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Happy Birthday Minerva McGonagall


The Wizard of the Month calendar on Jo’s official site is right on schedule and now displaying Happy Birthday wishes to Minerva McGonagall for October 4th.


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  • Brian

    Hey, Minerva! Happy birthday to our favorite Transfiguration teacher!

  • hpboy13

    Happy brithday Professor McGonagall! You are so one of my fave characters, you totally kicked butt against Umbridge!

  • Naazju

    Dear Professor McGonagall, you stood up for the students when it seemed all hope was lost. Thank you for your outstanding courage and the amazing example you are! Happy birthday!

  • Good job in the battle of Hogwarts, Professor.
    I love your desks!

  • John

    Good job McGonagall! I admire your spirit, even though you were tossed about by Voldemort, I loved the desks, and the patronuses happy birthday headmistress!

  • Clock_maker

    Many happy returns Minerva.

    Fred Weasley (son of George) has not been added to the weasley family page

  • moony =luna lupin

    Happy birthday professor! The way you teach the students is an example how a teacher should do this. Lupin also did it in the correct way, but you are my second favorite teacher. Your loyalty to professor Dumbledore and to the school is also admirable. Your sense of humour is also fantastic: the way you replied to Umbridge when she asked marieta why she was shaking her head (op27) or the way you captured the Carrows in Ravenclaw’s common room! Happy birthday!

  • Taj

    Happy birthdays wishes to my favorite character from the beginning to the end of the entire Potter saga! Where would Hogwarts be without you, Minerva?

  • Taj

    A timeline…
    c. 1924: Born on October 4, as either a half-blood or pure-blood (she wouldn’t have been teaching at Hogwarts in “Deathly Hallows” if she was a Muggle-born)

    c. 1935: Enters Hogwarts, Sorted into Gryffindor

    c. 1940: Sits her O.W.L.s

    c. 1942: Sits her N.E.W.T.s, graduates from Hogwarts

    1956: Begins teaching at Hogwarts in December, replacing Albus Dumbledore as Transfiguration professor (and Head of Gryffindor House at this time too?)

    1970s: Joins the Order of the Phoenix

    1981: Observes the Dursleys, delivers Harry to them with Dumbledore (November 1)

    1996: Receives four Stunners to the chest from Umbridge & co. Sent to St. Mungo’s and makes a full recovery later that month.

    1997: Becomes Headmistress of Hogwarts upon the death of Dumbledore in June, later to be replaced by Severus Snape on September 1

    1998: Leading defender of Hogwarts during the battle in May, fighting Lord Voldemort himself and resuming her post as Headmistress

    2017: By this time, an aging Professor McGonagall has retired.

  • JJB

    Happiest of birthdays Minerva! What a privilege for me to share a birthdate with such a formidable–yet loveable–witch! From beginning to end, first book to last, M. McGonagall shows us what she is made of and it isn’t all observable in her stern exterior. Professor McGonagall was the first to weep over the deaths of Lily and James in the first chapter of the first book and was the first to shriek her grief over Harry’s “death” in the last regular chapter of the last book. Still, she didn’t so much as flinch when her own moment of proof came. I got chills the first time I read the conversation between Flitwick, Sprout, and McGonagall–the wise, the loyal, and the brave. (DH Ch. 30 p. 600):

    “You realize, of course, that nothing we do will be able to keep out You-Know-Who indefinitely?” squeaked Flitwick.
    “But we can hold him up,” said Professor Sprout.
    “Thank you, Pomona,” said Professor McGonagall, and between the two witches there passed a look of grim understanding.

    It still gives me goosebumps! On Harry’s word alone invoking Dumbledore’s orders they were prepared to give their all for Harry and Hogwarts, fully understanding it meant probable death. They didn’t think in terms of “holding off” Voldemort, only of holding him up. Harry might have been Master of Death but Minerva and Pomona were Mistresses of it.

    I could rhapsodize endlessly on her great qualities and memorable moments but instead say join me in honoring Minerva McGonagall! *sounds of the scraping of benches as everyone in the Hall stands, raises their glasses, and says, Minerva McGonagall!*

  • olivier

    Happy Birthday, Minerva McGonagall – my favourite tabby (after my own)! I love the way you teach, and your humour, dry as a can be (“Would you like a cough-drop, Dolores?” – “We teacher are rather good at magic, you know” – )! Many happy returns!

