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Gazetteer up-to-date!


Okay, my turn!

The Gazetteer pages are now completely up-to-date with the last book, except for a few destination pages (like the Leaky Cauldron and Hogsmeade, which I’m working on now). We didn’t have a lot of big or important new places, aside from Shell Cottage and maybe Nurmengard, but trying to list all the places the trio camped out took some doing!

One of the things that has been taking a lot of time is essentially re-creating entries – many of our pages were first written after book four, with more information simply tacked on as each book came out. Now that we have all the books, I wanted to organize things a little better – which, I discovered, takes TIME. At any rate, here are some of the pages I’ve re-done from scratch:

  • Azkaban
  • Godric’s Hollow
  • Gringotts
  • The Hog’s Head
  • Malfoy Manor
  • Platform 9 3/4

Whew. More still to come! 🙂


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Reader2

    But as usual, I have plenty of nit-picks for you:

    On Azkaban page, why do you have Wilkes in the list of prisoners?
    Sirius said he (or she) was just killed along with Rosier.
    However, you can add Rowle to the list of escapees in the first mass break-out, since Ron recognized him from the wanted posters, which had to be before the second mass breack-out.
    You can also add McTavish to the list of prisonres.

    And on Gringotts, how about a list of known employees?
    We know plenty of those by now.

  • Partly right – I added McTavish, but Ron never said why he recognized Rowle (he was talking about Dolohov in the quote about the wanted posters).

    You may get your wish on Gringotts one of these days, but I’m in the middle of Hogsmeade at the moment 🙂

  • JJB

    Another event at the Malfoy Manor was Voldemort hearing of the theft of the cup from the Gringotts vault, murdering the goblin who brought the message, killing the slower bystanders, and calling Nagini in the garden to remain close and go with him to check on the other Horcruxes.

  • Reader2

    Sure can’t wait for Hogsmead, but while we are at it, there is one more place missing from Gazeteer – Colophon, it’s mentioned on Mopsus’ card.

    Also, back to Azkaban, there is one more Death Eater whose escape in the second break-out is properly confirmed, Rodophos, see as Tonks pointed him out during the “Battle of Seven Potters”

  • aillinne

    I’m confused about International Statute of Secrecy (Godric’s Hollow page):

    In Chapter Five, “Anti-Muggel Precautions”, in “Quidditch Through the Ages” it’s said:

    “Adequate security measures were not enforced until the International Statute of Secrecy of 1692 (sic!) made every Ministry of Magic […].” (page 16)

    In WOMBAT 3 we are told the same date – 1692 – in questions number one, three and four.

    But in Deathly Hallows… well it says 1689 and not 1692. I’m picky, but I’d like this to be explained.

  • Jameswys

    In Godric’s Hollow you say Grindelwald visited in 1862 for the Cloak not 1892 which I believe is correct.

  • Jameswys

    Sorry it should be 1899 that GG was there.

  • Marco

    I like to make some additions to the places:

    to Yorkshire
    Yorkshire is now divided in the 3 counties North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire. Little and Great Hangleton are most likely located in North Yorkshire, since only this county is rural enough structuated. South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire are so-called Metropolitan counties and too densely populated for the description. But however, in South or West Yorkshire may be the location of Spinners End.

    to Horcrux cave
    Holiday residence of a London orphanage. Most likely in South England, since orphanages have usually only limited supplies of money and cannot afford long yourneys. What is more, long yourneys may be also bothersome for little children. Maybe someone from the UK can identify a place at the coast in South England, which fits.

    to Shell Cottage in Tinworth
    There is a real village named Tintagel in Cornwall at the northcoast. There is also King Arturs Castle.

    to Nurmengard and Durmstrang
    I have actually found a town named “Nurmes” in Finland, not far from the russian border. Beyond the russian border there, at the White Sea, may be the location of Durmstrang. At least there are many seas in that part of Russia (south of Murmansk) and it´s even compared with Hogwarts north enough for the shortness of the days in winter.

