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More character updates, and my notes on dates for the Dumbledores


Hi everyone,

Today I worked on the character timelines, as they are the backbone for any future work. So far, I have updated:

  • Dumbledore, Albus
  • Dursley, Dudley
  • Malfoy, Draco
  • Snape, Severus

I also updated Hermione’s page and found a groovy new portrait of Xenophilius Lovegood by Red Scharlach.

In case you’re interested, here are my proofs on dates for the Dumbledore family. “Rita” refers to information from Rita Skeeter’s book, “Doge” refers to information from Doge’s article, and “Aberforth” refers to information from his account to Harry:

  1. Albus born July or August (Rita) of 1881 (JKR)
  2. Aberforth born in 1883 (11th birthday after September) or 1884 (11th birthday before September) (see #4)
  3. Albus began HW 1892. (firm if Rita is right about time of birth)
  4. Aberforth began HW in 1895 (firm); therefore he was born 1883 or 1884 to have been 11 in September of 1895. (Doge)
  5. Albus graduated in 1899 (firm) when he was “approaching his 18th b-day”(DH18) Aberforth would have just finished his 4th year and been 15 or 16. (see #4)
  6. Kendra dies early summer 1899 the day before Albus and Elphias were about to leave for tour. (firm; see #5)
  7. After Kendra’s death Albus cares well for Ariana until GG comes “a few weeks later;” (Aberforth) Albus is still 17 (Rita). GG is traveling after being expelled at the age of 16 from Durmstrang so he’s just a little bit younger.
  8. When it is “nearly time” to go back to HW (August?), Aberforth confronts Albus (Aberforth), and Ariana is accidentally killed — she is 14. Rita says that GG had been there less than 2 months.
  9. If Albus was 17 when Ariana died she was 3 years younger than he when she died.
  10. If Albus was 18 when Ariana died (I think he was by then) she was 4 years younger than he when she died.
  11. Ariana was born 1884 (birthday Sept-Dec) or 1885 (birthday Jan-August) to have been 14 in August of 1899
  12. Contradiction: Doge says that he left for his tour after Kendra’s funeral and that “toward the end of a year” of travels, he learned that Ariana died too. Did he just hear of it late? If so, how would there have been time for the correspondence Doge speaks of?


Pensieve (Comments)

  • SaphyrStar

    These updates are great! One question: What does BLC stand for (eg, in Draco’s timeline)? I couldn’t find it on the Abbreviatiosn page.

  • SaphyrStar

    Never mind–I found it!

  • Reader2

    But I have a few comments.

    1) On Draco’s page, you’ve clalled Marietta “Marriotta”.
    2) On Snape’s page, you tell us that he became a Death Eater twice.
    3) Also on Snape’s page, you might want to get rid of Quirell’s leave of absence, now that JKR made it clear that his leave of absence was not right before Harry came to Hogwarts.
    4) On Dumbledore’s page, there are so many events to add, I wont even try to list them all.
    5) I am having difficulty opening Hermione’s page, you might want to check on that one.

    Thank you very much for your updates.

  • Clock_maker

    I agree Reader2. I think Hermione’s page may not be hyperlinked or hyperlinked correctly

  • Clock_maker

    On “The Four Hogwarts Houses” page, it still notes that Snape is head of Slytherin. Should this be updated to Slughorn?

  • Try Hermione’s link now. Should be OK.

    Reader 2, I got Marietta’s name corrected, and you’re right, the Quirrell reference needed to be removed.

    For anyone else who was wondering, BLC is the Bloomsbury Live Chat that she did just this year.

  • Clock_Maker, there are many, many pages which havne’t been updated yet. We’re working through the entire site but it’s going to take a while, I’m afraid.


  • hpboy13

    The Hermione link still isn’t working.
    But anyway, I’d liek to just say that you guiys are going a FABULOUS job with this! I was looking forward to character updates the most (the mos timportant thing abotu HP is the characters, after all!), and I am so happy to get these! One thing: please update Luna’s page soon! She’s my all-time fave character!!!

  • Marco

    The site of Hermione is working now.

    The unknown class, in which Hermione achieved O in her OWL, might have been Muggle studies.

    It would have been surely no big deal for Hermione to sit OWL in Muggle studies and achieve O without having attended classes.

