s help. I’m so happy that Harry became an Auror!

  • Elizabeth

    Wouldn’t it be cool if all of us Harry Potter fans turned Halloween into Harry Potter Day too!!!

  • Bethany

    ooooooo I want Ron to be WOTM soon that would be sweeeeeeet

  • Remi

    Congrats, Harry. Thrilled to know your professional dreams have come true.
    I was born on Halloween and would be THRILLED if 10/31 became known as Harry Potter Day!

    Nice sum of the ways one can survive the AK curse, JJB. Your No. 1 way seems the most important, but I’m wondering if the fifth way actually needs the use of the Elder Wand. Can’t one survive the AK curse IF you have previously won the allegiance of your opponent’s dueling wand? Where’s Ollivander when you need him???

  • Amanda

    Congratulations Harry! So glad you finally got some peace in your life!!!!

  • Sibylle

    JJB, that’s a very good summary. Only I’m pretty sure that at least two of them HAVE to be done without knowing what’s going to happen.
    1. If Lily knew that in sacrificing herself she would give Harry a protection against Voldemort, I seriously doubt it would have worked. Also, it depends on the nature of the sacrifice : Jo said very clearly that Lily was not the first one to die for her child, only she was the first mother to die for her child ” in this particular way “, meaning when being offered to live if she stepped aside. If you want my opinion that’s a bit far-fetched because I seriously doubt she was the only one to even do that but anyway, that’s what Jo said.
    4 has to be selfless anyway so I doubt it would work if someone knows what’s going to happen, it worked for Harry because he genuinely thought he was going to die. Again, I’m pretty sure at least someone else was offered that – to die alone to protect others but Jo said.
    2,3 and 5 work pretty well, although I seriously doubt that the occasion offered in 2 happens that often :p For 3 and 5, one can argue that the wands somehow ” knew ” about the prophecy and recognized the true winner ( Harry ) before he was even one so there has to be a prophecy attached to it and also that 5 must have some flaws because otherwise how can the Elder Wand possibly change masters ?
    3 seems to be the more reliable of them all, in the end.

  • JJB

    I agree that the magical blocking of the AKC (sorry for previous misspelling—what was I on?) takes some unintended sacrifices which may explain why these magical methods of blocking haven’t been discovered or at least proven previously and why these methods aren’t necessarily replicable. I think they must have been known in theory at least though because Dumbledore knew of Lily’s sacrifice which he counted upon to protect Harry at his aunt’s. Also, the fifteen-year-old Tom Riddle recognized the potential of a loving sacrifice as well, “So. Your mother died to save you. Yes, that’s a powerful countercharm.” CS Ch. 17 p. 317

    RE counting on the Elder wand to block an AK Curse. The whole “Master of the Elder Wand” concept is a bit woolly and even canon is contradictory. If the Master of the Elder Wand (MEW) cannot be defeated in a duel then Grindlewald really did conjure a white flag rather than lose to Dumbledore. If he really did lose then the assumptions regarding its ownership are other than Harry and Dumbledore believed. Grindlewald stole the wand without killing its owner–we still can’t know if Gregoravich was the mere owner or the MEW–Dumbledore won the wand, Drako conquered Dumbledore, Harry disarmed Drako and appeared to prove he was the MEW by the result of his duel with Voldemort. Still, how did he become the MEW if we can’t demonstrate that the owners in the earlier part of the sequence were also the MEW. I’m willing to believe the wand chooses the wizard and the Elder Wand decided to recognize Harry but that means it could choose someone else at some point in the future whether Harry dies a natural death or not, as long as it resurfaces. As to how the Elder Wand ever changes Masters… in the Tale of the Three Brothers the first brother is murdered in his sleep but wasn’t defeated in a duel. I think it presumptuous to assume murder is required for the Elder Wand to be passed on. There are long gaps in the history of the wand which may merely reflect a peaceful exchange from one owner to the next.

    So, did Harry’s use of the Master vs Elder Wand loophole to block the AKC constitute a quirk or point to an example applicable for all owners of wands that conquered the allegiance of the wand held by the wizard trying to cast the AKC? I believe it must hold true only for the Elder Wand because the possibility of encountering the scenario with ordinary wands is actually not that unlikely. If it provided protection I think someone would have noted it by now.

    As to the need for a prophecy for the twin core to work… Olivander was able to explain to Voldemort what happened between the two wands in the graveyard—because this effect was already known—but not what happened when Harry shot gold flames and shattered Mr. Malfoy’s wand as a result of the prophesied connection between Harry and Voldemort—which was an unknown phenomenon.

  • chickwhoscored

    Yay!!!! I have my fingers crossed for Severus for next month!!!! I so hope he gets it!


    Since Harry, Ron and Hermione weren’t the only students that didn’t finish that year of shcool, maybe the teachers at HW would give them special “make-up” classes to pass that years exams…