  • Reader2

    I just realized that there is one more prisner who belongs on Azkaban page – Percival Dumbledore

  • John

    Great job! The flood of added information is welcomed with open arms!

  • Naazju

    Glad Reader2 mentioned him; I was going to. 🙂 Yea for fandom and hooray for the improved pages on this site!

  • hpboy13

    Absolutely splendid job! On the list of escaped prisoners, I wa slooking through it and remmbered how close Mrs. Longbottom came to being on that list – and the memory of ehr escape put a girn on my face! 😀

  • Taj

    Speaking of wizarding geography, can the new map of Diagon Alley created by Noble Collection be considered canon? Do we even know if Jo had any input?

    Have no idea what I’m talking about? Go to:

  • Anarhichas

    Concerning Nurmengard, you could have added that the name of this place is a possible reference to Nuremberg (Germany). A city where nazis organized great celebrations and where nazis were trialed and some of them hanged in 1946. It is the city of the end of Nazism, as Nurmengard is the place of the end of grundewaldism.

    anyway, congratulations

    Anarhichas (France)

  • JJB

    Two more Azkaban prisoners: Xenophilius Lovegood and the man claiming to be the son of Arkie Alderton. I feel guilty even mentioning anything because it’s such a great resource already and everyone has done such a fantastic job!

  • Marco

    …and temporarily at least Yaxley, probably also Fenrir Greyback. Yaxley was taken out on the Astronomy Tower by Harry and found in that state by MoM forces. Greyback was also taken out by Harry, and there was appearantly no longer any other Death Eater arround, who could have undone this spell.

  • JJB – good catch on Malfoy manor, I hadn’t noticed the comment about the fountain as Voldemort leaves the house! I’ve added that to the list now.

    Jameswys, thanks for the date clarification – I wrote that page before we had Dumbledore’s birth year. It’s updated now.

    In terms of Azkaban prisoners – I think I had a dream about this page, because I have a memory of adding Percival and Xeno to the list but they wasn’t there. 🙂 Anyway, they are now, along with Yaxley (good deductions on Yaxley, Marco, took me a minute to figure out he was the one who had been stunned!). I don’t think there’s enough evidence that either Arkie’s son or Fenrir actually went to Azkaban to include them on the page, unless I’m missing something.

    Thanks to everyone as always!

  • jeff

    With Halloween coming up, should we expect anything from JK Rowling or her website…. Might we expect James and Lily Potter to be wizards of the month of November or maybe just noted on Halloween? Lets hope for something quite special to commemorate Harry Potter Day

  • Reader2

    I know the “Battles” page is not declared yet, but I still can’t help making a suggestion:
    For the Battle of Hogwarts I suggest that you sort out the fighters a little:
    For Voldemort’s site you have:
    Death Eaters
    5)Some of Hogwarts students (Slytherins)

    For the Hogwarts’ side:
    1)Hogwarts Students
    2)Hogwarts Teachers
    3)Order Members
    4)Hogsmead Residents
    6)The only ones who don’t fall into any of the categories above are Peeves and Grawp

  • Clock_maker

    Is it just some crazy thought that I have had or is Azkaban Triangular?? I looked at the photo cover and it only shows three towers… Help anyone?

  • Deborah Hubbard

    Reader2, what a good idea to have a Combatants List, or two! Black hats versus white hats, kind of thing. The Hogwarts ghosts also fought in the final battle, or some of them … not sure about Helena Ravenclaw or the bloke from the Quidditch pitch, but the Bloody Baron would have loved it; but then, so did the suits of armour (clanking down from their plinths like something out of Don Giovanni!) … and the desks … I do hope the film makers do a good job with that wonderful scene.

  • Bandersnatch

    Clock_maker, there is no description of the shape of Azkaban prison in the books. The OotP film showed it as triangular. However, the cover art pictured on the Azkaban page in fact has four towers. The fourth — the furthest back — just barely peeks above the main part of the tower in this view. (Look just above the topmost window for two bits of it poking up.)