  • sstabeler

    Happy birthday Minerva McGonagall. Good job holding off Lord Voldemort. A worthy headmistress. ( by the way, who said McGonagall has retired by the time of the epilogue? Dumbledore was 115 in HBP, McGonagall would be 92 in the epilogue. Sure, Slughorn retired at about that age, but he wanted the comfortable things in life.)

  • Reader2

    McGonagall is bound to be WOM within a year.
    Hopefuly, that will give us the date of her retirement, and, may be, something from her background.
    I would be happy to know aything.
    She is one of those characters whose past is still a mistery.

  • Sibylle

    Happy Birthday, Professor ! You’ve always been my favourite teacher from day one and are an incredible role model for anyone.

  • Elizabeth

    Happy (86?) Birthday, Minerva !!!

    “He (Snape) has, to use the common phrase, done a bunk.” (DH, 31)

  • Taj

    When is the new information from “Deathly Hallows” going to be added to McGonagall’s page?

  • Taj

    sstabeler, Jo revealed in her TODAY Show interview (http://www.accio-quote.org/articles/2007/0726-today-vieira1.html) that Professor McGonagall had retired as Headmistress because she “was really getting on a bit.”

  • JJB

    This may be only obliquely related but did anyone notice the voice of the narrator for Wednesday night’s premier of Pushing Up Daisies? It’s just that Jim Dale’s narration and vocal interpretation of the HP characters has always been at least half of my delight in the HP series. And it is his Professor McGonagall–reportedly a faithful representation of his Scottish aunt’s voice–I hear every time I read it. If you’ve never heard his rendering of “Moody, is that a student?” then you really haven’t lived! 😀

  • hpboy13

    JJB summed it up nicely – McGonagall is a true Gryffindor. What I always loved about her is that although she was on Harry’s side, she didn’t think “the sun shone out of his every orifice” – I love her tough but fair attitude.

  • Ashley

    Happy birthday Min. Truly a hero in your own right!

  • Elle

    Ah, one of my favourite characters. She’s one of the most realistic and three-dimensional – there’s definitely more to her than meets the eye. Minerva, you are an inspiration to us all.

  • Marco

    I wonder, whether her age given by JKR previously can be considered still correct.We knew now, that in the case of Dumbledore it is not.

    If Prof. McGonagall was actually born in 1925, she must have been contemporary in Hogwarts with Tom Riddle and be witness of the death of Moaning Myrtle and the subsequent expulsion of Hagrid. But none of this was ever mentioned in the book.

    But she was mentioned as “sprinting”, as she sheparded the galloping desks, so she can´t be that old. Or she had done much sports in former times, possibly active Quidditch player.

    And since she knows, that Augusta Longbottom had failed her Charms OWL, she might have been also contemporary of her. But it is also possible, that she was teacher of Augusta Longbottom.

  • Reader2

    Aren’t you glad to know that your question will be answered?
    If nothing else, WOM is bound to give us an exact birthyear.

  • aillinne

    Happy Birthday Professor! I’ll do something constructive and find Peeves! -_^


    I think you forgot in your comment about McGonnagal’s Hogwarts’ years, that there’s September-September system in UK, which means Minerva did NOT entered Hogwarts on 1st September 1935 (she was at this time ten years and eleven months old and you must turn eleven before going to school) but a year later on 1st September 1936. People born between 1st September 1923 and 31 August 1924 went to Hogwarts on 1st September 1935 BUT people born between 1st September 1924 and 31 August 1925 entered on 1st September 1936. If you don’t believe then look at Hermione: born in 1979, entered Hogwarts in 1991 as nearly twelve-years old.

  • NyraSmith

    Happy Birthday Professer! To you. *lifts goblet of pumkin juice and takes a gulp* Cheers!

  • Ben F.

    I like how Voldemort duels Slughorn (a former teacher), Shaklebolt (his lead face enemy) and McGonagall (his lead secret enemy and FORMER CLASSMATE)

  • Darcy

    Happee Birthday Professor McGonagall.
    You are my favorite teacher at Hogwarts.
    I still think you would’ve been a great stand in parent for Harry.

  • I simply adore Minerva McGonagall, please, someone tell me, how can i find some fan clubs for her!

  • happy b-day professer-M ur subject would so be the one i would wanna learn if i could.