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The Deathly Hallows symbol


I read in the comments that someone has noticed the Deathly Hallows symbol that has begun to appear on various pages of the Lexicon. If you roll your mouse over it, you’ll see why it’s there. It means that the page has been updated through book seven and is now conisdered correct as of the end of the series.

This symbol doesn’t necessarily mean that the page was changed. Some pages don’t need any updates from book seven. However, if the symbol appears on the page it indicates that the page has been reviewed and any updates or edits have been made.

Does this mean the end of edits and updates? Of course not! Just look at what the last two Wizards of the Month on Jo’s site have done! I expect we’ll be updating and editing for years to come. We’re also working on several projects which will only improve the Lexicon and your ability to interact with canon information. We’re constantly adding information to the Canon Portkey, for example. John has been adding material from book seven and soon you’ll be able to get a nice outline of the book, the way you can for the others (try this outline of book three, just for fun).

I’ve been working on some of the pages about Hogwarts too. What was once a fairly boring page of text (one which has been plagiarized by other sites so many times I’ve lost count), is now being enhanced with maps and charts and other material. You can see one part of the new Hogwarts section here. Note that this is an unfinished page, so be patient. Eventually we’ll have pages like this for every floor of the castle. Notice that I’ve obtained permission from Harper Robertson to include her excellent, fanatically researched floorplans of the castle.

As always, we welcome your comments, criticisms, and suggestions.



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  • Luna Lupin =Moony

    Well done, although at this moment I can’t realy see the dh-symbol, I mean, I can’t imagine it: I found Xenophilius’ description so confused (I’m born blind, so I didn’t see it).
    Sometimes, I see the dying-references aren’t correct: Voldemort’s death wasn’t mentioned in dh32, but in dh36, the same with Bellatrix (I sent this to Lisa too).

    Another question: did someone of you obtained a golden ticket for the open book tour of jkr? If so, may I send you my list of questions? Thanks!

  • Nice way of showing it’s been updated, and I can’t wait to go check out the Hogwarts page!

  • Luna Lupin =Moony, I corrected the book references you reported. I’m terribly sorry they were confusing.

  • gingerhair

    Thank you for all of your hard work…for those of us that love these books your site keeps it alive.

  • John

    Thanks you guys, this site will be the msot memorable Potter site ever!!!

  • Naazju

    One word: wow. Keep up the good work!

  • Clock_maker

    That’s one great map but can I ask… what are all the little number on it for?? I was confused and couldn’t find anything that explained it. Help… anyone?

  • Clock_maker

    Could I also point out that under the horizontal staircase that slowly leads up is a portrait with a funny looking man in it. This portrait features in the PS2 game of HP5. It’s in the library. Random trivia for you

  • Reader2


    I think the numbers are the classroom numbers.
    I don’t know the how many of them had significance in the book, but, I beleave, #12 is Firenze’s Divination class.

  • Clock_maker

    Thanks Reader2. Hmmm… perhaps the lexicon staff could inform us on that one?

  • As I wrote, this page is not done. There will be notes for the floorplan when the page is actually completed.


  • *Olivia*

    Ah wicked, thank you – I’m using a Mac so the mouse thing doesn’t work for me!

  • *Olivia*

    Oops I get the mouse-thing now 😳

  • Cortney

    Only some of the pages that have been updated through DH, and have the DH symbol on them, include information from the Epilogue. Hermione’s page has the sign, includes her career after DH but does not include her husband and children. Should it then, contain the DH sign? I understand all the work that goes into this update, but maybe not call a page “fully updated” until it indeed is?