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Flitwick, Greyback, Neville, Regulus and Sirius


I’m on a roll. Flitwick, Greyback, Neville, Regulus and Sirius now have updated profiles. That may mean that some of the quick facts still need to be looked at, but the major work of the page — the narrative profiles — has been done. I am especially fond of the profile for Neville. Here’s an excerpt:

Neville is a staunch friend of Harry Potter’s, and a true Gryffindor.

A Gryffindor, but Neville’s bravery is a different sort than Harry’s. It is the bravery of children who keep trying even though they have repeatedly failed in the past. It is the bravery of the unpopular child who never succumbs to peer pressure, even from friends. And it is the bravery of a person who doesn’t parade their personal tragedies even when it might make their life easier. Even during his most embarrassing blunders, Neville maintained a quiet dignity that eventually made him an effective leader.

Next? Severus Snape, Lord Voldemort and Luna (are you happy now hpboy13?).


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  • moony =luna Lupin

    Lisa and folks, well done! I’m so happy with the updated pages, it’s not a problem to send you my notes, as long as you aren’t annoyed (or spammed) by them. if that’s the case, please let me know!
    Here are some questions about Fenrir
    Greyback i’m still puzzling on:
    a: How old is he?
    b: Who bit him?
    c: Was he an adult or a child when he
    received the bite? He seemed to be old
    enough to have received a wand (cf.
    dh23), so is this an
    indication to find how old he was at the
    time he was bitten?

    Fenrir seemed to be attracted to Hermione in a way that disgusted me: look how he talked to her, she was his prey (food and ???sexual?). Now I’ll read the other updated pages!

  • Naazju

    I guess you’re still uploading Greyback’s because I get an error message every time I try to view the page. Love the others though, especially the paragraph about types of bravery and how Neville is a true Gryffindor. I love all the hard work you put into this website! Thank you!

  • Marco


    I have this problem also, but the cause may be a broken link. I´ve got the updated site of Greyback via Death Eater section and via Who´s who.

    But Fenrir Greyback was definitly not killed by the crystal ball throwm by Trelawney. He was seen later aside Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest, and in the 2nd part of the battle he was taken out by Ron and Neville. But however, it´s likely, that Ron came down hard on him.

  • oh my Neville – i love him so much!

  • ok, im all teary-eyed now, after reading the new stuff up about Neville – he is absolutely my favorite! well done, you guys 🙂

  • Haltiamieli

    Neville’s profile still doesn’t mention that Jo sees Neville’s hair colour as blond. (cf. http://www.accio-quote.org/articles/2000/1000-npr-adler.htm) 🙂

  • Filius Flitwick – Maybe it’s just me, but for some reason I always associate his first name with the word “filament”.
    Fenrir Greyback – Link is not currently working. *checks through character A-Z listing* *checks DH* Marco is right; Greyback is last mentioned being “brought down” by Ron and Neville right before Molly goes after Bellatrix.
    Regulus Black – First name: I believe he was named for the Scottish legend of St Regulus (aka St Rule). According to Wikipedia, “Saint Regulus was galvanized into action by a visionary dream that Emperor Constantine had decided to remove Saint Andrew’s relics from Patras to Constantinople. Warned by an angel, he was to move as many bones as far away as he could to the ‘ends of the earth’ for safekeeping.” This sounds a lot like our Regulus’s decision to steal the Horcrux, and Jo would know about this Scottish saint who helped found the town of St Andrews. St Regulus Hall is one of the dorms at the University of St Andrews. Grandparents: Once again, there’s a typo of “McMullan” for “McMillan”.

    Thanks again! You’ve done such awesome work!

  • Haltiamieli, thank you!!! I had been looking for that all over.

    And Greyback’s link should work now. The http:// got repeated.

    skjaere, I hadn’t heard that regulus connection before! Thanks — I will research it. I was reading Naomi Novik’s new Temeraire book and was surprised to see “Regulus’s choice” referred to. I think she meant the Roman one though. Wonderful series, by the way (Napoleonic Wars fought with dragons).

