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New and newly updated character pages


I have been working on several entries at once, and think they are ready to be published. Some are brand new pages: The Carrows, Dumbledore profile (not the Quick Facts yet), Pius Thicknesse, Vincent Crabbe, and Kingsley Shacklebolt. Others were older pages that I (and others like Steve) revised for book 7: The Crouches, Bellatrix, Gellert Grindelwald, Sirius, and the profile of Harry (QuickFacts page still not complete).

The Dumbledore entry was especially interesting to write — it basically made me reconsider the whole series from his point of view. And ‘Pius Thicknesse’ has to be my favorite new name in the book!


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  • John

    Thank’s Lisa, I’m going off to check them up now, wonderful of you to notify us of the progress, great job!

  • aillinne

    I’m not complaining people, I’m only pointing out: Grindelwald was NOT born in 1842, but in 1883 (two years younger than DD who was born 1881) and therefore wasn’t expelled from Durmstrang in 1858, but most likely in 1899. I love HP Lexicon very much, but I’ll be fighting for it’s precision about facts. Until the very end. Thank you.

  • Colleen

    YAY! More updates!!!

  • For those of you who noticed, our earlier estimate of Grindelwald’s age slipped in from the first version of the page. It has been corrected.

  • Rhona

    the school dates of sirius are wrong. How can he be born in 1959/1960 and go to hogwarts in 1969? this should be 1971. James and Lily go to hogwarts in 1971, and sirius came with them

  • Domoor

    Still I think there is a link between the first name Gellert of Grindelwald and the famous hotel Gellert in Budapest. Gellert Hotel is at the foot of Gellert Hill, which is is allegedly a meeting place for witches.

  • Alphard Black

    There is also a error in the date when he was expelled from Durmstrang.
    How can he be expelled around 1858 when he were born ca. 1883.

  • *Olivia*

    I might be missing something really obvious, but is there a reason why some of the character pages are marked with the symbol of the Deathly Hallows?

  • I’m just reading the Dumbledore page and it looks fantastic. A couple of tiny things, though…. Aberforth is three years younger than Albus and a year older than Ariana, so he would have been seven at the time of his sister’s attack, not eight. Also, does canon explicitly say that Ariana was beaten? The impression I got from reading was that people were rather delicately talking around something, and her PTSD strongly implies a sexual assault. I suppose you can’t put that in the Lexicon, though, since it’s not explicitly stated either, but maybe consider changing “beaten” to the more vague “attacked”. Now, obviously the timeline still needs to be reworked in light of the now-canon birth year for Dumbledore, but I had another note to add to it: I think DH strongly implies that Dumbledore has a summer birthday, like Harry. He would have to be 17 by 1 Sept 1898 when he began his seventh year at Hogwarts, and his backstory tells us that he was still 17 when he cancelled his world tour with Elphias Doge the following summer. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Me again…. Something I noticed about Barty Jr on my last re-read. He must have been a bloody clever little sod. We know he’s a master of disguise and a first-rate mimic and show-off. But when his father stumbles into Harry and Viktor in the Forbidden Forest, he mentions something about his son earning *twelve* OWLs. Since Crouch Sr was mad at the time, we might take this with a grain of salt, but I think there’s a strong possibility that it’s true. And if it is true, that’s one more than Hermione’s 11. Young Barty probably had a time-turner of his own back in the day. Also, since he was nineteen when he went to Azkaban and “died” shortly after Voldemort’s fall, he would have been born in about 1964.

    For Bellatrix Lestrange: her mother’s name on the BFT is Druella, not Drusella.

    For Grindelwald: as someone else mentioned, he was expelled in 1898/9, not long before he met Albus. There’s also a typo in the final paragraph (“the year >theatfour

  • Oops…I screwed up the HTML. Here’s what I meant to say in the second half of that:

    For Grindelwald: as someone else mentioned, he was expelled in 1898/9, not long before he met Albus. There’s also a typo in the final paragraph (“the year *theat* Voldemort finished Hogwarts.”).

    For Sirius: There’s a typo in one of his grandmothers’ names (McMullan for McMillan). As someone said above, Sirius would have attended Hogwarts from 1971-1978. “the *four* boys secretly became Animagi during their fifth year” should be three boys.

    OK, I think I’m done now.

  • Ok, I found 2 mistakes on Sirius’ page:

    “To keep Remus company in his werewolf state, the FOUR boys secretly became Animagi during their fifth year.” -Actually, only THREE of them became Animagi: James, Sirius and Peter.

    “After finishing Hogwarts, Sirius and the other FOUR Marauders joined…”
    Are you counting Lily too? I don’t think she was a “Marauder”, she was just the girlfriend of one of them.