  • Albus Dumbledore – Birth years for his siblings should probably also be on his timeline. 1892: Wasn’t he head of Gryffindor before becoming Headmaster? And didn’t JKR say that all heads were once sorted into their respective houses? I thought AD being Gryffindor was confirmed canon. 1956: If AD hired MM, that must mean he’s Headmaster, but his becoming such is not mentioned in the timeline. Also, was this not about the time he rejected Voldemort’s request for the DADA position? 1981: We don’t know for sure that the attack on Neville’s parents and subsequent trial happened this quickly after Voldemort’s fall. It could have been the following calendar year.
    Dudley Dursley – 1981: In the British edition, Dudley’s word of the day is “shan’t”.
    Proofs – #5: Aberforth would be 14 or 15 this summer, not 16. #12: Doge talks like he was at Ariana’s funeral, so the “year” may just be Jo’s poor timeline skills again.

  • Oryx

    Thanks for keeping the updates flowing!

    A few comments on Snape’s timeline:

    From ‘The Prince’s Tale’ it appears the werewolf prank came before the DADA OWL hazing and thus should be moved to 5th year (1975-6).

    Harry was born in July 1980, but it seems Snape’s encounter with Dumbledore was about a year later.

    Also, I think it was purely Trelawney’s speculation that Snape was seeking a job interview the night of the prophecy. For all we know he was meeting DE friends at the Hog’s Head, saw Dumbledore and decided to snoop around.

    During Harry’s first year:
    The conversation between Snape and Quirrell about loyalties was immediately after the Gryffindor-Hufflepuff game. The conversation Harry overhears on May 25th was actually between Quirrell and Voldemort.

    Yule Ball – maybe add that Snape talked to Dumbledore that night about the Dark Mark’s returning, Karkaroff’s plan to flee and his own plan to stay.

    The revelation of the Dark Mark to Fudge came on June 24th, shortly after Harry’s return from the Little Hangleton cemetary.

  • Oryx

    Regarding Draco’s timeline, IMO Draco was given his task formally the same day Narcissa and Bellatrix visited Snape – Narcissa wouldn’t have waited. Though we know Snape was aware of the plan to assign the task to Draco for a few days before that.

    (And you might want to add that in September 12th 1991 Draco’s attempt to deprive Neville of his rememberall gets Harry a position as Gryffindor seeker.)

  • Reader2

    Now that Hermione’s page is available, may I recommend that you add the beaded bag to her list of devices?

  • John

    You guys are moving aren’t you. Thanks for all the updates you are doing a fabulous job!

  • You wrote in Severus Snape’s timeline that Sirius’s prank takes place in the 6th year. How can this be, when Lily ends their relationship at the end of 5th year and she says some time before their “break-up”: “And you’re being really ungrateful. I heard what happened the other night. You went sneaking down that tunnel by the Whomping Willow and James Potter saved you from whatever’s down there-“?
    I think that prank happened some time during 5th year.

  • Reader2

    On Draco’s timeline you could add the birth of Scorpius, since he enters Hogwart sin 2017, he had to be born it 2006 or 2005.

    On Dumbledore’s timeline you have showed the first year of Hogwarts for Tom Riddle, Lucious, Marauders and Harry, but we know the first year for many other characters who either fell under Dumbledore’s influence or caused him problems. Why not add those?

    Also, since Dumbledore was clearly involved into politics, you might want to show the dates of cervice for various Ministers of Magic on his timeline.

  • Remi

    Loved that your profile of Hermione contained a whole para about how without her H & R would have no clothes, tent, polyjuice potion, cloak of invisibility, etc. etc. She does rock 🙂
    I’d love to see two things added regarding her help to find & destroy the horcruxes (and apologies if you mentioned them & I overlooked):
    1. that she demonstrated incredible presence of mind and courage when she was being tortured by Bellatrix yet was able to lie about the sword, and
    2. that while she had been primarily known for her book-smarts, in DH she demonstrated tremendous quick-wittedness and strategy (getting out of Lovegood’s home, turning the ground below their feet into a chute & conjuring a wall to block the deatheaters, etc).

  • Looks like you’re going to have to add something new to the Dumbledore page! Jo just confirmed that the man himself was gay. Wow. My inner fangirl is doing the dance of Canon Slash!

  • jeff

    the lexicons work is never done… Now that Jo has outed Albus, and married off Neville to Hannah… its time to redo those freshly done pages… good luck and thanks for the dedication

  • I’m so happy 🙂