  • Reader2

    I got to see the Greyback and already have correction.
    In the last stage of the battle, Harry sees Greyback brought down by Ron and Neville, that suggests that the crystal ball did not kill him, in fact he was still capable of fighting after taking that hit.
    He must have a really sick skull.

  • MarauderSandi

    Go, Lisa, go!

    I love what you wrote about Neville. 🙂

  • John

    You people are awesome, thanks for making a great site even greater!

  • hpboy13

    Luna – yes, I’m positively ecstatic now!!! Wow, I must have really gotten on your last nerves for you to mention me in the news 😉
    Anyway, I absolutely love all the updates pouring in!! I especially love Neville’s new page! I still maintain he ends up with Luna, whatever anybody says (Jo herself said this was a possibility, and Luna may well ditch Rolf Scamander to return to her Hogwarts sweetheart!)

  • GO NEVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bandersnatch

    You’re really doing fantastic work, Lisa! I enjoy reading your profiles.

  • Clock_maker

    Well done Lexicon. You truly are motoring through this!!

  • Sibylle

    Oh wow, Neville has got such a beautiful profile.
    I really don’t believe Greyback was killed by Sybill, though ( as much as I would love that idea ). There’s no mention of that. I know we all want him gone but that’s not canon at all.

  • @ Lisa:

    If you ever have enough time (I know this sounds like a joke), would you be so kind as to add on Sirius’s page this quote: “…he was absolutely unhinged by James’s death.”?(http://www.accio-quote.org/articles/2005/0705-tlc_mugglenet-anelli-2.htm)

    I mean, it’s nothing really big, and quite obvious, but I still think it’s something important, because James was sort of his only “family” and I really like the quote.

    Thank you, and you’re doing a great job!

  • JJB

    You’re doing a great job, keep it up. One point… When Dumbledore was speaking with Snape after injuring his hand and discussing why he would prefer Snape to kill him rather than let someone else do it, he commented, “…if, for instance, Greyback is involved – I hear Voldemort has recruited him? DH Ch 33 p. 683

    This seems to indicate that Greyback’s inclusion in the Death Eaters was recent and would put his recruitment in the spring or summer of 1996 rather than the 70’s. Apparently, prior to that he had been the leader of the werewolves and notoriously evil but not technically one of Voldemort’s—sort of like Mussolini to Hitler. Lupin noted that he received the bite because his father had offended Greyback rather than on Voldemort’s orders.

  • JJB: Remus would presumably have been bitten before Voldemort’s first rise to power in the 1970’s, since he had already been a werewolf for some time before starting Hogwarts in September 1971, but aside from that your point is valid.

  • Cricket

    I loved Neville from book one. He seemed to be sort of held in reserve, but came into his own. I like to think that the prophecy had something to do with it, since both Harry and Neville
    had to overcome tremendous odds.

    Anyone do an essay comparing Harry and Neville against the prophecy? Harry couldn’t defeat Voldemort alone except for accepting death. Neville killing Nagini put me in mind of the first password we learned in SS: ‘Caput draconis.

    Oh well, it is late and I need my sleep.

  • Cherry

    I think Greyback’s page should note that, being a minor death eater, he apparently does not have the dark mark (he says ‘I haven’t got -‘ when a snatcher asks if he will summon You-Know-Who in DH23)

  • Thanks everyone! I especially appreciated the comments about the Dark Mark; I missed that in my readings.

    Cricket, why don’t you do an essay about Harry and Neville and send it to Paula?

  • Oryx

    Regarding Greyback, in the Spinner’s End chapter Snape mentions Greyback as one of the Death Eaters who did not look for Voldemort because they believed him dead, so it seems he may have been involved in the first war as well. But in DH, The Prince’s Tale, it seems he was a new recruit. Unless it took a while for Voldemort to win his services once more after his return.

  • Cricket

    I just might. I guess the idea sort of got to me when I read HBP and that Neville’s life had been as blighted by Voldemort as Harry’s had. Hmmm…
    I haven’t written an essay in decades.

  • Darcy

    I have to say that this is the best website ever. Great job to all who have worked really hard on it. Keep up the great work guys well appreciated.