  • Marco

    Thank you for your updates!

    And now something OT:

    I have found, that you have also updated the list of the Famous Battles.

    At the Battle of Hogwarts you have also listed Fenrir Greyback and Antonin Dolohov as (k), what means killed. According to the book, both were taken out, but it was not mentioned, that they were fatally cursed. What is more, Dolohov fell with a scream, so he might have been seriously injured, but it couldn´t be the Avada Kedavra.

    Nagini on the other hand is not listed as (k), but she definitly didn´t survive the battle.

  • Marco

    And now i´ve read the new Dumbledore page more accurately.

    You have written, that Ariana was beaten by the 3 Muggle boys. Well, I don´t think, that just a beating would have brought Ariana in such a condition. So these Muggle boys must have done some more to her.

    You further have written, that totaliarianism and war /Hitler and World War II?) in Europe had influenced Tom Riddle also. Tom Riddle had already displayed criminal temper before his admission at Hogwarts, what was clearly before begin of World War II. And since England was not much involved im World War II and since Tom Riddle was most of the time of World War II safely in Hogwarts, I doubt he had noticed much of it, if any at all.

  • Big_Kelpie

    what new information was there for the Crouches in DH?

  • The DH emblem indicates that the page is complete through Book 7. I think Steve will announce something about it soon.

    Nothing new on the Crouches in 7, but I went back and re-evaluated what we knew of the father and son and substantially re-wrote the page.

    Thanks for the other corrections. I should have time tonight to take a look at them.

  • Remi

    What a GREAT job you’ve done, Lisa! I am so impressed.
    I did a quick read and I had some small suggestions:
    – Unless I overlooked it, I don’t think it is mentioned that Bellatrix is married to pureblood Rudolphus, and that she killed Tonks (per JKR in an interview or chat) thus fulfilling the family tree “pruning” that Voldemort requested of her.
    – I agree with readers above that Ariana experienced more than a beating. It is so vaguely described in DH, perhaps “brutally” attacked” would be the best description.
    – For Grindelwald’s page, I suggest mentioning his part in Ariana’s death, as well as the fact that he usurped the symbol of the deathly hallows as his own, even engraving it in his school (it is a parallel to what Hitler did with the Swastika; I remember an interview where Jo suggests that the parallels are deliberate.)
    – For the Dumbledore’s page, you did an awesome job explaining DD’s “odd detached teaching method” and the two big mistakes he made. How about including the last mistake he made – meaning Snape to end up with the Elder wand?
    – Finally, can you include how tortured DD was about his part in the death of his sister, how he never was free of this (what happened when he drank the potion in HBP), and what he would’ve seen in the mirror of erised? His part in Ariana’s death was a reason why he didn’t fight GG sooner.
    Thanks, again, for all your hard work!

  • I’m so happy!

  • Thanks for the awesome updates! I especially like the DH Symbol on updated pages. Very cool!

  • Reader2

    Between what you have on “famous battles” page and “death eaters” page it sounds like you still don’t beleave that the “big blond” was Rowle and “brutal-face” was Yaxley, do you?

  • Patrick

    Thanks for all the updates!

    Just one note: on Kingsley’s page, you have his patronus listed as a “silver lynx”.

    All patronuses are sliver, right? It might be a tad repetitive to add “silver” in this instance, since about every reference of a patronus is given this adjective.

  • Nannette

    On Sirius Black’s page I am a bit confused about the dates below. Could someone please explain.
    Mother: Walburga Black (1925-1985), died 1987.
    I have not read all the pages but what I have read is very good and must have been a lot of work.

  • I’m working on corrections now. You folks are amazing!

    @Marco, The battles page isn’t finished, and I admit those two deaths (if they were that) *aren’t* really clear in the story. I am trying to decide if they should get a “k?” or nothing at all. Steve will be writing the battle descriptions and I was going to pick his brain about what to do.

  • @Reader2, actually I believe they are but to establish that as canon I need to do a fine comb through of where they are both mentioned, is there overlap (in 2 places at the same time, that kind of thing), etc. before I can publish it here. There are so many other places that need work I have put sorting that out on the back burner.

  • Domoor, can you document the information about Gellert Hill? I can’t find anything from a authoritative source.

