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Flitwick, Greyback, Neville, Regulus and Sirius


I’m on a roll. Flitwick, Greyback, Neville, Regulus and Sirius now have updated profiles. That may mean that some of the quick facts still need to be looked at, but the major work of the page — the narrative profiles — has been done. I am especially fond of the profile for Neville. Here’s an excerpt:

Neville is a staunch friend of Harry Potter’s, and a true Gryffindor.

A Gryffindor, but Neville’s bravery is a different sort than Harry’s. It is the bravery of children who keep trying even though they have repeatedly failed in the past. It is the bravery of the unpopular child who never succumbs to peer pressure, even from friends. And it is the bravery of a person who doesn’t parade their personal tragedies even when it might make their life easier. Even during his most embarrassing blunders, Neville maintained a quiet dignity that eventually made him an effective leader.

Next? Severus Snape, Lord Voldemort and Luna (are you happy now hpboy13?).


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