  • Bandersnatch

    Reader2, does Jo actually say that Slytherin students were fighting with Voldemort? Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle were inside the castle, but I don’t recall any other Slytherin students being mentioned battling the forces of good. (Unfortunately they didn’t stay to protect the castle, either.)

  • JJB

    “If your son is dead, Lucius, it is not my fault. He did not come and join me, like the rest of the Slytherins.” DH Ch. 32 p. 641. There is no other specific mention of Slytherins from the school actually fighting in the battle, at least not until Slughorn arrives though not on Voldie’s side.

    Reader2, I like the combattents list idea. Thestrals and Buckbeak also joined the battle. If you want to count moral support the portraits joined but they could have no actual physical impact. And let us never forget the contribution of house-elves! Do Mandrakes count? I guess they are weapons—like Venemous Tentacula, Snargaluffs and Devel’s Snare

  • Bandersnatch

    Ah, I had forgotten that quote. Thanks, JJB!

  • hpboy13

    Is that picture of Azkaban from the video games or something? Cuz the Azkaban from OP is the way I imagine it – that was definitely cool!

  • Reader2

    Good point, it looks like I forgot several divisions from Hogwarts’ side:
    7)House elves
    9) Was Buckbeack the only hippogriff who fought, what about the others?
    10) Animated objects: statues, suits of armor, galloping desks.

    Can ghosts fight?
    To me it seemed like they were merely offering moral support (like the portraits) and watching over the younger students as they were retreating.

  • Hi everyone! It isn’t finished, but there is already a page that lists the battles and their combatants.

    The lists are sorted by allegiance and then by when they are mentioned in the battle. Link: http://www.hp-lexicon.org/timelines/timeline_battles.html

  • Sibylle

    Lisa, I read this really good list and something struck me : Are we really sure Lavender’s alive ? If she’s alive, are we sure she was not bitten by Greyback ? Her description in the book is really ambiguous : ” NO ! shrieked Hermione, and with a deafening blast from her wand Fenrir Greyback was thrown backwards from the feebly stirring body of Lavender Brown “. It would be nice to add this information somewhere 🙂

  • I agree! It will definitely be added to Greyback’s and Lavender’s pages.

  • Luna Lupin =Moony

    Concerning the name “Nurmengard” it sounds German to me, but I can’t find if this name is realy derived from some German words. I tried to search the singular Nurm in the dictionary German-Dutch, Nurmen would then be the plural, but I couldn’t find it there. Perhaps, someone who’s mother tongue is German can help?

  • Marco

    Lavender Brown is most likely alive, since Hermione and Prof. Trelawny had acted in time. The injury from the fall were most likely not life-threatening, since wizards and witches are less vulnerable to mechanical injuries.

    And Greyback was at that time in human form, since Remus Lupin was also.

  • Bandersnatch

    Luna Lupin =Moony:

    I suspect that Nurmengard is supposed to sound a bit like Nuremberg, given the World War II connections. And the “-gard” suffix makes for a good prison name since it sounds like “guard.”

  • elor

    Luna Lupin=Moony, to me (German language native) “Nurmengard” sounds like a name out of Germanic mythology; unfortunately this also makes one think of the Nazi regime, which exploited these myths for its own purposes. I’m pretty sure the mythology link was intended by Jo, though I’m not so sure about the Nazi one.

  • Reader2

    I can only hope that Lexicon staff will look into this pensive again.

    On James Potter page you have the number of Potter family wault: 687

    How come it’s not on the Gringotts page?

  • Barbara Ilott

    A small explanatory point about British terminology. I don’t think you should call Aberforth the barKEEP, or the barTENDER or even the barMAN of the Hog’s Head. These words imply (in British English) that he is an employee and not the boss. But Aberforth clearly either owns the Hog’s Head or rents it from someone who does not live on the premises, so he is correctly called either The Landlord, or The Licencee (that is, if the wizarding village follows British Law and obliges anyone who wishes to sell alcoholic beverages to take out a licence – which can be withdrawn if the place gets too rowdy!) or – a bit old-fashioned – The Publican. Calling him the Landlord is the safest and most accurate word.