  • Mistral

    Hi Lisa. You are wonderful and must have worked overtime 😉 thank you thank you thank you for all you are doing at the Lexicon.
    Erm..okay…while reading all the news..sorry…I saw this on Shacklebolts page. I believe I am correct in thinking that in HBP JO meant the Prime Minister in the Muggle World? He lives in 10 Downing Street and not 12.
    To Domoor:
    About Gellert Grindelwald. I do not believe that Grindelwald’s first name Gellert, was a link to that Hotel in Budapest. Suggesting that maybe Grindelwald was from Hungary. Why do I say that? I live in Switzerland and – as the Lexicon correctly writes – we have a most famous village in the alps called “Grindelwald”! ( I always shutter now, when I read about the place 😉 – and Grindelwald is described as a young boy- golden-haired. That sounds to me more Swiss or German – since folks from Hungary are known for their beautiful dark hair 😉
    Dear Lexicon, again thanks for the awesome work you are doing…when it seems to me, that some of the other HP Websites – are a bit “sleeping” at the moment!

  • Domoor

    Hi Lisa,

    Here you are:

    To Mistral: In fact I have been in Grindelwald, and I am not suggesting at all he was from Hungary. The link suggests that Gellert Hill was a place where witches gathered, that’s all.

  • kamion

    Mistral wrote:
    That sounds to me more Swiss or German – since folks from Hungary are known for their beautiful dark hair

    Not a very sure indication Grindelwald did NOt come from Hungary, as there were very large German communities living in Hungary in the 19th century, due to colonisation in the 18th century. Even so large that part of nowadays Western Hungary was called Swabian Turkey.
    But I think Rowling did not particular committed herself to the place of origin of Grindelwald or of Durmstrang, just “somewhere” in Europe away from France.
    The connection with the Gellérthegy in Buda is likely, althrough my first thoughts were that it was taken after the charlatan magician Juri Gellert, who ” could bent spoons.”

  • Not all Germans are blond! Take me, I’m brunette, and my cousin is half-german and half-hungarian – and she’s RED hair.
    But didn’t a woman speak German in Deathly Hallows? I can’t really remember when or why, I think it was when Voldemort was looking for the Elder Wand, so it had something to with Grindelwald, right? (She answered him in pretty poor English, I remember that! hehe)

  • Mistral

    kamion wrote:

    But I think Rowling did not particular committed herself to the place of origin of Grindelwald or of Durmstrang, just “somewhere” in Europe away from France.

    I tend to agree with you – but it fitted too nicely, Grindelwald being Swiss – because in Basel/Switzerland (my hometown) in Medieval Times – Gellert was a woodland, where executions took place! But then…it is probably all a coincidence 😉

  • Mistral

    To Lisa Marie

    Precisely, there is a woman in Deathly Hallows who speaks German and I also thought it was when Voldemort was looking for Grindelwald – but here I was mistaken! He is looking for Gregorovitch – the wandmaker from Durmstrang.You can find that in DH Chapter Twelve “Magic is Might”

  • Reader2

    Just a suggestion:
    There are 2 new items you can add to the chracter pages in general:
    1) Essence in Polyjuice. We now know what collor the Plyjuice took for the essence of Crabbe, Goyle, Millicent (or rather her cat), Bllatrix and Harry.
    2) “Signature spell”. After hearing Lupin’s speech about Expeliramus as Harry’s “signature spell”, we can recall the most frequently used spell for nearly half of the chracters.

  • Northerner

    I have never ever heard that Crouch Sr’s mustache was “Hitler-like”, though it might be som in the film.

  • Bandersnatch

    To our German-speaking friends out there:

    In DH Ch. 12, when Voldemort is looking for Gregorovich, and the woman speaks to him in German — what does she say? (In English, I mean.)

  • Mistral

    To Bandersnatch:

    No problem 😉 ” Er wohnt hier nicht mehr” – he doesn’t live here anymore!
    “Das weiss ich nicht” I don’t know it! It is translated into English in the book – but in a style, to show that the woman spoke poorly English – (like me 😉

  • Bandersnatch

    Thanks, Mistral!

  • Neefers

    Wow! I was so excited to read all the updates–fabulous! Just one quick comment…in the page about Harry, it mentions that Harry, along with his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, destroyed Voldemort’s Horcruxes. Shouldn’t you also mention Neville, since he is responsible for destroying Nagini?

  • kamion, thanks for the magician lead. Domoor, I am afraid that I was hoping for something more authoritative than a hotel website =)

    I did my own research and came up with this: “May refer to Bishop Gellért of Budapest (980-1046) who was martyred in a pagan Magyar revolt against Christianity. A hill, cave and four-star hotel in Budapest are named for him.”

    I’m so sorry about “12 Downing Street” in the Shacklebolt entry. I know better, but must have gotten it mixed up with Grimmauld Place. It is corrected now.

    Northerner, Crouch is described in the books as having a “toothbrush” mustache, which is the same kind that Hitler had.

    Neefers, I will add Neville right away. I guess Crabbe too, indirectly.

  • Neefters: In fact, no one destroyed more than one Horcrux. I think this is rather cool.

    Diary – Harry
    Ring – Dumbledore
    Locket – Ron
    Cup – Hermione
    Diadem – Crabbe (Fiendfyre)
    Nagini – Neville
    Harry – Voldemort

  • JJB

    Remi, Hermione states she didn’t know of any mention of GG having a mark or symbol. He appeared to have used it as Xeno did, just to advertise that he was a quester.

    As for Ariana’s attack, don’t forget that she was ohnly six at the time. Being terrorized and physically hurt in connection with doing magic could be enough to traumatize her. It’s also possible that her unwillingness to do magic and hold it in helped drive her mad, it isn’t really clear.

  • JJB: Hermione didn’t know, but Viktor Krum clearly did.

    And as for Ariana, children are very physically resilient creatures, and I think it is very telling that Ariana’s attack is never referred to as a beating in canon.

  • Reader2

    skjaere and JJB,

    I think JKR deliberately left it up to our imagination what happened to Aryana.
    You never know how sensitive or sadistic the readers might be.
    This was the way to satisfy everyone.

    The same way it was left up to our imagination what Mulciber did to Mary McDonald.

  • JJB

    Reader2, good point.

    This may be splitting hairs and I may be misinterpreting Remi’s recommendation regarding mentioning the sign of the Deathly Hallows as associated with Grindelwald but the fact that others associated the mark with him doesn’t mean he used it himself. For those who attended Durmstrang and knew its origin the mark became a symbol of GG. But Hermione refers to the entire mass of literature she has read when she says: “Grindelwald’s mark?” She looked from Harry to the weird symbol and back again. “I’ve never heard that Grindelwald had a mark. There’s no mention of it in anything I’ve ever read about him.” DH Ch. 19 p. 317. Xeno, though a little—okay, a lot–offbeat, turned out to be generally accurate regarding the information he gave about the mark. “…Witness that knuckleheaded young man at your brother’s wedding,” he nodded at Ron, “who attacked me for sporting the symbol of a well-known Dark wizard! Such ignorance. There is nothing Dark about the Hallows – at least, not in that crude sense. One simply uses the symbol to reveal oneself to other believers, in the hope that they might help one with the Quest.” DH Ch21 p. 405.

  • Mistral

    Hi Lisa.

    Again great compliments for all the work you, Steve and everyone does for the HP Lexicon.

    “Gellert Grindelwald” is still on my mind. I thought the clue to the Bishop in Hungary was very interesting. Now, while searching some more on the name, I found this:


    Who knows – maybe Jo knew that fairy tale? Also here is what is to be found on the meaning of the name Gellert:

    Meaning: Its source is gar hard, an Ancient Germanic name meaning “Strong spear.”

  • JJB

    For Kingsley, don’t forget his stint on “Potterwatch” as Royal. Also, he was the main strategist in the Battle of Hogwarts when coordinating the Order and Hogwarts staff.

  • Moony =Luna Lupin

    Conderning Kingsley Shacklebold, Lisa, you often wrote Shackelbold or Kingsely (not only on Shacklebold’s page.
    Voldemort destroyed a horcrux too by killing Harry (in fact, the part of his soul in Harry) at the end of dh24).
    The name Nurmengard is possibly derived from some German words? I tried to search for Nurmen in my dictionnary, but I didn’t find it. But while I was reading the name, it sounded German-like.

  • Sort of random and may be nothing, but I was browsing around online today, and found Vernon Dudley, a member of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band who had some popularity in the UK in the 1960’s. It made me wonder if maybe Jo is a fan, though it could be just coincidence.

  • trash

    gard is norse for realm, i think, as for nurmen no idea.
    so nurmengard is some sort of realm.

  • sirius black

    Hey HP-Fans!
    I’m German and I think “Nurmen” could derive from the German word Norm (english: law, order, rule) and it’s plural, because it ends with “en”. I looked up the meaning for gard and in an Old-High-German dictonary^^. It means protection. So Nurmengard could mean protection of the law.

  • milchgesicht

    Concerning “Nurmengard”: I guess it sounds more like sweden or norway or somewhere there. It’s the “gard” that made me think that. but can’t quite explain why.
    What I wonder is, why the woman speaks german. “Gregorovitch” sounds as if he was from somewhere more eastern, and Durmstrang and Krum, too. I’m german and I’m afraid I’d be a little choked if joanne k rowling imagines germany in eastern europe.;-)